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A comprehensive PDF on my offerings. Also bureau friendly with no personal contact details - so great for forwarding to clients.

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Wolfgang Riebe Presentations

  1. 1. PRESENTATIONS OF OFFER INSPIRATIONAL MAGICAL CORPORATE MASTER OF KEYNOTES MOTIVATION COMEDY MAGIC CEREMONIESAuthenticity, practical Edumazement! To describe his show In todays “seen it all”sustainable easy life Its magic thats content as ‘magic conference market, youskills, very funny and motivational! tricks’ would be akin to not only need an MCincredibly passionate... saying that Mozart had that’s versatile enoughthese are only a few of Keynotes that WILL a few catchy tunes! to adapt and changethe words that describe rivet your team to their around your specificWolfgangs unique chairs, capture their Imagine... requirements, buttalents in sharing true- attention, inspire them, the most amazing someone who can offerlife, useable lessons and motivate them into magician you have ever you something totallywith his audiences. action! seen, couple this with different, unique and the funniest comedian entertaining, plus haveYou may have seen Training doesnt have you have experienced! fun at the same time.numerous motivational to be boring! These Business attire, plusspeakers before, but presentations have been hilarious sophisticated, For a well seasoned,you have never ever designed to give your up-market, tasteful and lively Continuity Manexperienced the humble team ideas to capture passionate shows make who has the elegance,power of this man. He their interest and him arguably one of the and experience to grabWILL leave a lasting imagination. Through top select corporate a crowd, and keep themimpact. the medium of magic magicians in the world entertained, and who they are entertained, today! fits in with YOUR have fun, pay attention, needs - Wolfgang is and most importantly your man. LEARN! Click here, Click here, Click here, Click here,or scroll to Page 2 & 3 or scroll to Page 4 or scroll to Page 5 or scroll to Page 6 "Wolfgang, once again you provided us with the most fantastic combination of humour, magic, and philosophy as well. The entire team were still laughing and talking about your dynamic personality all day long today. Just goes to show, when you are good, you are good and no one can ever take that away from you. I have already had four requests for you to perform at the next 3 conferences taking place. So well done once again. In the 7 years we have dealt with you, you have managed each and every time to astound our audiences and provide a sense of fun combined with some very wise words. A wonderful combination indeed. I would recommend you to absolutely anyone who ever wanted someone of the highest calibre. Thank you for being a part of our top Directors conference. You really made their day and I enjoyed the company as well." SAB Miller
  2. 2. INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE SPEAKER “Greatness in a Speaker, is defined by passion, humility, sincerity and personal experience, coupled with his ability to capture, communicate and entertain his audience, while still sharing practical, sustainable and immediately implementable life skills which have a positive effect on all present.” Dr. Wolfgang RiebeAuthenticity, ethics, practical sustainable easy life skills, very funny and incredibly passionate... these areonly a few of the words that describe Wolfgangs unique talents in sharing true-life, useable lessons withhis audiences.You may have seen many motivational speakers before, but you have really NEVER experienced thehumble power of this man. He WILL leave a lasting impact.Wolfgang offers you something totallydifferent. His approach is guided by his own personal true life experiences as an international entertainer,explorer and global adventurer who has appeared in over 125 countries. These are NOT one hour ‘feelgood ra ra” talks, but presentations which will inspire and empower EVERYONE in your company, withsustainable, practical and usable Life Skills.He speaks from the heart and cleverly weaves humour into his keynotes. After all, his Ph.D is incommunication techniques that leave the longest lasting impact in the long term memory. He WILLcaptivate the delegates and his approach is down to earth. If you are serious about not only inspiring yourteam, but bringing about positive change too, then Wolfgang is your man. 25 Year Track record Doctor of Philosophy in Communications National President 2010/11: Professional Speakers Association of SA Multiple & Best Selling Author Fluent in English, German & Afrikaans Appearances in 125 Countries Endorsements from the Worlds Top 500 Blue Chip Companies Heard by over 1 Million people Top 100 Speakers: 2009/10 Speakers Excellence: Germany Symposiums, Conferences, Training Workshops, Strategic Planning Sessions, Team-Building &Seminars
  3. 3. KEYNOTES ON OFFER: DISCOVER YOUR MAGIC The 7 Secrets of Success Wolfgangs most popular inspirational keynote. Can be customised around your theme. From a 75 min Keynote to a Full Day training seminar. Funny, entertaining, and packed FULL of Useable, Sustainable and Practical Life Skills. * How to maximize your power, presence and awareness. * How to conquering all obstacles and empower your life. * How to clarify, expand and achieve your purpose and vision. * How to impact the world with your intentions. By using the word, “MAGICAL” as an acronym… Motivation, Awareness, Goals, Impressions, Change, Associations & Laughter are covered in a simple, unforgettable and entertaining manner. DELEGATES WILL BE TAUGHT: MOTIVATION: The power of logic in achieving success in YOUR family & Business life. AWARENESS: Background, techniques & skills which help YOU see all opportunities around you. GOALS: Real, usable & practical life skills on how to make YOUR dreams come true. IMPRESSIONS: The importance of first impressions and how YOU can always be in control. CHANGE: Learn to become open to change and apply this in YOUR ever changing life. ASSOCIATIONS: Where & how to find opportunities and nurture them for YOU. LAUGHTER: The importance of laughter in coping with YOUR everyday life. DISCOVER THE POWER OF YOUR MIND PowerCharge Your Memory In this keynote/workshop, Wolfgang teaches a simple effective and easy to understand technique which stimulates the neurotransmitters in your brain, thus increasing your memory.This system can be applied to all levels of business and will have a positive effect on your daily life. Wolfgang guarantees that each and every delegate attending this workshop will improve their memory by at least 300%. * No more ‘To Do’ lists will ever be needed! * You will be able to remember countless things in your mind! * No more diaries needed to remember appointments! * You will be able to learn new skills much simpler and faster! * Remembering names and faces of clients and friends will be easy! The entire pace of the workshop is relaxed, funny and entertaining. No notes are allowed to be taken - it is after all a mind improvement workshop, and the audience leave with all the knowledge in their minds. On completion of the workshop all delegates already have an improved memory and can immediately begin applying their new life skill !This is without a doubt one of the most exciting and powerful life changing seminars ever offered! The client was super happy and your input was awesome, thank you so much for being there." Clicks National Conference "Many, many positives coming in. Thanks so much for your help and involvement once more" Nokia, Budapest
  4. 4. MAGICAL MOTIVATION "The guys & girls could not stop talking about your talk & everything you covered. We all thoroughly enjoyed seeing you, listening, learning & taking some very good lessons back home. I am sure we will all benefit from the talk. I started reading a bit from your books as well & so far find it very entertaining with some good lessons for life! Thanks for making a whole lot of people positive!" BASFEdumazement! Its magic - thats motivational!Keynotes that WILL rivet your team to their chairs, capture their attention, inspire them, and motivatethem into action!Training doesnt have to be boring! These presentations have been designed to give your team ideas tocapture their interest and imagination. Through the medium of magic they are entertained, have fun, payattention, and most importantly LEARN!Reframe your present thinking in order to positively influence every aspect of your life, by sharingmessages in creative and innovative ways.Every speaker needs a niche! Wolfgangs is the combination of magic with motivation. Visual, funnytricks make messages memorable and create the right extra visual impact to cement life skills and lifelessons into the minds and hearts of your delegates. Youll laugh, youll listen, youll learn and you mayeven cry... magical messages that touch the head and the heart. THINKING OUT OF THE BOX or LATERAL THINKING Want to send a message to your associates? Fun, motivating, visual, interesting, unique, and educational! Wolfgang will make your message one that will be remembered! Watch the show and see the magic through the eyes of your team! The Business Magic Presentation is personalised and interactive. Through the show the message is delivered - Edutainment! Learn how to Think Out of the Box Get out of your comfort zone Train your mind to think laterally Be a few Steps ahead of others Learn to challenge conventional wisdom The topic can be team work, goals, diversity, leadership, a product or anything specific to your needs. The message can easily be customised to your theme. This is great for team events, sales meetings, conferences, trade shows, education events, business lunches and more! Sessions range from 30 minutes to an hour.
  5. 5. CORPORATE COMEDY MAGICIAN "I had the pleasure of listening to Wolfgangs after-dinner entertainment at the recent PSA Convention in the UK. His magical skills werent the only thing that was amazing; the conversation he had with us as his audience, the patter around the jokes and the laughter in the room - it was tremendous fun to be there." "Seriously funny, beautifully risqué and very clever, I was giggling like a child and perplexed by the skill in his tricks – a brilliant performer that I would happily watch and hire again and again. Thank you!" Linked-In ReviewsWolfgang Riebe is one of only a handful of magicians who has achieved fame & fortune by following hisdream. As an international Corporate Comedy Illusionist, Wolfgang has entertained millions of peopleglobally. Appearances in over 125 countries, from Hollywood to Singapore, and star of numerous of hisown prime time TV series. From international conferences, theatre appearances, to Arctic expeditions, tothe world’s top cruise liners, Wolfgang has done it all. To describe his show content as ‘magic tricks’ would be akin to saying Mozart had a few catchy tunes!Imagine the most amazing magician you have ever seen, and couple this with the funniest comedian youhave ever experienced! Business attire, plus hilarious sophisticated, up-market, tasteful and passionatepresentations make him arguably one of the top corporate magicians in the world!Shows on Offer: CORPORATE COMEDY MAGICIAN Experience the impossible! Wolfgang will keep your clients, staff and guests entertained at ALL corporate events, large or small. His experience, enthusiasm and positive energy on stage rubs off onto ALL your delegates. Couple this with a great personality, charm and much humour - he promises to bring life to the stage and connect with everyone. If you are looking for mind-blowing, up-market and clever entertainment performed in a unique sophisticated style and at ANY VENUE and UNDER ANY CONDITIONS, Wolfgang is your man. CORPORATE BRANDING/DESIGNER SHOW Tailor-made entertainment for your target group! Knowledge transfer and client satisfaction in a magical presentation! Your core message becomes the central theme of Wolfgangs show. Do you need to communicate a specific message for your next road show? Wolfgangs custom designed shows will bring your brand across in an entertaining manner. Regardless whether its “Customer Service” or “Product Knowledge”, iow a mixture of information and entertainment. Infotainment/Enter-Trainment at its best! In short, a truly unique and magical way to cement YOUR brand with your audience.
  6. 6. MASTER OF CEREMONIES CONTINUITY MAN/LINK MAN "It was really great to have you at the conference, its so nice to leave it up to a professional to get things going a huge weight off my shoulders. All the guys really enjoyed your show and the game show was a great success. Travel CounsellorsFluent in 3 languages Wolfgang facilitates and hosts daily for corporate functions including conferences,seminars, product launches, awards, road shows, workshops and television.In todays “seen it all” conference market, you not only need a Link Man that’s versatile enough to adaptand change around your requirements, but someone who can offer you something unique, different andentertaining, irrespective of any unforeseen happenings, plus have fun at the same time. PLUS, has theability to read and capture his audience.Wolfgang has been described as an MC who has warm yet commanding presence!" Of course, if you arehosting a formal black tie event requiring a sophisticated MC who adheres strictly to the protocol of theevening, he’ll be flawless. FULL CONFERENCE HOSTING PACKAGE The 3-in-1 Man Imagine booking only one flight and hotel room, rather than 3. Thats 2 more delegates that can attend your event! Wolfgang offer a UNIQUE 3-in1 package. He will host your entire conference (whether 1 or 3 days) as the Facilitator/Emcee, and include a Keynote session, plus Entertainment. Numerous clients use him year after year for this service. He is a hands on man who makes sure everything runs smoothly and takes full control as your host for the event. MAGICIAN OF CEREMONIES A Magical Emcee Roadshows, Symposiums, Conference, and Strategic Planning Sessions. The magic occurs every time Wolfgang is on stage where he successfully mixes information and entertainment. He ensures variety and stimulates the delegates minds so that their focus and attention is where you want it to be. Every insert throughout the event will relate to the next speaker or theme. PRESENTER/MASTER OF CEREMONIES A true Conferencé So you dont want all the added extras... just a warm, experienced Master of Ceremonies that understands the formalities and protocol of your event. Or you need a powerful presenter for your next corporate identity video or TV show you are sponsoring. Look no further.