Freediving World Championships Proposal - Poland 2013


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Freediving World Championships Proposal - Poland 2013

  1. 1. FREEDIVING POOLWord Championships POLAND 2013
  2. 2. Olsztyn O Olsztyn is a beautiful capital city of the War-mia and Mazury region, which is a major hub of the miNorth-East of Poland and an excellent base for to- Nomonuments that bear witness to a long and rich hi- mostory of this city, founded about 1353. Olsztyn is one stoof the most beautiful cities in Poland, surrounded by ofnumerous lakes and forests. nu -dąg and Kortówka. In the city are now 15 lakes, dągtotal area of lakes in Olsztyn is about 720 ha (8.15% totto the year 1334, when Heinrich von Luther founded toat the bend of the river Lyna a wooden watchtower, atgiving it the name of Allenstein (Castle of Lyna, Alna givmeans „action”, the Prussian name Lyna). Civic rights meand the name „Allenstein” (for the Poles was Holstin andand later Olstyn, but pronounced the name like today and- Olsztyn) were granted on October 31, 1353 by the -OWarmian diocesan head. Wa
  3. 3. University of UWarmia and Mazury W University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztynwas established September 1. It combines tradition: wa -nology, College of Education thirty years and more nothan 450 years of theological education in Warmia. tha -ding about 2,000 teachers, of whom 214 have ti- dintles of professor, and a further 279 postdocto- tlesthousand. students, 400 doctoral students and thoover. 3.6 thousand of postgraduate programs. ovegain comprehensive education including in the scien- gaices: the humanities, pedagogical, theological, artistic, ceslegal, veterinary, agricultural, technical, biological, legeconomic and mathematical, and from the acade- ecomic year 2008/2009 also on the Faculty of Medicine. miCourses Taught at the University proposes candi- Codates for the academic 2011/12 56 courses (inclu- datding 6 new ones) and 3 makrokierunki), PhD in 16 dindisciplines and 138 forms of postgraduate studies. disIn 2011 the university ended up abo- Inut 6.4 thousand. graduates of full-ti- utme and about three thousand. time studies. meand the quality of education made by the State Ac- andcreditation Commission, industry and environ- cre
  4. 4. Ve- Commission of the Association of Faculties of Ve-Ve- terinary Medicine found that our Faculty of Ve- of terinary Medicine with European standards ofde- education. In Europe there are 120 veterinary de- es- partments. Committee received a positive asses-ies. sment of just 38, including UWM veterinary studies.hts, With its 16 faculties, 11 has full academic rights,oc- the right to confer academic degrees postdoc-nes. awarded by the 16 departments in 22 disciplines.nly University of Warmia and Mazury is not onlyul- well-developed science, is also a thriving center ‚Cul- - - - -lub atre Student „Caesar”, Academic Scuba Diving Club „Skorpena”nt- Noteworthy are the successful student-sz- -athletes. Men’s volleyball team AZS UWM Olsz- nd tyn - is an award-champions, runners-up and - -co- tions (gold, silver and bronze medals) in the co-do, untry is covered by our athletes in taekwondo,ng. sailing, athletics, badminton and horse riding. ies Most of the research and teaching facilitieso - and student dormitories are located in Kortowo -us. Olsztyn district, which is the independent Campus managed by the Foundation of the Univer-ost sity of Warmia and Mazury, „Zak”) is one of the most beautifully located academic centers in Poland.
  5. 5. Accommodation Aand catering a(Foundation ZAK) (FWarmia and Mazury in Olsztyn administers 12 resi- Wadences in which 3,476 students live on a permanent denbasis. 747 places are located in two halls of residence baslocated in the city and 2,729 in 10 halls located thro- locughout the campus named Kortowo. We also have a ughcanteen with a total of 596 seats. Our goal is, within cana few years, to improve the living conditions of our afstudents. stuthanks to partial or fundamental repairs and moder- tharecent thermal modernization is coming to an end, recwhich will eventually help to reduce both operating whcosts and reduce environmental pollution. cos In order to increase the level of knowledgeacquired by students, our dormitories are equipped acqwith Internet access. At the same time, taking care of witthe physical development of our students, we create theand equip gyms in our halls of residence. Under the andslogan „university without borders” in dorms, we gra- slodually adjust them to suit the disabled. du
  6. 6. Aquasfera
  7. 7. Aquasfera Aopened 01/03/2012 opSports „Aquasfera” manages the Sports and Recre- Spoation Centre in Olsztyn, whose mission is the de- atiovelopment of free time residents of Olsztyn and its velguests and to provide more and more varied forms of guerelaxation, recreation and competitive sports oppor- reltunities during organized events. tun -of an Olympic pool, a warmed-up swimming pool, ofsome recreation, wellness facilities - Hooray Medical somAquarius Cafe, a sports store - Aqua Boutique and an Aqunderground parking, includes one of Europe’s Olym- unpic swimming pool (50mx25m), a pool for warm-up picand learning to swim (25mx8,5m), the audience for andmore than 1,500 people and a grandstand for riders moswimming competitions, sports pools by members of swsports clubs and individual athletes. spopool is divided into two smaller ones. Of particular pointerest and convenience are two movable bottoms of int
  8. 8. nd the pool sized 25m x 10m for changing its depth senior aqua noodle workout, aqua body pump, aqua and aqua noodle workout, aqua body pump, aqua senior and aqua aerobics for pregnant women. and aqua aerobics for pregnant women.oa the Olympic swimming pool can be converted into am2, great recreational area with a total area of 1,250 m2, th, consisting of an areahas a family locker room to change young children; it for toddlers, children and youth, young children; it has a family locker room to changewill aqua aerobics and water rooms mothers and children. children’s napkins, and sports. Such solutions will children’s napkins, and rooms mothers and children. - -ool ekdays. At and welfare facilities). Aquasfera is a perfect sanitary other times, the Olympic swimming pool sanitary and welfare facilities). Aquasfera is a perfect nd place for swimming, water relaxation, health and le- will serve swimming enthusiasts of sports clubs and place for swimming, water relaxation, health and le- isure! training sessions. isure! nd underwater massage, water jets, water cascade and - - al- stions for children: children’s pool, two twisted al-mes most 120-foot slide and a lot of accessories and gamesded for the whole family. Additional attractions includeddry, in the ticket price are the three warming sauna: dry, ers wet and infrared, sunny meadow, experience showers and refreshing ice fountain.ded Among the wide range of services provided - -ing vities organized, including swimming lessons, diving - -qua jogging, aqua yoga, Zumba aqua, aqua cycling, aquabik, dance, aqua shape (for ladies and gents), hydrorobik,
  9. 9. UWM pool opened 03/02/2012ollo- Index trough - to improve swimming - has the follo- wing dimensions: • Length: 25 m Jacuzzi, dry sauna and wet. Jacuzzi, dry sauna and wet. • width: 21Training rooms. m Training rooms. • Depth: 1.35 - 2 m • Number of tracks: 8ns: Basin for swimming has the following dimensions: • Length: 12.5 m • width: 6 m • Depth: 0.9 m
  10. 10. Freediving Pool Word Championships promoters are Freediving Poland Association and Academic Divers Club‚Skorpena’ supported by University of Warmia and Mazuria and City Council of Olsztyn.FREEDIVING POLAND ASSOCIATION founded Academic Divers Club SKORPENA - ty years Skorpena has organized the biggest events - in Poland and the second one in Europe for diversath-hold diving community. called ‚Skorpenowy Spływ Łyną’ (literally, Skorpena- - Olsztynfrom 2003. Moreover, Skorpena is an inven-rize the breath-hold diving by organizing events such tor and a founder of many other social events suchas rallies, competitions, shows, camps, workouts. One as ‚underwater walks’ during the Wielka Orkiestraof the main goals that put the members of the Asso- Świątecznej Pomocy (the biggest charitable event inciation is also caused an increase in awareness among Poland) as well as ‚women’s diving’ whose main aimdivers who wish to cultivate this type of underwateractivity. In this regard, Associate actively and incre- Furthermore, Skorpena partakes in a project of Olsz-asingly interacts with other diving organizations. tyn Aktywnie (Active Olsztyn). From the beginningWe want to honestly show the dangers of diving ap- of 2012, club cooperate with Freediving Poland Asso- ciation. In result, they initiate Polish Cup in Freedi-and experience we gained by minimizing the possibi- ving and Extremal Freediving Competition Under Icelity of a hazardous situation. with held breath called Extremall. -merous competitions played in pools and on the openwaters. Most of the competition was played as aninternational events with participant from many co-untries. Most of the competition was played as a tworecord status. graphic design and photos by: