Jobs After the Military and Veteran Friendly Jobs


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After you have been relieved from the military service, you will need to get a job in the civilian world that will enable you to earn income to sustain yourself. With the military experience and knowledge, there are veteran friendly jobs that will match well with that experience and therefore you will not have to undergo extensive training.

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Jobs After the Military and Veteran Friendly Jobs

  1. 1. After you have been relieved from the militaryservice, you will need to get a job in thecivilian world that will enable you to earnincome to sustain yourself.With the military experience andknowledge, there are veteran friendly jobsthat will match well with that experience andtherefore you will not have to undergoextensive training.
  2. 2. But if you are interested in taking a job thathas little to do with the experience yougained in the field, then you will have toensure that you undergo serious training toavoid any occurrence of a situation the mightleave your employer with mixed feelingsconcerning your service, something whichmight be generalized and have a negativeeffect on the employment of other veteransin such professions.
  3. 3. The following are jobs after military that veteransshould consider:Operations or Intelligence AnalystThis is a job that will require you to collect and analyzedata in order to find out the operational difficultiesand make the necessary recommendations to solvethose problems in a company.With the problem solving skills you gained from themilitary, this will be one of the perfect jobs toundertake and perhaps one of the easiest jobs totransition to.
  4. 4. Network Systems ManagerIn this job, you will be required to be in charge ofnetwork security systems or handle work relatedto development, installation as well as themodifications of operation systems used bycomputers.You might as well need to tackle issuesconcerning security and telecommunications.Many industries have such jobs and therefore ifyou gained skills in it while in the military, this is theprofession you might want to go for.
  5. 5. Field Service EngineerAs a field service engineer, you will be required tocarry out the installation, fixing as well as themaintenance of equipment at sites across thecountry.You will need to carry out the repair andreplacement of old parts and train other peopleif possible. This is something that you might havelearned when in the military and therefore youstand a good chance of getting the job whenyou apply.
  6. 6. Operations Manager LogisticsLogistics is not a new thing to veterans who haveclear understanding of the steps of supply chain.You can handle a range of work choices whichinclude shipping company hubs, warehouses andcircus.You will be in charge of monitoring thecost, quality as well as the efficiency of movinggoods from one point to another and negotiatewith the customers as well as suppliers.
  7. 7. Training ManagerIf you had a chance to lead a number of peoplethrough training as well as team buildingprograms at the military then this a job that issuitable for you.As a technical trainer however, your focused willbe based on computers and other equipment. Ifyou want to work as a business trainer then youwill deal with absolutely everything includingprocedures and branding.
  8. 8. The above are just some of the jobs after themilitary. There are many others which themilitary experience and training you got willgive you an upper hand in finding them.Whichever career you will choose to pursue,the Army will be there to support you withveteran friendly job programs as well as offerthe right guidance for you to be successful inthe path you have chosen.
  9. 9. If you are looking for Jobs After The MilitaryAnd Veteran Friendly Jobs.Don’t hesitate to visit us at