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Italy finished


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Italy finished

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  3. 3. ItalyCreated byMr. Raponi
  4. 4. The Alps tower over Northern Italy, separating the countryItaly from France, Switzerland and Austria The __________________ mountains run down the center of the Italian Peninsula. There are two major islands off of the coast of Italy that are part of Italy, ___________________ and ____________________.
  5. 5. Landscapes II ________________, one of the world’s most famous volcanoes, rises 11,122 feet on Sicily’s eastern coast. The ______________ is Italy’s longest river. It stretches for over 400 miles.
  6. 6. Year-roundAgriculture _________________ has made northern Italy very productive. Farmers grow wheat, corn, rice and grapes. Italy is one of the world’s major _______________ producing countries
  7. 7. Most manufacturing is inIndustry the Northern Po River Valley in the cities of _________________ and _________________. An important port city of Italy is named ____________________. Workers produce cars, machinery and chemicals.
  8. 8. Southern Italy is poorerThe Developing and less developed South than Northern Italy. The regions volcanic and clay soils are good for growing citrus fruits, olives and grapes. Southern Italy benefits from a steady stream of _______________.
  9. 9. The People 2/3 of Italy’s ________________ people live on only one quarter of the land. Mountains take up much of the country. Many Italians have moved from the poorer south to the northern areas.
  10. 10. Italy’s Past For hundreds of years, Italy was the heart of _______________ civilization. The _________________, based in Italy, influenced the government, arts and architecture of Europe. The __________________, took place in Italy in the 1500s, and was a period of great achievements in the arts.
  11. 11. A Dictatorship From the 1920s to the early 1940s, dictator ___________________ ruled over Italy. He became a supporter of Adolf Hitler and pulled Italy into World War II where they were defeated.
  12. 12. A Country, Inside Vatican City is a landlocked country whose territory consists of a walled enclave of the Capital? within the city of Rome. the capital city of Italy. At 110 acres, and with a population of around 900, it is the _________________ country in the world by both area and population. Vatican City is the home of the leader of Christianity, the ___________________. He is the leader and head of the country.
  13. 13. Italy’s capital,Italy’s Capital ________________, is known as the “eternal city.” There are several historical ruins, ancient monuments and beautiful churches. __________ of Italy’s population live in cities and towns.