The Dallas IT Job Market from an IT Recruitment Perspective


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The Dallas IT job market is definitely becoming more active as regional economic activity improves. Companies are gradually spending and hiring again, indicating an optimistic outlook.

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The Dallas IT Job Market from an IT Recruitment Perspective

  1. 1. The Dallas IT Job Market From an IT Recruitment PerspectiveIn the past few years, most of the country experienced layoffs and a depressed jobmarket. Fortunately for those of us in Texas, and in particular the Dallas IT job market,we were one of the least affected nationwide.Nationally, the economy is showing signs of recovery and, as a Dallas IT recruitmentcompany, our hopes are high that things will be getting better in the near future. Severalof our clients told us in client reviews that they expect to begin hiring again and restartproject plans that were put on hold, but the vast majority told us they were still concernedabout the economy and were in a “wait and see” mode.What have we seen this year?Various economic reports for Dallas have shown that business conditions continue toimprove and that employment levels held steady with reports of hiring activity. Reportsfrom staffing industry contacts also indicate demand remains strong and widespreadacross sectors.What we have experienced as a Dallas staffing agency is in line with this report. We havehad a increases in activity with more open job requests for Dallas IT jobs than in the pastcouple of years. Job offers to our candidates have gone up, several of our candidates arereceiving multiple offers, and job offers are coming more quickly. In one case, a softwaredeveloper was hired sight unseen and without an interview by one of our clients. He wasonly on the market for 3 hours!What does this tell us?From a Dallas IT recruitment perspective, the Dallas IT job market is definitely becomingmore active as regional economic activity improves. Companies are gradually spendingand hiring again, indicating an optimistic outlook. Competition for candidates isincreasing, making securing top candidates more challenging.What does this mean to our clients?Despite a high unemployment rate, securing the top-notch candidates still requirescompanies to do all the right things to streamline the hiring process and make their openpositions as attractive as possible. Smart hiring managers shouldn’t hesitate in reviewingresumes, scheduling interviews, and making hiring decisions. Besides a competitivesalary, hiring managers need to ensure their companies offer stimulating jobs and positivework environments. They also need to have a formidable benefits package that includeshealth care and a 401K. With business improving, companies can’t afford to keep criticalprojects on hold and expect to remain competitive.About The InSource Group
  2. 2. The InSource Group is a software-product development, technical consulting and ITstaffing and recruitment company that provides a complete spectrum of flexible solutionsfor IT staffing needs, including contract, contract-to-hire and direct hire options. Moreinformation on Dallas IT recruitment and Dallas IT jobs can be found at