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More about scandinavia finished

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  2. 2. Denmark, Iceland,and Finland Created by Mr. Raponi
  3. 3. Denmark Most of Denmark is made up of the _______________ peninsula and hundreds of nearby islands. In addition, tiny Denmark rules the gigantic island of ______________.
  4. 4. A Quick Bit About Greenland
  5. 5. Farm Denmark is poor inCountry national resources, but has some of the richest _____________ in the area. ____________ makes up much of Denmark’s exports. Danish farm products include butter, cheese, bacon and ham.
  6. 6. Lego is a line of buildingLegos toys based in Denmark. The modern Lego brick was patented on January 28, 1958, and bricks from that year are still compatible with current bricks. Children from around the world have been playing with Legos for more than 50 YEARS!
  7. 7. Opened in 1968 in Billund, Denmark. The park receives 2 million visitors per year.
  8. 8. People The 5.2 million ____________, have a high standard of living. _________________, Denmark’s capital lies on the largest island. Denmark is the most densely populated Scandinavian country.
  9. 9. A small island thatIceland lies just south of the ________________ in the Atlantic Ocean. Once part of ________________, Iceland declared its independence in ____________.
  10. 10. Land of Since Iceland is so far north, it is a land ofIceland _____________. The North Atlantic Current keeps temperatures from getting too cold. Iceland has few mineral resources and must depend mostly on _______________.
  11. 11. People Today, nearly all 300,000 Icelanders live near the coast. About half live in _______________, the most northern capital city in the world. Iceland has a 100% literacy rate.Hallgrimskirkja
  12. 12. Hallgrímskirkja is achurch in Reykjavik,Iceland. At 244 ft, it isthe largest church inIceland.Many people of Icelandsay that it has an “evil” Hallgrímskirkjalook to it.
  13. 13. The Capital City, Reykjavik
  14. 14. Ruled first by Sweden and then by Russia, Finland became anFinland independent republic in __________. Thick green forests and thousands of ______________ cover most of the country. In the far north, Finland has a subarctic climate.
  15. 15. Within FinlandI’m All Set they practiceThank You something called Avantouinti, literally "ice hole swimming", means swimming in a frozen lake or sea. Swimmers cut a large opening through the ice and either take a quick plunge or swim for a few minutes at a time.
  16. 16. It is said to help a person’s blood pressure, as well as to keep people from catching a cold.
  17. 17. Most of Finland’sEconomy of wealth comes from its Finland _____________. _____________ and _____________ are the country’s major industries. In southern areas, farmers raise wheat, rye and livestock.
  18. 18. No Donald Allowed Donald Duck cartoons are banned in Finland The reason being, is that HE DOES NOT WEAR PANTS!!!!!!!!!
  19. 19. Most of Finland’s peoplebelong to an ethnicgroup calledthe _____________.Most of Finland’s__________ millionpeople live in towns andcities._______________ isthe capital and largestcity of Finland.
  20. 20. A Tour of Iceland