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Employee retention (HR topic)


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In this you will be able to learn what is employee retention and why it happen in the companies.

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Employee retention (HR topic)

  1. 1. The Employee Retention is the process in which employees are encouraged to remain in the organization or the maximum period of time or until the completion of project.
  2. 2. Job is not what employee expected! Stress of overwork! No growth opportunities! Lack of appreciation! Lack of trust and support! Compensation s! New job offers
  3. 3. Environment! Growth! Compensation! Relationship Support
  4. 4. Hire the right person in right place! Empower the employees! Make them realize that they are important the organization! Have faith in them trust and respect them! Provide information and knowledge! Give feedback on their performance! Appreciate their achievements! Create an healthy environment! Keep their moral high!
  5. 5. The cost of turnover! The lose of company knowledge! Interruption in the customer service! Goodwill of the company! Regaining the efficiency!
  6. 6. The process of retention is not an easy task. There are so many tactics and strategies used by the organization to retain the employee. The basic purpose of these strategies is to increase the employee satisfaction boost employee moral and hence achieve employee retention.