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Whaf Presentation[1]


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Sponsorship and Partnership Proposal

Sponsorship and Partnership Proposal

Published in: Business

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  • 1. West Harlem Art Fund Sponsorship and Partnership Proposal
  • 2. Who We Are
    • Public Art and Preservation Non- profit Organization Founded in 1998
    • Promotes art in public parks and other open spaces in West Harlem
    • Promotes policy and initiatives related to waterfront development and parkland improvement
    • Experts in developing, curating and managing public art projects
  • 3. Who We Serve
    • The projects and initiatives of the West Harlem Art Fund has served the public at large, artists, art institutes, community developments, colleges and universities, residents of West Harlem and New York City.
    • Our focus has led to developments in New York City’s green strategy as well as its overall arts and culture efforts.
  • 4. Major Accomplishments To Date
    • Lead Project Advisor on “Take Me to the River Working Group” – Phase I and II of the project raised $550,000 through New York State’s Environmental Protection Fund. These studies further leveraged $40M from the City of New York to begin capital improvement of the waterfront in Northern Manhattan starting in 2010.
    • Pioneer in development of storefront installations and “pop-up” boutiques in empty commercial spaces. Partnered with Vantage Properties in 2008 to create storefront installations; Transportation Alternative for NYC Park(ING) Day in 2009; Humanities and Arts Division of the City College of New York to co-sponsor art installations at historic St. Nicholas Park on an annual basis beginning in 2010.
  • 5. Our Projects
  • 6. Our Leadership
    • Founder and Executive Director – Savona Bailey-McClain
    • New York based curator, art producer and preservation advocate
    • Developed the Hallelujah Public Art Fest
    • Pioneered Harlem’s First Cell Phone Tours
  • 7. Our Future
    • Tourism and Art – We are partnering with boutique hotels, art galleries, studios and other strategic partners to create a cultural art loop using hybrid electric vehicles to bring tourists to Long Island City, Brooklyn and Harlem to explore and patronize the art and artists living and working in New York City.
    • Environmental Sustainability and Art – We are continuing to promote store front installations as well as negotiating with commercial real estate landlords to allow artists to work in vacant spaces. Passersby then have the opportunity to see the artist at work and the beauty of the creative process.
  • 8. Partnership/Sponsorship Opportunities
    • We are seeking partners, contributors and sponsors to underwrite our projects and initiatives. There are opportunities to collaborate on and sponsor specific projects. We believe that our organization aligns with your brand and mission and we look forward to discussing ways that we can be one of the organizations your company supports.
  • 9. Ripple effect
    • The arts are important not only because they can stimulate the creativity of the individual, but also because they can revitalize large cities. Creativity and art can cause a ripple effect that helps business and tourism in cities. In fact, it can invigorate the city’s energy, and can even reduce crime.
    • 54-year-old woman, attorney
    The arts create jobs – jobs for those who are the artists but also they have a ripple effect on the community. The place that holds the performance, the advertisers, even the ones who print the programs receive work and thus pay that is taxed by the community and government. 58-year-old woman, religious It creates a ripple effect of benefits, both directly and indirectly . . . It improves the vitality of an area and the economy. More arts mean more culture in neighborhoods. Economically, the increased enthusiasm and construction projects in turn increase tourism, which increases the economy . . . Arts and culture benefit the city as a whole, both economically and culturally. 22-year-old man, assistant manager
  • 10. Contact Us
    • Savona Bailey-McClain – Executive Director
    • West Harlem Art Fund Hamilton Grange Station PO Box 170 New York, New York 10031 212-690-0867 [email_address]