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Hr trends absenteeism and retention
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Hr trends absenteeism and retention


Presentation on Absenteeism and Retention by Roland Witham. This was presented at the Teleresources HR Forum

Presentation on Absenteeism and Retention by Roland Witham. This was presented at the Teleresources HR Forum

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  • 1. Absenteeism and retentionchallenges and solutionsHR TRENDS Roland Witham Oct 2011
  • 2. The double whammy Increasing absenteeism (illness and “time- poverty”) Decreasing turn-over of unproductive staff Increasing turn-over of skilled staff to become entrepreneurs to have more control over the security of their jobs Are we ready in SA for flexible working technologies in practice e.g. Telecommuting? Probably not, but we should be! Because the new era is all about handling change faster with greater flexibility.
  • 3. ABSENTEEISMLearning from others
  • 4. Some get it right Source HRVoice.org
  • 5. The challenge Increase in absenteeism due to recognisised disabilities such as alcoholism and drug rehabilitation, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome – human rights code Have to accommodate such disabled employees to the point of “undue hardship” Wilful versus unwilful absenteeism Have to have an active policy in place This is not just a SA challenge:http://www.tlnt.com/2011/09/01/survey-workers-everywhere-call-in-sick-when-they-arent-sick-at-all/
  • 6. A matter of approach “how do you keep your eye on the ball when you can’t see it?” What does your intuition tell you, do people want to be happy and productive and useful at work or do they want to be sick, unproductive and unhappy at work? Right, now how do we create that vibrant environment? The rapid rate of change in the world and the need to stay positive about it requires a different approach to management. So even with a policy in place, HR managers must work with line to start to use intuition in shaping a vision for where they want the business unit to be, a starting point for that and to help guide them make critical decisions along the way. 4 “I’s” of intuition: integrity, intention, imagination and inspiration
  • 7. One possible solution Integrity ensures that vision is created from a truthful place; a realistic and accurate assessment of the situation as it currently stands With intention, we identify not only our goals but also importantly, what we want our experience to be “while” we accomplish them. Imagination ensures connection to the world of possibilities. This is the place of “what-if creative thinking,” where new solutions lie Inspiration feeds the vision. It is the fuel that launches the rocket. It gets in the trenches with us when the difficult work needs to be done and sheer grit, determination and discipline are required to move forward. Steve Jobs, co-Founder of Apple Computers, concluded: “The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover will be yourself.”
  • 8. Learning from otherscreativeness Schools! "What we know is, missing as few as three days of school is strongly predictive of lower achievement and missing 10 days of school is predictive of dropping out," said Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn Absenteeism is drastically on the rise in schools www.getschooled.com Celebrities call students to wake them up One entrepreneurial call centre now offers a “book-off” outsource service because often employees can’t get hold of their Supervisors. Employees call and give them all the details, get a reference number and the outsourcer provides a single updated list by an agreed time to their client’s WFM team per shift cycle.
  • 9. RETENTIONBe flexible
  • 10. Global flu and SA sneezing SA is not immune to the economic challenges in the world; pay freezes, low benefits or cuts, layoffs of permanent workers This has lead to employee disengagement globally Unemployment remains high but HR is struggling to recruit and retain skilled talent. Once the economy improves more employees will start looking for new jobs Source: Deloitte Talent Edge 2020
  • 11. Retention Even though businesses are recovering after layoffs, consolidations and decreased earnings, 73% of employees surveyed still felt discouraged, while 64% lacked motivation in their current jobs. 17,000 employees with various organizations were surveyed, highlighting the top 10 reasons why employees stay with an organization as: 1. Exciting work and challenge; 2. Career growth, learning and development; 3. Working with great people; 4. Fair pay; 5. Supportive management/good boss; 6. Being recognized, valued and respected; 7. Benefits; 8. Meaningful work and making a difference; 9. Pride in the organization, its mission and its products; 10. Great work environment and culture (Workplace Insight). We know this right! So what’s the problem?
  • 12. The challenge How does one achieve: sense of job satisfaction, security and flexible schedules in a highly cost and time conscious and process driven environment like a call centre? Do not see a dichotomy where is none... The policy does not need to mirror the job tasks With good controls in place your policies can be flexible
  • 13. One possible solution Be flexible! Source: Deloitte Talent Edge 2020
  • 14. Another possible solution Be flexible! Start to build up more solid, longitudinal data, looking for push and pull factors, where does all your exit interview data get stored? Encourage mobility and short term assignments but please ensure the systems and balances are in place to ensure consistent quality service delivery e.g. Rotating QA monitors may require increased calibration sessions! Engage retirees and get true diversity going in the call centre but please build a culture that supports this! Provide a variety of developmental opportunities not necessarily only those linked to the current role “It is neither sensible nor possible to offer long-term employment for all, and long service does not equal commitment and loyalty.” – www. Cactusresearch.co.uk
  • 15. THANK YOUDiscussionroland@contactcentresmart.com082 606 0314