Speaking unit 4 -take it easy


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Take it Easy! I love to work hard and play hard. Teachers little helper with images, vocabulary an

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Speaking unit 4 -take it easy

  1. 1. “I work hard and I play hard too.”
  2. 2. WEEKDAYS AND WEEKENDS: I/YOU/WE/THEY 1. Gary Seaman 2. He is 45 years old. 3. Lives in Queenstown, New Zealand 4. He is a lawyer. 5. He works hard from Monday to Friday. 6. On Saturdays he races ,and works on his car. 7. He doesn’t have much free time, but he loves his busy life. 8. “I like being busy!”
  3. 3. “I LIKE BEING BUSY!” 1. I like my job as a lawyer because it is interesting. 2. I like stock car racing too , because it’s exciting. 3. They are different things. 4. I go to the garage in the evenings and work on my car. 5. I race my car with my team. 6. I go to the gym weekly because I like to be fit. 7. Friday night I spend time with my wife Sarah.
  4. 4. “I WORK HARD AND I PLAY HARD, TOO!” 1. I usually cook a nice meal for my wife, Sarah. 2. We both love cooking. 3. After dinner we often watch tv.
  5. 5. SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS.. 1. On Saturdays I sometimes visit with my parents. 2. They live in the centre of Queenstown, too. 3. I never go out on Saturday evenings. 4. I get up very early on Sundays so I can go racing.
  6. 6. ROLE PLAY1. Where …. Live/work?2. Are ….. Married?3. What … job?4. Why … like it?5. Where …. Go on Tuesday and Wednesdays evenings?6. What …. Do there?7. Why …. Get up at 5:30 three days a week?8. ……like cooking?9. Who … sometimes visit on Saturdays?10.Where …. Your parents live?11.….. You go out on Saturday evenings? Why not?12.…..have a busy life?
  7. 7. ROLE PLAY ~ PAGE 291. Where does Gary work? Live?2. Are they married?3. What kind of job does he have?4. Why does he like it?5. Where does he go on Tuesday and Wednesday evening?6. What does he do there?7. Why does he get up early at 5:30 am three days a week?8. Does he like cooking?9. Who does he sometimes visit on Saturdays?10. Where do your parents live?11. Do you go out on Saturday evenings? Why not?12. Do you have a busy life? Ask & answer
  8. 8. TALKING ABOUT YOUWhat time… do you like your job? ANSWERSWhere… Do you travel to school?What… Do you go on holiday? My mother and sisters.When… Do you go to bed? To Spain or Portugal.Who… You go out in the evenings? After dinner.Why… Do you live with? At 11 o’clock.How… Do you do at weekends? I always relax.Do….. Do you do your homework? Because it’s interesting. By bus. Yes, I do sometimes.
  9. 9. HOW DO YOU LIVE?Do you…..? Get early on weekdays…? Play tennis? Cook? Drink tea? Like shopping? Watch tv a lot? Have a big breakfast? Play computer games?
  10. 10. WHAT SEASON IS IT NOW? WHAT MONTH IS IT NOW?WHEN ARE THE DIFFERENT SEASONS OF YOUR COUNTRY? Page 321. AL WHEELER, FROM CANADA2. We have long, cold winters and short hot summers.3. We have a holiday home near the lake, so in summer I go sailing a lot, and I play baseball, but in winter I often ice-skating.4. My favorite season is: autumn, or fall, as we say in North America.5. I love the colours of the trees – red, gold, orange, yellow, and brown.
  11. 11. MANUELA DA SILVA, FROM PORTUGAL1. People think it’s always warm in sunny Portugal, but January and February are cold, wet and grey.2. I don’t like winter.3. I usually meet my friends in coffee shops and we chat.4. Sometimes we go to Brazilian Café.5. I love Brazilian food.6. But then suddenly it’s summer and at weekends we drive to the beach and go swimming.7. I love summer.
  12. 12. HAMMAD SALEH, FROM BAHRAIN1. I work for Gulf Pearls, in the export department.2. I don’t have a lot of free time.3. I have one special hobby – taking underwater photographs.4. I love diving.5. The fish are very beautiful.6. I relax in coffee shops with my friends.7. My friend, Jamal, likes motor racing and he has tickets for the Formula One World Championship in Sakhir next spring.8. I don’t like motor racing – it’s too noisy!
  13. 13. VOCABULARY & SPEAKING ~ PAGE 34 & 35