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  • 1. Heritage Buildings (some private ones of Mysore)
    • The structures shown here are mainly private owned. It is our belief that one when she walks down the lane should get overwhelmed by the awe of these simple looking structures that speak century old fables.
    • The Government should consider identifying these structures and providing certain assistance towards maintenance
    • Heritage Commission should play an active role
    • Government may provide alternate land at new layouts at privileged prices to owners of these structures as a gesture
    • Ugly acrylic / metal boards should make way for uniform sized brass/wooden letters or iron poles
    • Street cafes should be encouraged by cutting out the traffic at Heritage spots
  • 2. From this end to that end…from SBM upto Cauvery Arts and Ayurvedic College on one side, and the famed Devaraja Market on the other side, probably the longest commercial avenue with heritage structures, this surely should be Mysore’s prized possession. And then…are there any reasons why one should not get overwhelmed by the awe of these structures Sayyaji Rao Road
  • 3. … up close
  • 4. Our Bank…probably should set the ball rolling…the Oriental structure is dulled by the acrylic board
  • 5. Our ruler is dwarfed by tin and plastic boards. We don’t need them. Without these, the circle looks majestic
  • 6. Cauvery Handicrafts, one of the most sought after locations …why not have street café?; this provides more time for visitors, which means more time with our own vendors on Sayyaji Rao and Dhanvanthri Road
  • 7. … almost there. Good old street lamps; pavements to be done and ad poles to look more attractive, just that the smaller parts to gel well with the great structure
  • 8. A preserved Victorian architecture; the horse drawn carriage sets up a perfect trail
  • 9. Traffic is out
  • 10. This can happen at Mysore as well