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B2B Sales Conversion Using Inbound Marketing


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B2B Sales Conversion Using Inbound Marketing

  1. 1. big book ofthe inbound marketing
  2. 2. Last in the series of delicious 3Sixty recipesfor increasing website sales
  3. 3. Sales Sponge Cake
  4. 4. Sales Sponge CakeWith a Healthy Sprinkling of Revenues S ales Sponge cake is the sweetest of all the recipes in this book, but the preparation takes dedication, thought, creativity and time.
  5. 5. Sales Sponge Cake With a Healthy Sprinkling of RevenuesThis mouth watering,business changing cake iswhat you need to convertyour prospects into actualbusiness, actual sales.
  6. 6. Sales Sponge Cake Core Ingredients A Crispy Base Of Hubspot Lead Intelligence Up To 7 Doses Of Email Marketing Multiple Opportunities For Lead Reconversion Ample Measurement Of All Activities
  7. 7. Sales Sponge Cake | Preparation 1 Track Lead Activity Using
  8. 8. Sales Sponge Cake | Preparation 2 Set Up Lead Scoring To ID Hot Leads
  9. 9. Sales Sponge Cake | Preparation 3 Use Automated Email Lead Nurturing
  10. 10. Sales Sponge Cake | Preparation 4 Use Emails To Encourage Reconversion
  11. 11. Sales Sponge Cake | Preparation 5 Monitor Lead Activity
  12. 12. Sales Sponge Cake | Preparation 6 Contact Hot Leads Via Telephone
  13. 13. Sales Sponge Cake | Preparation 7 Analyse Which Activity Sales Came From (and do more of it!)
  14. 14. Sales Sponge Cake | Preparation 8 Repeat Steps 1-7 For Better Results (practice makes perfect)
  15. 15. Want To Learn More? Download This Free Inbound Marketing eBookClick Here