Hebrew University Sports Center Brochure


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When the Hebrew University wanted to create a brochure for potential donors for a new Sports Centre being built in Jerusalem, they turned to the WM Consulting Group for help. We wrote, designed, photographed and printed the brochure.

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Hebrew University Sports Center Brochure

  1. 1. the hebrew university center at the edmond j. safra campusDear Friend,I am honored to present a unique opportunity to promote physical fitness atone of the world’s top universities.The Hebrew University has just opened the doors to its newly renovatedSports Center and within it, a brand new Fitness Complex and aTennis Center. You are invited to participate in the establishment of thisprestigious new landmark in Jerusalem.Support for the new state of the art Center will enable students, staff,faculty, and residents of Jerusalem at large to enjoy an exceptional sportsand health and fitness facility, while your name will be forever tied to theHebrew University of Jerusalem as well as to the promotion of sports inIsrael.This brochure provides an introduction to the Center. I look forward toseeing you soon, in Jerusalem, in order to give you a personal tour of theCenter and the beautiful Edmond J. Safra Campus. Carmi Gillon Vice-President for External Relations
  2. 2. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is a world class institute of higher education spread across three campuses in Jerusalem and a fourth in Rehovot. Rated among the top 40 universities for Arts and Humanities and in the top 65 overall, the Hebrew University represents the unparalleled success of Israeli academia.6 The hebrew U niversiTy Sports Center aT The edmond J. s afra C ampUs
  3. 3. In 1925, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem opened on MountScopus. The First Board of Governors of the University, chaired byDr. Chaim Weizmann, included such luminaries as Albert Einstein,Sigmund Freud, Martin Buber, Harry Sacher and Felix M. Warburgas well as leading men of letters and religious and academic figures ofinternational renown.By 1947, the University had grown to a large, well-established researchand teaching institution but the War of Independence in 1948 leftthe University’s Mount Scopus Campus cut off from Israeli WestJerusalem. In 1953, construction began on a new campus at GivatRam in the heart of Jerusalem.With access restored to Mount Scopus after the Six-Day War of June1967, work began on restoring and expanding the Mount ScopusCampus. Since then, the University has continued to grow, with theaddition of new schools and institutes, buildings, the establishment ofnew programs, and recruitment of outstanding scholars, researchersand students, in fulfillment of the University’s commitment toexcellence and to expanding knowledge for the benefit of humanity.Research at the UniversityHebrew University researchers are at the forefront of internationalscience - from biotechnology and computer science to astrophysicsand cancer research, from microbiology to solar energy and geneticengineering, as well as the humanities, including Jewish studies, socialsciences and law.Nearly 40% of all civilian scientific research in Israel is conducted atthe Hebrew University. About 3,800 research projects are in progressat the University, and 1,500 new projects are started each year.The Yissum Research Development Company - a wholly ownedUniversity subsidiary - has registered over 600 patents for Universityresearchers ideas and inventions. 7
  4. 4. Sports Facilities at the Hebrew University Looking out at the Knesset and the Israel Museum and nestled in a quiet valley in the center of Jerusalem, the Edmond J. Safra Campus of the Hebrew University is one of four campuses serving the 24,000 students enrolled at the University. Realizing that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, the University strives not only to achieve the highest academic standards but also to provide an environment that supports and encourages good health for students, faculty and staff. Recognizing that well-being and health are no less important than academic achievement, the University aims to provide world class sports facilities to match the outstanding educational facilities. For more than 50 years, the Hebrew University has provided Jerusalem with first-rate sports centers. Serving over 12,000 people annually across three campuses, these facilities are open to students, alumni, staff, faculty and Jerusalem residents alike. The University’s Edmond J. Safra Campus at Givat Ram offers a wide range of sports and recreation activities including four studios, a physical fitness complex, squash courts, tennis courts, an Olympic standard athletics track seating 10,000, an indoor heated swimming pool and a sports hall. Of particular note, the Physical Education department of the University participates in research programs initiated by other faculties, and provides therapeutic treatment in cooperation with Hadassah University Medical Center for patients in need.8 The hebrew U niversiTy Sports Center aT The edmond J. s afra C ampUs
  5. 5. Howard CosellHoward Cosell was one of the USA’s most prolific and iconic sportscommentators of the 20th century. The Cosell Association’s mission isto manage and promote sports at the University.Constantly striving to provide the very best to the University andthe community which it serves, the Association ensures the higheststandard of coaching, sports equipment and facilities. Under itsguidance, the sports facilities at the Mount Scopus Campus haverecently been renovated, improved and expanded, and the Association Howard Cosell (1918 – 1995)then turned its sights to the Edmond J. Safra Campus in order toensure a similar high standard. 9
  6. 6. THE SPORTS CENTER Today’s Sports Facilities at the Edmond J. Safra Campus at Givat Ram The sports facilities at the Edmond J. Safra Campus of the Hebrew University are spread across 10 acres. The organic growth of the Sports Center over the past decades has resulted in a number of purpose built buildings connected by leafy paths in a tranquil setting. With activities ranging from aerobics to squash and from chess to triathlon, the sports center appeals to young and old alike. Of the 12,000 visits to the center annually, 30% are students, 30% are staff, 20% are residents of Jerusalem and 20% are alumni. ATHlETiCS TRACk SqUASH ANd TENNiS COURTS NEw FiTNESS COmPlEx SwimmiNg POOl SPORTS HAll STUdiOS10 The hebrew U niversiTy Sports Center aT The edmond J. s afra C ampUs
  7. 7. 11
  8. 8. THE SPORTS CENTER | ATHlETiCS TRACk The Olympic standard athletics track seats 10,000 people and is in constant use for training and exercise. This stadium is the largest and most advanced in Israel and is used for national athletics championships, national school tournaments and state events and celebrations. It even doubles as a helicopter landing pad for visiting dignitaries.12
  9. 9. THE SPORTS CENTER | SqUASH ANd TENNiS COURTSThe two squash courts and five tennis courts are built to the higheststandard and are in use throughout the day for individual games andgroup coaching.In cooperation with the Israel Tennis Association, the Sports Centeris establishing a new Jerusalem Tennis School and will soon bestarting to renovate the tennis courts in order to bring them up to aninternational standard. The new Tennis Center represents an excitinginitiative to inspire a new generation of Israeli tennis players. 13
  10. 10. THE SPORTS CENTER | SwimmiNg POOl The heated Olympic size swimming pool is the largest in Jerusalem and is a focal point for the Sports Center. As well as seeing constant use by students, staff and Jerusalem residents for general exercise and sport, the pool is used for therapeutic treatments in cooperation with Hadassah hospital. The pool is housed in an inspiring art-deco building which is listed as an historical site for preservation. The elongated curved roof with its colored end window panels provides an iconic view of the Sports Center for those approaching the University from the East.14 The hebrew U niversiTy Sports Center aT The edmond J. s afra C ampUs
  11. 11. Connected to the squash courts and studios on one side and the newFitness Complex on the other, the swimming pool forms a centralfeature in the line of buildings that make up the Sports Center. Fromthe pool’s sundeck, there is a spectacular view of the surroundinglandmark sites of the city and a quiet place to relax. 15
  12. 12. THE SPORTS CENTER | SPORTS HAll Hosting national league basketball games and other intramural sports, this professional standard sports hall is also used for large group events and even regular folk dancing sessions for both students and senior citizens.16
  13. 13. THE SPORTS CENTER | STUdiOSThe studios are used for a range of activities including pilates, yoga,Feldenkraus, kickboxing, dancing and even belly dancing.With a team of top instructors, these classes are much sought afterthroughout the week.The studios are also used extensively for activities aimed at seniorcitizens which provide a social and therapeutic environment for themto meet. 17
  14. 14. The New Fitness Complex With the increase in awareness of the importance of exercise to promote good health and longevity, the sports facilities at the Edmond J. Safra Campus have seen a constant increase in demand over past years. In addition, whereas the 1990’s were characterized by high demand for the swimming pool and low demand for a training room, the current trend sees high demand for fitness facilities. The University administration together with the Cosell Association recognized the need to provide both a vastly upgraded state of the art fitness facility and also to create a focal point to act as a hub for the myriad activities in the various buildings. The time had also come to provide significantly improved fitness equipment, shower facilities and changing rooms. The planning process, which started in 2005, led to an understanding that those using the sports center were demanding a wider range of options for exercise, relaxation and pampering and the result of this process was a plan for a world class Fitness Complex which includes: RECEPTiON A central lobby and reception providing a single point of access to the facilities of the entire sports center. FiTNESS CENTER Exercise and weight rooms with the latest fitness equipment and a commanding view of the surrounding hills. CHANgiNg ROOmS Modern, fully equipped changing rooms and showers with a wide range of amenities. HEAlTH SPA A custom designed health spa finished to the highest standard and including treatment rooms, steam room, sauna and jacuzzi. RESTAURANT A restaurant with a relaxing outdoor patio offering a range of healthy food.18 The hebrew U niversiTy Sports Center aT The edmond J. s afra C ampUs
  15. 15. Aerobic MachinesCyclesFlexibilitySelector MachinesWeights Treatment Room Treatment Room Sauna Steam Jacuzzi Jacuzzi 19
  16. 16. THE NEw FiTNESS COmPlEx Covering more than 1,400 sq.m, the new Fitness Complex provides a fitting environment to receive visitors to the Sports Center and sets new standards in exercise and relaxation. The new building which opened its doors in January 2009, is located in the middle of the collection of buildings which make up the Sports Center. With floor to ceiling windows, the first floor exercise room commands spectacular views over the landmarks of the city of Jerusalem. Visitors can use the equipment in the fitness complex while looking out over an inspiring view of the Knesset and the Israel Museum. Interior design and supply of equipment by Technogym, Italy in cooperation with Agentek (1987) Ltd., Israel. 3D layouts are copyright Technogym (Wellness Design Department)20 The hebrew U niversiTy Sports Center aT The edmond J. s afra C ampUs
  17. 17. All visitors to the Sports Center arrive at the new reception area inthe lobby of the Fitness Complex. From here they move on to theground floor changing rooms and lockers where they find the higheststandard of facilities. The swimming pool, squash courts, and studiosare directly accessible through the interconnected buildings andvisitors to the fitness complex proceed upstairs to the training roomand health spa.Downstairs and outside on the patio, the ground floor restaurantprovides healthy fare and serves as a meeting point for faculty, staff,and students alike. 21
  18. 18. FACiliTiES iN THE NEw FiTNESS COmPlEx: A FiTNESS HAll CONTAiNiNg: 40 Aerobic machines 20 Bodybuilding machines 14 Free-weight machines Stretching & flexibility area Lockers and changing rooms A HEAlTH SPA CONTAiNiNg: Jacuzzi Steam room Sauna Treatment rooms Relaxation area22
  19. 19. 23
  20. 20. donor Recognition The renovation and expansion of the Hebrew University’s sports facilities at the Edmond J. Safra Campus presents a rare opportunity for sports enthusiasts and anyone who understands the connection between exercise - at any age - and good health. We are pleased to offer three distinct naming opportunities for these impressive facilities: the hebrew university sports center the hebrew university fitness complex the hebrew university tennis center Naming Opportunity In gratitude for your generous donation to the expanded Sports Center, the new Fitness Complex or the newly renovated Tennis Center, the respective facility will be named according to your wishes, thus forever linking your name or that of a loved one with one of the largest and most advanced university sports facilities in Israel. Students, faculty, staff, senior citizens and all residents of Jerusalem benefit from the services offered by the Center. The renovated facility opened in early 2009 and is already well on its way to becoming a Jerusalem highlight. Contact Details Yefet Ozery Director, Division for Development and Public Relations The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Mount Scopus, 91905 Jerusalem Tel: 972-2-588-1014 Yefeto@savion.huji.ac.il http://www.huji.ac.il24 The hebrew U niversiTy Sports Center aT The edmond J. s afra C ampUs