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Foreign exchange


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If you are looking for information on economic news and currency market forex, look no further, because you’ve found it! You’ll not only find money making trade plans and analysis on upcoming economic news, but also videos from actual trades taken live during these news releases based on the same trade plans, all for free!

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Foreign exchange

  1. 1. Foreign Exchange Markets<br />Markets for foreign exchange are located in countries everywhere, worldwide. Trading currency around the worlds is a daily global event. To do business with countries all over the world, each individual country needs to exchange their currency into that of the country they wish to do business with. <br /> <br />Currency exchange is done within all levels of the worlds societies. An example of a personal level of foreign exchange may be you want to go on vacation in a country other than your own. You would then take the currency of your own country and exchange it for the currency of the country you are about to travel to. You even may have sold products online through your own website or an online auction site to a person from a country other than yours. Having your payments received in their countries currency and then having that currency exchanged by your payments processing service into your local currency. You would have then performed or had performed for you a foreign exchange. This would be the most basic example of foreign exchange at a personal level.<br />Foreign Exchange Markets( Courtesy of )<br />
  2. 2. Foreign Exchange Markets<br />Forex, short for foreign exchange, has a purpose that is all together different. The buying and selling of foreign currencies is not for a personal need. The purpose of a foreign exchange market is to purchase foreign currencies to hopefully have it go up in its' value, then you can turn around and exchange it back to have more in your account than what your day started off with. <br /> <br />Is this risky? Most certainly it can be. There is always a chance of the markets in the foreign exchange to cause the prices of the currencies you buy to go in a downward direction, thus leaving you with less than you originally started with when you first made your transactions. As in every thing to do with money you will need to do plenty of research and gather as much information as you can, to make an informed purchase decision.<br />Foreign Exchange Markets( Courtesy of )<br />
  3. 3. Foreign Exchange Markets<br />Deregulation in the 1970's of major currencies left them with their values no longer being fixed, thus creating the beginning of the Forex or foreign exchange. The potential to make big money was quickly realized by large investors and major banks all over the world. <br /> <br />The world financial centers make up the worlds main foreign exchange markets. London, New York and Tokyo make up the largest activity, in that order, for the foreign exchange markets. Sydney and Zurich round out the top foreign exchange markets with Frankfurt.<br />Foreign Exchange Markets( Courtesy of )<br />
  4. 4. Foreign Exchange Markets<br />In the beginning, if you were not physically in a foreign exchange market to trade or have a direct line via the telephone to a broker that was physically in the foreign exchange market places, with the quick rise and fall of currencies that happens in the foreign exchange markets, it made things quite difficult for you to trade with out being in one of the foreign exchange markets yourself.<br /> <br />Thanks to the internet and new technology software, it is now possible to trade foreign exchange from your own home or anywhere else for that matter. This equates to the average Joe having a chance to take a taste of the foreign exchange pie.<br />Foreign Exchange Markets( Courtesy of )<br />