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Thailand finished

  1. 1. Thailand Created by Mr. Raponi
  2. 2. Once called ________, Thailand means “Land of the Free” and it is the only Southeast Asian country to have never been owned by Europe.
  3. 3. Southeast Asia Thailand is a country located at the center of the _______________ peninsula in Southeast Asia. This name, Indochina, has its origins from the French as a combination of the names India and China, as many of these countries sit right between them. Thailand is the _________ most populated country in the world with around ___________ million people.
  4. 4. Government The Thai people trace their independence back to the _______________, this is when Thailand really became a country after years of various smaller kingdoms. Thailand is a ______________________, where there is a king, but they share the power. Thailand has had one of the longest reigning kings, 70 years.
  5. 5. y Totaling almost 200,000 square miles, Thailand is the 51st largest country in the world. The country’s main river the ________________ runs for over 230 miles and is extremely important for the people. __________________, seasonal shift in wind direction that brings with it a change in weather.
  6. 6. The Chao Phraya
  7. 7. Economy One of Thailand’s main agricultural products is ________________. ___________________ar e also important as tin and tungsten make up a portion of the economy. The government has taken steps to limit __________________, which is the widespread cutting down of trees.
  8. 8. People of Thailand Most of Thailand’s 64 million people belong to the _____________ ethnic group, where 95% of them are ___________________. Hundreds of Buddhist temples called ___________ are found throughout the cities and countryside. Buddhist monks, or holy men, walk amongst the people in their orange robes.
  9. 9. Wat Pho
  10. 10. Culture of Thailand Thai culture has been shaped by many influences such as Indian, Laotian, Cambodian, Chinese, and Burmese. One major part of the culture includes praying to the _________________, the god of Buddhism. People will seek out statues of the Buddha to pray and leave gifts for. Also, a special Thai greeting and sign of thanks known as the _____________ involves putting the hands together and giving a small bow to the ground.
  11. 11. Even Ronald performs the traditional Thai greeting and sign of thanks.
  12. 12. The Capital About 80% of Thais live in rural villages, more than 8 million people (12% of the total population) live in Thailand’s capital, ___________________. It is a city of towering skyscrapers and many people that serves as the ________________ center of Thailand. Traffic is a huge part of city life.
  13. 13. A Street in Bangkok
  14. 14. Gross. Just Gross
  15. 15. Tourism Bangkok is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. People go to the capital to experience the culture of the country.  Wats  Animals  Shopping  Palaces  Food  Good  Bad
  16. 16. Blah
  17. 17. Durian
  18. 18. A Greeting From Donna