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October 19, 2011
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October 19, 2011



Published in Lifestyle , Technology
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  • 1. October 19, 2011 Conditions on a slave ship were horrible. Were theybad enough that ancestors of slaves should receive financialcompensation? Would that be just?
  • 2. Objective:Students willdemonstrate thatthey know whatconditions werelike on a slave shipby creating afoldablerepresentation of aslave ship
  • 3. Homework:Read “The sellingof Joseph” and“Runawaynotices from theSouth CarolinaGazette”
  • 4. Vocabulary: RebellionFighting tooverthrow legalauthorityCan slaves, by thisdefinition, ever beconsidered to berebelling?
  • 5. SLAVE CASTLESForts built byEuropeansPlaces where slaveswere bought and soldSometimes slaves werebought from log penson river banks
  • 6. Slave ships:Not speciallybuilt as slaveshipsOften carriedregular cargo inbetween slavingruns
  • 7. Loaded by one of two methods
  • 8. Carry fewer, Loose Pack:get morethrough themiddlepassageIf they can lieon theirbacks, it’sloose pack
  • 9. Pack in as Tight pack:many aspossibleMore diebut moremake itacross
  • 10. Not all slaves were brought ondeck, they were brought up in small groups
  • 11. The slaves were “Danced” for exercise
  • 12. ShacklesUsed to restrainand controlslavesMade of ironOften riveted on
  • 13. ConditionsPoorMost deaths werefrom stomachproblems causedby the dirtyconditions
  • 14. May have Rebellionhappenedas often asonce inevery 10voyagesNot oftensuccessful
  • 15. The Amistad was one of the few successful revolts
  • 16. Class work: Fold a piece of paper in a “Hot Dog” fold Place the facts having to do with inside the ship inside the “Hot Dog” What happens outside goes outside
  • 17. Class work Use your readings as well as your notes to place 3-5 facts about what happened inside and outside the ship Draw them and label them Do your best
  • 18. Exit ticket:Identify one wayof loading a shipand define itMake sure it is onyour foldable