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a little bit about me!

a little bit about me!

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  • 1. About Me Rachel Webb
  • 2. I am a Elementary Education Major
    • I enjoy helping children learn
  • 3. I live at home
    • I live with my parents and brother in Lavalette
    • Its not that far of a commute, and I don’t really mind the drive
    • After all it’s a lot better than living in the dorms
  • 4. I teach Baton Twirling
    • This is my favorite job
    • I get to do what I love
  • 5. I also work at the Dollar Tree
    • Its not a fun job but it pays for gas
    • The store is out in Wayne so I get to meet some interesting people
    • Gas Prices $45
    • Take Home- $50
  • 6.  
  • 7. My Best Worst Job
    • During the summers I work at the Division of Highways
    • Its good money, but a very boring job if you’re stuck inside the office all day
  • 8. My Family
    • I don’t have a large family, but we are very close
  • 9. Debbie
    • My mom
    • She works at the court house as Judge Pancake’s secretary
    • She’s a really good cook, and takes good care of everyone
  • 10. Brian
    • My dad
    • He works as a civil engineer at the Division of Highways
    • I also intern there during the summers
  • 11. Caleb
    • This is my younger brother
    • He is 16, and loves to play baseball
    • We usually get along pretty well
  • 12. My Grandparents
    • I am very happy that I live practically next door to both sets of my grandparents
    • My mom’s parents love to watch the news and talk about gas prices
    • My dad’s parents are always out doing something, and never stop to take a break
  • 13. My Cousins
    • Erica is the oldest. She is a cheerleader at her high school
    • Her sister is Erin. She also likes cheerleading, but enjoys going to karate too.
    • Jessi loves softball and playing outside
    • Luke is her younger brother and he loves tractors and fixing things
  • 14. Baxter
    • My dog
    • He is a great dane
    • We don’t let him inside because he is so big
    • He’s content with that though because we have a large yard for him to play in
  • 15. My Car
    • I always wanted a bright red mustang convertible for my 16 th birthday
    • Instead I got a bright red Honda CRV for high school graduation
    • That’s fine with me because now I don’t know what I’d do without four wheel drive
  • 16. Hobbies
    • I was a majorette all through high school so I still enjoy twirling
    • I like to read for pleasure, but unfortunately I hardly ever get to
    • Naps are great when I can find the time
  • 17. Dislikes
    • People who can’t put there cell phones down
    • Horizontal stripes
    • Men with lots of body hair