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  • Full service – Branding, Product Marketing, Internet Marketing, Marcom, New Market Entry & PowerPoint.
    Established – We’ve achieved a lot in the short time since the company has been established
    Fresh perspective…worked with clients and agencies….new perspective is so important BUT at the end of the day its about business – A Focus on Results

    Trustworthiness "We always maintain a strong focus on results and aim to deliver on time and within budget" Freshness "We aim to make you stand out amongst the crowd. Taking a 360 degree perspective we look beyond the expected" Passion "We love marketing. We are passionate about the service we provide, the companies we work for and the service that we deliver"
  • Founded in 2008 by two English marketing professionals, 3Sixty is already working with a wide range of clients including Alvarion, Lumenis, Nice, Synel and RADVISION.
    Our philosophy is best summed up by our brand slogan - “Fresh perspective. Focus on results.” We will always look for a fresh way of getting your messages out there but never lose sight of the fact that its about results at the end of the day.
  • We take you through the entire process…info research, brand research, strategy, visual identity and implementation
    Strategy…lot of companies come from the design perspective…..we come from the strategy / developing your story….making sure that what we do is relevant
    Experience – Lumenis Corp, Service, SBU’s / Hermon / RADVISION – TBU / SBU / EBU
    Experience Telecoms – RADVISION, Alvarion
    Alvarion Emerging markets

  • There is a revolution underway. It is the most profound change to happen to business in the past hundred years and the rules of the game have changed. Internet marketing provides unprecedented opportunity for businesses of any size to compete on a level playing field, removing the barriers of size, location and budget. 3Sixty is passionate about your company and your products or service and will always hunt down the most effective and fresh ways in which Internet Marketing will drive sales, generate leads, and convey messages – in fact, whatever your web objectives are, 3Sixty will devise the best plan for you. 3Sixty will guide your company through the entire strategic process from initial website analysis to developing a tactical plan. Internet Marketing Benefits: Reach a wider audience
    Target specific customer groups
    Low barrier to entry
    Effective use of marketing budget
    Flexible medium
    Quick and easy information sharing
  • 3Sixty provides the answers to your product marketing needs. We take care of everything, from defining, creating and producing sales tools to devising and implementing a go-to-market strategy. Product marketing requires the insight to differentiate your products from those of the competition and the creativity to effectively generate new sales. This is what 3Sixty will do for you. 3Sixty will effectively market the distinctive attributes and value of your product to ensure smooth market entry and best market impact. Product Marketing Benefits: Create product recognition
    Ensure smooth market entry
    Generate sales
    Develop product credibility
    Protect market share while building mind share
    Create an emotional attachment with the target audience
  • 3Sixty provides the knowledge to effectively position, promote and present your company, products and services. 3Sixty creates solutions that engage, persuade and inspire your customers. The market today is crowded with competitors and more than ever there is a need for insightful and creative methods to get your message out there. We aim to make your company stand out with every piece of marketing communications it delivers. 3Sixty creates visibility, engages your target audience, makes the market buzz and helps generate sales.
  • Choosing the best strategy for launching into a new market is not a simple task. There is no single strategy to fit all businesses, products and markets. Your strategy needs to focus on many things including the specifics of your business and the market environment to name just a couple. Whether a company is going international, finding a new vertical market or targeting a new customer group, in-depth planning and execution is required. Market entry strategies are the Achilles heel of most business plans. Not only is the weakness of such strategies a key reason why savvy investors shy away, but, more importantly this is the root cause for the failure of many ventures.3Sixty is highly experienced in all aspects of  global marketing and has a deep working knowledge of  the US, European and APAC markets.  Born & raised in the UK, 3Sixty founders offer a combined 30 years of global marketing experience to ensure a solid entry strategy and a robust tactical plan to help you get there.
  • Who are 3Sixty?

    1. 1. A New Kind of Marketing Agency Marketing with a twist
    2. 2. A full-service marketing agency Established in 2008 Fresh perspective. Focus on results. 3Sixty brand values Trustworthiness Freshness Passion Wide market experience
    3. 3. Some of our clients
    4. 4. Complete end-to-end outsourced marketing services Strategy first, design second Experience in global branding and marketing Experience in the UK, US, Asian & Emerging markets Identify & market your unique strengths
    5. 5. Branding Brand Research Device/Product Company Names New Corporate Brand Identity Brand Value Proposition Brand Architecture Brand Tone / Personality Company / Product Tagline Options Company Mission & Vision Comprehensive Messaging Platform Brand Values
    6. 6. Internet Marketing Website Analysis Online Marketing Strategy Website Usability Search Engine Optimizati on (SEO) Pay Per Click (PPC) Email Marketing Web Analytics Blogs Social Media Viral Marketing
    7. 7. Product Marketing Product Research Product Naming Value Proposition Product Architecture Messaging Platform Marketing Strategy Tactical Plan Marketing / Sales Tools
    8. 8. Marketing Communications Creation and implementation of marketing brochures, data sheets, adverts, newsletters, catalogues, leaflets, posters, annual reports etc. Advertising Direct marketing Channel marketing Media campaign planning Multimedia PowerPoint Presentations Events, trade shows and seminars Point of Purchase (P.O.P.) and package design
    9. 9. New Market Entry Market research Target market / audience Competitive strategy Market overview Market life cycle Go-to- market strategy Tactical launch plan Post- launch evaluation Long term planning
    10. 10. How we work 3Sixty sees itself as an extended part of your business bringing the passion, creativity and dedication you’re looking for.
    11. 11. How we work Understanding that every company is different, 3Sixty tailors its services to the specific needs of your business.
    12. 12. The 3Sixty advantage Result focused strategies – first and foremost we bring results A fresh approach – doing things differently in order to get you noticed Tried, tested & proven marketing processes – benefit from our experience Clarity of thought – we help craft and implement your objectives True understanding of client/consumer needs – we listen very carefully Knowledge to play devil's advocate – nothing is assumed Fresh Perspective. Focus on Results.
    13. 13. 3Sixty helps you put the pieces together Product Marketing Marcom Amanda Azran Managing Director amanda@3sixty.co.il Spencer Waldron Managing Director spencer@3sixty.co.il