All about buisness cards


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All about buisness cards

  1. 1. ==== ====For more helpful tips on E-Buisness and E-Marketing click here ====Business card marketing is the process of using your business cards for more than just passing onyour name and number.Think about it: business cards are inexpensive to print and easy to distribute. Why not get all thepromotional mileage you can out of them?In fact marketing expert John Jantsch considers business card marketing so important he callsyour business card your "mini billboard".According to Johns book, "Duct Tape Marketing: The Worlds Most Practical Small BusinessMarketing Guide", here are nine ways to turn your business card into a valuable marketing tool.1. Have all the basic elements in place.Make sure your business card has everything people expect: your name, your company name,logo, address, phone numbers, web site and email address.If you have a tagline - a short statement that highlights what you do, how youre different, or aunique benefit you offer - include that, too. For example, a window cleaning business owner Johnconsulted with used the tagline, "Your pane is our pleasure".2. Dont forget that a business card has two sides.Many people forget that the back of the business card can be printed on as well. Some businessowners will put a calendar or a restaurant tip guide on the reverse so people will keep the card.You could also use the reverse side to promote an aspect of your marketing story or to generateleads by offering a free special report or a new client discount. Give potential clients a compellingreason to call you or visit your website.3. Pass out your cards everywhere.The best business card in the world is of little use if it doesnt get into the hands of prospectiveclients. Here are some additional tips as to how spread your business cards around...4. Always carry cards with you.You never know when youll meet someone who needs what you do.
  2. 2. 5. Hand them to people you meet in business settings.Also, ask for one of their cards in return - it helps make you more memorable.6. Put business cards in all of the mail you send out.7. If someone asks for your phone number or email address, give them a business card.You never know... this card may be passed on to someone who needs your service.8. Consider giving out two cards at a time.Ask the recipient to pass one on to someone else who might need it.9. Be on the lookout for unique partnerships you can forge with other business owners.For example, if you are a hair stylist, consider visiting a local cosmetic surgeon or dentist. Askthem if they would like to have a supply of your cards available for their patients to take and, inreturn, you would display the doctors cards at your salon for your clients. Its a win-win situation.Business card marketing is a powerful and inexpensive way to spread the word about your smallbusiness or professional practice. Make use of both sides of the card for maximum impact andstart passing them out today!Dr. Bill OShea is a marketing consultant specializing in helping independent professionals andsmall business owners create maximum growth and profit in their businesses. For more greatresources on small business marketing, a free Marketing Plan Development Guide and a SpecialReport on "The Top Ten Advertising Mistakes Most Small Business Owners Make", please [].Article Source:'Shea==== ====For more helpful tips on E-Buisness and E-Marketing click here
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