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JessLin Portfolio_Single Page


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JessLin Portfolio_Single Page

  1. 1. 365 Thinking Outside The Box! x ∞ PORTFOLIO'10 INSPIRE | CHALLENGE | CHANGE CHIA JOU LIN | JESSIE LIN
  2. 2. Get in hello! Touch! ACCOUNT PLANNER | STRATEGIST | CHIA JOU LIN
  3. 3. 1234567
  4. 4. Ⅴ CULTURAL EXPERIENCE u l t u re Ⅲ UTILITY M a d e I n Ta i w a n - T. K C i-Storm ⅠABOUT ME Biography Resume Ⅶ MEDIA PLANNING Site Specific Life Insight ⅡBUSINESS PITCHl o n L i q u e o r Midori Me PLAN Ⅵ TARGET SEGMENTe nREPORT Backpacker Segm t Ⅳ CULTURAL IMPACTre & G a m i n g C u l t u re O TA K U C u l t u
  5. 5. ABOUT ME
  7. 7. B Friends said giving people warmth and energy like the sun comes naturally to me because I was born at exactly 12:00 p.m. Maybe, I am special. I’m Jessie Lin, 25 years old and straight out of Taipei, Taiwan. I am a dream seeker. My love and passion for the art of motion picture iography never fades. Thus, after graduating from senior high school, I decided to retake the joint college entrance examination only to major in my favorite field. Certainly, I did not let myself down and was admitted with the highest score to the Department of Radio, Television, and Film at Private Shih Hsin University, the most celebrated university in the mass communications field of Taiwan. However, my life has taken many interesting turns but the most significant event in my life was when, during my freshman year, my Jessie Lin father’s finances crashed. At that time I was able to recognize many Account Planner important strengths and weaknesses that effected my life. June. 30, 1983 Taipei, Taiwan After five years, I started to work and earn money on my own. I’ve worked in promotions for Warner Village Cinema, and then afterward, I was really lucky to get another job being the first
  8. 8. I-MAX female projector in the world. It was then I started to to fulfill my dream, and try my best to give power to the recognize what I really love is not only movies but also the way brands, like the sun does for people. people tell their stories. And I want to enjoy my life, explore the world, and then influence people. After going through my substantial college life, my heart never fell down with any failures but only became full-grown. I know I still have a dream to seek. So, I moved from Taiwan to the U.S. to pursue an MFA in Advertising Account Planning. One of the reasons I want to become an account planner is because I believe people like me that try so hard to experience and feel life are the best representation of the consumer and brands. Being in the 3nd year of this school in the U.S. I am still really “If you can’t turn yourself into a consumer, then excited to see what comes next. I’ve enjoyed being involved with you shouldn’t be in the many cultures and working with brands. I am not only a savvy advertising business at all.” consumer but also a creative planner, and believe what Leo Burnett said “If you can’t turn yourself into a consumer, then you shouldn’t be in the advertising business at all.” Afterwards, I am sure that the day I finish this program I will be good enough
  9. 9. INFORMATION JESSIE LIN | June.30.1983 | Taipei, Taiwan | JESSIECOLORFUL@GMAIL.COM | 0939.341.263 | 7F.-6, NO.219, MINQUAN RD., DANSHUI TOWNSHIP, TAIPEI COUNTY 251, TAIWAN ACHIEVEMENTS 2005 The Outstanding Producer Awards Academy of Art University | MFA in Advertising EDUCATION 95th Anniversary the Golden Bell Awards | Government Information Office, Republic of Chin Revival Design Academy | Multimedia Education Program Certificate 2006 The Outstanding Programming Awards AIC | Digital Media Design Certificate Nominations of the Best Variety Awards | Shin-Hsin University | BFA in Motion Picture & Film Government Information Office, Republic of Chin EMPLOYMENT 2008 Spring Show The 3rd Place of Print Ad | CtiTV | DEPARTMENT OF PROGRAMMING | Executive Producer |07/2006 - 04/2007 Advertising School of Academy of Art University, S Miramar Cinemas | I-MAX Projectionist | 11/2005 - 06/2006 Warner Village Cinemas | Film-Vault Supervisor | 07/2001 - 07/2005 SKILLS AMBIOUS System| Macintosh OS, Microsoft Windows Create the most compelling ideas that stick in th 2D Application | Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Microsoft Office consumers. Multimedia | Flash, Premiere, After Effect, Final Cut Pro Spread out my social networking to experience
  10. 10. I am a highly motivated individual with an exceptional ability to create and deliever objectives in almost any R environment. na (Taiwan) na (Taiwan) San Francisco (USA) esume he minds of different lives.
  11. 11. PUT YOUR HEART INTO And yes, I'm talking to you! IT PORTFOLIO→
  12. 12. Project Summary 01 Business Pitch Plan For Midori Melon Liqueor ADV 800 Directed Study | 2009 Fall Instructor: Shauna Axton, Ryan Riley
  13. 13. BRAND POSITION We reach young professional women by delivering an image of aperitif which marks the transition from the working day into the evening meal, allowing one to savor the evening's food, conversation and their socializing experiences. You can dress up or keep deliciously simple. It can’t be denied that every new drink is based on a classic, if you don’t understand the classic, its’ tough to understand what makes a great cocktail.” MIDORI may not be based on a classic, but is “in a classic style” because it is made with all spirits and has the finest quality of non-artificial ingredients. THE AUDIENCE The maturing socializer, specialize in professional female in 25-32 years-old. INSIGHTS OF THESE GIRLS Modern, on-the-go women, who are ambitious, feeling good and enjoying life any given day, are more likely than others to regard enjoying life or having an exciting life as being among the most important values in life. PROJECT 2
  14. 14. They are completely independent, both financially and emotionally.They would work service industry styled jobs and live on their own, not dependent on family. They might define themselves by their career and all of the things that contribute to their success; fashion, beauty, technology, health, etc. Consumerism drove everything they did. The life-style is best described as that of a ‘modern girl’, a young professional woman who enjoy active lifestyles, which include nightclubs, casual dining, bars, concerts, and other forms of entertainment. They dine out at least five times per month, go have drinks after work and may be apt to travel out of state many times per year to enjoy social or sporting activities and shopping. They are professional and active networkers who enjoy social engagements, dating and meeting new people on a weekly basis. Professional success is a top priority, she is personally and financially invested in her work and she knows that to reach her goals she needs to get an edge. THE MESSAGE Midori Suits Business And Pleasure. NOTES MIDORO is the finer art of mixing perfect drinks; it is from the exotic to the fun. You can dress up or keep deliciously simple. It can’t be denied that every new drink is based on a classic, if you don’t understand the classic, its’ tough to understand what makes a great cocktail.” MIDORO may not be based on a classic, but is “in a classic style” because it is made with all spirits and has the finest quality of non-artificial ingredients.
  15. 15. OBJECTIVES TARGET ARCHETYPE To re-brand Midori and give it personality. Change the perspective She goes by the seasons, is festive, moves and transitions quickly while giving Midori it’s class without taking away it’s edge. Research both physically and mentally. Everything in her makeup resembles shows people don’t know enough about Midori. It has long lost it's her personality. popularity and is too commonly associated with the "Midori Sour" She's like a mullet: business in the front, party in the back. She cocktail. has a magnetic attraction to luxury experiences, attractive men, & METHODOLOGIES skirts to suit her style. She is single and thankful for every minute of her independence. We conducted both quantitative and qualitative research, which To her, all justifications are simply a result of her own choice. included numerous one-on-one interviews, group interviews, and two She's sweet with a secret sassy attitude inside just waitin to bust out! focus groups. SUMMARY BRAND POSITION Midori is a mirror image of the afterwork socialite. Midori has many OF FINDING FROM RESEARCH sides of it's fun filled glass. Midori's edge is it'sversatility - "I can be Although, most woman may have a drink of choice, they are more anything you want me to be" - willing to branch outside of their "go-to-drink"depending on their surroundings. She wants her drink to match her mood, her company, and/or environment/surroundings. Research showed that these BRAND VALUES woman liked to let their hair down after work. They wanted to unwind F r e s h , c o o l , f u n , v e r s a t i l e , s p o n t a n e o u s , b r e e z y, c u t e , n e o n , and grab a drink before dinner. Often they desired a sweet drink fashionable, refreshing,classy, sassy, flirty, bright, adventurous, edgy, after work to reward them for the hard work they’ve done during the unique, sensual, giggly, vibrate, standing out. day/week.
  16. 16. MIDORI WOMEN BRAND ESSENCE Director: Chia Jou Lin Editor: Chia Jou Lin
  17. 17. PROJECT SUMMARY 02 Cultural Impact - Otaku Culture ADV 600 - MS Strategy Thinking Instructor: Cameron Maddux
  18. 18. PROBLEM RESEARCH Today the word “brainstorm” has become a This means that people can hold a brainstorming Brainstorming combines a relaxed, informal muddled catchall for anything vaguely related absolutely any time - and as many times as approach to problem-solving with lateral thinking. to creativity. But in its formal application, they want – as long as they know how to do it It asks that people come up with ideas and brainstorming is much less touchy-feely and effectively. thoughts that can at first seem to be a bit crazy. much more practical as an approach to problem The idea here is that some of these ideas can solving. be crafted into original, creative solutions to the problem you’re trying to solve, while others can Brainstorming can be the most abused word spark still more ideas. This approach aims to when it comes to meetings and group activities. get people unstuck, by “jolting” them out of their It is often used by students, teachers, successful normal ways of thinking. businessmen and even criminals. A lot of projects and activities have become successful due to INDIVIDUAL BRAINSTORMING creative brainstorming sessions. When we brainstorm on our own, we’ll tend to produce a wider range of ideas than with It is a fact that a person normally uses less than group brainstorming - we do not have to worry ten percent of their capacity to think and to use about other people’s egos or opinions, and can their brains. This means that there is a lot of room therefore be more freely creative. For example, for more creativity and thinking if only a person we might find that an idea we’d be hesitant can find the right enlightenment or inspiration. Brainstorming is about using the power to bring up in a group session develops into Therefore, people will be pleased to get that of many minds, and the ideas should flow something quite special when we explore it with advanced brainstorming techniques or tools can allow people to brainstorm effectively by freely and trigger other ideas. individual brainstorming. Nor do we have to wait for others to stop speaking before we contribute themselves even without the need for a group. our own ideas.
  19. 19. GROUP BRAINSTORMING When it works, group brainstorming can be very INSIGHTS Insight #1: Building, molding, shaping, refining, effective for bringing the full experience and creativity of all members of the group to bear on crafting, testing and reworking ideas are just an issue. When individual group members get as important as stimulating and capturing the stuck with an idea, another member’s creativity original idea spark. and experience can take the idea to the next stage. Group brainstorming can therefore develop Insight #2: Gathering enough fuel to keep the ideas in more depth than individual brainstorming. fire burning is just as critical as the spark. And, what’s the fuel for innovation? New information Another advantage of group brainstorming is and connections, stories and metaphors, that it helps everyone involved to feel that they’ve conversations, understanding customer needs, contributed to the end solution, and it reminds working together collaboratively, and deliberately people that other people have creative ideas to focusing the energies of people with a diversity of offer. What’s more, brainstorming is fun, and it perspectives, experiences, skills and talents and can be great for team-building! thinking styles.”
  20. 20. DESCRIPTION Brianstorm, here, A touch-based, interactive screen interface board, there, anywhere which applies people playing brainstorming in Keep it all anytime anywhere, keeps it all together,then + together share to the world. OBJECTIVE The most important thing about a brainstorming session is what happens after it ends. No matter CONCEPTS = iSTORM how poorly we run a brainstorming session, some CONCEPT #1 decent ideas will surface for sure. But depending BRAINSTORM,HERE,THERE,ANYWHERE. on what happens after the session, those ideas Brainstorming is the natural process of listing may or may not impact anything. So while we a large quantity of ideas for solving problems. can read books and take courses on better Using this brainstorming board has a number of brainstorming techniques, the most important advantages over traditional flip charts and sticky thing is figuring out how the brainstorming notes. session fits into the larger decision making process you or your team has. Even if you fix how CONCEPT #2 you run the meeting itself, and get better ideas, if KEEP IT TOGETHER, ADN SHARE. you can’t migrate them into the decision making Capture and keep your notes in one place for process for the project, what’s the point? With quick and easy access, organization and sharing. this central point in mind, I am going to create Ensure your ideas are productive and worthwhile a utility, which give people opportunities to run with this brainstorming board. brainstorming sessions in a way that is most likely to be effective afterwards.
  21. 21. TARGET The Brainstorming is not the end of the road • Organize and choose best ideas. This is an easy-to-use interactive board with • Add additional ideas minutes, hours or days later state-of-the-art functionality that can boost • Never worry about archiving or losing notes creativity and efficiency for people at all levels of a again.together company, in a variety of jobs and roles. COMPETITORS “PC-based input device” OR “the combination of a video-based movements tracking system, a computer with a screen”. - SMART Board (Interactive Whiteboard) CONCLUSION - This digital brainstorming board is going to put your ideas of visual thinking in real life. And, BENEFIT FORECAST get involved with the information technology in creative purpose. Keep track of all your ideas, Electronic Brainstorming whether alone, with colleagues and friends or • Anytime, anywhere without limit. working together with the whole world. • Creates more "open" discussion. "Keep track of all your ideas, whether alone, • Visualize the connections and show how things tie together. with colleagues and friends or working together with the whole world."
  22. 22. PROJECT SUMMARY 03 Cultural Experience - Otaku Culture ADV 600 - MS Strategy Thinking Instructor: Cameron Maddux
  23. 23. Dedication, Interest, and skills can take one far...
  24. 24. ...but, to really succeed, one needs to be obsessed.
  25. 25. PURPOSE OTAKU In recent years, the term “otaku” has been Therefore, I believe that the general public should Today, the “otaku” phenomenon represents as incredibly popular, largely contributed by media pay attention to the potential creativeness from one of the most influential sub-culture in Asia. effects. Indeed, negative stereotypes have been the otaku. Since they know both the producers applied to this group but cultural and commercial and consumers of the virtual world, they have Many Asian people have negative stereotype of impacts have changed the whole phenomenon. the “know-how” of deriving creative works and the “otaku” people, who are thought as geeks It is even believed that the invention of Wii is spreading the works out. People should really or nerds that stay with their computers all day in based on the marketing of the “otaku”. Wii learn from this attitude in today's information their houses. The stereotype indirectly claims that gives them the convenient facility at home to society. men accounts for most of the “otaku” population do exercise without the hassle to go out, which and these people are considered to have perfectly satisfies their needs. extraordinarily good with computers but have no social lives.
  26. 26. The word “otaku” is a Japanese term used to define those people who are obsessed with INSIGHTS comics, animation, video games, and/or online First, they are less price-sensitive compare to games. In plain English, those people would be regular consumers. Even when they are short in referred to as comic book worms, computer disposal income, they would save up to buy what nerds or freaky gamers. Indeed, no matter in they want. Price is not really in their consideration. which countries, the term “otaku” has been Second, they derive their own thoughts and ideas treated with negative meanings or impacts. for what they consume, which can be frequently seen or read on some online discussion spaces. Third, they form communities through online THE ORIGIN AND THE mediums. Communities are the platforms PHENOMENON for them to exchange opinions and share information. In other words, information spreads The term “otaku” is a modern Japanese slang out quickly among the otaku communities. that comes with negative meanings. Originally, it refers to those people who overly falls into the virtual world such as comics, anime, and games, and even lost their connection to the real world. A common stereotype is that these people can communicate with others in real world properly. "Otaku helps create This term is now used as a way to make fun of remarkable products that others and the real meaning is actually twisted. stand out!" Today, some people who do not go out very often are also referred to geeks, nerds or the “otaku”.
  27. 27. DEMOGRAPHIC 65% of American households play computer and video games. 50% of Americans over age 6 play video or computer games. 49% of gamers play games online at least one hour per week. Age of U.S. gamer players The average game player age is 32. Gender of U.S. gamer players Male 60% Female 40% Shift in behavior 59% of gamers play with other gamers in person. Games are no longer limited to any type of person "Gamers are not a media category. Games are played by EVERYONE!"
  28. 28. In contrast, the Japanese otaku have formed groups of making doujinshi "Is there potential to create that has spread out. In other words, Taiwanese otaku consume mostly remarkable offerings to consumers things from Japan, such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Spreading Excitement based on people’s particular All Over the World with the Haruhi Suzumiya Brigade, Densha Otoko, Otaku?" Akihabara @ Deep and KERORO. CONSUMERISM AND CULTURE Because of the success and popularity of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Densha In Asia, negativity from earlier generations, like the baby boomers, have Otoko, and KERORO, the otaku has been considered as a huge market started to get used to the virtual world much later, compare to the by merchants who import related products, as the true otaku are usually Generation X or the E-Generation. Besides, they show negative attitude insensitive about prices. In other words, the otaku are treated like a new towards video games, animation and comics. Therefore, it is more like a group of mass consumers. generation gap. However, the resistance towards the otaku culture due to generation gap has been fading, because more and more products that were originally "Companies needs to constantly produced for the otaku have been generally accepted in the public. Wii is search for people with Otaku or the best example. Another good example could be the “YOUTUBE”, where visualize what makes consumer people can post videos online. passionate about their products." Experts have pointed out that most otaku are still in the consumption stage, which means that they mostly consume rather than produce or create. In fact, they show strong preference towards Japanese cultural commodities.
  29. 29. PROJECT SUMMARY 04 Cultural Experience - T.K Culture ADV 600 - MS Strategy Thinking Instructor: Cameron Maddux
  30. 30. MADE IN TAIWAN When two million people fled the Chinese mainland and poured onto the shores of Taiwan in 1949, there were already nearly eight million people living on the island. Many of the families of military forces among the new immigrants gathered into what were termed dependent villages around the island. Youngsters raised in these enclaves of mainlanders often clashed with native youth from surrounding areas, whom the new arrivals derisively called “Taike” – literally, “Taiwan guests”. For the special history and geography environment in Taiwan, culture identity has been shown more complicated. The Taiwanese culture is a hybrid blend of Confucianist Han Chinese, Japanese, European, American, global, local and Taiwanese aborigines cultures, which are often perceived in both traditional and modern understandings. The common socio-political experience in Taiwan gradually developed into a sense of Taiwanese cultural identity and a feeling of Taiwanese cultural awareness, which has been widely debated domestically. Reflecting the continuing controversy surrounding the political status of Taiwan, politics continues to play a role in the conception and development of a Taiwanese cultural identity, especially in the prior dominant frame of a Taiwanese and Chinese dualism. In recent years, the concept of Taiwanese multiculturalism has been proposed as a relatively apolitical alternative view, which has allowed for the inclusion of mainlanders and other minority groups in to the continuing re-definition of Taiwanese culture as collectively held systems of meaning and customary patterns of thought and behavior shared by the people of Taiwan.
  31. 31. "Taiwanese find new identity in an old insult "
  32. 32. EVOLUTION Nowadays, much of the world is already aware of the vitality and creativity that exists in Taiwan. Taiwan is well-known for its technological prowess, and is beginning to win recognition for its cultural activity and artistic talent. As the 21st century moves along, Taiwan is in line with the trend toward globalization in making this creativity and talent known to the rest of the world. This means 21st century media such as the Internet to let everyone enjoy a taste of Formosa Culture. “Made in Taiwan” now is a label recognized around the world; for decades, Taiwan has been a leading exporter of products from bicycles to consumer electronics.
  33. 33. 台 ORIGIN OF TAIKE 客 What’s interesting about Tai-Ke is that it was once considered a bad word used by people outside the people in this societal group. With this very group now using it and embracing it, they have taken away the negativity of the word and have 文 empowered themselves by making it their own. Taike is a term that has been bandied about and often abused by the media in Taiwan for the last decade or so. It has been identified both as a pejorative and as a point of pride for Taiwan natives, with definitions that vary according to the point of 化 view of the speaker and the context as well. So what does ‘Taike’ really mean? DEFINITION For a term that has been so closely examined and so loosely used by the media, the entertainment world and segments of academia over the past decade or so, Taike still seems to be very elusive and hard to define. When the noun and adjective Taike is used, usually people are calling or describing somebody who is not elegant or has bad taste in clothes and no sense of style, perhaps even in the way they talk. Blue and white plastic slippers, chews betel nut, drinks energy drinks, smokes Mild- Seven, rides motocycles loudly, and anywhere anytime keeps the diao-ga shirt (the Taiwanese wife-beater) or flower-printed shirt rolled up to let the stomach breath.
  34. 34. When being piss off, every sentence begins with the word fuck, and so on. These are often part of the act, and it's hip to study the Taiwan dialect of Chinese. This dress and behaviour code, known loosely as "tai-ke", has been a minor rage for about 20 years as Taiwan youth seek a distinctly local identity in the face of China's threats to declare the whole island Chinese, social commentators say. However, there is nothing wrong with being a Taike. But the image of a Taike should be changed. A GUIDE TO MEDIA-MANUFACTURED "TAIKE" IMAGE - Not highly educated - Smokes Longlife Premium or Seven Stars cigarettes - Speaks Mandarin with a heavy Taiwanese accent, peppering it with English - Chews betel nut - Wears flowery shirts from night markets, loose pants and blue and white flipflops. - Hair is bleached, arms and legs covered with black tattoos - All kinds of bling-bling, fingernails finished in ten different styles FINDING TAIKE IN ENTERTAINMENT AND THE ARTS By going through the media getting involved, Tai-ke has been the subject of media reports for most of this year. while the slight hasn’t completely lost its sting, it has been soothed by the surging popularity of Taiwanese culture. “Taike” has entered the lexicon of cool. These days Taiwan youth are embracing the “Tai-ke” culture, while at the same turning their noses up at the clothes of country folk, with their connotations of poverty.
  35. 35. LOOK INSIDE FOR DEFINITION Taike is the spirit of men and women unafraid of their identity. It is the spirit of those who have forged their own freedom, found their own way and are unafraid to approach the future by themselves. Everything has happened here very quickly. The essence of being Taiwanese is change. Taike, too, is changing in context. Even they’ve all been through the poor past, Taiwanese know how to balance respect for the past with growth for the future. Many say if you want to see Chinese culture at its best, come to Taiwan. Taiwanese embrace their roots and add to them the many other experiences of their past. They embrace and adapt. By embracing the fad, the young have also realized how to separate the name taike from the original intended insult. They have learned the freedom of the Fauves, who took glory in being called wild beasts and turned insult into celebration of identity.
  36. 36. PROJECT SUMMARY 05 Target Segment Report For Backpacker ADV 800 Directed Study | 2009 Summer Instructor: Cammeron Maddux
  37. 37. The climbing numbers of backpacker travelers hits the traditional mass travel patterns of the world. Most of backpackers tend to seek experience and call themselves as “Experience seeker.” Experience is part of PURPOSE individuals' inward, adn will be transformer into memory which engages in the behavior decisions. It is important to realize the traget consumer before asking positive benefits from this market.
  38. 38. I followed the way of visual-thinking in conducting my research. PROCESS STEP1 TRAND SCAN "Brianstorming and Social Technologies conducted a scan to identify relevant trends and issues impacting backpackers’ lives, including a literature review, expert STEP3 HYPOTHESIS TESTING interviews with corporate trend experts "Using these hypotheses as a foundation, I and academics, and integrated ideas from created an online qualitative mini-surveys to existing backpacker research." dig into the data. STEP2 HYPOTHESIS CREATION STEP4 DATA ANALYSIS " T h e p r o c e s s r e s u l t e d i n v a r i e t y o f "I integrated these findings with what I hypotheses about backpackers' lives, identity, got in the trend scan, then I made the relationships, and concern." segment descriptions and drew up the sketches to bring the segments to life and put a human face on the survey data."
  39. 39. The plan is there is no plan!
  40. 40. SEGMENTATION The segmentation revealed four types of backpackers: * TYPE1 Experimental and experiential backpackers - to feel * TYPE2 Humanist Backpackers - to think/ to live * TYPE3 Diversionary and recreational backpackers - to play * TYPE4 Multiple backpackers - Mixing
  41. 41. PROJECT SUMMARY 06 Site Specific Life Insight For Media Planning ADV 800 Media Planning | 2009 Fall Instructor: Brady Baltezore , Joshua Brandau
  42. 42. THE BONE ROOM GENERAL INFORMATION The Bone Room specializes in natural science and all things once living, The Bone Room is the place to come for real bones, genuine fossils, quality bone and fossil replicas, native and exotic insects, and all manner of weird and wonderful things. They comb the world for stock to please our artists, teachers, students, scientists and collectors and can ship to international admirers as well. But the only way to get a real idea of the store is to explore their wares for ourselves!
  43. 43. STORY BEHIND PROJECT The main goal for this project is to find out the insights behind this store, and make people interested in this place. However, coating research and making presentable seems to be important in this particular project. But, what I was thinking is in the way of visualizing, in the sense of creative ideas, rather than going with my research and with my actual skills as they are being thought. I got over that and then I settle on a text/storyboard based on a film idea.
  44. 44. INSIGHTS THE HINT "mounted butterflies & a jar of human's toes After all I have been through, I felt that this is definitely an eclectic little corner of berkeley. There doesn't have information or details as many as you expect, but it does be a place where inspire people in different ways. I believe that THE BONE ROOM is a place, where gives people the first step to connect with this curious world, and to inspire you. Like the bedtime stories, it always happened once upon a time, but what happened after once upon a time? WE will see.
  45. 45. DOCUMENTARY DIRECTOR: Chia Jou Lin EDITOR : Chia Jou Lin
  46. 46. INFORMATION CHIA JOU LIN JESSIE LIN Email: US Tel 415.832.0994 TW Tel 0939.341.263 FACEBOOK: Jessie Lin