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Alpha biography


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Published in: Education
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Alpha biography

  1. 1. Katherine LaPierre
  2. 2. Atlantic Canada My favorite place in the world is definitely Atlantic Canada, specifically New Brunswick. Almost everyone on my mom’s side of the family lives on the coast of New Brunswick in a small tourist town, and we try to visit them every summer. I’m not sure why I love New Brunswick so much, maybe because there’s a lot of coastline and mostly everyone speaks French with a nice accent, and that’s it’s a beautiful province. I’d love to move there someday, maybe in a house right on the coastline. There’s so much to see in that region of the country, and I want to visit it all someday.
  3. 3. Birds I’m not much of an animal lover, but I really like birds. My family currently has three pet birds- a parrot and two cockatiels, and their names are Sunshine, Stormy, and Jesse. Honestly, birds scare me a bit, but I love them anyways. There’s so many different types of birds, and they’re all very pretty with their multiple colors and songs they sing. I think I’ve always liked birds because flying has always fascinated me, and because birds are all around in nature, and I love to admire nature.
  4. 4. Cake Decorating I have never really been interested in artistic things, but in fourth grade, my friend asked me to take cake decorating lessons with her and her mother. It sounded a bit interesting, so I decided to do it. It was really a lot of work; I had to bake a new, two-layered cake two or three times a week, and make countless batches of homemade frosting. It took a lot of time, and my cake designs weren’t even all too impressive. My family did enjoy getting to eat cake every day, though. I took lessons again in grade five with my grandmother, and I ended up completing two levels of cake decorating from an official cake decorating learning method. I still have my decorating kit with all of the frosting tips and different tools. I’ve made a few cakes for family birthdays and events, and I even did a cake decorating project at the end of fifth grade. I think that at one point I wanted to be a professional cake decorator, but now I’d rather just stick to is as a hobby.
  5. 5. Cooking I’ve been able to cook and bake as long as I remember. My mom taught me how to cook for myself when I was maybe seven or eight, and I have been ever since. I usually cook dinner for my family four or so times a week because my parents aren’t usually home around dinner time and neither of them have time to cook. I love to find new recipes in the stacks of cookbooks we have in the dining room, and lately I’ve been making a lot of cookies and vegetarian recipes. Sometimes I try adding things in that aren’t in the recipe, but those foods don’t typically come out too well. Admittedly, I really only cook when I’m bored and don’t have anything else to do, but when I do cook, it’s something I enjoy a lot.
  6. 6. Dance When I was younger, dancing was a very big part of my life. My mom signed me up for dance lessons when I was three of four, and I continued to take them until I was six or seven. I stopped taking lessons when the dance studio I had loved so much and had spent so much time at closed, and I just couldn’t bring myself to take lessons anywhere but there. I took lessons in tap, jazz, and ballet, all in which I loved. I think I liked tap the best, though, because of the sounds the shoes made. My mom also took dance lessons at the same studio as me, and I remember us practicing our dances together in our tiny living room. Sometimes, before the concerts, my mom would let me practice wearing my fancy, expensive costume. That had always been a special time for me. I’m also very thankful for all of the people I met taking dance lessons, like one girl that I stayed friends with for almost seven years. I haven’t taken dance lessons ever since, but sometimes just dancing to the radio in my room brings back memories.
  7. 7. Holidays My family doesn’t really celebrate holidays, besides Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving. I’m not sure why, but we’ve never done anything for Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, New Years, or any other holidays. Christmas is a pretty big holiday for us, though since my mother doesn’t like the holiday, we try not to do anything too extravagant. We usually go to my grandmother’s house on Christmas Eve along with the rest of my extended family, and I stay home with just my parents and brother on Christmas day. My other grandmother usually comes over for lunch of Christmas day, and the five of us eat a special lunch together. Easter and Thanksgiving are basically the same; my family goes to my grandmother’s house in the morning, and to my other grandmother’s to see my extended family in the afternoon. In general, I love holidays because I get to see most of my family members who I don’t see very often.
  8. 8. Ice Skating Ice skating is definitely my favorite sport, although some people don’t consider it a sport at all. I’m not on a skating team or anything official; my dad always sets up a homemade ice rink in our backyard every winter that I spend hours and hours skating on whenever I get the chance. My dad wanted me to learn how to skate when I was really young, and I think I got my first pair of ice hockey skates when I was four or five. I wasn’t very skilled back then, but I loved gliding across the ice as my parents would watch me. Over the years, I’ve gotten a lot better, and I just recently got my first pair of figure skates. I’m still not very talented and I can’t do much besides skate in circles and make sharp turns, but I still try to spend as much time skating as possible. On the average winter weekend between the end of December and late February, you can probably find me skating from when I wake up, to when the sun starts to set.
  9. 9. June June would have to be my favorite month of the year. My birthday isn’t in June and nothing special happens to me, but I still love it anyways. The weather is almost always warm, and the rainy spring months are coming to an end. I don’t have to wear a jacket outside anymore, and everything in nature turns green and fresh. School always ends in mid or late June, and it’s reassuring to know that I’ve made it through yet another school year and that I have a whole summer of relaxation and enjoyment ahead of me. June is usually when my family starts planning our summer vacations which we usually take in August, and I typically see a lot of my extended family in this month because of all of the birthdays, graduations, and summer parties that we have. Overall, I can’t find anything not to love about June.
  10. 10. Photography One of my favorite hobbies would have to be photography. When I was really young, I loved to play with my family’s digital camera, even though I wasn’t allowed to take pictures with it. I wanted a camera of my own for years, because I loved taking pictures of practically everything I saw- and I still do. Ever since I received a camera for my twelfth birthday, I take it almost everywhere I can and take pictures of everything interesting I see. I especially love photographing things in nature like flowers, leaves, and trees, and I enjoy experimenting with different camera angles. I also really like close-up photography and pictures of lights. I remember taking hundreds of pictures in three days when I went to Washington DC over the summer, and everyone I went with asked me if I wanted to be a professional photographer, so that means that I must have some true talent.
  11. 11. Reading My mom says that even before I could read, I liked reading. My parents never read books to me, so I’d look at the pictures in the books and create my own story that I thought fit. And after I learned to read in first grade, I was already reading advanced chapter books by second grade. I remember having my mom take me to the library every weekend, and I’d get a stack of fifteen or so books that I would have finished before the week ended. Sadly, I don’t have much time for reading anymore, and I haven’t been very interested in reading all the time since the end of fifth grade. I still read occasionally, though, and I still have stacks of books scattered all over my bedroom. In fourth grade I loved The Babysitter’s Club series, and I think I read almost every single one. Now, some of my favorites authors are Suzanne Collins, John Green, and lots of others- I’ve always been a fan of historical fiction about the Holocaust, and romance novels. I have never liked fantasy and I probably never will, and recently I’ve started to like science fiction.
  12. 12. Technology I can’t remember when I became fascinated with technology, but it may have been when I was ten and my family got our first computer. Ever since then, I’ve loved computers. When I was in fifth grade, I wanted to be a graphics designer when I was older, but now I’d rather be a website developer. In June of sixth grade, my friend and I did our math fair project on website design and we won first place in our grade. Last summer, I went to a technology camp at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and I really enjoyed it. I love technology now, and I probably always will.
  13. 13. Traveling It wasn’t until very recently that I became interested in traveling. I’ve been to a few places before, but I’ve never been very far away from the Atlantic coast. Learning so much about geography in grade six made me realize how small my world really is- I haven’t seen barely anything the world has to offer. Now, I wonder about how people live in other places of the world. Since then, I’ve kept an ongoing list of all of the places I’d like to travel to some day and the order I’d like to visit them in. Some of the places on my list include Vancouver, Quebec, Toronto, the Netherlands, France, Egypt, Germany, Alaska, Thailand, Australia, and a few specific towns in New Brunswick. I don’t have an exact plan for how I’m going to voyage to all of these places, but I know I’ll make it work someday.
  14. 14. Keyboard When I was in grade six, I decided that I wanted to take keyboard lessons. I wanted to play an instrument, and I had always loved pianos. I remember getting home from school and practicing for hours because I enjoyed it so much. I wasn’t very good to start out with, and I never really ended up improving. Yet I enjoyed playing, and I took lessons for about a year and a half until I ended up quitting. I wasn’t learning much more and playing wasn’t as fun as it used to be after a while, but still, I sometimes take out my old sheet music and play one of the songs I used to enjoy so much. Overall, it brings back a lot of memories.
  15. 15. Writing When I was younger, I really enjoyed writing. I loved to read, so it would make sense that I loved to write as well. I tried to write at least seven different books, though I never even got halfway through any of them and the longest one was only 30,000 words or so, and not all that good. For about five years, I wanted to be an author, but I don’t anymore. I still sometimes write in my free time, but now I’m more in to writing poems that stories or novels. Plenty of people tell me that they think I’m a talented writer, but I don’t think that I am. Writing doesn’t interest me now as much as it used to, but I hope that it will again someday.
  16. 16. Vacations