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This is a presentation for teachers of any subject - although I am an MFL teacher,I think these tools would be great to use for lots of classes and educators.

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Web 2 tools presentation june12

  1. 1. Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom A brief guide to get you started Valerie McIntyre
  2. 2. What’s in it for you?
  3. 3. What are the tools?
  4. 4. wordclouds∗ Wordle∗ Tagxedo∗ Imagechef∗ Very effective for homework creations, revision, summarising
  5. 5. Group contributions∗ www.wallwisher.com∗ pupils can use 160 characters to write a stickynote∗ www.linoit.com
  6. 6. A few essentials∗ Edmodo – educational secure microblog for use with students. Good option if you want to contact students in absence of VLE!∗ Log in and create groups, set work, collect work∗ Site issues class code for you to give to pupils∗ Now comes with parent code to involve them also.∗ www.edmodo.com
  7. 7. Wikis and blogs∗ Wikispaces – MFL used one for Primary Transition∗ Wordpress – reasonably easy to start∗ Posterous – easiest to use and you can email to it∗ Blogger – connects to Google – easy to use
  8. 8. Classroom management∗ Classdojo – it needs IE7 or 8 and staff proxy∗ Or Google Chrome∗ Create positives and negative marks for classes and summaries for lessons and reports for students∗ Best with younger classes
  9. 9. Classdojo class page
  10. 10. Making games for your subject∗ Zondle www.zondle.com∗ I have started using it with KS3 – email classlists to site for uploading∗ Choose appropriate topics & add your own∗ Quizlet www.quizlet.com you and pupils can make revision games. Yr11 pupil made games for most of GCSE Fr& Ger vocab list.
  11. 11. Using pictures for comment∗ www.voicethread.com – create a video of written and spoken comments on pictures – K12 paskage available∗ www.animoto.com – video slideshow maker with music∗ Fotobabble – add voice to photo and record comment∗ www.mybrainshark.com – add voice to Powerpoint and other documents – great business applications
  12. 12. Encouraging writing∗ Story bird www.storybird.com∗ Storyjumper www.storyjumper.com∗ Start a blog – “quad blogging”∗ Glogster poster making
  13. 13. Essentials for you!www.teachertrainingvideos.com go here to watchonline training on lots of Web 2 toolsHandy tools in class – classtools.netwww.mindomo.com interactive mind-mapping –wow!Share your presentations on www.slideshare.net &search for amazing contributions
  14. 14. For your “professional me” time!! ∗ Twitter – amazing! ∗ Use hashtags #scichat #pegeeks #engchat #ukedchat #mathschat #scienceteacher #foodtechteachers ∗ Follow good people @tombarrett @deputymitchell ∗ Read blogs – find regional/national figures ∗ Start a googlereader web aggregator for YOU!
  15. 15. Thanks∗ My thanks to the MFL Twitterati who have shared so much with so many and have inspired me to take risks.∗ Thanks to the superb MFL team at the Blue School – we carry on learning together.∗ Big thanks to the ICT team at the Blue School who make much of my experimenting possible at all!!∗ This presentation is available on Slideshare.net