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I have presented 8 out of 19 top most beautiful island countries in the world. If you want to learn about 11 remain best travel destinations:

1. Nauru
Nauru is known as a very small country with the area of only 8 square miles. It is about 2,500 miles south of Honolulu in Hawaii. This country used to have the biggest per-capita income in comparison with other countries in the world thanks to its store of phosphate. Though it is small, this island country was a money-laundering nation, as well as a tax heaven until it struck a deal with the government of Australia.

2. The US Virgin Island
This is an archipelago in the Caribbean with the population of 108,612 and the area of 346.4 km2. If you come here, you should visit: 99 Steps, Trunk Bay, Christiansted, and Magens Bay. The US Virgin Island is considered one of the top most beautiful island countries in the world.
3. Sardinia
Sardinia is one of the largest islands in the world. It has the area of 24,090 km². This island is part of Italy, and is located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the most interesting places in the world. If you have a holiday to Sardinia, you should visit the famous tourist attractions such as: Olibia, Cala Goloritze, Gorropu Canyon, and Lagoon Beach

4. Singapore
Singapore is a rich island country that is located south of the Malay Peninsula. This small nation has the area of 710.2 km2, and is the smallest country in Southeast Asia. If you go on holiday to this island nation, do not miss its famous tourist attractions such as: Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Parliament House, Jurong Bird Park, and The Merilon. When you think about the most beautiful island countries in the world, you must think of Singapore as one of those nations.

5. Saint Lucia
This is another most beautiful island country in the world you should know if you are choosing an interesting place for your holiday. Saint Lucia is located in Caribbean Sea with the population of 160,000 and the area of about 620 km². This country is the homeland of many Nobel Prize winners. Its capital is Castries city. This country is famous for Gros Islet, Petit Piton, Marigot Bay, and Saint Lucia Beach.

6. Palau
Palau is a small but very beautiful island country located in the Pacific Ocean. It is famous for Jellyfish Lake, New Capito, Milky Way Lagoon, and Rock Islands.

7. Mauritius
Mauritius is one of the top most beautiful island countries in the world. It is located in the Indian Ocean, and famous for Grand Bay, Port Louis, Phoenix, Rodriguez Island.

8. Madagascar
Madagascar is also one of the most beautiful island countries in the world. It is south of Africa, and contains 5% of plants and animals on this planet. It is famous for Nosy Be, Isalo National Park, Tsingy de Bemaraha, and Avenue of Baobab.

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