Symantec Accenture Joint Initiative Offering


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Accenture and Symantec have joined forces! Read more here.

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Symantec Accenture Joint Initiative Offering

  1. 1. Leveraging IT Security toProtect Enterprise Informationand Drive Business Value
  2. 2. Technology advances At the same time, how can they administer access to a wider set of help you better understand your organization and how to enableand new threats are customers and partners who want to business value through security. interact with the company through Symantec offers a comprehensivemaking IT security more technology channels? portfolio of leading security productsmore complex—and with a tested security architecture • How can IT executives extend to help organizations protect theirmore critical than the organization’s existing security business-critical information.ever. In this new era, investments while integrating new, advanced security technologies? Through the Accenture Symantecthe security function How can they use these tools to relationship, Accenture can integrate continually monitor security and your organization’s existing securityis moving to the mitigate threats? portfolio with Symantec’s productsforefront as a key in a security solution that provides • How can IT executives take a widespread protection of yoursource of business more strategic and comprehensive information and infrastructure—forvalue. approach to security to improve both today and tomorrow. security governance and fulfillGlobal enterprises are undergoing a regulatory requirements? Engage Security Leadersrapid and radical IT transformation. Accenture and Symantec areCloud computing, social media, Combine a Trusted Advisor respectively recognized by analystsmobile technologies and the with Advanced Technology and customers as trusted marketconsumerization of IT are stretching Accenture and Symantec joined leaders in security consulting andthe limits of existing security forces to help organizations address security technologies. Accenture isinfrastructures. According to the these questions. For more than a ranked as a leader in informationAccenture 2011 Global Information decade, we have worked together to security and risk consulting servicesSecurity study, 80 percent of deliver business value by combining according to Forrester in its mostrespondents indicated their security the best available security consulting recent Forrester WaveTM report,function had grown more complex and delivery capabilities, available “Information Security And Riskin the past 24 months due to these via Accenture’s more than 450 Consulting Services, Q3 2010”2;fast-converging technologies.1 This Symantec-skilled professionals, with Symantec is recognized as a leadercomplexity is being challenged by Symantec’s security technologies. in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant formore frequent and sophisticated This powerful combination has Data Loss Prevention and named assecurity breaches and cyber-crimes, helped our clients to build a a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrantand more stringent compliance secure IT infrastructure that can for Secure Email Gateways, as wellobligations. manage evolving challenges on a as Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for global scale, and enable innovative Endpoint Protection Platforms.3In response to these challenges, IT technologies, such as cloudexecutives have an unprecedented computing and mobility, to operate Working together, Accenture andopportunity to turn security into more securely. Symantec provide clients with:a lever that drives business valuethrough information protection. Accenture leverages its industry and • Integrated solutions—AccentureHowever, focusing on this expanded security experience in large-scale offers strategic advisory servicesagenda raises some key questions: IT transformation projects to guide and end-to-end integration of client organizations on their security security solutions to protect your• How can IT executives maximize roadmap, then to deliver end-to- organization at the business,enterprise security in a rapidly end security solutions. Through operational and technology levels.changing technology environment? our advisory role, Accenture can Accenture and Symantec’s joint offerings are designed specifically2
  3. 3. to deliver the highest levels of These existing Accenture services remediate impacts (risks, alerts,information protection and security are complemented by Symantec events) through value-add, reusablesituational awareness. technologies, including Symantec workflow Data Loss Prevention, Symantec − Leverage flexible and reusable• Reduced delivery risk—Accenture Control Compliance Suite, Symantec architecture for future integrationsprovides reliable security delivery Managed Security Services and − Create reports tailored to thevia the Accenture Global Delivery Symantec Security Information specific security goals of businessNetwork for Technology, which is − View dashboards through one Manager.staffed with hundreds of security portal.professionals who use consistent Accenture and Symantec havedelivery methodologies, architecture expanded our offerings to includeframeworks and tested assets to an integrated, end-to-end security Start Deliveringreduce delivery risk. In addition, situational awareness solution that Business ValueAccenture and Symantec have made incorporates Accenture’s security Working with Accenture anda combined investment in delivery advisory, implementation and Symantec, your organization cancapabilities that can be accessed delivery capabilities with Symantec’s optimize its security posture byfor project delivery and assures advanced security technologies. With improving your security awareness,proper deployment and efficient our highly flexible solution, you can helping you protect your confidentialmanagement of your organization’s leverage your organization’s existing information and build a strong andintegrated security solutions. or new security components, as well secure IT infrastructure. The resulting as choose the specific components security program will support• Accelerated time to value— you need to make progress toward enhanced business profitability,Accenture helps reduce your lead your organization’s security growth and the realization of yourtime by selecting and rapidly roadmap. Our joint solution is: organization’s business goals.deploying the right combination ofSymantec security technologies into • Information Protection—Enablesan overall end-to-end solution to continuous, up-to-date insight Contactsmeet your organization’s security across the security stack and For more information, pleaseneeds. Together, we use shared provides actionable and orchestrated contact:best practices and an industrialized intelligence to help yourapproach to speed the security organization prioritize and quickly Jason Nordbydelivery cycle, giving you faster respond to the most critical threats jason.nordby@accenture.comaccess to comprehensive business to the security of your The solution incorporates Symantec James Sander Data Loss Prevention, Symantec• Proven capability—Accenture DeepSight, Symantec Workflow andand Symantec have a history of analytics. Benefits include:joint successes delivering security 1Accenture 2011 Global Information Securitysolutions to global companies across − Protect brand equity and study.all industries. intellectual property of the business by reducing data exposure risk 2The Forrester WaveTM, "Information Security − Gain insight into the security And Risk Consulting Services, Q3 2010", ForresterImprove Security Research, Inc., August, 2010. posture of the businessSituational Awareness − Access high-end analytics and 3Gartner, Inc., Magic Quadrant for Content-AwareAccenture provides Security Strategy database technologies Data Loss Prevention, August 10, 2011; Gartner,and Risk Services, Application − Realize standardization with auto- Inc., Magic Quadrant for Secure E-Mail Gateways,and Infrastructure Security, and discovery tool Peter Firstbrook, Eric Ouellet, Aug 10, 2011; and Gartner, Inc., Magic Quadrant for EndpointIdentity and Access Management. − Reduce time to take action or Protection Platforms, Peter Firstbrook, Neil MacDonald, John Girard, January 16, 2012.3 4
  4. 4. About Accenture About Symantec About the Magic QuadrantAccenture is a global management Symantec is a global leader in Gartner does not endorse any vendor,consulting, technology services and providing security, storage and product or service depicted in itsoutsourcing company, with more than systems management solutions to research publications, and does not244,000 people serving clients in help consumers and organizations advise technology users to selectmore than 120 countries. Combining secure and manage their information- only those vendors with the highestunparalleled experience, comprehensive driven world. Our software and ratings. Gartner research publicationscapabilities across all industries and services protect against more risks consist of the opinions of Gartnersbusiness functions, and extensive at more points, more completely research organization and shouldresearch on the world’s most successful and efficiently, enabling confidence not be construed as statements ofcompanies, Accenture collaborates wherever information is used or fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties,with clients to help them become stored. More information is available expressed or implied, with respect tohigh-performance businesses and at this research, including any warrantiesgovernments. The company generated of merchantability or fitness for anet revenues of US$25.5 billion for the particular purpose.fiscal year ended Aug. 31, 2011. Itshome page is © 2012 AccentureAll rights reserved.Accenture, its logo, andHigh Performance Deliveredare trademarks of Accenture.