Textualy - Pasha launchpad presentation


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The presentation for Textualy SMS Interaction System as presented by Faizan A. Laghari at the PASHA Launchpad event, September 2011

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Textualy - Pasha launchpad presentation

  1. 3. What is Textualy? Textualy is an SMS Interaction System (SiS) providing 2-way text messaging. The 1st and only of it's kind currently in Pakistan, providing a platform Additional services such as real-time interaction with your favorite restaurant or text-based search capability coming up in the near future
  2. 5. What problem does Textualy solve? People get tired of receiving random marketing SMS messages For businesses, a ready-to-use subscription-only system Your customers choose to subscribe to your system, or even unsubscribe at any time!
  3. 6. Send a message to subscribe or un-subscribe
  4. 7. The Textualy system recognizes the tag and processes the subscription
  5. 8. Within seconds the subscriber receives confirmation from the business’s Branded SMS
  6. 9. What problem does Textualy solve? Instantly available, no in-house hardware / software / expertise needed! All SMS are sent from Branded IDs, no random phone numbers! Brand name SMS gives brand-recall and loyalty
  7. 10. The Textualy UPanel for businesses
  8. 12. Potential in the Market The reason is simple . Nothing like Textualy has ever been offered in the way we're offering it now!
  9. 13. Potential in the Market Previously SMS was used in limited ways, such as for one-way SMS Marketing, or only expensive custom systems with hardware maintenance and other headaches. Textualy removes the limitations and the headaches No hardware, No Software, No Problems!
  10. 14. Potential in the Market Everything is based in the cloud, accessible anywhere, anytime
  11. 15. Some numbers for you: 6.9 trillion SMS messages sent in 2010 SMS traffic is expected to break 8 trillion in 2011 Worldwide mobile messaging market worth over US$200 billion in 2011 SMS is $127 billion of this, reaching $334.7 billion by 2015. * Statistics from Portio Research, January 2011 (www.portioresearch.com)
  12. 16. Potential in the Market And the most evident reason to prove Textualy’s market potential, Businesses have already started to adopt and use it! ( more on that in a bit  )
  13. 18. What makes Textualy different? Currently there is literally no product which is geared towards providing businesses brand-friendly SMS systems
  14. 19. What makes Textualy different? Textualy offers a pre-built, subscription-only event & notification system
  15. 20. What makes Textualy different? Brand recognition occurs each time you send out a message. This is achieved by sending branded text messages instead of usual random mobile numbers. Send International branded messages as well. Textualy can do that!
  16. 21. What makes Textualy different? Subscribers to choose when and who they receive notifications from. A simple "stop (space) brand name" message to the Textualy system instantly un-subscribes the user!
  17. 22. What makes Textualy different? The best part? You can use the Textualy API to build your own SMS applications and integration to your applications or website!
  18. 24. Sustainability / Profitability The demand for Textualy already exists. Within 2 months of beta-testing, Textualy already has paying clients, and some very well-known ones at that.
  19. 25. Sustainability / Profitability Basic monthly charge + SMS buckets from 5,000 messages onwards. Includes subscription system, custom tag, branded SMS, web-based UPanel
  20. 26. Some of the people already using Textualy