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MozziQuit - The Ultimate Mosquito Killing Machine

MozziQuit - The Ultimate Mosquito Killing Machine



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    MozziQuit MozziQuit Presentation Transcript

    • The ultimate mosquito killing machine An innovative Product by Leowin Solutions Private Limited
    • Facts about Mosquitoes
      • With 3,000 species mosquitoes have been around for 100Mn. Years
      • Gets attracted to CO2, sweat smell, heat, moisture & dark colours instead of light colours
      • Male Mosquitoes:-
      • Average life span of 10 to 20 days;
      • Feed on flower nectar
      • Female Mosquitoes:-
      • Average life span of 3 to 100 days;
      • Lays upto 300 eggs at a time;
      • Fly across 150 miles;
      • Range from sea level to as high as 10,800 Ft.;
      • Develop from egg to adulthood in 4 to 7 days;
      • Bite people & animal
    • Problems / diseases caused by Mosquitoes Malaria Dengue Filaria Japanese Encephalitis Chikungunya Prevalent Disease Caused
      • Diseases are prevalent in more than 100 countries
      • Infecting more than 300Mn. People
      • Causing 1Mn. Deaths every year of which 80% are children
      • Killed more no. of people as compared to wars
      • Prefers children to adults and blondes to brunettes
      • No medicine for dengue and no cure for Japanese Encephalitis
    • Problems / diseases caused by Mosquitoes Mr. Bill Gates released live mosquitoes at TED Conference on 4 th Feb. 2009 expressing his concern US$ 1.78Bn. has been committed to Malaria in 2009 and expected to go beyond US$ 5Bn. annually
    • Repellents Mats Coils Sprays Liquid Vaporizer Cream Bats Problems of Existing Repellents
      • Made of hazardous Allethrin group of chemicals
      • Out of 702 tested individuals, 11.8% users complained of variety of acute toxicity
      • Do not provide 100% protection
      • Has various side effects
      • Cause breathlessness, constant fatigue, muscle & joint pain, generalized physical weakness, memory loss and persistent headaches
      • Enhanced electricity bill
      Category wise Market share Existing Solutions Particulars Market Share (%) Mats 8% Coils 45% Sprays 7% Liquid Vaporizer 22% Creams, Heating Devices 18%
    • Existing Solutions Mosquito Traps Mega Catch – Alpha – US$ 100 Mosquito Magnet – US$ 320 Problems of Mosquito Traps
      • Exposed UV radiation from UV lights is harmful to human eyes & skin
      • Octenol used is a hazardous chemical
      • It requires propane for combustion which cannot be used indoor
      • Costly
    • GAP Analysis Existing Situation
      • Repellents
      • Is not a mosquito killer
      • Repel & multiply
      • Smoke, fumes
      • Health side effects
      • Regular purchase / refills
      • High expenditure on prevention
      • Traps
      • Harmful UV radiation
      • Harmful Octenol
      • Is expensive
      • Propane is combustible
      • Fire hazards
      Expected Situation
      • Should be able to attract & kill mosquitoes
      • Should stop letting it multiply
      • Should be easy to use
      • No smoke, no fumes
      • Eco-friendly alongwith no side effects
      • Should be value for money
      • Performance should be seen visually
      Gap The new innovative product should bridge the gap between the existing and expected situation and should make customers happy and satisfied
    • ‘ MozziQuit’ – A unique product to kill mosquitoes without getting blood on your hands
    • The Product – ‘MozziQuit’
      • Is an innovative, patented, tried and tested device that attracts, traps and instantly kills mosquitoes
      • Traps mosquitoes by integrated vacuum and instantly kills them with its unique self heating element
      • Require low power and is workable on solar and batteries as well
      • Dead mosquitoes are collected in removable container to check before disposal
      • Proprietary additives are combined with ABS plastic raw material, producing a unique “Milky White” colour part which attracts mosquitoes
      • Has no side effects and is easy to use
      • Contains no chemicals and do not emit any hazardous smoke, fume, smell or ash
      • Value for money product
      • Help users to reduce bites and other sufferings
    • The Product – ‘MozziQuit’ Value Proposition Mosquitoes attracted and killed by completely low-powered, virtually maintenance free technology, without use of harmful chemicals or fumes
      • Has least cost per room of Rs. 0.23 (room is assumed to be of 225 Sq. Ft.)
      • No regular refilling is required
      • Ensures 100% Mosquito Mortality Rate, thereby protecting people from mosquito borne diseases
      • Acts as one stop solution for all mosquito problems
      The following analysis shows the financial value proposition of using “MozziQuit”
    • Characteristics – ‘MozziQuit’ Characteristics Manufacturing cost under US$ 20 Strong efficacy, can be checked from catch net container Does not release smell, smoke or fume i.e. it is environment friendly Long life with no regular refilling except for one replacement to be replaced every 2 years costing less than US$ 1 Ultra low power requirement of 16 Watts perfectly suited for solar power or battery operation Light weight, compact, portable and ready to use with lowest operating cost
    • Validation of Technology – ‘MozziQuit’
      • Awarded prestigious ISA Best Electronic Product of the year Award under Health Care Category on 2 nd Feb, 2010 by the Indian Semiconductor Association & UK Trade & Investment Forum Technovation Awards, 2010
      • Government authorized agency “The National Institute of Malaria Research, Bangalore / Indian Council of Medical Research” certified the performance after conducting indoor & outdoor tests. They have also offered to use their R&D facilities on contract basis
      • Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Delhi has granted micro finance of Rs. 75,000 and has sanctioned grant of Rs. 45Lacs for commercialization under TePP II Programme
      • Awarded prestigious Gold Medal Award on 15 th May, 2010 in DST-Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Programme 2010 as one among the only 15 awardees out of total 394 innovations
      • Has signed Engagement Agreement on 6 th September, 2010 with Defense Research & Development Establishment (DRDE) of DRDO, Ministry of Defense as a result of DST-Lockheed Martin Innovation Growth Programme initiative
    • Target Market – ‘MozziQuit’ MozziQuit – Mosquito Traps Retail Customers High / Mid Socioeconomic Classes Victims of Mosquito borne diseases Commercial Customers Restaurants Hotels & Lodges Home Builders, Interior Decorators Gymnasium, Spa’s Institutional Customers Hospitals, Healthcare centres Municipalities & Corporations Schools & Colleges (including Hostels) WHO, Red Cross Society, UNICEF Military Installations A Product which fits each and every segment of Customers
    • The Market Countries marked in RED are high risk to Malaria
      • As per Quick Look Report of IC2 Institute of Austin, Texas, USA - US pest control market is about US$ 10Bn.
      • US device market is estimated at US$ 75Mn. to US$ 200Mn.
      • The Indian market for mosquito control product is estimated at US$ 420Mn.
      • Indian market is growing at 30% from last 3 years
      • MozziQuit is an essential product required, cost of which is a fraction of % against total cost of furnishing a home
    • Strategy – ‘MozziQuit’ Marketing Strategy Sales Strategy Dedicated sales and marketing team to distribute the product to maximum number of medical outlets and other stores Target real estate developers for integrating the product during the time of construction Building relationships with retail chains like – Croma, E-Zone, @ Home, Star Bazaar, Big Bazaar and various other retail outlets Selling the product to institutional clients like – schools & colleges, hospitals, Military and restaurants
    • Strategy – ‘MozziQuit’ Communication Strategy Distribution Strategy
      • Direct Sales Representative – “Use, See, Trust & Buy”
      • Recommendation through Government Authorities like DRDE, Doctors & Health care specialties
      • Advertisement through various medias’ like Print & TV Commercial advertisement
      • Launch of company website – www. mozziquit.in
    • Strategy – ‘MozziQuit’
    • IP – ‘MozziQuit’ Product Design Registration dated 7 th July, 2008 already granted by Indian Patent Office Patent dated 21 st July, 2006 is granted for Process / Utility Patent in Indian Patent Office All the claims are declared as Novelty, Inventive Step and Industrial Applicability by PCT after conducting International Search Patent Pending in US National Phase for Process / Utility Patent
    • Barriers – ‘MozziQuit’
    • The Team Mr. Orwin Noronha Mr. Aravindam Ramachandran Mr. Ivan Fernandes
      • Aged, 50 years is the Managing Director of the Company
      • A Commerce graduate and an innovator whose manufactured products were used in JNPT Port to repair deteriorated RCC structure above the sea besides execution of waterproofing products & specialized additives for 2” thick road concrete
      • Member of TIE & KE, Bangalore
      • Also a member of Dimensions, Mumbai
      • Aged, 48 years is the Director – Marketing of the Company
      • A Post Graduate in Business Administration having 2 decades of experience in Management & Marketing domain
      • Core expertise are in retail marketing, branding & developing channels for sales
      • Is the Managing Director of Ducont, Dubai – a serial entrepreneur and is acting as a Mentor for MozziQuit
      • His signature verification software is used worldwide by major international banks
    • The Team Research & Development Advisory Member
      • The R&D team of the Company includes:-
      • Mr. Nelson Noronha aged 55 years;
      • Mr. Hemant Kothare aged 57 years; and
      • Mr. Rudolph Lobo aged 51 years
      • The advisory members of the Company includes:-
      • Mr. Narendra Pai – Chartered Accountant;
      • Mr. P.K. Pande – Company Secretary; and
      • Mr. S.N. Chandrashekar - Advocate
    • The Deal Particulars Amount (In INR Crs.) Cost of Project Moulds 0.33 Generator Set 0.02 Furniture & Fixtures 0.08 Motor Vehicle 0.10 Rent Deposit 0.06 Initial Cost of Production 1.49 Expenses on R&D, Patent & Commercialization 0.74 Pre-Operative Expenses & Product Launch 2.29 Total Cost of Project 5.09 Means of Finance Promoters (Already Incurred) 0.56 Venture Capital / Angel Funding 4.53 Total Means of Finance 5.09
    • Financials Particulars Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 (In INR Crs.) Units Sold 90,000 2,50,000 5,00,000 8,00,000 12,50,000 Revenues 15.85 44.02 120.43 221.84 349.67 Cost of Production 9.13 25.31 45.97 72.31 111.65 Gross Profit 6.72 18.71 74.46 149.53 238.02 Profit Before Interest & Tax 1.63 11.61 62.79 131.87 212.89 Profit After Tax 1.08 7.66 41.45 87.05 140.53 PAT Margin 7% 17% 34% 39% 40% Breakeven Point 78% 40% 16% 12% 11% Valuation as per Gross Margin Method 34 94 372 748 1,190 Valuation as per Net Margin Method 13 92 497 1,045 1,686 Return on Capital Employed 27% 76% 111% 92% 75%
    • Road Ahead Particulars Details (In Days) Redesigning of Prototype 1 to 30 Making New Moulds 31 to 75 Trial Production and Testing 76 to 90 Find Rented Premises for Office and Assembly 1 to 30 Website Hosting 1 to 30 Employ Marketing Team 15 to 30 Build Marketing Network 31 to 90 Procurement of Raw Material 60 to 90 Employ Required Personnel 60 to 90 Assembling of MozziQuit 100 days onwards Launch the Product in major cities in India 120 days onwards Start Exports 2 nd Year onwards Set-up Own Manufacturing Plant 3 rd Year Set-up Assembly Units at various Zones 3 rd Year
    • Investment Rationale
      • Provides 100% protection against mosquitoes without any side effects
      • Value for money product
      • Better product as compared to other available products
      • Can be exported to major mosquitoes affected countries
      • Approved by major government bodies in India
      • Experienced & Qualified team of professionals possessing knowledge & specialization in areas of technical know-how, FMCG & finance
    • Newspaper Articles