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Accessibility: Is your web site open to all?
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Accessibility: Is your web site open to all?


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A brief presentation to small businesses within the Gosport area of the UK, introducing the concept of web accessibility.

A brief presentation to small businesses within the Gosport area of the UK, introducing the concept of web accessibility.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Accessibility Is your web site open to all?
  • 2. There are tens of billions of web pages online and they all have one thing in common… text mark-up language hyper
  • 3. And there’s one important group of users for whom text is all that matters… search engines
  • 4. like to see you naked search engines and that means no socks either
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  • 10. Web standards… A user centred approach
    • Text should be independent of its presentation
      • It’s inherently more adaptable to other devices (eg: mobiles) and more malleable to the specific needs of particular users
      • It’s also easier to redesign: just change the stylesheet
    • Your site should not be reliant upon JavaScript
      • Around 1 in 20 people turn JavaScript off
    • Your site will work on all modern web browsers
      • (Internet Explorer dominates but 1 in 10 users don’t use it)
    • Web standards are the future of the semantic web
      • The process of making content more meaningful to both people and machines
  • 11. Web standards are… Consistent with good accessibility
    • Search engines can properly evaluate your content
      • And may attribute more value to it than they would otherwise
    • Your web site will be DDA compliant
      • A legal obligation but particularly important if you have public sector customers/clients
    • Your pages will be leaner and load quicker
      • If your site has really high volumes of users, this can lower your hosting costs
    • Your site can be delivered to mobiles more easily
  • 12. Some resources for your designer If they’re any good, this will be old news to them! This page is 4 years old, but still a great primer on the issues… Web forms pose particular difficulties for users with disability if done badly. This site explains how to do them well… tutorials/accessible_forms
  • 13. This presentation available at