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  1. 1. Buying HouseIn 2009, because of the globaleconomic crisis, the house’s price andthe stock’s price went down day byday. I was very happy because I didn’tbuy house and any stock. My wifewanted to buy house, but I said thatbuying stock was much better thanbuying house at that time. Now mymoney is doubled and doubled alreadyin stock market, and I bought a bighouse in 2011, and my family is veryhappy.
  2. 2. Stock TradingIn April, 2009, I attended stock tradingclass. The instructor recommendedSPRD, and more than ten peoplebought SPRD at $1.7. Most of themsold out it around $2.5. When theprice was up to $3.2, the instructorasked everybody to sell it out, only mesaid no. Why? I have more than sevenyears experience in Chinese stockmarket, and I did a deep research, thecompany would keep growing quicklyin next a few years. The stock pricewas up to $29.8 in 2011, and I win.
  3. 3. Warren BuffettWarren Buffett is a person who I likemost. “The Snowball-- Warren Buffettand the Business of Life” is my favoritebook. After I read the book, Iunderstand how Warren Buffettbecome a most successful investorstep by step. His thoughts affect medeeply.
  4. 4. SkiingI like skiing , and I like challenging.Successful skiers pick themselves upafter failure and try again. Although Ihad fallen down many times and I hadever walked down from the top ofmountain to the bottom, I can skifreely in black area now. I am a fastlearner.
  5. 5. Canada DayOn July 1, 2008, I invited my mom tocelebrate the Canada day in Ottawa.Canadians commemorated the daywith parades, fireworks, cookouts, andconcerts. My mom was so exciting, shewas eating food when she waswatching fly-show. It was the first timefor my mom to come Canada. We tookpicture on Parliament Hill. My momand I like fresh air and beautifulenvironment, we love Canada!