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Why american jews need medinat yehudah « the virtual medinat yehudah
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Why american jews need medinat yehudah « the virtual medinat yehudah


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Published in: Spiritual

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  • 1. Why American Jews Need Medinat Yehudah « The Virtual Medinat Yehudah The Virtual Medinat Yehudah Why American Jews Need Medinat Yehudah by Vienna Mike This is a link to the scariest horror movie made in the past thirty years (hĴp:// /profile?user=TheSuzukiM#p/u/10/6PjiMDMHGPU). Its producers are white fundamentalist Christians with an obvious agenda. But this is irrelevant to us. What maĴers to us is that the claims made in “Demographic Winter” at the time it was released were absolutely, scientifically true. They remain largely true today. In brief, this film points out an ugly hidden truth. Global population is about to peak and then, within the next two generations, begin to decline. Leading the decline are Japan and the secular democracies of the West. In these countries, the native population is simply collapsing. Native birth rates are irretrievably below replacement. Pension and medical care obligations of the socialist State are spiraling out of control, with national bankruptcy the only possible outcome. As the film predicted, the West entered a massive recession circa 2010. Excuses and propaganda aside, the chief driver of the recession is looming population decline. The West will never fully recover from this recession, because recovery is driven by consumer spending, which is driven fundamentally by population growth. Simply put, young people have money to burn and jobs to make more. Old people carefully hoard their money in retirement, trying to make the combination of their own savings and whatever pensions they receive from the State last until they die of old age. Since the proportion of old people is increasing, there will never again be more young people spending freely. Short bursts of increased consumer spending are possible, but the long term trend is toward collapse. While there has been a huge decline in birth rates in the non-Western world as well, it will take quite some time, at least forty to sixty years, for this decline to begin manifesting itself in real terms. By the time this non-Western development begins to maĴer, the West as we know it will be long dead and buried. The reason for this is simple. The global decline in birth rates is largely due to the poisonous influence of Western secularism, the same disease that brought down the Greco-Roman civilization. Once again, men and women are more interested in “quality of life” than in children. Once again, the cradle-to-grave welfare state removes the incentive for individuals to have many children in order to provide for their own future in old age. Once again, divorce is easy, out of wedlock birth is de-stigmatized and women are freely available outside marriage, removing the incentive for men to marry and stay married. Once again, women have means to make a good living outside marriage,1 of 5 10/3/2012 10:56 PM
  • 2. Why American Jews Need Medinat Yehudah « The Virtual Medinat Yehudah removing the incentive for women to marry early and increasing their opportunity cost of childbearing. Once again, confiscatory taxation needed to support the welfare system has made it impossible for families to survive on a single income. And once again, as the welfare obligations spiral out of control under the burden of too many recipients and too few workers, the public debt of the State rockets into the stratosphere. In order to reverse these trends, affected states would have to jeĴison the unsustainable welfare obligations, drastically lower taxes and slash spending, re-stigmatize out of wedlock childbirth, drive women out of the workforce and into the home, make women unavailable outside marriage and make divorce difficult. Western democracies are structurally unable to do this. Any aĴempt to renounce old age welfare obligations would see any Western politician immediately booted from office by angry old people who paid into the system all their lives and now want to receive their “well-earned” pensions. In America, Social Security and Medicare are the third rail of politics. Anyone who touches them dies. Similarly, the women’s rights lobby would crucify anyone aĴempting to drive women back into the home. The gay rights and other “progressive” movements would never permit the re-stigmatization of non-normative sexual behavior. And since the welfare obligations are sacred cows, meaningful cuts in spending and taxes are impossible. Instead of solving their problems, Western democracies are doing and will continue to do what the Roman Empire did before them. They have piled on public debt to unsustainable levels and they will continue to pile on more debt. Eventually they will have no choice but to debase the currency in order to devalue the debt, ultimately leading to out of control inflation and economic collapse. All Western states have opened their borders, officially or unofficially, to a flood of immigrants, both legal and illegal. The ruling elites hope and pray that these immigrants will work to prop up the West’s economies in the exact same manner that Rome expected its new barbarian immigrants to fight for the empire and pay taxes to it. But the hopes and prayers of the West’s elites are as vain as those of their Roman counterparts were 1500 years ago. Rome’s barbarian immigrants were only interested in fighting for themselves, to enlarge the enclaves that the empire gave them in lieu of cash to pay for their services. What few taxes they paid went to their own tribal chieĞains. Nor could barbarian primitives replace skilled Romans, on the baĴlefield or off. Non-Western immigrants in the West immediately get on welfare wherever they can and work, if at all, off the books, in menial jobs. Nor can their meager skills replace the skills of retiring high-tech workers. You cannot replace MIT-trained airspace engineers with Mexican ranch hands, nor graduates of the Ecole Polytechnique with graduates of Algerian madrassas. Nor will their few foreign equivalents arrive in the West to take the place of retiring westerners. Outsourcing by multinationals brings good jobs to them right where they are, in their home countries. Emigration to the West is for penniless Mexicans and Arabs, not for middle and upper class young professionals from India and China. The worst problem of all is that the immigrants bring their own culture with them. As with Rome and the barbarians, the foreign cultures entering the West are fundamentally opposed to everything the West stands for and uĴerly unwilling to assimilate. The Moslems are certainly as rapacious and malevolent as any a Hun, Vandal or Visigoth ever was. As they overrun Western Europe, expect the same kind of chaos, brutality, looting and technological and social collapse the barbarian invasions brought to Rome. The Hispanic culture entering the United States is more friendly. But it is still the same culture that brought Latin America 200 years of peasants toiling away in grinding poverty to support a few haciendados, dysfunctional kleptocracies ruled by semi-comical caudillos and military coups every2 of 5 10/3/2012 10:56 PM
  • 3. Why American Jews Need Medinat Yehudah « The Virtual Medinat Yehudah other week. Since the Latin immigrants are too many to quickly assimilate into WASP America, they will keep this culture. And since WASP America is collapsing demographically, it is this culture that will increasingly dominate wherever Latin immigrants establish large homogenous communities. Either way, all the West’s “remedies” will lead inexorably to collapse on every level, economic, cultural, technological and, ultimately, political. And here is where things begin to truly maĴer for Jews. The ugly truth is, Islam is America’s fastest growing religion. The other ugly truth is that antisemitism is rampant among Latin American immigrants. The third ugly truth is that, if we know one thing, we know that when times get tough, the goyim beat the Jews. And what is the response of the white population going to be to this collapse and invasion? Well, that is also clear to any thinking man. The only whites who will continue to survive in the collapsing West will be whites who embrace traditional values. AĞer all, they are the only ones who still bother having children. In America, this means fundamentalist Christianity. While fundamentalist American Christians can be Christian Zionists, we should never forget that the Christian Bible clearly places blame upon the Jews for the death of Christ, pronouncing that the blood of Christ is upon the heads of the Jews forever. Mainstream Christianity posits that the “Old Testament” is replaced by the New, that the Church is the new Zion and that the Christians are the true Chosen People. All of this makes it very inconvenient to have around some other folks who call themselves the Chosen People, keep pointing out the ways in which the “New Testament” conflicts with the real Word of G-d and stubbornly refuse to follow the “Savior”. Which is why the Gospel of John accuses the Jews of ploĴing to kill Jesus (hĴp:// version=NIV) and claims that the Jews are, quite literally, children of the devil (hĴp:// Beside fundamentalist Christianity, the other likely American white response to the looming demographic collapse of WASP America can be summarized in two words that need no further commentary – White Pride. So here we have the future of American Jewry. As the economy collapses, crime multiplies, ethnic tensions fester and boil over into racial warfare, antisemitic immigrants begin to take over the country and skinheads, Islamists, Atzlan fanatics, LaRaza disciples and replacement theology Christian fundamentalists begin to dominate public discourse, the idyllic delusions bred in the never- neverlands of Boro Park and Monsey will come crashing down like a house of cards. Sixty years from now, the grandchildren of today’s American Jews will be growing up in a very different country, if there is still a country named “The United States of America” at all. Two hundred years from now, with the world in the midst of a new set of Dark Ages, all the large political units of the modern West will be gone and the new people created of the mixture of today’s Romans and today’s invading barbarians will live impoverished lives amidst the ruined skyscrapers, sparing only the occasional glance at the remnant glory of Ancients long gone. If America’s Jews are to avoid massacre and repression in this not-too-distant future, they must have a refuge. They must have a Jewish State to go to. Israel cannot be such a State, for the Israeli ruling elite has already surrendered it to Islam (hĴp:// it-is/). Indeed, secular Zionism never stood a chance (hĴp:// /28/what-zionism-wrought/). Secular Zionism is fundamentally self-contradictory and impossible to maintain, which is why we must have an orderly partition (hĴp:// /2010/04/25/an-orderly-partition/) to establish Medinat Yehudah.3 of 5 10/3/2012 10:56 PM
  • 4. Why American Jews Need Medinat Yehudah « The Virtual Medinat Yehudah And while American Jews may or may not share our dream, while they may or may not wish to move to Medinat Yehudah themselves, they should support our movement. Not for their own sake, but for the sake of their children and grandchildren yet unborn. 16 Av, 5770 Watching the barbarians muster on the Rhine Tags: America (hĴp://, Collapse of the West (hĴp://, Demographic Winter (hĴp://, Medinat Yehudah (hĴp:// This entry was posted on July 27, 2010 at 6:07 am and is filed under coalition-building, into the future. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed. 2 Responses to “Why American Jews Need Medinat Yehudah” 1. Lee Bronstein Says: July 27, 2010 at 7:58 pm barbarians muster on the Rhine? 2. Ron Edge Says: July 28, 2011 at 3:03 am Referencing the scripture, cited in the link “children of the Devil”, John8:44-47, is misleading. Whether by accident or not I can’t tell. I suspect deliberately because anyone familiar with the Torah (I’ve met few Jews not familiar) well knows the dangers of taking verses/segments of scripture out of context, which this writer has done. Repeatedly, the verses 1-42 make it clear that Jesus was talking to those who were Scribes, Pharisees, those in the Treasury (Tax Collectors, Money Changers), etc. They, for the most part, acted in such ways as to keep their positions. The local/State-wide bureaucracies of the day, I would imagine. But He wasn’t talking about, or to, Jews in general. Theme: Kubrick. Blog at Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). Follow4 of 5 10/3/2012 10:56 PM
  • 5. Why American Jews Need Medinat Yehudah « The Virtual Medinat Yehudah Follow “The Virtual Medinat Yehudah” Powered by WordPress.com5 of 5 10/3/2012 10:56 PM