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Spring for Apache Hadoop
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Spring for Apache Hadoop


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Presentation covers main features of a newly arrived Spring for Apache Hadoop project.

Presentation covers main features of a newly arrived Spring for Apache Hadoop project.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Spring for ApacheHadoopBy Zenyk Matchyshyn
  • 2. Agenda• Goals of the project• Hadoop Map/Reduce• Scripting• HBase• Hive• Pig• Other• Alternatives2
  • 3. Big Data – Why?Because of Terabytes and Petabytes:• Smart meter analysis• Genome processing• Sentiment & social media analysis• Network capacity trending & management• Ad targeting• Fraud detection3
  • 4. Goals• Provide programmatic model to work withHadoop ecosystem• Simplify client libraries usage• Provide Spring friendly wrappers• Enable real-world usage as a part of SpringBatch & Spring Integration• Leverage Spring features4
  • 5. Supported distros• Apache Hadoop• Cloudera CDH• Greenplum HD5
  • 6. HADOOP6
  • 7. Hadoop7HadoopMap/ReduceHDFSHBasePig Hive
  • 8. Hadoop basicsSplit Map Shuffle Reduce8Dog ate the boneCat ate the fishDog, 1Ate, 1The, 1Bone, 1Cat, 1Ate, 1The, 1Fish,1Dog, 1Ate, {1, 1}The, {1, 1}Bone, 1Cat, 1Fish,1Dog, 1Ate, 2The, 2Bone, 1Cat, 1Fish,1
  • 9. Configuration9<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><beans:beans xmlns=""xmlns:xsi=""xmlns:beans=""xmlns:context=""xsi:schemaLocation=""><context:property-placeholder location=""/><configuration>${hd.fs}mapred.job.tracker=${hd.jt}</configuration>………………….</beans:beans
  • 10. Job definition10<hdp:job id=“hadoopJob"input-path="${wordcount.input.path}"output-path="${wordcount.output.path}"libs="file:${app.repo}/supporting-lib-*.jar"mapper=""reducer=""/>Configuration conf = new Configuration();Job job = new Job(conf, “hadoopJob");job.setOutputKeyClass(Text.class);job.setOutputValueClass(IntWritable.class);job.setMapperClass(Maper.class);job.setReducerClass(Reducer.class);job.setInputFormatClass(TextInputFormat.class);job.setOutputFormatClass(TextOutputFormat.class);FileInputFormat.addInputPath(job, new Path(args[0]));FileOutputFormat.setOutputPath(job, newPath(args[1]));job.waitForCompletion(true);
  • 11. Job Execution11<hdp:job-runner id="runner" run-at-startup="true"pre-action=“someScript“post-action=“someOtherScript“job-ref=“hadoopJob" />
  • 12. • Hadoop Streaming:• Hadoop Tool Executor:Other approaches12<hdp:streaming id="streaming"input-path="/input/" output-path="/ouput/"mapper="${}" reducer="${path.wc}"/><hdp:tool-runner id="someTool" tool-class="" run-at-startup="true"><hdp:arg value="data/in.txt"/><hdp:arg value="data/out.txt"/>property=value</hdp:tool-runner>
  • 13. SCRIPTING13
  • 14. Details• Supports JVM languages from JSR-223(Groovy, JRuby, Jython, Rhino)• Exposes SimplerFileSystem• Provides implicit variables• Exposes FsShell to mimic HDFS shell• Exposes DistCp to mimic distcp from Hadoop14
  • 15. Example15<hdp:script-tasklet id="script-tasklet"><hdp:script language="groovy">inputPath = "/user/gutenberg/input/word/"outputPath = "/user/gutenberg/output/word/"if (fsh.test(inputPath)) {fsh.rmr(inputPath) }if (fsh.test(outputPath)) {fsh.rmr(outputPath) }inputFile = "src/main/resources/data/nietzsche-chapter-1.txt"fsh.put(inputFile, inputPath)</hdp:script></hdp:script-tasklet>
  • 16. HBASE16
  • 17. HBase17HadoopMap/ReduceHDFSHBasePig Hive
  • 18. HBase basics• Distributed, column oriented store• Independent of Hadoop• No translation into Map/Reduce• Stores data in MapFiles (indexed SequenceFiles)18Create ‘sometable’, ‘clmnfamily1’Put ‘sometable’, ‘row_id1’, ‘clmnfamily1:c1’, ‘some values’Scan ‘sometable’
  • 19. Features• Easy connection interface• Thread safe• DAO friendly support and wrappers:• HbaseTemplate• TableCallback• RowMapper• ResultsExtractor• Binding table to current thread19
  • 20. Example - beans20<hdp:hbase-configuration/><bean id="hbaseTemplate"class=""p:configuration-ref="hbaseConfiguration"/>
  • 21. Example - code21template.execute("MyTable", new TableCallback<Object>() {@Overridepublic Object doInTable(HTable table) throws Throwable {Put p = new Put(Bytes.toBytes("SomeRow"));p.add(Bytes.toBytes("SomeColumn"), Bytes.toBytes("SomeQualifier"), Bytes.toBytes("AValue"));table.put(p);return null;}});List<String> rows = template.find("MyTable", "SomeColumn", new RowMapper<String>() {@Overridepublic String mapRow(Result result, int rowNum) throws Exception {return result.toString();}}));
  • 22. HIVE22
  • 23. Hive23HadoopMap/ReduceHDFSHBasePig Hive
  • 24. Hive basics• SQL-like interface - HiveQL• Has its own structure• Not a pipeline like Pig• Basically a distributed data warehouse• Has execution optimization24
  • 25. Features• Hive server• DAO friendly Hive Thrift Client simplification• Hive JDBC driver within Spring DAO ecosystem• Hive scripting• Thread safe25
  • 26. Example - beans26<hdp:hive-server host=“hivehost" port="10001" /><hdp:hive-template /><hdp:hive-client-factory host="some-host" port="some-port" ><hdp:script location="classpath:org/company/hive/script.q"><arguments>ignore-case=true</arguments></hdp:script></hdp:hive-client-factory><hdp:hive-runner id="hiveRunner" run-at-startup="true"><hdp:script>DROP TABLE IF EXITS testHiveBatchTable;CREATE TABLE testHiveBatchTable (key int, value string);</hdp:script><hdp:script location="hive-scripts/script.q"/></hdp:hive-runner>
  • 27. Example - template27return hiveTemplate.execute(new HiveClientCallback<List<String>>() {@Overridepublic List<String> doInHive(HiveClient hiveClient) throws Exception {return hiveClient.get_all_databases();}}));
  • 28. PIG28
  • 29. Pig basics29HadoopMap/ReduceHDFSHBasePig Hive
  • 30. Pig• High level language for data analysis• Uses PigLatin to describe data flows(translates into MapReduce)• Filters, Joins, Projections, Groupings, Counts,etc.• Example:30A = LOAD student USING PigStorage() AS (name:chararray, age:int, gpa:float);B = FOREACH A GENERATE name;DUMP B;
  • 31. Features• Scripts execution• DAO friendly template• Thread safe31
  • 32. Example - beans32<hdp:pig-factory exec-type="LOCAL" job-name="pig-script" configuration-ref="hadoopConfiguration"properties-location="”">source=${pig.script.src}<script location="org/company/pig/script.pig“/></hdp:pig-factory><hdp:pig-runner id="pigRunner" run-at-startup="true"><hdp:script>A = LOAD src/test/resources/logs/apache_access.log USING PigStorage() AS (name:chararray, age:int);B = FOREACH A GENERATE name;DUMP B;</hdp:script><hdp:script location="pig-scripts/script.pig"><arguments>electric=sea</arguments></hdp:script></hdp:pig-runner><hdp:pig-template/>
  • 33. Example - template33return pigTemplate.execute(new PigCallback<Set<String>() {@Overridepublic Set<String> doInPig(PigServer pig) throws ExecException, IOException {return pig.getAliasKeySet();}}));
  • 34. Other features• Cascading support• Works well with Hadoop security• Spring Batch tasklets• Spring Integration support34
  • 35. Alternatives & related• Apache Flume – distributed data collection• Apache Oozie – workflow scheduler• Apache Sqoop – SQL bulk import/export35
  • 36. Q/A?36