10 Event Trends for 2014


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10 Event Trends for 2014

  1. 1. 10 EVENT TRENDS for 2014
  2. 2. Faster CHECK-IN The attendee of 2014 wants to get into events fast. Any piece of technology that helps speeding up the sign in/up process will be a hit in 2014. It is the case of guest check-in apps that empower event professionals to quickly register attendees on site.
  3. 3. Faster CHECK-IN
  4. 4. KS AN TH TO
  5. 5. Seat them SOCIALLY Leaving seating to chance is so 1999. There is a new breed of apps that make seating a social experience. Thanks to the wonders of social graph we can now seat next to our friends and colleagues.
  6. 6. Seat them SOCIALLY
  7. 7. LIVE Slidesharing While at conferences, attendees look at their tablets or smartphones. Little you can do about that. Actually, there is something you can do about it. As a speaker you can push your slides to attendees' devices and make your presentation a 360 degrees experience.
  8. 8. LIVE Slidesharing
  9. 9. Collaborative EVENT PLANNING There is a new breed of apps that empower attendees to plan their own event. Thanks to the easy communication social networks offer, you can quickly get friends and colleagues to help planning an event.
  10. 10. Collaborative EVENT PLANNING
  11. 11. Plan BY APP Event management dashboards used to be very complex spreadsheets that cost incredible amounts. Apps are not just funny games anymore, they can be complex event management systems, so that you can have your project with you at all times.
  12. 12. Plan BY APP
  13. 13. Collective MEDIA Hiring a photographer may still be the case for most events but leveraging the media created by your attendees is another story. These apps help you collecting media created at your event.
  14. 14. Collective MEDIA
  15. 15. Do Something GOOD Technology can be useless. Technology can be useful. The platforms in this trend showed that you can do good while throwing a better event.
  16. 16. Do Something GOOD
  17. 17. One Page WEBSITES One page websites help conversion. One page websites are becoming the standard to stimulate action. 2014 is the year of one page event websites that convert.
  18. 18. One Page WEBSITES
  19. 19. Solve the Hotel NIGHTMARE Signing up to an event that does not offer live hotel availability is a thing of the past. These platforms offer easy tools to show your attendees available hotels in the vicinity.
  20. 20. Solve The Hotel NIGHTMARE
  21. 21. Incredibly REAL TIME Analytics 2014 will be the year of smart event professionals acting immediately upon their live analytics. Live analytics for events are more 'live' than in other industries.
  22. 22. Incredibly REAL TIME Analytics
  23. 23. VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOURITE TREND HERE By clicking on your favourite trend, you will be able to cast your vote using Twitter.
  24. 24. CONCEPT Julius Solaris www.eventmanagerblog.com DESIGN Fabio Cannillo twitter.com/fabivs VALIDATION Carmen Boscolo
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