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  • WaterWorld was used to calculate the hydrological baseline and terra-i chosen as the deforestation scenario to run the alternative. The images show the change in flows (left) and sediment from the baseline to the alternative.  Flows increased below of reduced evapo-transpiration.  Erosion increased in the deforested areas and sedimentation increased in the river draining these areas.
  • 2013 3 terrai_ifd_ciat

    1. 1. Near Real Time Monitoring of Habitat Change UsingNeural Network and a MODIS data
    2. 2. What is Terra-Terra-i is a system of habitat changes monitoring that uses differentmathematical models that combine vegetation data (MODIS NDVI) andprecipitation data (TRMM) to detect deviations from the natural cycle ofthe vegetation over time and thus antrophogenic impacts on naturalecosystems. It has maps of habitat loss every 16 days at the continental level with 250 meters of spatial resolution.
    3. 3. Loss detections Jan 2004 Results Latin America Oct 2012
    4. 4. OVERVIEW: SL BRAZIL-PERU-BOLIVIA For every 16 days periods, Terra-i has been able to track the areas of rapid forest-cover change Brazil Acre Ucayali Pando Peru Madre de DiosLoss detections Jan 2004 Bolivia Oct 2012 According to Gupta (2012) “Glocal forest and REDD+ governance: win–win or lose–lose?”. Curr. Opi. in Env. Sust. Cash crops, shifting agriculture, livestock and mining are the proximate drivers of local deforestation
    5. 5. Case study:Peruvian artisanal mining
    6. 6. Detection around Mining zone in Madre de Dios, PeruVisualize the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5MTa13cb8g
    7. 7. Case study: Sanguijuelosa Forest, Sierra de Rio Tinto NF, Honduras GreenWood andthe Fundación Madera Verde, 2013
    8. 8. Case study:Sanguijuelosa Forest, Sierra de Rio Tinto NF, Honduras Sanguijuelosa Forest Disturbances Photo, Source: GreenWood, Feb 2013
    9. 9. Improve more and more our system by developingmethodologies for analyzing the information generated.
    10. 10. Deforestation patterns Case study: The Amazon Basin
    11. 11. Future Scenarios Using Terra-i data and independent datasets (distance to cities, roads, rivers, elevation, among others) to create future scenarios where land-use changes are likely to happen Before Road Improvements After Road Improvements
    12. 12. Integration Terra-i with others Policy Support Systems Terra-i has been used within the WaterWorld and Co$ting Nature Policy Support Systems to understand the impact of recent land cover change on hydrology and the production and delivery of ecosystem services. WaterWorld Co$ting Nature
    13. 13. www.terra-i.org- Ongoing support and project promotion on the social networks -
    14. 14. Visualization tool - Explore, visualize and get Terra-i data -http://www.terra-i.org/terra-i/data/data-statistics.html
    15. 15. Contact us:terra.i.ciat@gmail.com