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  • 1. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comআ঩নার ই−বুক বা pdf ররডাররর Menu Bar এর View অ঩লনরি তে রিক করর Auto /Automatically Scroll অ঩লনরি রির঱ক্টকরুন (অথবা িরািরর তযরে  Ctrl + Shift + H )। এবার ↑ up Arrow বা ↓ down Arrow তে রিক করর আ঩নার ঩ড়ার িুরবধাঅনুিারর স্ক্র঱ স্পীড রিক করর রনন।1. Goggles : Eyes .A. Helmet : head B. Leather : hideC. Hands : feet D. Brush : teethE. none2. Choose the pair of words that best completestheanalogy PETAL : FLOWER -A. Fruit : Seed. B. Author : Publisher.C. Tree : Roots. D. Chapter : BookE. none3. .......... answers the phone should be pleasant.A. Whoever B. Whomever C. WhomD. Both B+C E. Both A+B.4. Which one is correct sentence?A. A ten year old child was run over yesterday.B. Two thirds of the work has been done.C. Two third of the work have been done.D. Both A+B E. Both B+C5. Choose the pair of words that best completestheanalogy HANDWRITING : SIGNATURE.A. Doctor : Symptom B. Author : Publisher.C. Biographer : Confession D. Painting : Self-portrait.E. Both B+C6. Translate it into English.তয তকউ আইন ভঙ্গ কররব োরক লারি তেওয়া হরব।A. Whoever breaking the law will be punished.B. Whoever break the law will be punished.C. Whoever breaks the law will be punished.D. A+B E. None of the above.7. Everyone who – into the woods shouldrecognizecommon poisonous plants such as poison ivy andpoison oak.A. go B. goes C. can goesD. went E. none8. Choose the correct sentence -A. Let him and you be witnessB. Let you and him be witnessC. Let you and he be witnessD. Let he and you be witness E. Both B+C.9. Choose the correct option.A. She behaved with me in friendly way.B. She behaved with me friendly.C. She behaved with me in a friendly way.D. She behaved with me friendly way.E. She behaved with me in a friendly.10. Give the prize to ............ deserves it.A. whoever B. whomever C. whomD. whose E. Both A+D.11. Your name comes after – on the list.
  • 2. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comA. me B. I C. yourD. mine E. my.12. We think – to be a dolt.A. he B. him C. hisD. they E. Both B+C13. — comes is welcome.A. who B. whoever C. whomsoeverD. whom E. whosoever.14. Find out the noun form the following.A. Barbarian B. Barbarism C. BarbarityD. All of the above E. Both B+C.15. Mr. Brown will hire a new employee, eitherRashid or -A. She B. her C. whoseD. I E. he.16. The top of the mountain was covered in cloud.It is -A. Pronoun B. Adverb C. NounD. Verb E. Preposition.17. His skin prickled with horror. It is -A. Noun B. Adjective C. AdverbD. Interjection E. Pronoun.18. Some of the students had done theirhomework,ut most b[^n‖t. It is -A. Noun B. Pronoun C. AdverbD. Preposition E. Adjective.19. Shila entered the interview room in fear andtrembling. It is -A. Pronoun B. Adjective C. NounD. Adverb E. Preposition.20. They showed no mercy to their captives. It is -A. Noun B. Adjective C. PronounD. Adverb E. None of them.21. He showed great courage and determination inbattle. It is -A. Proper noun B. Material nounC Abstract noun D. Common nounE. Collective Noun22. Choose the correct option.A. Distribute these books between you and I.B. Distribute these books between you and me.C. Distribute these books between you and mine.D. Distribute these books between yours and me.E. None of the above.23. Complete the sentenceYour name comes after – on the list.A. me B. I C. yourD. mine E. my.24. Choose the correct option.A. I saw she at the bank B. I saw her at the bankC. I saw hers at the bank D. Me saw her at thebankE. None of the above25. Choose the correct option (59 61).A. It is I who is responsible for themismanagement.B. It is I who am responsible for the mismanage.C. It is I who am responsible for themismanagement.D. It is I who are responsible for themismanagement.E. None26. A. They requested me to take part in thecompetition.B. They requested I to take part in thecompetition.C. They requested me to be taking part in thecompetition.D. They requested mine to take part in thecompetition.E. None of the above27. A. I like you walking like a cat.B. I like your walking like a cat.
  • 3. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. I like yours walking like a cat.D. I lik_ you‖r_ w[lkina lik_ [ ][tE. None of the above28. Complete the sentence.Eva believes she knows – will win the election.A. who B. whom C. whoseD. wbo‖s E. Non_ o` tb_ [ov_29. Choose the correct option.A. The chap who came here yesterday is my son.B. The chap who came here yesterday was myson.C. The chap whom came here yesterday must bemy son.D. Tb_ ]b[p wbo‖s ][m_ b_r_ y_st_r^[y w[s myson.E. None of the above30. I go to university with – everyday.A. she B. her C. usD. None of the above E. All.Sentence Completion:31. -------- of the larding of the May flower is arathersmall, gray store.A. The site B. For the siteC. There is site D. To the siteE. None of the above.32. Although most species of fox are reddish,brownin color,------ it often pure white.A. the Arctic fox B. that the Arctic foxC. but the Arctic fox D. so the Arctic foxE. None of the above.33. Upper New York state --------- some of theloveliestlandscapes in the eastern part of the UnitedStates.A. boasts B. being C. that hasD. with E. None of the above.34. The U.S legal system -------- based uponadversarialrelationship, but this is not always the case inpractice.A. it is B. since it is C. beingD. is E. None of the above.35. ------- large rodents about the size of a pigthatlive in South America.A. Capibaras B. Capibaras that areC. Capibaras are D. Capibaras while they areE. None of the above.36. -------- refers to right to build in the spaceoversuch areas an building roads or railroad tracks.A. The term air rights B. Air rights termC. It the term air rights D. Air rights areE. None of the above.37. --------- have two sets of eyelids an outer lidthat covers theeye when the cat blinks or is asleep and thenictitatingeyelid on the inside that washes and protects theeye fromthe elements when they eat in a wake.A. Cats B. That cats C. For catsD. A cat E. None of the above.38. Although he was a brilliant philosopher muchofM[rtin H_i^_aa_r‖s tb_ory -------- into question_][us_ b_ w[s [ m_m_r o` Hitl_r‖s p[rli[m_nt.A. who is calling B. which callsC. having been calling D. has been calledE. None of the above.39. Scientific research in oncology ------- thefunding
  • 4. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comit deserves.A. is seldom B. seldom givenC. being given D. is seldom givenE. None of the above.40. A. Nipa and us are going to join the sameseminar.B. Nipa and we are going to join the sameseminar.C. Bob & me plan to look for another job.D. Bob & I plan to look for another job.E. B + D41. When they have enough money, Tuli and -------will probably go back to school.A. she B. her C. hersD. herself E. None42. After Sandy talked them into buying bikes, ---------- never drove to university.A. she and they B. she and themC. her and they D. her and themE. she and their43. --------- whom everyone wanted to win.A. It was he B. It was himC. it was his D. It was himselfE. It was hisself44. Di^n‖t you know tb[t it ---- who played thejoke.A. were we B. was we C. was usD. was our E. were ourselves45. They asked --------- whether we were satisfied.A. your, Jame and I B. you, Jame and meC. your Jame and me D. you, Jame and IE. yours, Jame and me46. He always helps ------ with our tax returns.A. my wife and I B. my wife and meC. me wife and I D. his and meE. him and I47. The results of the test surprised ---------becauseeveryone seined much better than expected.A. they B. them selves C. themD. their E. B + C48. Do you really believe that she has blamed -------for the accident, especially ---------?A. we; you and me B. we; you and IC. we; your and me D. us; you and IE. us; you and me49. The cake is from Jalal, and the flowers arefromJamal and ---------.A. we B. us C. ourD. ourselves E. None50. Just between --------, tbis isn‖t [ v_ry aoo^price.A. you and I B. your and IC. you and me D. your and meE. None51. Among --------, it was he who always acted astheinterpreter.A. they B. them C. weD. their E. our52. A. We can count on her helping we.B. We can count on her helping us.C. He regretted their misunderstanding his him.D. He regretted their misunderstandingE. B + D53. W_ ^on‖t un^_rst[n^ wby you oj_]t to ----------coming with us.A. his B. he C. himD. she E. None
  • 5. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com54. I would appreciate -------- letting me known assoon as possible.A. your B. your‖s C. yoursD. ours E. all of above55. The doctor insisted on ---------- taking a leaveofabsence.A. her B. hers C. sheD. he E. himself56. My father approves of -------- studying in theUSA.A. me B. my C. ID. you E. None57. Kevin jammed -------- finger while he wasfininghis car.A. he B. its C. theD. his E. him58. -------- [r_ so lona_r tb[t b_ ][n‖t `in^ sbiststo fithim.A. The arms B. Arms C. His armsD. Him arms E. He arms59. A. She broke the wrist in the accident.B. She broke her wrist in the accident.C. How did you twist the ankle?D. How did you twist your ankle?E. B + D60. A. She is the secretary who works in thelibrary.B. She is the secretary whom works in the library.C. This is the new typewriter which you ordered.D. This is the new typewriter who you orderedE. A + C61. The people --------- cheated on theexaminationhad to leave the room.A. who B. whom C. whichD. whose E. what62. There is someone on the line two ---------wouldlike to speak with you.A. which B. whom C. whoD. where E. what63. The student ---------- receives the highest scorewill be awarded a scholarship.A. which B. whose C. whomD. who E. None64. A. I asked him who he was calling.B. I asked he who he was calling.C. I asked him whom he was calling.D. I asked him whom him was calling.E. I asked he whom he was calling.65. He did not know --------- he would take to theparty.A. whom B. who C. whichD. whose E. None66. There is often disagreement as to --------- isthebetter student, Bob or Ellen.A. whom B. who C. whichD. whose E. A + D67. Did you meet the girl --------- was chosenHomecoming Queen?A. whom B. who C. whichD. whose E. None68. Be careful or you will hurt ----------.A. yourself B. your C. youD. yours E. None69. A child can usually express --------- by the ageofsix months.A. self B. him C. himselfD. he E. itself
  • 6. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com70. I had to teach --------- to swim.A. me B. myself C. myD. I E. self71. A. An oven that cleans its is very handy.B. An oven that cleans itself is very handy.C. Help your to whatever you like.D. Help yourself to whatever you like.E. B + D72. R[kbi [n^ R[ki [r_n‖t ^[tina --- any more.A. each other B. one anotherC. one to other D. one to the otherE. each others73. It is considered cheating when students help ----------- on the tests on quizzes.A. each other B. one anotherC. each the other D. other oneE. A + B74. L_t‖s m__t -------- after the class.A. other B. other oneC. one the other D. each otherE. A + B75. My sister & I visit -------- about once a week.A. each other B. others C. anotherD. one another E. A + D76. This is the way --------A. coming the last time B. come the last timeC. comes the last time D. to come the last timeE. we came the last time77. These are the one that --------A. we bought B. boughtC. buy D. buyingE. to buy78. This book is the one that --------A. our class B. our class usedC. our class using D. our class in useE. our class to use79. These are the assignments that --------A. our teacher giving usB. our teacher to give usC. give our teacherD. our teacher gave usE. our teacher80. These are some things that --------A. ^on‖t un^_rst[n^B. does not understandC. ^i^n‖t un^_rst[n^D. understandE. I ^on‖t un^_r st[n^81. It is a shame that -------A. you missing the movieB. you is missingC. you to miss the movieD. you missed the movieE. you misses the movie82. She knows that --------A. mistakes in grammarB. mistake ion grammarC. mistaking in grammarD. to mistake in grammarE. she mistakes in grammar83. He said that --------A. going was he wantedB. going was he had wantedC. he wanted to goD. wanted to go heE. go was he wanted84. I noticed that --------A. M[ry‖s [s_n]_ todayB. Mary was absent todayC. Mary absence todayD. Mary was absense todayE. Mary absent today85. The experiment proved that --------
  • 7. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comA. less water for the plantsB. need less water for the plantsC. needing less water for the plantsD. the plants needed less waterE. less water needed for the plants86. The --------- is not legal unless everyone signshishome.A. agreeing B. agreement C. agreeD. agreementation E. agreely87. Even young children begin to show -------- inMathematicsA. able to B. ability C. ableD. ability for E. able for88. --------- have been made for the funeralA. Arranging B. ArrangementsC. Arrange D. ArrangementE. Arranged89. A free --------- is guaranteed to every citizen.A. educating B. educated C. educationD. educated E. educative90. The -------- of hybrids has increased yields.A. develop B. developmentC. developing D. developedE. develop ion91. I ^i^n‖t un^_rst[n^ ---------A. what is say B. he saidC. what did he say D. what he saidE. what did he said92. Do you know ---------A. how much do they cost B. how much they costC. how much they do cost D. how much they costsE. how they cost much93. I wonder ---------A. when is her birthday B. when her birthdayC. when her birthday is D. when is her birthdayE. when her birthday is?94. Could you please tell me ---------A. where is the post office?B. where the post office is?C. where is the post office ?D. where the post office is.E. where the post office?Answer Keys:1.a 2.d 3. a 4. d 5. d 6. c 7. b 8. b 9. c 10. a 11. d 12. b 13. b 14. d 15. b 16. c 17. a 18. b19. c 20. A 21.c 22.b 23.d 24.b 25. c 26. a 27. b 28. a 29. a 30. b 31. a 32. a 33. a 34. d35. c 36. a 37. a 38. d 39.d 40. E 41. a 42. a 43. a 44. b 45. b 46. b 47. c 48. e 49. b 50. c51. b 52. e 53. a 54. a 55. a 56.b 57.d 58.c 59.e 60. e 61. a 62. c 63. d 64. c 65. a 66. b 67.b 68. a 69. e 70. b 71. e 72. a 73. b 74. d 75. a 76. e 77. a 78. B 79. d 80. e 81. d 82. e 83.c 84. b 85. d 86. b 87. b 88. b 89. c 90. b 91. d 92. b 93. c 94. b 95. a
  • 8. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com1. A synonym `or ―Epo]b‖ is -A. Generation B. Society C. EraD. Event E. Relevant.2. Wb[t is tb_ plur[l `rom o` ―B[n^it‖? :-A. Bandits B. Banditti C. BanditessD. Both a+b E. Both a+c.3. What is the feminine form of the word signor?:-A. Signress B. SignoraC. SignorixD. Signorerix E. Both a+c.4. Give the prize to ............ deserves it.A. whoever B. whomever C. whomD. whose E. Both a+d.5. Find out the correct spelt word:A. Maneuver B. Mannoeuvre C. ManoeuvreD. Both a+b E. Both b+c.6. Tb_ opposit wor^ o` ―Form[tiv_‖ is -A. Moulding B. Development C. DestructiveD. Shaping E. Clergy.7. Wb[t is tb_ A^j_]tiv_ o` tb_ wor^ ‗H_[rt‘?A. Heart B. Hearten C. HearteningD. Heartful E. Heartfully.8. Choose the correct sentence -A. Let him and you be witnessB. Let you and him be witnessC. Let you and he be witnessD. Let he and you be witness E. Both b+c.9. Which of the following word is a Pluralnumber?A. Aristocracy B. Vermin C. PeasantryD. a+b+c E. Only a+c.10. Which one is Singular?A. Information B. Expenditure C. MachineryD. a+b+c E. Both a+b.11. .......... answers the phone should be pleasant.A. Whoever B. Whomever C. WhomD. Both b+c E. Both a+b.12. Find out the correct spelling -A. Inferred B. Diarrhoea C. RenaissanceD. a+b+c E. Both b+c.13. Which is the correct spelling?A. Aptitude B. Accesible C. OccupideD. All of these E. None of these.14. Wb[t is tb_ synonym o` ‗Frustr[t_‘ ? : -A. Foil B. Idle C. AffordD. Curious E. Vermin.15. Choose the pair of words that best completesthe[n[loay ‗Submission : YieldingA. Subjection: Liberation B. Restrain: IndulgeC. Complaint: Acquiescent D. Restriction:RelaxationE. Impulsive: Deliberate.16. Which one will be the plural form of theword―Comm[n^_r-in -]bi_`‖?A. Commanders-in-chiefs B. Commander-in-chivesC. Commanders-in-chives D. Commanders-in-chief17. Choose the correct spelling.A. Aniversary B. Anniverrsary C. AnniversaryD. Aniverrsary E. Annivarsary18. Make it plural Syllabus?A. Syllabi B. Syllabuses C. SyllabusessD. Both a+b E. Both b+c.19. Find out, Which one is the plural number?A. Poultry B. Tenantry C. Perfumery
  • 9. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comD. a+b+c E. Both a+b.20. Make it plural – ―Formul[‖?A. Formulae B. Formulas C. Both a+bD. Formulases E. Both b+c.21. Choose the correct spelling.A. Assesment B. Assessment C. AsessmentD. Asesment E. Asseisment22. Make feminine of the word – – ―Pros_]utor‖.A. Prosecutress B. Prosecutrix C. ProsecutretrixD. Both a+b E. Both b+c.23. What is the synonym of Mystery ?A. Answer B. Enigma C. ClueD. Solution E. Ominous.24. What is the synonym of Jealousy?A. Suspicious B. Geniality C. IndifferanceD. Tolerance E. Wavering.25. Make it Masculine gender – – ―Nympb‖.A. Swain B. Widower C. StewardD. Patron E. Enchanter.26. Which one is correct sentence?A. A ten year old child was run over yesterday.B. Two thirds of the work has been done.C. Two third of the work have been done.D. Both a+b E. Both b+c27. Which one will be correct?A. A three years diploma course will be start.B. More than two boys were present.C. The poor drag a miserable existence in theirday today life. D. Both b+c E. Both a+b28. Which of following is a correct sentence?A. The Titanic went down on her first voyage.B. The Titanic went down on its first voyage.C. The dog is noted for its faithfulness.D. Both a+c E. Both b+c.29. Which of the following is not a correctsentence?A. Two and two make four.B. ―Gr_[t Exp_]t[tions‖ y Di]k_ns is [ `[mousnovel.C. The poor lives from hand to mouth.D. Three months is a long time.E. The United States of America is a host countryinthe world cup football of 1994.30. Find out the plural form ?A. Agenda B. Alumni C. Vertices.D. a+b+c E. Both a+c31. Wb[t is tb_ synonym `or tb_ wor^ ‗E]st[sy‘?—A. Ill B. Bad C. MournD. Joy E. happy32. Wbi]b wor^ is ]orr_]t witb pr_`ix ―il‖ ?A. illegal B. illogical C. illiterateD. All of them E. none33. Goggles : Eyes .A. Helmet : head B. Leather : hideC. Hands : feet D. Brush : teeth34. Choose the pair of words that best completestheanalogy PETAL : FLOWER -A. Fruit : Seed. B. Author : Publisher.C. Tree : Roots. D. Chapter : Book35. Tb_ synonym o` ―F_[sil_‖ is-A. Brittle B. Inevitable C. PracticableD. Harmful. E. none36. Tb_ synonym o` ―R_l_v[nt‖ is-A. Eternal B. Germane C. FurtiveD. Inventive E. Both b+c37. Which one is the correct adjective form withthe suffix―ous‖?A. Sagacious B. Ostentacious C. GeniousD. Both A+ B E. none of the above
  • 10. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com38. Wbi]b s_nt_n]_ isn‖t ]orr_]tly us_^ o`―_nouab‖?A. You are beautiful enough to satisfy me.B. You can love if you have enough money tospend for women.C. You are enough beautiful to satisfy me.D. Both A + B. E. none39. Which one is the correct adjective form withthe suffix―[l_‖ ?A. Supposable B. Repayable C. ImmovableD. All of the above E. Both b+c40. Choose the correct usage of adjective.A. Muhit is enough matured to takeresponsibilities.B. You do not have to wait little while.C. Sherlock Holmes has few clues to themur^_r_r‖sidentityD. None of the above. E. Both b+c41. Find out the correct adverb form.A. Ruthlessly B. Northerly C. DisrespectlyD. A+B+C E. fatherly42. Choose the correct usage of adverb.A. Britney called aloud for helpB. We barely had no time to catch the train.C. You have to simply change your attitude.D. That night the house seemed abnormal quite.E. Both b+c43. Wbi]b s_nt_n]_ isn‖t ]orr_]t?A. She looks beautiful.B. She looks up beautiful.C. She looks up beautifully.D. I saw a beautiful cottage girl. E. Both b+c44. Complete the sentence.I want you to collect — regarding this issue.A. information B. informations C. inform.D. informative. E. none45. Tb_ plur[l `orm o` ―Poultry‖ is —A. Poultries B. Poultry C. PoulD. None of the above. E. Both a+b46. Which of the following is a correct sentence?A. Rarely are you found in the room.B. He always used to agree with me.C. You have hardly never seen a cheque of fivelac taka.D. Both A + B. E. none47. Tb_ synonym o` ―Equivo][l‖ is —A. Foolhardy B. Pinnacle C. AmbiguousD. Arrogant E. none48. Tb_ synonym o` ―Pro^iaious‖ is —A. Audacious B. Dull C. GiganticD. Copious E. none49. Find out the correct spelling.A. Accomoddation B. AcommodationC. Accommodation D. Accoommodation.50. Find out the correct spelling.A. Hygeinic B. Hygieniic C. HygieniceD. None of the above E. Both b+c51. Find out the correct spelling.A. Fahrenheight B. Farenheit C. FahrenheitD. Mallifluous. E. Both b+c52. Complete the sentence.Bipasha found it very — when her parentsdivorced.A. contentious B. distressing C. punctiliousD. skittish. E. none53. Tb_ [^j_]tiv_ o` ―S_nsiility‖ is —A. Sensitive B. Sensible C. SensiblyD. Sense E. Sensibility54. Choose the pair of words that best completestheanalogy HANDWRITING : SIGNATURE.A. Doctor : Symptom B. Author : Publisher.
  • 11. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. Biographer : ConfessionD. Painting : Self-portrait. E. Both B+C55. Everyone who – into the woods shouldrecognizecommon poisonous plants such as poison ivy andpoison oak.A. go B. goes C. can goesD. went E. none56. Ethics – the study of moral duties, Principlesandvalues.A. are B. deal C. isD. are about. E. none57. Choose the incorrect option.A. These are twenty dollar shoes.B. These are twenty-dollars shoes.C. These are a twenty-dollars shoes.D. All of the above E. a+b.58. Translate it into English.তয তকউ আইন ভঙ্গ কররব োরক লারি তেওয়া হরব।A. Whoever breaking the law will be punished.B. Whoever break the law will be punished.C. Whoever breaks the law will be punished.D. A+B E. None of the above.59. Real estate prices in New York, like those ofmanyother major cities, have declined ---- .A. over the few years B. over the past few yearsC. over less years D. over the past few year60. ---- have amphibious attributes, although notall areamphibians.A. Much quadrupeds B. More quadrupedsC. Many quadrupeds D. A quadrupedE. none of the above61. Which one is the correct adjective form withthesu``ix ―ous‖?A. studeous B. Rebellious C. RightiousD. Pretenteous E. None of the above.62. Tb_ synonym o` ―Equivo][l‖A. Universal B. MistakenC. Quaint D. Clear63. Choose the correct use of adverb hardly-A. Tb_ r_st[ur[nt w[s so p[]k_^ tb[t I ]oul^n‖thardlymove.B. The restaurant was so packed that I couldhardlymove.C. The restaurant was packed that I could hardlymove.D. None of the above. E. All.64. Which of the following words are pluralnumber.A. cattle B. gentry C. verminD. all of them E. None of the above.65. An [ntonym `or ―Obstacles‖ isA. Hindrance B. Impediments C. HurdlesD. Supports E. None of the above.66. In which sentence adverb is placed properly?A. Tb_ m[n b[s to [rriv_ [lw[ys 9 O‖ ]lo]k [t tb_office.B. Always the man has to arrive at the office at 9O‖]lo]k.C. Tb_ m[n b[s to [rriv_ [t tb_ o``i]_ [t 9 O‖]lo]kalways.D. Tb_ m[n b[s to [rriv_ [t 9 O‖]lo]k [lw[ys [tthe office.E. The man always has to arrive at the office at 9O‖ Clo]k67. Choose the correct option.A. She behaved with me in friendly way.B. She behaved with me friendly.
  • 12. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. She behaved with me in a friendly way.D. She behaved with me friendly way.E. She behaved with me in a friendly.68. Our final assignment for the English class isto givean impromptu speech.A. eloquent B. technical C. unpreparedD. unbiased E. none69. The counterfeit bills were a good facsimile ofthe real ones.A. factorial B. reproduction C. identificationD. similarity E. same.70. The television station was inundated withcallsprotesting the distasteful program.A. harassed B. probated C. modulatedD. confiscated E. flooded.71. The people interviewed for the survey wererandomlyselected.A. carefully B. sincerely C. carelesslyD. thoughtfully E. indiscriminately.72. After a long, hard struggle, we graduallysucceeded inhaving people accept the truth of our theory.A. slowly B. momentarily C. suddenlyD. graciously E. gratefully.73. A desert receives less than twenty five –– ofrainfallevery year.A. centimeter B. a centimeter C. centimetersD. of centimeters E. none74. The teacher has ––, but they are not in atboos tone.A. four book B. four of book C. four booksD. four of books E. a four book75. The temperature has risen –– in two hours.A. ten degrees B. ten degree C. of ten degreesD. ten of degrees E. all of the above76. Several of the people in this class speak––.A. three language B. four languageC. three or four languages D. three or fourlanguageE. none77. The shape of –– unique.A. a snowflake is B. a snow isC. snow flakes are D. a snowflakes areE. snows are78. A. California has good weather.B. California has a good weather.C. Laughter is the best medicine.D. A laugh is the best medicine.E. Both A+C79. We are supposed to have –– this wreaked.A. a sunshine B. sunshine C. sunshinesD. sunbeam E. none80. We are late because we got struck in ––.A. a traffic Jam B. traffic C. a trafficD. a + b E. All of the above81. A. A mail travels faster when the zip code isindicatedon the envelope.B. A piece of mail travels faster when the zipcode isindicated on the envelope.C. There is a limit of two pieces of carry onluggagefor each passenger.D. There is a limit of two carry on luggage foreachpassenger. E. b + c82. ––– in this display is on sale for half price.A. Each piece of furniture B. Each furnitureC. Furnitures D. Each pieces of furniture
  • 13. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comE. Each furnitures.83. According to estimates by some botanists,there are–– of plants.A. seven thousand type B. seven thousand typesC. type of seven thousand D. types of seventhousandE. none84. I only know how to run –– computerprogram.A. one type of B. one type C. one type aD. one types of E. all of the above85. A. This exam has two types problems.B. This exam has two types of problems.C. Are you looking for a special kinds of car?D. Are you looking for a special kind of car? E. b+ d86. We saw several –– birds at the wild lifesanatorium.A. kind of B. kind C. kinds ofD. types E. type of87. Pro`_ssor‖s stor_ k__ps –– in his office becausehe^o_sn‖t b[v_ room `or m[ny.A. few chairs B. few chair C. little chairsD. a little chairs E. a + c88. A. John has very little friends.B. John has very few friends.C. There is few time to waste.D. There is little time to waste. E. b + d89. My brother used to help me a lot, but now hegivesme –– advice.A. few B. a few C. the fewD. little E. no little90. He had to balance his account very carefullybecause he had –– money.A. little B. the little C. fewD. a few E. the few91. Tb_ l_tt_r w[s sbort _][us_ tb_r_ w[sn‖t ––news.A. many B. much C. littleD. few E. a few92. How –– years have you been living in Texas?A. many B. much C. moreD. less E. lots93. He always has –– problems with his teeth.A. many B. much C. moreD. little E. a little94. I think that there is –– violence on T.V.A. many B. too many C. too muchD. few E. a few95. A. We have a little time. B. We have littletime.C. We made a few mistakes.D. We made few mistakes. E. all of the above96. Give me –– butter, please.A. little B. a little C. fewD. a few E. all97. There are –– tickets left for the concert.A. few B. a few C. littleD. a little E. None98. ––– people in my apartment building arefriendly.A. A little B. Little C. FewD. Much E. The little99. ––– people were at the reception.A. Only few B. Only little C. Only a fewD. Little E. Only a little100. A. Only a little students are lazy.B. Only a few students are lazy.C. Tinne took only a few pictures.D. Tinne took only few pictures. E. B + C101. The advisor makes ––– to the rules regarding
  • 14. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comprerequisites.A. only few exceptions B. only a few exceptionsC. only a little exceptions D. only little exceptionE. None102. We will need ––– food for the picnicA. few B. a few C. only a littleD. only little E. little103. ––– own most of the land there.A. A small number of familiesB. A small amount of familiesC. A small amount of familyD. A small number of familyE. A little number of families104. The lab has a –– of equipment.A. large number B. large amount C. more numberD. few number E. little number105. W_ ^on‖t b[v_ tim_ `or –– of interruptions.A. a large number B. a large amountC. a few amount D. a few E. none106. There are ––– Chinese restaurants in thecity.A. small number of B. small amount ofC. large amount of D. a small number ofE. large number107. A. We have enough tickets.B. We have tickets enough.C. We have enough time.D. We have time enough. E. a + c108. Tb_r_ [r_n‖t –– for all of us to go.A. enough car B. car enough C. cars enoughlyD. enough cars E. enough the cars109. Without ––, you won‖t _ [l_ to ^o w_ll tb_examination.A. enough sleep B. enough of sleepC. sleep as enough D. sleep enoughlyE. None110. Do we have –– for the party?A. enough hamburgers B. hamburgers enough asC. hamburgers enough D. hamburgers enoughlyE. All111. I n__^ to uy [ l[mp _][us_ I ^on‖t b[v_ ––in myroom.A. light as enough B. light enoughC. light enoughly D. enough lightE. c + d112. H_r littl_ ][r isn‖t –– to seat more than twopeoplecomfortable.A. big enough as B. enough bigC. big enough D. the enough bigE. enoughly big113. Her score on the exam was –– to qualify herfor agraduate program.A. good enough B. enough goodC. good as enough D. as enough goodE. None114. He should be –– to get out of bed in a fewdays.A. enough strong B. enoughly strongC. strong enough D. strongly enoughE. strong as enough115. Billy isn‖t –– to enlist in the army.A. old enough B. enough old C. enoughly oldD. old as enough E. as old enough116. Tb[t _x]us_ isn‖t ––.A. good enough B. enough goodC. good enoughly D. enough the goodE. a + b117. One movie starts at five, ––– starts at sevenand theother movies starts at nine.A. a movie B. the other movie
  • 15. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. another movie D. the other E. others118. One of my roommates studies engineering,anotherstudies business, and –– studies computer science.A. others B. the other C. the othersD. an others E. None119. One English proficiency test is the TOEFL and–– isthe Michigan TOEFL.A. other B. another C. othersD. the other E. some other120. There are three kinds of solar eclipses, one istotal,another is annular, and –– is partial.A. the another B. the other C. othersD. other E. some121. Some of these T-shirts are red, –– are blue,and therest are white.A. other B. others T-shirts C. othersD. another E. the others122. Some plants are annuals, –– are biennials,the restare perennials.A. some another B. anothers C. otherD. others E. none123. Some of my friends are player, other friendsarebusinessman, and –– are professor.A. the other B. the other friendsC. the other friend D. some anotherE. All124. Some applicants want student visas, –– wantresident visas, and the other applicants wanttouristvisas.A. other applicants B. other applicantC. another applicant D. others applicantsE. others applicant125. Put the mail on the –––.A. b[ll t[l_ B. b[ll‖s t[l_ C. b[lls t[l_sD. hall of table E. a + b126. All of us are foreign––.A. language teachers B. languages teachersC. languages teacher D. teacher of languageE. languages teacher127. I forgot your–––.A. t_l_pbon_‖s num_r B. t_l_pbon_ num_rC. telephones number D. number telephoneE. None128. There is a sale at the ––.A. sbo_s stor_ B. sbo_‖s stor_ C. sbo_ stor_D. store shoes E. shoes stores129. All –– must take the Graduate ManagementAdmission Test.A. usin_ss‖s stu^_nts B. usin_ss stu^_ntsC. businesses students D. businesses studentE. all of the above130. Agriculture 420 is a ––– class.A. five-hours B. five-hour C. five-the-hourD. the five-hour E. a + b131. –– is cheaper than a four-door model.A. A two-door car B. A two doors carC. A two-car-door D. A car two-doorE. A the two-door car132. I have to write–– this weekend.A. a one-thousand-word paperB. a one-thousand-word papersC. a one-thousand-words papersD. a one-thousand-words papers E. a + d133. They have–– baby.A. a four-months-old B. a-four-months-oldC. a four-month-old D. a four-old-monthE. None
  • 16. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com134. ––– call any where in the United States costslessthan a dollar when you dial it yourself.A. The three-minutes B. A three-minutesC. A three-minute D. The three-minuteE. c + d135. We were –– by the results of the test.A. surprising B. surprised C. surpriseD. surprises E. the surprise of136. What an–– idea!A. interested B. interesting C. interesting ofD. interested of E. the interesting137. The petition has been signed by –– citizens.A. concerning B. concerned C. concerned ofD. concerning of E. concern138. Drug abuse is increasing at an––.A. alarmed rate B. alarmed ratesC. alarming the rate D. alarming rateE. alarming the rating139. He is ––– he never gets to class on time.A. so slow B. so slow that C. as slow thatD. as slow as E. too slow that140. This suitcase is –– I can hardly carry it.A. as heavy that B. too heavy thatC. too heavy as D. so heavy asE. so heavy that141. We arrived –– Professor Zahan had alreadycalledthe roll.A. so late that B. so late as C. too late thatD. too late as E. a + b142. He drives –– no one likes to ride with him.A. so fast so B. so fast too C. so fast thatD. so fast as E. too fast as143. Preparing frozen is –– anyone can do it.A. too easy B. so easy that C. so east asD. as easy that E. as easy as144. The tiny pictures on Micro film are –– smallto beread with the naked eyes.A. so B. too C. muchD. more E. such145. A. It is too cold to go swimming.B. It too cold to go swimming.C. Ralph is such a young to retire.D. Ralph is too young to retire. E. a + d146. The top shelf in the cupboard is ––– high forme toreach.A. too B. to C. soD. such E. much147. This brand is too expensive –– buy.A. for B. to C. tooD. so E. such148. Mercury is not often visible because it is ––near thesun to be seen.A. too B. so C. suchD. more E. a + d149. We went out to eat because we were –––hungry.A. very B. too C. soD. much E. such150. Darlene says that the courts are ––– lenient.A. so B. too C. to D. very E. such151. Young rivers have no flood plains & theirvalleysare––.A. very narrow B. too narrow C. so narrowD. narrowly E. such narrow152. This dorm has –– small rooms.A. very small B. too small C. so smallD. such small E. to small153. Last month we had a –– high electric bill.
  • 17. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comA. too B. so C. suchD. very E. to154. We love to go to the country in the springbecausethe wild flowers smell––.A. sweetly B. so sweet C. so sweetlyD. to sweet E. as sweet155. Although the medicine––, it seems to helpmycondition.A. tastes bad B. tastes badly C. tests badD. taste bad E. a + c156. The music ––– and soothing.A. sounds sweetly B. sounds sweetC. sound sweet D. sounding sweetE. None157. When he complained the food tasted –––, thewaiter took back to the pitcher & brought himsomething else.A. badly B. well C. badD. worst E. c + dAnswer Keys:1. c 2. d 3. b 4. a 5. c 6. c 7. c 8. b 9. d 10. d 11. a 12. d 13. a 14. a 15. c 16. d 17. c 18. d 19. d 20. c21. b 22. b 23. b 24. a 25. a 26. d 27. d 28. d 29. c 30. d 31. d 32. d 33. a 34. d 35. c 36. b 37. d 38. c39. b 40. c 41. d 42. a 43. b 44. a 45. b 46. d 47. c 48. c 49. c 50. d 51. c 52. b 53. b 54. d 55. b 56. c57. a 58. c 59.b 60. c 61. b 62. b 63. b 64. d 65.d 66. e 67.c 68. c 69. d 70. e 71. e 72. a 73. c 74. c75. A 76. c 77. a 78. e 79. b 80. d 81. e 82. a 83. b 84. a 85. e 86. c 87. a 88. e 89. d 90. a 91. b 92. a93. a 94. C 95. e 96. b 97. b 98. c 99. c 100. e 101. b 102. c 103. a 104. b 105. a 106. d 107. e 108. d109. a 110. a 111. D 112. c 113. a 114. c 115. a 116. a 117. c 118. b 119. d 120. b 121. c 122. d 123.b 124. a 125. a 126. a 127. B 128. c 129. b 130. b 131. a 132. a 133. c 134. c 135. b 136. b 137. b138. d 139. b 140. e 141. a 142. c 143. B 144. b 145. e 146. a 147. b 148.a 149. a 150. d 151. a 152.a 153. d 154. b 155. a 156. b 157. c158. a 159. a
  • 18. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com1. –––– the wasp deposits an egg, the flowergrowsa protective covering.A. Then B. As ifC. In fact D. After2. Tb_ r_aion is r_`_rr_^ to [s tb_ ‗L[n^ o` Fruit‘––– it yields a bountiful harvest of oranges andapples.A. although B. becauseC. so that D. such as3. Seat belt laws were introduced –––– trafficfatalities would be reduced.A. so that B. thenC. when D. as if4. –––– the fires were blazing, the skewersimpalingthe fish were tilted toward the flames.A. As soon as B. So thatC. As if D. Such as5. The great stone city Angkon flourished for sixcenturies ––– it fell in 1431 and lay prey to thejungle for four long centuries.A. as soon as B. becauseC. until D. so that6. The most modern ladders cannot reach aboveseven stories, ––– firefighters must enterskyscrapers dressed in suits designed to supplyoxygen and reflect heat.A. before B. SoC. as D. until7. –––– Kul[i Kb[n‖s [r]b_rs destroyed theBurmese war elephants; he shattered the_l_pb[nt ][v[lry‖s mytb o` invin]iility.A. Although B. UntilC. When D. So that8. –––– the government disapproves, cultivationofthe opium poppy thrive.A. As if B. UntilC. So that D. Even though9. –––– capable of walking upright, apelikeAustralopithecus did so only for short periods oftime.A. As if B. ThoughC. Until D. Because10. –––– erupting in May 1980, Mount SaintHelenscontinued erupting intermittently throughout thefollowing year.A. After B. Such asC. Since D. As if11. –––– having seized their prey with theirmouths,pythons swiftly coil themselves around it andsuffocate it.A. Until B. BecauseC. Since D. After12. –––– running grizzly bears are capable ofattaining speeds of 35 miles an hour.A. So that B. WhenC. Though D. So13. –––– making a person ill enough to warranthospitalization, poison ivy does not kill.A. As soon as B. SinceC. While D. So that
  • 19. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com14. –––– declaring the area useless, DanielWebstercould not have foretold how irrigation wouldm[k_ C[li`orni[‖s Imp_ri[l V[ll_y loom.A. Because B. WhenC. Though D. So that15. –––– plowing the field, the farmer uncoveredadinosaur jawbone.A. As though B. WhileC. Since D. Until16. –––– publicly executed in 1536 for makingwhathis enemies considered a false translation of theBible, William Tyndale wrote a version whichbecame the foundation of subsequent Englishversions.A. As if B. AfterC. When D. Although17. ––––, their small size and the thin soil makethemeasy to [ bik_r‖s b__l.A. Alpine flowers which can resist wind, cold, andsnowB. When alpine flowers can resist wind, cold, andsnowC. While alpine flowers can resist wind, cold, andsnowD. Alpine flowers resisting wind, cold, and snow18. –––– pandas eat bamboo almost exclusively,theyare also carnivorous.A. Not only B. UntilC. As soon as D. Although19. Although –––– a country illegally is risky, thealien who finds work may believe the riskworthwhile.A. when entering B. he entersC. entering D. having entered20. The Andean condor glides on currents and^o_sn‖t `l[p its winas –––– it must do so to reachupdrafts.A. Because B. untilC. that D. as if21. –––– sighting an approaching car drivers tendtospeed up.A. When slowing down instead ofB. Instead when slowing down atC. When instead of slowing downD. Instead of slowing down when22. –––– to England remain strong, the ChannelIslanders are exempt from most British taxes.A. Although their ties B. Although tiedC. Before their ties D. Tied23. ––––, the travelers found that their flight hadbeen canceled because of the severe snowstorm.A. That they arrived at the airportB. As soon as arriving at the airportC. At the airportD. They arrived at the airport24. When competing in a demolition derby, –––untiltheir cars are demolished.A. that drivers continueB. drivers must continueC. drivers continuingD. although drivers must continue25. –––– governments point with pride toincreasingmechanization in agriculture, human and animalpower still produces a significant portion of theworl^‖s `oo^.A. Since B. Because
  • 20. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. So that D. While26. ––––, tobacco farmers had not yet felt itseffect.A. Though a campaign against smokingB. That there was a campaign against smokingC. Even though there was a campaign againstsmokingD. There was a campaign against smoking27. There were few settlements along the NorthCarolina coast –––– many problems forseafarers.A. Because the offshore barrier posedB. before posing the offshore barrierC. while posing the offshore barrierD. that the offshore barrier had posed28. –––– since the death of her father.A. The ancestral home of my mother abandonedB. My motb_r‖s [n]_str[l bom_ st[n^inaabandonedC. My motb_r‖s [n]_str[l bom_ b[s stoo^abandonedD. My motb_r‖s [ncestral home which has stoodabandoned29. ––––, the owner and buyer finally agreed on aprice for the house.A. They had been bargaining for several weeksB. After bargaining for several weeksC. After several weeks they began bargainingD. As if bargaining for several weeks30. –––– of the tranquilizer, the scientist put atag onits ear recorded details about the animal.A. While under the effect the deerB. While being under the effect the deerC. While the deer was under the effectD. While the deer under the effect31. –––– the finish line fist, the runner gave up.A. Having failed to reachB. Having failed reachingC. He failed to reachD. That failed reaching32. –––– the United States consists of manydifferent immigrant groups; manysociologists believe there is a distinct nationalcharacter.A. In spite of B. DespiteC. Even though D. Whether33. –––– ended traffic on the Mississippi River,Mark Twain left his job as a river pilot andmoved west to Carson City.A. During the Civil WarB. Because the Civil War wasC. That the Civil War wasD. When the Civil War34. –––– are the juice and pulp of the grapeuseful, but various products are made fromthe skins and seeds.A. Not that they B. They neverC. Neither D. Not only35. Neon is said to be inert –––– does not reacteasily with other substances.A. because of it B. because itC. it is because D. is because it36. –––– he has created striking stage settings fortheMartha Graham dance company, artist IsamuNoguchi is more famous for his sculpture.A. But not B. NeverthelessC. In spite of D. Although37. Automatons programmed to perform a giventask –––– the flexibility and adaptability ofhuman beings.A. without B. lackC. minus D. not having
  • 21. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com38. Some metals are malleable, –––– others are sobrittle that they break easily when bent quickly.A. but B. likeC. there D. which39. An ultrasonic wave has –––– a high frequencythat it is inaudible.A. therefore B. aboveC. such D. thus40. The changes in this city have occurred ––––.A. with swiftness B. rapidlyC. fastly D. in rapid ways41. –––– received law degrees as today.A. Never so many women haveB. Never have so many womenC. Tb_ wom_n [r_n‖t _v_rD. Women who have never42. Mr. Duncan does not know –––– the lawnmowerafter they had finished using it.A. where did they put B. where they did putC. where they put D. where to put43. Our flight from Amsterdam to London wasdelayed –––– the heavy fog.A. because of B. becauseC. on account D. as result44. Of the two new teachers, one is experiencedand––.A. the others are notB. another is inexperiencedC. the other is notD. other lacks experience45. He has received several scholarships ––––.A. not only because of his artistic but hisacademicabilityB. for both his academic ability as well as hisartisticC. because of his academic and artistic abilityD. as resulting of his ability in the art and theacademy46. –––– did Arthur realize that there wasdanger.A. Upon entering the storeB. When he entered the storeC. After he had entered the storeD. Only after entering the store47. –––– the best car to buy is a Mercedes Benz.A. Because of its durability and economyB. Because it lasts a long time, and it is veryeconomicalC. Because of its durability and it is economicalD. Because durability and economy wise it isbetterthan all the others48. John has not been able to recall where ––––.A. does she live B. she livesC. did she live D. lived the girl49. He ––– looked forward to the new venture.A. eagerlyB. with great eagernessC. eagernesslyD. in a state of increasing eagerness50. People all over the world are starving ––––.A. greater in numbers B. in more numbersC. more numerously D. in greater numbers51. The jurors were told to ––––.A. talk all they wantedB. make lots of expressionsC. speak freelyD. talk with their minds open52. Jack understood everyone ––––.A. perfect B. perfectlyC. perfection D. perfections
  • 22. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comE. perfectfully53. Please do –––– as your doctor says.A. exactness B. exact C. exactlyD. exactful E. exacting54. From the top of empire state building touristareable ––––.A. too clearly see New YorkB. to see clear New YorkC. to clearly see New YorkD. to see clearly New YorkE. to see New York clearly55. –––– speaking, curriculum includes allexperiences.A. Broad B. BroadlyC. Broadless D. BroadfullyE. Broadful56. Passengers travel –––– in the new Jumbo Jets.A. comfortable & safeB. comfortably and safelyC. comfortable and safelyD. comfortable and safeE. comfortably and safe57. Helen types ––––.A. fastly & efficientlyB. fast and efficientlyC. fast & efficientD. fastly and efficientE. faster and efficient58. The plane is scheduled to arrive ––––.A. lately B. latenessC. late D. latestE. latelinely59. He tried as –––– as he could.A. hardly B. harderC. hardest D. hardE. hardfully60. When students register –––– for class theymustpay an additional fee.A. late B. latelyC. lateness D. latestE. lateful61. First class mail travels as –––– as airmail.A. fast B. fastlyC. faster D. fastestE. fasterly62. –––– in that hotel.A. Never again they will stayB. Never again they stayC. Never again stayD. Never again will stayE. Never again will they stay63. Only rarely ––––.A. an accident has occurredB. an accident occurredC. occurred an accidentD. has an accident occurredE. has occurred an accident64. Very Seldom –––– my attention like this one.A. can a movie hold B. a movie can holdC. can hold a movie D. a movie holdE. hold a movie can.65. Not one paper –––– on time.A. She has finished B. has finished sheC. has she finished D. has she finishesE. finished she has66. Not once –––– us to their house.A. Steve and Jane have invitedB. have Steve and Jane invitedC. Steve and Jane invitedD. have invited Steve and JaneE. have Steve and Jane invites67. –––– the light rain, the baseball game was not
  • 23. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comcanceled.A. Despite of B. Despite forC. Despite D. The spiteE. Because68. They are still planning to get married ––––theirdisagreement.A. despite of B. in spite ofC. because of D. becauseE. in spite69. –––– the interruption, she was able to finishherassignment.A. In spite B. Because ofC. Despite of D. DespiteE. Because70. –––– their quarrel, they are good friends.A. Though B. Despite ofC. Because of D. BecauseE. In spite of71. –––– the delay, they arrived on time.A. Despite B. Despite ofC. Because D. Because ofE. In spite for72. The –––– is not legal unless everyone signshishome.A. agreeing B. agreementC. agree D. agreementationE. agreely73. Even young children begin to show –––– inMathematics.A. able to B. abilityC. able D. ability forE. able for74. –––– have been made for the funeral.A. Arranging B. ArrangementsC. Arrange D. ArrangementE. Arranged75. A free –––– is guaranteed to every citizen.A. educating B. educatedC. education D. educatedE. educative76. The –––– of hybrids has increased yields.A. develop B. developmentC. developing D. developedE. develop ion77. Class will be canceled tomorrow –––– it is anational holiday.A. because B. because ofC. though D. despiteE. in spite of78. She was absent –––– her cold.A. although B. becauseC. because of D. despiteE. in spite79. Jobn‖s `[mily is v_ry b[ppy –––– he has beenawarded a scholarship.A. because B. althoughC. because of D. despite ofE. in spite of80. She did not buy it –––– the price was toohigh.A. although B. despiteC. because of D. becauseE. in spite81. It was difficult to see the road clearly ––––therain.A. because B. because ofC. although D. despiteE. in spite of82. He borrowed the money –––– he could finishhis
  • 24. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comeducation.A. so B. so thatC. so what D. whyE. that83. Larry took a bus from New York to NewJersey–––– he could see the country.A. so that B. so whatC. so D. so whatE. that84. Don‖t `ora_t to r_aist_r your name –––– youcanvote in the election.A. so B. so whatC. so that D. whatE. that85. ––––Hasan and his wife, three couples areinvited.A. Beside B. BesidesC. for D. toE. over86. –––– Dominos, four other pizza places deliver.A. Beside B. BesidesC. for D. toE. over87. We sat –––– the teacher.A. beside B. besidesC. for D. toE. over88. Jenny has lots of friends –––– her roommate.A. beside B. besidesC. for D. toE. over89. –––– us s_rvi]_, tb_r_ isn‖t [ny puli]transportationA. Beside B. BesidesC. For D. ToE. Over90. All of the group –––– Raza went to lake.A. except B. except toC. exception D. exceptingE. exception to91. All of the students –––– the seniors willreceivetheir grades.A. except B. except toC. excepting D. butE. A + D92. Everyone –––– Rana wants milk in the tea.A. except B. except toC. excepting D. exception93. None –––– Ruma knows very much about it.A. except B. butC. except to D. exceptingE. A + B94. Tb_ m[il ]om_s [t t_n o‖]lo]k _v_ry^[y ––––Saturday.A. not B. exceptC. except to D. exceptingE. exception95. The choice is –––– vanilla, chocolate andstrawberry ice cream cone.A. between B. amongC. at D. dividedE. A + B96. John and his wife solved their problems ––––them.A. between B. amongC. before D. afterE. A + B97. Profits are divided –––– the stockholders ofthecorporation.A. between B. among
  • 25. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. since D. exceptE. besides98. The votes were evenly divided –––– the B.N.Pand the A.L.A. between B. among C. forD. since E. except99. Find the correct sentence-A. The property was divided equally among hissonand daughterB. The property was divided equally between hissons and daughters.C. The property was divided equally among hissonsand daughters.D. The property was divided equally between hissonand daughter.E. both C + D100. By using coupons, you can get discount on alotof things –––– groceries, toiletries & householditems.A. such B. as suchC. such as D. examplesE. such as for101. Taking care of pets –––– dogs and cats canteachchildren lessons in responsibility.A. such B. as suchC. example D. such asE. such as for102. Some birds –––– robins and cardinals spendthewinter in the northA. such as B. as suchC. such D. exampleE. such for103. Magazines –––– Times, Newsweek publishpictorial reportsA. such as B. as suchC. such D. such forE. such for104. Jobs at restaurants –––– M]Don[l^‖s or T[]oBell are often filled by students.A. for such as B. such as forC. such D. such asE. such for105. R[n[‖s `[tb_r w[nts bim to _ an engineer ––– adoctor.A. instead B. instead ofC. except D. butE. none106. Could I have rice –––– potatoes please?A. instead B. instead ofC. excepting D. exception toE. except to107. She likes to go to movies –––– to class.A. instead B. instead ofC. stead of D. insteadingE. except108. We choose Raihan –––– Rabbi as ourrepresentative.A. instead B. instead ofC. instead from D. stead ofE. except109. It‖s _tt_r to uy `oo^s –––– buying snacks.A. instead B. instead ofC. instead from D. stead ofE. except110. Be careful not to get sunburned –––– out ofthebeach too long.
  • 26. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comA. from stay B. for stayC. from staying D. for stayingE. because staying111. We felt sleepy all day –––– television so latelastnight.A. for watching B. from watchingC. to watch D. because watchE. for watch112. Toe is going to get sick –––– to much.A. too study B. to studyC. from studying D. for studyingE. to studying113. If you go early, you will just get nervous ––––.A. to waiting B. to waitC. for waiting D. from waitingE. in waiting114. The car is really hot –––– in the sun all day.A. the sitting B. from sittingC. sit D. from to sitE. to sit115. I bought a trunk –––– my winter clothes.A. for to store B. for storeC. to store D. to for storingE. to storing.116. She has a CB radio in her car ––––emergencies.A. for B. to C. inD. on E. as117. Each room has its own thermostat –––– thetemperature.A. for to control B. to for controlC. to controlling D. for controlE. for controlling118. Sam needs another VCR –––– videotapes.A. for copy B. to copy C. for to copyD. from copying E. to copying119. Wby ^on‖t you us_ tb_ mi]ros]op_ in tb_ l[–––– the specimen.A. for examine B. for examiningC. to examine D. to examiningE. from examining120. You can win ––––.A. for practicing B. to practiceC. from practicing D. by practicingE. by to practice.121. Make a reservation –––– our 800 number.A. for calling B. to call C. by callD. from calling E. by calling122. Biva lost weight ––––.A. for hiking B. to hikeC. by hiking D. from hikingE. to hiking123. Gloria made a lot of friends –––– in thecafeteria.A. to working B. for workingC. to work D. by workingE. from working124. Choose the correct answer –––– the letter.A. for marking B. by markingC. to mark D. from markingE. with mark125. The key officials responded ––––.A. evasive B. evasivelyC. in a evasive mannerD. in a manner that was evasiveE. in evasive126. David knows a great deal ––––.A. in terms of the situationB. of the condition of the situation.C. in terms of condition of the situationD. about the condition of the situation.
  • 27. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comE. about the situation.127. The Problem was ––––.A. Very difficult in characterB. Very difficult in natureC. difficult characterD. difficult nature E. difficult128. Choose the correct sentence:A. She is not only famous in the USA but alsoabroad.B. She is not famous only in the USA but abroadalso.C. She is not only famous in the USA but abroadalso.D. She is famous not only in the USA but alsoabroad.E. She is famous not in the USA only but alsoabroad.129. Choose the correct sentence:A. The exam tested both listening and to read.B. The exam tested both to listen and reading.C. The exam tested both listening and reading.D. The exam tested both listen and read.E. The exam tested and listening both reading.130. Choose the correct sentence:A. He is not only intelligent but also he iscreativeB. He not only is intelligent but also he iscreativeC. Not only he is intelligent but also creativeD. He is not only intelligent but creative alsoE. He is not only intelligent but also creative131. Choose the correct sentence:A. Flying is not only faster but also safer thantraveling.B. Flying is not only faster but also it is saferthantraveling.C. Flying is not faster only but safer also thantraveling.D. Flying is faster not only safer but also thantraveling.E. Flying is faster only but safer also thantraveling.132. Choose the correct sentence:A. He registered for both Engineering andMathematics.B. He registered for both Engineering and tostudyMathematics.C. He registered for Engineering and Mathematicsboth.D. He registered for both Engineering andMathematics also.E. He registered for Engineering both andMathematics.133. This is the way ––––.A. coming the last timeB. come the last timeC. comes the last timeD. to come the last timeE. we came the last time134. These are the one that––––A. we bought B. bought C. buyD. buying E. to buy135. This book is the one that––––A. our class B. our class usedC. our class using D. our class useE. our class to use136. These are the assignments that––––A. our teacher giving usB. our teacher to give usC. our teacher giveD. our teacher gave usE. our teacher
  • 28. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com137. These are some things that––––A. ^on‖t un^_rst[n^ B. ^o_s not un^_rst[n^C. ^i^n‖t un^_rst[n^ D. un^_rst[n^E. I ^on‖t un^_rst[n^138. It is a shame that ––––A. you missing the movie B. you is missingC. you to miss the movie D. you missed the movieE. you misses the movie139. She knows that ––––A. mistakes in grammar B. mistake ion grammarC. mistaking in grammar D. to mistake ingrammarE. she mistakes in grammar140. He said that–––––A. going was he wanted B. going was he hadwantedC. he wanted to go D. wanted to go heE. go was he wanted141. I noticed that ––––A. M[ry‖s [s_n]_ to^[y B. M[ry w[s [s_nttodayC. Mary absence today D. Mary was absence todayE. Mary absent today142. The experiment proved that ––––A. less water for the plantsB. need less water for the plantsC. needing less water for the plantsD. the plants needed less waterE. less water needed for the plantsAnswer Keys:1. d 2. b 3. a 4. a 5. c 6. b 7. c 8. d 9. b 10. a 11. d 12. b 13. c 14. b 15. b 16. d 17. c 18. d19. c 20. b 21. d 22. A 23. c 24. b 25. d 26. c 27. a 28. c 29. b 30. c 31. a 32. c 33. d 34. d35. b 36. d 37. a 38. a 39. c 40. b 41. b 42. C 43. a 44. c 45. c 46. d 47. b 48. b 49. a 50. d51. c 52.b 53.c 54.d 55.b 56.b 57.b 58.c 59.d 60.a 61. a 62. e 63. d 64. a 65.c 66. b 67.c68. b 69. d 70. e 71. a 72. b 73. b 74. b 75. c 76. b 77. a 78. c 79. a 80. d 81. b 82. b 83. a84. c 85. b 86. b 87. a 88. b 89. b 90. a 91. a 92. a 93. b 94. b 95. b 96. a 97. b 98. a 99. e100. c 101. d 102. a 103. a 104. d 105. b 106. b 107. b 108. b 109. b 110. c 111. b 112. c113. d 114. b 115. c 116. a 117. e 118. b 119. c 120. b 121. c 122. c 123. d 124. b 125. b126. b 127. b 128. a 129. c 130. e 131. a 132. a 133. e 134. a 135. b 136. d 137.e 138. d 139. e 140. c 141. b 142. d 143. b 144. c 145. b
  • 29. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com1. She looked up ––––– on particularly toccasion than she had ever done.A. much beautifullyB. much more beautifulC. much more beautifullyD. more beautifulE. far beautifully2. To ––––– we give the contract is importantthem.A. who B. whom C. whomeverD. whose E. how3. Coffee and tea ––––– more expensive now.A. is B. has C. haveD. are E. had.4. No friend and no relative ––––– for him.A. cares B. care C. caringD. are care E. is care.5. Five dozen ––––– me taka seventy.A. costs B. costing C. costD. has cost E. had cost.6. We ––––– the assignment three days beforel[st Fri^[y‖s ^_[^lin_.A. completed B. had completedC. will complete D. were completingE. will have completed.7. Add this amount ––––– that.A. with B. in C. to D. by E. at8. He is absorbed ––––– thought.A. in B. on C. withD. upon E. at9. For ––––– this design was prepared is still amystery.A. who B. whom C. whomeverD. whose E. why10. Choose the synonym of COUNTERFEIT.A. risk B. fake C. frailtyD. dull E. excessive11. Choose the correct spelling.A. Rhodendron B. RhododendronC. Rhodondron D. RhodedondronE. None of the above12. Choose the correct option: -A. He is one of the best boy of the class.B. One of the best boys are coming today.C. He is one of the best boys of the class.D. One of the best boy has already come.E. Both a+c.13. Choose the antonym of AUTHENTIC -A. Adept B. CounterfeitC. Brief D. OpenE. Benevolent14. Choose the correct sentence:A. You are one of the most honest man I haveever seen.B. You are more honest than anybody I haveever seen is.C. You are more honest than anybody else I haveever seen is.D. You are one of the most honest men I haveever seen.E. You are one of the more honest men I haveever seen.15. He is – of the two pedestrians.A. better B. best C. the bestD. the better E. c+d.16. Choose the synonym of RELEVANT.A. Poverty B. Pertinent
  • 30. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC.Ttimely D. JoyE. Huge17. Choose the correct spelling.A. Pomegrante B. PomegraniteC. Pomgranate D. PomegranateE. None of the above18. The more he tried hard to dance –A. the more he failedB. the most he failedC. the less he failedD. more he failed to do thatE. he failed to do that.19. He looks ––––– now than he looked before.A. much careful B. more carefullyC. much more careful D. carefulE. carefully.20. Choose the correct sentence.A. Rarely she does well in the examination.B. Rarely does she well in the examination.C. Rarely she did well in the examination.D. Rarely she does not well in the examination.E. Rarely does she not well in the examination.21. Your complaint is no different from the lastcustomer who expected a refund.A. no different fromB. no different from that ofC. similar toD. no different than that ofE. the same as.Correcting the grammatically incorrect part inthefollowing sentence, if necessary. (22 - 25)22. Nobles customarily drunk their wine fromelaborately chased drink horns.A. drunk B. have drinkedC. drank D. had drunkenE. drinking.23. ––––– the scene of the accident, I could haveadministered first aid to the victims.A. Had I seen B. If I wereC. If I was D. I should have beenE. I might have been.24. It is not for you to take responsibility; it is,rather, me who is the guilty person in thismatter.A. me who is B. me who amC. I who is D. I who areE. I who am.25. With the exception of him and I, everyone inclass finished the assignment before the bellrang.A. I, everyone B. me, everyoneC. my, everyone D. I, oneE. me one.26. Which is the correct spelling:A. Anesthesia B. MediaevalC. Messenger D. InterruptionE. All of the above.27. GAGGLE: GEESEA. Coop: Chickens B. Muzzle: EggsC. Gill : Fish D. Swarm: Bees.E. Almanac: Dates.28. TEAM: ATHIETES:A. Game: SeriesB. Alliance: NationsC. Delegates: AlternatesD. Congregation : PreachersE. Merge: Corporation.29. AMASS: WEALTH:A. Lavish: bribesB. Garner: GrainC. Disperse: EnemyD. Refund: DepositE. Obese: Corpulent.
  • 31. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com30. One argument against the welfare system isthatit ––––– r_]ipi_nt‖s in^_p_n^_n]_.A. encourage B. reports C. aidsD. saps E. steps.31. More ivory is obtained from elephants inAfrica––––– elephants in Asia.A. rather than B. more thanC. than from D. as well asE. from than.32. Where the suffix has not been properly used:A. congruent B. inadvertentC. unbelievable D. both a+bE. none of these.33. Find out the incorrect part.Neither you nor IAcan realize affectBhis behaviorwill haveCon his chances for promotionD. No errorE34. IfAthe flag is givenBto him, Juan and hismCshouldbe of the beginingDof procession. No errorE.35. NeitherAthe reporters nor the editor WereBSatisfied withCthe salary offer made byDthepublisher . No errorE.36. Which one is correct?A. Questionnaire B. ResturantC. Thermometre D. ParalelogramE. None of these.37. Which sentence is correct?A. I will meet Mr. Jane next Sunday.B. I wish, I had the wings of a bird.C. I have had my revenge at last.D. The president and secretary was present in themeeting.E. All of these.38. Before the 1900s., Children ..... in the yards oftheir homes and in the streets.A. playing B. played C. has playedD. are playing E. None.39. Many critics of plea bargaining ---- it allowslarge numbers of criminals to escapeappropriate punishment.A. believed it B. to believeC. believing D. believe E. a+b.40. To get an idea o` [ soil‖s porosity, ---- a smallamount of top in your hand.A. to rub B. rubbing
  • 32. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. rubbed D. rub E. None.41. The risks of developing cancer can ----by notsmoking and by drinking in moderation.A. be significantly reducedB. to be significantly reducedC. significantly reduceD. to reduce significantlyE. None.42. Even though many couples ---- smallerfamilies, the number to births could rise.A. now having B. now hasC. are now having D. is now havingE. a+b.43. To make up for losses in revenue, buscompanies ---- service and maintenance.A. cutting B. tends to cutC. tending to cut D. tend to cut E. None.44. City planners in Sr. Paul ––––– models forbuilding compact towns and cities.A. proposing B. have proposedC. proposed D. proposalE. None.45. Refrigeration ––––– food spoilage by keepingtemperature near or below freezingA. prevention B. preventsC. preventing D. is preventedE. None.46. Every year both large and small businesses ––––– into financial trouble.A. getting B. gets C. gottenD. get E. gate.47. Why ----to sell products?A. companies have B. do companies haveC. companies do have D. companies did haveE. None.48. According to comparison which one iscorrect?A. This encyclopedia costs twice more than theother one.B. This encyclopedia costs twice so much theother oneC. This encyclopedia costs twice as much as theother oneD. This encyclopedia costs twice much morethan the other one.E. None.49. Cboos_ tb_ ]orr_]t synonym o` ―PACIFIC‖A. Apathy B. Calm C. ApexD. Banal E. a+b.50. Choose the correct synonym of―MANDATORY‖A. Massive B. HappyC. Compulsory D. RecklessE. a+b51. Choose the correct synonym of―PARSIMONIOUS‖A. Economical B. PlacidC. Competent D. CredulousE. None.52. Cboos_ tb_ ]orr_]t synonym o` ―ABRIDGE‖A. Adore B. SupportC. Reconcile D. ShortenE. None.53. Choose the correct synonym of―PROMINENT‖A. Disaster B. Easy C. ReclusiveD. Eminent E. None.54. Cboos_ tb_ ]orr_]t [ntonym o` ―SANGUINE‖A. Pessimistic B. Lazy C. RashD. Rage E. None.55. Choose th_ ]orr_]t [ntonym o` ―SHABBY‖A. Hostile B. Sober C. AstuteD. New E. None.56. Cboos_ tb_ ]orr_]t [ntonym o` ―SCANTY‖
  • 33. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comA. Talkative B. Avid C. CopiousD. Jolly E. None.57. After reading the letter, he ––––– that themanager was attempting to ––––– a contractwith him.A. implied --- abrogate B. surmised --- breachC. inferred -- negotiate D. imposed --- nullifyE. a+b.58. Mr. Sizer was walking ––––– a wood ––––– arainy day.A. to - or B. trough – onC. of -- through D. by – in E. None.59. That is the person ––––– I was speaking –––––A. whom - with B. whom – toC. who - with D. who – to E. None.60. Choose the correct spelling.A. Monologue B. MountaineerC. Mushroom D. All of the aboveE. None.61. Find out the incorrect spelling.A. Predecesor B. PerseveranceC. Pronunciation D. All of the aboveE. a+b.62. Choose the incorrect spelling.A. Psychology B. MaintenanceC. Progresion D. MiscellaneousE. None.63. Find out the incorrect spelling.A. Redundency B. RhododendronC. Rendezvous D. SagaciousE. None.64. Find out the correct spelling.A. Penicillin B. SovereigntyC. Submission D. All of the aboveE. None.65. Choose the correct option.A. The speed of this engine is greater than theold one.B. The speed of this engine is greater than that ofthe old one.C. The speed of this engine is greatest than thatof the old one.D. The speed of this engine greater than the oldoneE. Both a + b.66. Find out the correct option for the underlinedwords. Your courage is as great as any otherman in defending your country.A. as great as any other man.B. so great as any other man.C. great like any other manD. as great as that of any other manE. as that of any man.67. Find the correct option.A. These two lines are more parallel the others.B. These two lines are parallel and the others arenot.C. The box is more square than the other.D. both a+c E. both b+c.68. The food in my country is very ––––– that inour country.A. different B. different thanC. different from D. differE. differ from69. Which word is ]orr_]t witb ―Pr_`ix‖ ―im‖?A. mortal B. measurableC. possible D. matureE. All of the above.70. Noun o` tb_ wor^ ‗APPROVE‘ is —A. Approving B. ApprovedC. Approveness D. Approval E. None.71. Which one is a correct sentence?A. I am going for a walk daily.B. He has just come here yesterday.
  • 34. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. I go for a walk daily.D. He has just come here. E. Both c + d.72. Choose the correct option.A. The sky was blackker than coalB. The color of her eyes was more misty.C. Antarctica is the most lonely place on earth.D. None of the above E. a+b.73. Choose the correct option.A. Her look was more glassier than the sunshine.B. Sandra sat nearer to the window than I.C. The bridge was as narrow as a laneD. Both b+c E. None.74. Complete the sentence.It wasn‖t so [^ ––––– we expected.A. that B. than C. asD. None of the above E. a+b.75. Complete the sentence.His assignment is different ––––– mine.A. from B. than C. asD. to E. for.76. Choose the correct option.A. The university is farther than the mall.B. The more you practice your steps will be moreperfect.C. To^[y is bott_r tb[n y_st_r^[y‖s.D. Both a+cE. None.77. Complete the sentence.No animal is so big ––––– the blue whale.A. than B. from C. butD. as E. to.78. Choose the correct option.A. Tb_ `irst st_p is tb_ most import[nt o` [ll‖B. The Mexico earthquake of 1985 was farworser than that of 1979C. Nannu is as cleverer as bulbul.D. None of the above E. a+b.79. Choose the incorrect option.A. Of the four exams this one was the harder.B. This job is more boring than the previous one.C. She looks as pretty as a doll.D. All of the above E. None.80. Complete the sentence.The second half of the book is ––––– exciting ––––– the first.A. as, so B. so, asC. more, than D. as much, thanE. None.81. Choose the correct option.A. Steve reads more quickly than his brother.B. She does twice as much work as her brother.C. The more he rowed the boat, the farther hegotaway.D. Both b + c E. a+c.82. Choose the incorrect option.A. You have more experience than anybodyapplying for the post.B. Who is the more famous novelist in thecountry?C. The museum is farther away of the threebuilding.D. All of the above E. None.83. Complete the sentence.We received no notification prior ––––– theevent.A. as B. than C. toD. at E. it.84. Choose the correct sentence.A. The former world cup champion France failedto show their prowess.B. One of the more upper rooms is damaged.C. I chose neither them.D. All of the above
  • 35. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comE. None.85. Complete the sentence.The ––––– part of the address contained someimportant points.A. later. B. latter. C. more late.D. None of the above E. a+b.86. Choose the correct option.A. This summary is the best of the pair.B. My last test was bad than this one.C. We have little gas this year than we had lastyear.D. None of the above E. a+b.87. Choose the correct option.A. Many of us does office work.B. The painting will be awarded to whomeversells the most tickets.C. Several of them have arrived already.D. None of the above E. a+b.Read the following passage carefully andanswer the questions:It is ironic that, migratory birds, fondly called―au_st ir^s‖ [r_ `[r `rom tr_[t_^ witb bospit[lityand instead are often trapped poisoned; Shot^_[^ y uns]rupulous ―bosts‖ in B[nal[^_sb. Agood number of winter ducks, geese andshorebirdsperish here every year. This happensmainly because of a small number of affluentpeople who see these birds as a delicacy tosatisfy their greedy palates rather than as theinvaluable international treasures that they are.Statistics show that thenumber of these birds have been decliningrapidly over the past few years. It is the lack ofawareness in the society that is leading to the saddemise of the bird population. The only way toEnglish – Lec – 18save the birds is to create a strong awarenessamong people from all walks of life throughdifferent initiatives and management programs.88. An appropriate title for this passage is -A. Guest birds: the beauty of natureB. Guest birds: the international resourceC. Guest birds: threatened by human predatorsD. Guest birds: on the verge of extinctionE. None.89. ―Ironi]‖ m_[ns -A. Satirical B. Chronic C. AnnoyedD. Capsize E. None.90. ―Hospit[lity‖ is -A. Verb B. Adjective C. NounD. Adverb E. a+b.91. What is responsible for decreasing thenumber of guest bird?A. P_opl_‖s [``lu_n]_B. Human greedC. Lack of awarenessD. The climateE. Capsize.92. Winter ducks, geese and shore birds perishbecause -A. They become the food of opulent peopleB. It is the rule of nature that they will perishC. They have got a very short life-spanD. Their destiny is written like thisE. Both b+c.93. ―P[l[t_‖ is [ t_rm r_l[t_^ to -A. painting B. relaxationC. taste D. hardship of lifeE. a+b.94. Adje]tiv_ o` ―^_li][]y‖ is -A. Dedicating B. Delectable C. DeityD. Delicate E. None.95. ―T_rril_‖ m_[ns -
  • 36. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comA. unenviable B. dreadfulC. rival D. potentialE. None96. Five ounces of skim milk contains ––––– thesame volume of regular milk.A. more than protein asB. more protein thanC. more proteinD. as more proteinE. None97. The mass of insects on Earth is ––––– allotherland animals combined.A. greater than that ofB. as large asC. more greaterD. broader than the one ofE. None.98. Everest being the highest, K2 is –––––mountain peak in the world.A. the second of the B. of the second highestC. the second highest of the levelD. the second highest E. None.99. ––––– on an airplanes wings, the less theresistance on the craft and the greater its fullefficiency.A. The smaller the amount dragB. The smaller dragC. If the smaller the amount of dragD. The smaller the amount of dragE. a+b.100. Humans reach physical maturity more slowlythan –––––A. most other large mammals wereB. most other large mammalsC. does most other large mammalsD. the most other large mammals.E. a+c.101. Though they travel ––––– central America,the swallows always make a punctual returnto the mission in Capistrano.A. far away as B. far as awayC. as far away as D. away as farE. None.102. Even With vast research, there is still a greatdeal that is ––––– known about the workingsof the human brain.A. neither B. none C. noD. not E. None.103. Seldom ––––– games been of practical use inplaying real games.A. theories of mathematicsB. theorized as mathematicsC. has the mathematical theory ofD. the mathematical theory has104. A microscope can reveal vastly ––––– detailthan is visible to the naked eye.A. than B. than moreC. more than D. more105. Andy Warhol was ––––– in the Pop Artmovement who was known for his multiimagesilk-screen paintings.A. that one of a leading figureB. a leading figureC. leading figuresD. who leads figures106. The air inside a house or office buildingoftenhas higher concentrations of contaminants ––––– heavily polluted outside air.A. than does B. moreEnglish – Lec – 19C. as some that are D. like of
  • 37. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com107. The decimal numeral system is one of the ––––– ways of expressing numbers.A. us_`ul most worl^‖sB. worl^‖s most us_`ulC. us_`ul worl^‖s mostD. most worl^‖s us_`ul108. Not only ––––– to determine the depth oftheocean floor, but it is also used to locate oil.A. to use seismologyB. is seismology usedC. seismology is usedD. using seismology109. The United States spends more money onadvertising ––––– country in the world.A. other B. other thanC. than any other D. while other110. Tommy was one –––––A. of the happy childs of his classB. of the happiest child in the classC. child who was the happiest of all the classD. of the happiest children in the class111. Last year, Matt earned ––––– his brother,who has a better position.A. twice as much asB. twice more thanC. twice as many asD. twice as more as112. There were two small rooms in the beachhouse, ––––– served as a kitchen.A. the smaller of whichB. the smallest of whichC. the smaller of themD. smallest of that113. Cuba is ––––– sugar-growing areas in theworld.A. one of the larger B. one of largestC. one of the largest D. largest114. The facilities of the older hospital –––––.A. is as good or better than the new hospitalB. are as good or better that the new hospitalC. are as good as or better than the new hospitalD. are as good as or better than those of the newhospital115. The more she worked, –––––A. the less she achievedB. she achieved not enoughC. she did not achieve enoughD. she was achieving less116. The classes at Dhaka University are–– atStateUniversity.A. differentB. different fromC. different from thoseD. different thanE. different than those117. The English that is spoken in Canada is –––––the United States.A. SimilarB. similar toC. Similar to theD. Similar to that ofE. Similar to those of118. Find the correct sentenceA. Drugstores here are not like those at home.B. Drugstores here are not like at home.C. Drugstores here are not like that at home.D. Drugstores here are not like that those athome.E. Drugstores her are not like than those athome.
  • 38. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com119. The time in Dhaka city ––––– three minutesfrom that of khulna city.A. different B. differsC. different from D. differs fromE. different than120. Her qualifications are better ––––– any othercandidateA. than those B. than that ofC. those D. than those ofE. than121. Pro`_ssor B[k_r‖s ]l[ss is –– Professorwilliams.A. more interesting thanB. much interesting thanC. more interesting than that ofD. very interesting than that ofE. more interesting than those of122. The audience is ––––– l[st y_[r‖s ]on]_rtA. much larger than that ofB. more larger than that ofC. much larger than thatD. more larger than thatE. much larger than those of123. The rooms in the front are ––––– in the backA. more noisier than thoseB. much noisier than thoseC. much noisy than thoseD. more noisy than thoseE. much noisier than that124. Find the correct sentenceA. The interest at city Bank is higher than SonaliBankEnglish – Lec – 20B. The interest at city Bank is higher than that ofSonali BankC. The interest at city Bank is higher than thoseof Sonali BankD. The interest at city bank is higher than SonaliBankE. The interest at City Bank is more high thanthat of Sonali Bank125. That car is almost ------- .A. the same B. alikeC. the same as mine D. the same asE. similar126. My briefcase is exactly –––––.A. similar B. alikeC. the same yours D. the same as yoursE. the same as you127. Is your book –––––.A. the same mine? B. the same as me?C. the same as mine? D. similar as asE. as128. Are this picture and the one of your desk––––.A. the same? B. similar to ?C. the same as ? D. alike E. None129. The teacher gave Martha a failing grade onher composition because it was ––––– he hadalready read.A. alike B. the same asC. similar D. as E. none130. Altbouab w_ o`t_n us_ ‗sp__^‘ [n^‗v_lo]ity‘interchangeably, in [ t_]bni][l s_ns_, ‗sp__^‘is not always ––––– ‗v_lo]ity‘A. alike B. the same asC. similar D. as E. none131. I would really like to have a stereo that is ––––– the one on display.A. similar B. alikeC. similar to D. similar asE. the same
  • 39. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com132. My roomm[t_‖s v[lu_s [r_ ––––– in spite ofour being from different countries.A. similar B. similar to meC. similar to mine D. similar as mineE. similar mine133. Cli``‖s al[ss_s [r_ –––––, but his cost a lotless.A. similar B. similar to youC. similar to your D. similar as yoursE. similar to yours134. That joke is ––––– that I heard.A. similar B. alikeC. similar to D. similar asE. the same135. All of the other departments are ––––– thisone.A. similar B. alikeC. similar to D. similar asE. the same136. The vegetation in temperate zones all aroundthe world is ––––.A. similar B. likeC. same as D. as E. similar to137. The weather feels ––––– spring.A. like to B. like asC. like D. alike E. as138. This suit is ––––– that suit.A. like to B. like asC. like D. alike E. as like139. Your recipe for chicken is ––––– a recipethatmy mother has.A. like to B. like asC. like D. alike E. as like140. I want to buy some shoes ––––– the ones Ihave.A. like to B. like asC. like D. alike E. as like141. Antbony ^o_sn‖t look ––––– his brother.A. like to B. like asC. like D. alike E. as like142. Although they are smaller, chipmunks are –––––most other ground squirrels,A. like to B. like asC. like D. alike E. as like143. I want to buy a pair of shoes ––––– tb_s_ I‖mwearing.A. the same style B. the same style likeC. the same style as D. same style asE. same style like144. This is not ––––– he rest of the apartments.A. the same big like B. the same big asC. same big as D. same big likeE. the same big145. The gold chain that Edith saw is ––––– yours.A. the same weight like B. the same weightC. same weight like D. the same weight asE. same weight as146. Please cut my hair ––––– he style in thismagazine.A. the same length B. the same length likeC. the same length as D. same length likeE. same length as147. Is this thread ––––– the cloth?A. the same color B. the same color likeC. same color as D. same color likeE. the same color asEnglish – Lec –21148. Some retirement communities will not sellproperty to new residents unless they areabout –––– the rest of the residents.A. the same age B. the same oldC. the same age as D. the same old as
  • 40. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comE. all of the above149. M[ry‖s jo is ––––– ill‖s.A. as hard B. as hard asC. as hard that D. hard asE. as hardly as150. Miss Jon_‖s Enalisb is not ––––– Dr. B[k_r‖s.A. as clear B. as clear asC. as clear that D. clear asE. as clearly as151. He is not ––––– his brother.A. as tall B. as tall asC. as tall that D. tall asE. as tall like152. The meat at the supermarket is not –––––themeat at a butcher shop.A. as expensive B. as expensive asC. as expensive that D. expensive asE. as expensive like153. College Station is not ––––– Austin.A. as big B. as big asC. as big that D. big asE. as big like154. Although the name was not popularized untilthe Middle Ages, engineering –––––civilization.A. as old as B. is as old asC. that is old as D. as old as thatE. A+B155. Although they are both weekly newsmagazines, Times is ––––– Newsweek inseveral ways.A. differ B. differentC. different from D. different thanE. more different than156. The watch in the window is a little ––– thisone.A. differ B. differentC. different from D. different thanE. more different than157. Long distance telephone rates for daytimehours are ––––– rates for nighttime hours.A. differ B. differentC. different from D. different thanE. more different than158. A nursery school is ––––– a day care center.A. differ B. differentC. different from D. different thanE. more different than159. The tour packages that we offer are –––––most tours.A. differ B. differentC. different from D. different thanE. more different than160. The works of Picasso were quite –––– duringvarious periods of his artistic life.A. differ B. differentC. different from D. different thanE. more different than161. Sharon is ––––– other women I know.A. differ B. differentC. different from D. different thanE. more different than162. Do you have anything a little ––––– these?A. differ B. differentC. different from D. different thanE. more different than163. The campus at State University ––––– that ofCity College.A. differs B. differs fromC. different from D. different thanE. differs than164. J[yn_‖s [p[rtm_nt is v_ry ––––– Bill‖s _v_rthough they are in the same building.
  • 41. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comA. differ B. differentC. different from D. different thanE. more different than165. Customs ––––– one region of the country toanother.A. differ B. differ fromC. different from D. differ thanE. differ than166. Modern blimps like the famous Goodyearblimps –––––– the first ones in that they arefilled with helium instead of hydrogen.A. differ from B. different fromC. is different from D. different E. differthan167. This one is prettier, but it costs twice –––––the other one.A. so much as B. as much asC. as many as D. more thanE. as much that168. The rent at College Apartment is only half ––––– you pay here.A. so much as B. as much asC. as many as D. more thanE. as much that169. Bob found a job that paid twice ––––– hemade working at the library.A. so much as B. as much asC. as many as D. more thanE. as much that170. The prince was very reasonable; I wouldgladly have paid three times ––––– he asked.A. so much as B. as much asC. as many as D. more thanE. as much that171. W_ ^i^n‖t uy tb_ ][r _][us_ tb_y w[nt_^twice ––––– it was worth.A. so much as B. as much asC. as many as D. more thanE. as much that172. After the purchase of the Louisiana Territory,the United States had ––––– it had previouslyowned.A. twice more land thanB. two times more land thanC. twice as much land asD. two times much land than E. A+B173. ––––– people came to the meeting.A. More one hundredB. More than one hundredC. More then one hundredD. Much than one hundredE. Most than one hundred174. We have lived in the United States for –––––seven years.A. lesser than B. the lesser thanC. less as D. less than E. less then175. The main library has ––––– volumes.A. More one millionB. Most than one millionC. More then one millionD. Much than one millionE. More than one million176. A new shopping center on the north sidewillhave ––––– shopsA. More five hundredB. More than five hundredC. More then five hundredD. Much than five hundredE. Most than five hundred177. There are ––––– students in the lab, but onlytwo computers.A. More fifty B. More than fifty
  • 42. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. More then fifty D. Much than fiftyE. Most than fifty178. In the Great Smoke Mountains, one can see ––––– 150 different kinds of trees.A. more than B. as much asC. up as D. as many toE. all of the above179. We expect ––––– thirty people to come.A. approximate B. untilC. as many as D. moreE. as much as180. There are ––––– students attending summerschool.A. approximate B. moreC. as much as D. untilE. as many as181. The children can see ––––– baby animals inthe nursery at the zoo.A. more B. as much asC. as many as D. approximateE. until182. –––– planes have sat in line waiting to takeoff.A. as many as B. approximateC. more D. until E. as much as183. State University offers ––––– major fields ofstudy.A. as much as B. approximateC. as many as D. until E. more184. It has been estimated that ––––– onehundredthousand men participated in the gold rush of1898.A. approximate B. untilC. as many as D. more E. as much as185. This room is ––––– the other one.A. more spacious asB. more spacious thanC. more spacious thenD. the more spacious thanE. most spacious than186. The bill which we received was ––––– theestimate.A. the highest B. higher thanC. the higher than D. higher thenE. higher as187. Eileen has been ––––– lately than she waswhen she first came.A. happier B. more happyC. happiest D. the happierE. the happiest188. The books for my engineering course aremore ––––– the books for my other courses.A. expensive as B. expensive thanC. expensive then D. much expensive thanE. expensiveness than189. The climate here is ––––– that of NewEngland.A. mild than B. milder asC. the milder then D. milder thanE. much mild thanEnglish – Lec – 06 . 23190. The Disney Amusement Park in Japan is ––––Florida or California.A. the largest than the ones inB. larger than the ones in C. larger the ones inD. the largest of the ones E. A+D191. She is ––––– of all of the girls in our class.A. the prettier B. prettierC. prettiest D. the prettiestE. the most pretty192. New York is ––––– of all American cities.A. the larger B. the largest
  • 43. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. largest D. large E. larger193. Of all of the candidates, Alex is probably ––––.A. less qualified B. least qualifiedC. the least qualified D. the less qualifiedE. qualified194. Although there are a number of interestingfindings, ––––– results are in the abstract.A. the most significant B. the more significantC. more significant D. most significantE. significant195. In my opinion, ––––– place in Oregon isMount Hood.A. the more beautiful B. more beautifulC. the most beautiful D. most beautifulE. beautiful196. The blue whale is –––– known animal,reaching a length of more than one hundredfeet.A. the large B. the largerC. the largest D. most largestE. all of the above197. The lab is ––––– from the bus stop than thelibrary.A. farthest B. the farthestC. the farther D. more fartherE. farther198. ––––– accident in the history of the cityoccurred last night on the North Freeway.A. The worse B. The worstC. Worst D. Worse E. Mostworse199. These photographs are very good, but thatone is ––––– of all.A. the better B. betterC. the best D. best E. much best200. Please give me ––––– sugar than you did lasttime.A. much B. littleC. fewer D. more E. the most201. This composition is ––––– than your last one.A. better B. bestC. the better D. betterE. good202. ––––– apples are grown in Washington State.A. Best B. The most goodC. The best D. The betterE. Better203. Professor Tucker was pleased because ourgroup approached the project ––––– theothers.A. most scientifically thanB. more scientifically thanC. the more scientifically thanD. scientifically asE. scientifically than204. This train always leaves ––––– the time ontheschedule.A. later than B. latter thanC. the later than D. the latestE. latest205. Tb_ stu^_nts in Dr. N_[l‖s ]l[ss ]ompl[in_^ ––––– about the grading system.A. the more bitterly B. most bitterlyC. the most bitterly D. much bitterlyE. bitterly206. I wish we could see each other –––––.A. more frequent B. most frequentlyC. more frequently D. the more frequentlyE. the most frequently207. He drivers ––––– she does.A. faster than B. fastest
  • 44. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. the faster D. the fastestE. fast than208. Many chemicals react ––––– in acid solutions.A. more quick B. more quicklyC. quicklier D. as quickly moreE. A+B209. ––––– you study during the semester, –––––you have to study the week before exams.A. The more, the least B. The more, the lessC. The most, the less D. The lesser, the lessE. More, the less210. ––––– we finish, ––––– we can leave.A. The faster, the soonerB. The fastest, the soonerC. Faster, soonerD. The fastest, the soonestE. The faster, sooner211. The less one earns, –––––A. the less one must pay in income taxesB. one must pay fewer income taxesC. less one must pay in income taxesD. the least one must pay in income taxesEnglish – Lec – 06 . 24E. the lesser one must pay in income taxes212. –––––, the better you will do it.A. More you practice speakingB. The more you practice speakingC. The most you practice speakingD. You practice speaking moreE. You practice speaking the most213. It is generally true that the lower the stockmarket falls, –––––A. hither the price of gold risesB. the price of gold rises highC. the higher the price of gold risesD. rises high the price of goldE. all of the above
  • 45. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com1. ––––– and prolonged droughts result fromcombinations of several factors.A. Most severs, clearly B. Mostly severe, clearlyC. Clearly, most severe D. Clearly, mostseverelyE. Most sever, clearly.2. A stem may grow upright, horizontallyalong theground, and ––––– underground.A. sometimes even B. even some timeC. evenly, sometimes D. sometimes and evenE. even and sometimes.3. ––––– o` on_‖s winnina tb_ lott_ry is [outone in threemillion.A. Probably, the statistically B. Statistically, theprobableC. Statistically, the probability D. Probably, thestatisticalE. Probably, statistically.4. Pesticides do not break down easily, –––––concentrated in the food chain.A. particularly, becoming B. becomingparticularlyC. becoming particularly D. becoming particularE. None.5. The sunflower ––––– around and face inthe directionof the sun.A. can turn is slowly B. can slowly turnC. slowly, it can turn D. slowly turn andE. can turn slow.6. Mnemonic systems ––––– information so thatit can beremembered.A. organic B. organized C. organizationD. organize E. None.7. As he grow older, autistic childrenseldom –––––attachments to living creaturesA. forming B. a form C. formD. forms E. None.8. Always ––––– diskettes to their envelopesas soon asyou remove them from the disk drive.A. they return B. it is returned C. a returnD. return E. they returned.9. According to a survey, test scores –––––prominently inuniversity admission decisions.A. may be a figure B. may figure C. have afigureD. may have figures E. may have been figures.10. ––––– are periodic vibrations in theloudness of asound.A. There are beats B. That beats C. Beats
  • 46. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comD. It beats E. None.11. Small sailboats can easily capsize –––––they are nothandled carefully.A. but B. which C. ifD. so E. that.12. ––––– they are tropical birds, parrotscan live intemperate or even cold climates.A. Despite B. Even thought C. NeverthelessD. But E. Notwithstanding.13. ––––– added to a liquid, antifreeze lowers thefreezingtemperature of that liquid.A. That B. That C. It isD. When E. None.14. ––––– advertising is so widespread in theUnited States,it has had an enormous effect on American life.A. Why B. As is C. It isD. When E. How.15. ––––– toward shore, its shape is changed byits collisionwith the shallow sea bottom.A. During a wave B. As a wave C. A wave rollsD. A w[v_‖s rollina E. Non_.16. ––––– are increasingly linked over longdistances byelectronic communications, but many of themstillprefer face-to-face encounters.A. Although people B. Despite people C. TodaypeopleD. The fact that people E. a+b.17. ––––– together in one place, they form acommunity.A. When people who live B. When people livingC. Whenever people live D. Whenever livingpeopleE. When who lives.18. ––––– managed by an independent governorand boardof directors, the Bank of Canada is owned byCanadiangovernment.A. And yet B. In spite C. AlthoughD. It is E. Yet.19. ––––– pieces of rope are of differentthickness, thew_[v_r‖s knot ][n _ us_^ to join tb_m.A. Two of B. What C. Two suchD. If two E. of two.20. –––––, the seeds of the Kentucky coffeeplant arepoisonous.A. Until they have been cooked B. CookingthemC. They have been cooked D. Cooked untilE. Cooked till.21. Natural silk is till highly prized –––––artificial fabrics.A. although is available B. despite there areavailableC. in spite of the availability ofD. even though an availability of E. None.22. Cattle ranches are found almost ––––– inUtah.A. wherever B. everywhere C. overallD. somewhere E. nowhere.23. ––––– though a prism, a beam of white lightbreaksinto all the colors of the rainbow.A. When shines B. It shines C. It is shoneD. When shone E. When it shone.
  • 47. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com24. ––––– most people think of freezing as arelativelymodern method of food preservation, it isactually oneof the oldest.A. Even B. As though C. HoweverD. Although E. a+b.25. ––––– large bodies of water never freeze solidis thatthe sheet of ice on the surface protects the waterbelowit from the cold air.A. Because B. Why do C. The reason thatD. For the reason E. Why not.26. ––––– granted by the Patent Office, it becomestheinv_ntor‖s prop_rty [n^ b_ or sb_ ][n k__p it,sell it, orlicense it to someone else.A. Once a patent is B. When a patent C. A patent,onceD. A patent, wherever it E. When once a patent.27. Owls can hunt in total darkness ––––– theirremarkably keen sense of smell.A. since B. because of C. the resultD. that E. as that.28. ––––– most bamboo blooms every year, thereare somespecies that flower only two or three times acentury.A. Whenever B. That C. WhileD. However E. None.29. Demographers believe most metropolitanareas willcontinue to grow in ––––– population and area inthefuture.A. moreover B. both C. together D. besides E.when.30. Most crustaceans live in the sea, ––––– somelive infresh water and a few have ventured onto land.A. both B. also C. but D. and E. between.31. Ann –––– television when the phone rang.A. was watching B. is watching C. has watchedD. watched E. none32. Find out the correct sentence?A. Listen, he is speaking. B. Listen, he speaks.C. I had met him yesterday.D. My servant says he had gone to Bazar. E.None.33. He found a lot of dust underneath the table.It is -A. Adverb B. Conjunction C. PrepositionD. Verb E. Noun.34. Complete the sentence.He was excused ––––– his age.A. along with B. according to C. by means ofD. by reason of E. by means with.35. Choose the correct option.A. Oliver has usually early B. We often will gothereC. I forgiving her a long time agoD. I am going to buy a luxurious apartmentE. I forgiving her a long time.36. Choose the correct option.A. I have never hurt anyoneB. Aftab already left when I phonedC. It has impossible for me to leave my familyD. She was not already sure, if she could marrymeE. None.37. Complete the sentence.We have ––––– to decide, what action to take.
  • 48. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comA. yet B. already C. sinceD. just E. Nearly.38. Choose the correct option.A. Monica has been absent for Monday.B. I have reached the station long ago.C. While Laboni was cooking food, James wasreading thenewspaper.D. Monica has been absent of MondayE. None of the above.39. Complete the sentence.We had dinner ––––– they arrived.A. after B. before C. whileD. when E. that.40. Choose the correct option.A. When I reached home, she had fallen asleep.B. Tushar will have doing his homework beforeyou scold.C. She feared that he harms her.D. I will admit that, it will not be a very sensiblething to do.E. None.41. Mozart ––––– more than 600 pieces of music.A. wrote B. writes C. writingD. A+B E. none42. Choose the correct option.A. We had completed the assignment three days_`or_ l[st Fri^[y‖s ^_[^ lin_.B. We were stuffing envelops every day last week.C. I listened to the radio when the accidenthappened.D. We had completed the assignment three daybeforel[st Fri^[y‖s ^_[^ lin_.E. All of the above.43. Tb_ Synonym o` ―D_t_r‖ is -A. Refute B. Obstruct C. ExpertD. Disdain E. Accept.44. Tb_ Synonym o` ―N[iv_‖ is -A. Futile B. Ingenuous C. UnintelligibleD. Obliterate E. None.45. They are some ––––– I think are clever.A. whom B. who C. thatD. which E. None.46. Which sentence is correct?A. None but him can do it B. None but he can doitC. Only but he can do it D. a+bE. None of the above.47. Tb_ noun `orm o` ―Curious‖ is –––––A. Curious B. Curiously C. CuriosityD. None of the above E. a+c.48. It –––– very much in summer.A. ^o_sn‖t r[in B. ^on‖t r[ins C. ^i^ not r[inD. A+C E. none49. Which word is incorrectly spelled?A. Accomplishment B. Brilliant C. ColleagueD. Disappointment E. None of the above.50. Choose the correct sentence:A. Rarely you are found in the roomB. Rarely are you found in the roomC. You are rarely found in the roomD. Both b+c E. both a + b.51. Choose the correct sentence -A. Give me a ten page book. B. Give me ten pagesbook.C. Give me a ten pages book. D. Both b+c E. botha+ b.52. Pl_[s_ ^on‖t m[t_ so mu]b nois_. I‖m –––––.A. work B. worked C. workingD. B+C E. none53. Which is the ]orr_]t ―synonym‖ o`―ADULTERATE‖?A. Unreasonable B. Contaminate C. Pollute
  • 49. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comD. Both b + c E. None of the above.54. Which is the correct synonym of‗INCREDIBLE‘?A. Unbelievable B. Unthinkable C. UnlikelyD. Unassuming E. a + b+d.55. Which word is incorrectly spelled?A. Malaria B. Ferocious C. ManoeuvreD. Fahrenheit E. None of these.56. ROOSTER : HENA. pigeon: dove B. dog : cat C. gander: goslingD. swan: drake E. gander: goose.57. POLICEMAN : CRIMINALA. Officer : clerk B. Doctor : patientC. Evangelist : sinner D. Educator : ignoranceE. Judge : court.58. ENTREPRENEUR : PROFITSA. Laborer: wages B. Manager: employeesC. Moon lighter: debts D. Arbitrator : complaintsE. Exhortation : flattery59. Which of the following is a synonym of―CACOPHONIOUS‖?A. Inharmonious B. Harsh C. RaucousD. A & C only E. A, B, & C.60. Which of the following is a synonym of―ZENITH‖?A. Verbose B. Prolix C. PinnacleD. Diligent E. Gallant.61. Except for you and I everyone brought apresent to thisparty.A. Except for you and I everyone.B. With the exception of you and I everyone.C. Except for you and I, everyone had.D. Except for you and me, everyone.E. Except for you and me everyone had.62. Choose the correct option.A. I have met her last weekB. He left home three weeks sinceC. I never realized that I loved you until nowD. He will regularly appears on televisionE. All of the above.63. Complete the sentence.I b[v_n‖t r_]_iv_^ [ l_tt_r `rom b_r - .A. since B. often C. justD. already E. yet.64. Wb_r_‖s M[ra[r_t? Sb_‖s ––––– a bath.A. has B. have C. hadD. having E. none65. I‖m tir_^ I‖m ––––– to bed now.A. went B. go C. goingD. gone E. none66. Choose the synonym of the wordBrittle -A. Strong B. Soft C. ToughD. Fragile E. None.67. Choose the synonym of the wordDeceit -A. Truth B. Honesty C. Fair-dealingD. Duplicit E. None.68. Choose the synonym of the word Calm-A. Agitated B. Quiet C. InflamedD. Angry E. None.69. ––––– to the radio? No, you can turn it off.A. Do you listen B. Are you listeningC. Have you listened D. Did you listenE. None.70. We usually ––––– vegetables in our garden butthisyear we ––––– any.A. grow, are not growing B. grow, growC. are growing, grow D. are growing, are notgrowingE. None.
  • 50. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com71. Tonuja ––––– her hand when she ––––– thedinnerA. was burning, cooked B. burnt, cookedC. burnt, was cooking D. burnt, had cookedE. burns, was cooking.72. We saw an accident while we –––––A. traveled B. were traveling C. had traveledD. are traveling E. None.73. When I was young, I ––––– to be a bus driver.A. wanted B. was wanting C. had wantedD. want E. an wanting.74. Jane ––––– for me when I arrived.A. waited B. was waiting C. had waitedD. waits E. is waiting.75. He told me his name but I ––––– it.A. have forgotten B. had forgotten C. forgotD. an forgetting E. None.76. The house was dirty. They ––––– cleaned itfor weeks.A. had not cleaned B. have not cleaned C. did notcleanD. were not cleaning E. None.77. Wb[t ^o_s tb_ pbr[s_ ‗C[t‖s p[w‘ m_[n?A. A C[t‖s ^oll B. Favorite personC. Vi]tim o` som_on_‖s will D. En_my E. Non_.78. Complete the sentence.No animal is so big ––––– the blue whale.A. than B. from C. but D. as E. c+d.79. Complete the sentence.A person who is ––––– is not –––––.A. sanguine, optimistic B. gullible, credulousC. meticulous, careless D. facetious, silly E. None.80. Hello, Jane, Are you ––––– the party?A. enjoy B. enjoying C. enjoymentD. enjoyed E. enjoys81. I ––––– Rose in town a few days ago.A. had seen B. have seen C. sawD. see E. none82. During his formative years Ronald Reagan ––––– on aform in IllinoisA. has lived B. lived C. livingD. had living E. None.83. Spanish culture ––––– the new world bySixteenthcentury conquistadorsA. was brought to B. be brought to C. brought toD. brought E. None.84. By the end of the year. the speed limit inmany states ––––– 55 miles per hour.A. was reducing B. had reduced toC. had been reduced to D. was being E. None.85. Archaeologists believe that the calendar –––––by theAztecs.A. were inventing B. have been inventedC. had been invented D. being invented86. Water safety experts feel we should ––––– atyoung anage as possible.A. begin to teach children to swimB. begins taught children to swimC. beginning to teach children to swimD. began to teach children to swim E. None.87. L_t‖s ao out now. It isn‖t ––––– any more.A. rain B. rains C. rainingD. rained E. none88. The cyclist ––––– he crossed the main street.A. looked with caution after B. had lookedcautiously beforeC. was looked cautious when D. looks cautiouswhen
  • 51. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com89. Lee contributed fifty dollars, but he wishes hecouldcontribute –––––.A. one other fifty dollars B. the same amount alsoC. another fifty D. more fifty dollarsE. None of the above.90. N[n]y b[sn‖t _aun working on her Ph. D. –––––workina on b_r m[st_r‖s.A. still because she is yet B. yet as a result she isstillC. yet because she is still D. still while she isalreadyE. None of the above.91. The teachers have had some problemsdeciding –––––.A. when to the students they shall return thefinal papersB. when are they going to return to the studentsthe finalpapersC. when they should the final papers to thestudentsD. the time when the final papers they shouldreturn forthe students E. None of the above.92. The families were told to evacuate theirhousesimmediately –––––.A. at the time when the water began to go upB. when the water began to riseC. when up was going the waterD. in the time when the water raisedE. None of the above.93. When Henry arrived home after a hard day atwork, –––––.A. his wife was sleeping B. his wife sleptC. his wife has slept D. his wife has been sleepingE. None of the above.94. George did not do well in the class because –––A. he studied bad B. he was not good study wiseC. he was a badly student D. he failed to studyproperlyE. None of the above.95. After the funeral, the residents of theapartmentbuilding –––––.A. sent faithfully flowers all weeks to thecemeteryB. sent to the cemetery each week flowersfaithfullyC. sent flowers faithfully to the cemetery eachweekD. sent each week faithfully to the cemeteryflowersE. None of the above.96. Because the first pair of pants did not fitproperly, heasked for –––––.A. another pants B. others pants C. the othersonesD. another pair E. None of the above.97. Alfred Adams has not –––––.A. lived lonelynessly in times previousB. never before lived soleC. ever lived alone beforeD. before lived without the company of hisfriendsE. None of the above.98. This year will be difficult for organizationbecause –––––.
  • 52. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comA. They have less money and volunteers thanthey had last yearB. it has less money and fewer volunteers than ithad last yearC. the last it did not have as few and littlevolunteers and moneyD. there are fewer money and volunteers that inthe lastyear there were E. None of the above.99. On_ o` tb_ pro`_ssor‖s ar_[t_st [ttriut_s is –––A. when he gives lecturesB. how in the manner that he lecturesC. the way to give lecturesD. his ability to lecture E. None of the above.100. Tb_ stu^_nts lik_^ tb[t pro`_ssor‖s ]ours_because –––.A. there was few if any homeworkB. not a lot of homeworkC. o` tb_r_ w[sn‖t [ ar_[t [mount o` bom_workD. there was little or no homework E. None101. John said that no other car could go –––––.A. so fast like his car B. as fast like his carC. as fast like the car of him D. as fast as his carE. None of the above.102. He gave –––––.A. to the class a tough assignmentB. the class a tough assignmentC. a tough assignment for the classD. an assignment very tough to the class E. None103. Potatoes and onions ––––– from sprouting bya newtechnology using radiation.A. are preventing B. prevention is C. arepreventedD. prevented E. None104. Only if ––––– will proper labeling beessentialA. the law is changed B. is changed the lawC. is the law changed D. the law being changedE. None of the above.105. The sulky, a horse drawn carriage, ––––– tohave beeninvented in the early nineteenth century by anEnglishphysician.A. believed B. was believing C. is believedD. is believing E. None of the above.106. Mary has been on a diet –––––.A. since three week B. for three weeksC. since three weeks D. for three weekE. since tree for weeks107. Lack of exercise and high-fat diets have ––––– to befactors in heart attacks.A. long been knownB. been long knownC. known been long D. long known beenE. None of the above.108. ––––– the water clear but also prevent theriver fromoverflowing.A. Not only tb_ bippo‖s _[tina b[its keepB. K__p not only tb_ bippo‖s _[tina b[itsC. Tb_ bippo‖s _[tina b[its not only k__pD. Not only k__p tb_ bippo‖s _[tina b[itsE. None of the above.109. Not until 1865 ––––– the first antiseptictreatment on acompound fracture.A. when Joseph Lister tried B. when did JosephLister tryC. did Joseph Lister try D. that Joseph Lister triedE. None of the above.
  • 53. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com110. At each end of the tube –––––, one whichgathers lightand one which magnifies the image.A. are two lenses there B. two lenses areC. are two lenses d. two lenses are there E. None111. When –––– into the Colorado wilderness, noone couldhave predicted how popular the animal wouldbecome.A. llamas first bring B. were llamas first broughtC. first bringing llamas D. llamas were firstbroughtE. None of the above.112. Centuries ago, ––––– known source offrankincenseand myrrh was Yemen.A. not only B. the only C. onlyD. only the E. None113. Noise pollution generally receives lessattention than ––––– air pollution.A. does B. it does C. overD. it does over E. None114. During the investigations, those questionedincluded ––––– top officials, but also the minor employeeswhocarried out the orders.A. when B. both C. withoutD. not only E. None115. Putrefaction ––––– by bacteria and not by achemicalprocess.A. to be caused B. causing C. causedD. is caused E. None116. West of Newport –––––, one of the manymansionssurrounded by acres of gardens.A. where the Aston stately home standsB. the stately home stands of AstonC. the stately home of Aston standsD. stands the stately Aston home E. None117. In the Sonora desert, the daytimetemperatures –––––to 500 degrees Celsius.A. rise B. rising C. to rise D. risen E. None118. ––––– after years of planning did the projectgetunderway.A. Seldom B. Only C. Often D. Always E. None119. ––––– should the expense of the new bridgebeconsidered a problem.A. Scarcely B. Nor C. Often D. Always E. None120. ––––– had the restaurant opened than peoplewereflocking to eat there.A. No sooner B. Nowhere C. Often D. Always121. ––––– should a young child be allowed toplay withfireworks without adult supervision.A. Under no circumstances B. No sooner than C.OftenD. Always E. None of the above.122. ––––– have playing cards been used for cardgames butalso for fortune-telling.A. Not as much B. Not only C. OftenD. Always E. None123. ––––– will the emperor penguin leave itsnest beforethe chick hatches.A. Not once B. Not until C. OftenD. Always E. None
  • 54. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com124. ––––– intensive research can a vaccine forthe virus befound.A. Only when B. Only through C. OftenD. Always E. None125. ––––– are the autumn colors so splendid asin NewEngland.A. Only B. Nowhere C. OftenD. Always E. None126. Just before he died, my friend who –––––poetry –––––his first book.A. writes, publishes B. wrote, publishesC. writes, published D. wrote, publishedE. write, publish21127. Until the day he –––––, he always ––––– inclass Just asthe bell rang.A. dies, arrives B. died, arrived C. died, arrivesD. dies, arrived E. had died, arrives128. Before he ––––– the man who ––––– acrossthe streetused to help me.A. died, lived B. dies, lives C. died, has been livingD. had died, is living E. died, has lived129. A short time before he ––––– the old man ––––– a will.A. has died, wrote B. had died, has writtenC. died, had written D. dies, has writtenE. had died, had written130. John ––––– typing his paper last night.A. does not finish B. have not finishedC. had not finished D. did not finishE. were not finished131. In 1990, the population of Bangladesh –––––120million.A. is B. was C. are D. were E. had been132. Choose the correct sentenceA. W_ ^on‖t r_]_iv_ m[il y_st_r^[y _][us_ it w[sa holidayB. W_ ^i^n‖t r_]_iv_^ m[il y_st_r^[y _][us_ itwas a holiday.C. W_ b[v_n‖t r_]_iv_^ m[il y_st_r^[y _][us_ itis a holiday.D. W_ b[^n‖t r_]_iv_^ m[il y_st_r^[y _][us_ it isa holiday.E. W_ ^i^n‖t r_]_iv_ m[il y_st_r^[y _][us_ it w[sa holiday.133. Although there ––––– 200 foreign students atDhakaUniversity in 1995, there ––––– more than 500now.A. were, are B. are, were C. is, wasD. had been, are E. has been, are134. She has been living here ––––– April.A. Before B. after C. since D. for E. long135. We have known each other ––––– 1974.A. since B. as C. because D. for E. after.136. A. Junu will l_`t y t_n o‖]lo]k.B. Junu will b[v_ l_`t y t_n o‖]lo]k.C. Junu will b[v_ __n l_`t y t_n o‖]lo]k.D. Junu will __n l_`t y t_n o‖]lo]k. E. Non_137. You ––––– your home work by the time themoviestarts.A. will finish B. will finished C. finishedD. will have finished E. will have been finished138. Before we can tell them about the discount,they –––––the tickets.
  • 55. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comA. have bought B. will have bought C. boughtD. buying E. None139. I ––––– all of my library books, before schoolis not.A. will return B. have returned C. returnD. will had returned E. will have returned140. Catherine wants to work in Italy, so she is –––––Italian.A. learn B. learning C. learned D. learned E. none141. Some friends of mine are ––––– their ownhouse.A. built B. build C. builds D. building E. none142. You‖r_ ––––– hard today.A. working B. works C. worked D. work E. none143. Is Susan ––––– this week?A. works B. working C. worked D. work E. none144. The Population of the work is ––––– fast.A. rises B. rising C. rose D. B+C E. none145. Is your English ––––– better?A. getting B. gets C. got D. A+B E. none146. She is ––––– to work.A. driven B. driving C. drove D. B+C E. none147. Nurses ––––– after patients in hospitals.A. looks B. looking C. looked D. look E. none148. I usually ––––– away at weekend.A. go B. goes C. went D. have gone E. none149. The earth ––––– round the sun.A. go B. goes C. went D. has gone E. none150. I ––––– up [t 8 O‖]lo]k _v_ry mornina.A. am getting B. get C. got D. A+B E. none151. How often ––––– you ––––– to the dentist?A. are, going B. do, go C. did, go D. B+C E. none152. In summer, John usually ––––– tennis onceon twice aweek.A. plays B. played C. is playing D. A+B E. none153. The water ––––– now. Can you turn it off?A. is boiling B. is boiled C. boilsD. was boiled E. none154. Listen to those people. What language –––––they –––––?A. does, speak B. are, speaking C. do, speaksD. was, speaking E. B+D155. I ––––– to bed now; Goodnight.A. go B. went C. am going D. was going E. none156. Maria is in Britain at the moment. She –––––English.A. is learning B. learns C. has learnedD. was learning E. none157. Water ––––– at 100 degree Celsius.A. is boiling B. boils C. was boiling D. A+B E. none158. Excuse me; ––––– you ––––– English?A. do, speak B. are, speaking C. were, speakingD. B+C E. none159. What ––––– you usually ––––– at weekends?A. does, do B. did, do C. are, doing D. do, do E.none160. Most people ––––– to swim when they arechildren.A. learn B. learns C. are, learning D. do learn E.none161. I usually ––––– to work by car.A. go B. went C. have gone D. do go E. none162. She ––––– composing at the age of five.A. was starting B. is starting C. startsD. started E. none163. I ––––– to watch this cinema three times.A. have gone B. went C. go D. had gone E. none164. The police ––––– me on my may home lastnight.A. stops B. has stopped C. stoppedD. had stopped E. none
  • 56. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com165. She passed her examination because she ––––– veryhard.A. studied B. has studied C. had studiedD. studies E. none166. This time last year I ––––– in Brazil.A. is living B. was living C. has livedD. had lived E. none167. What ––––– you ––––– [t 10 O‖]lo]k l[stnight?A. had, done B. have, done C. are, doingD. were, doing E. none168. I waved to her but she –––––.A. w[sn‖t lookina B. [r_n‖t lookina C. b[v_ look_^D. had looked E. none169. I ––––– home, when I met Dave.A. had walked B. have walked C. is walkingD. was walking E. none170. I ––––– home after the party last night.A. walk B. have walked C. was walkingD. walked E. none171. Tom ––––– his hard when he ––––– thedinner.A. burnt, is cooking B. burns, has cookedC. burnt, was cooked D. burnt, was cookingE. none172. When Karen arrived, we ––––– dinner.A. are having B. were having C. have hadD. had had E. none173. ―Is S[lly b_r_?‖ No, sb_ ––––– out.A. has gone B. had, gone C. is goingD. goes E. none174. ––––– you ever ––––– caviar?A. Had, eaten B. Are, eating C. Have, eatenD. Were, eating E. none175. We ––––– never ––––– a car.A. have, had B. had, have C. had, hadD. A+C E. none176. I ––––– four cups of coffer today.A. have drunk B. drink C. had drunk D. drunk E.none177. I ––––– Tom this morning.A. ^on‖t s__ B. b[^n‖t sun C. s[w D. b[v_n‖t s__n178. Mou ––––– very hard this term.A. b[sn‖t work_^ B. b[^n‖t work_^ C. isn‖tworkingD. ^o_sn‖t work E. non_179. It‖s tb_ `irst tim_ sb_ ––––– a car.A. is driven B. has driven C. had driveD. driven E. none180. He ––––– never ––––– a car before.A. has, driven B. had, driven C. is drivenD. is driving E. none181. It ––––– for two hours.A. rains B. has been raining C. rainedD. was raining E. none182. We heed an umbrella. It –––––.A. has bun raining B. is raining C. had bunrainingD. rains E. none183. The ground is wet. It –––––.A. has bun raining B. is raining C. had beenrainingD. rains E. none184. My hands are very dirty. I ––––– the car.A. has repaired B. am repairingC. have been repairing D. had repaired E. none185. The car is Ok again now, I ––––– it.A. have repaired B. have been repairingC. had repaired D. was repairing E. none186. Where have you been? ––––– you –––––tennis?A. Have, been playing B. Had, been playingC. Were, been playing D. A+B E. none
  • 57. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com187. Mary ––––– the report today.A. has written B. have written C. writtenD. wrote E. none188. They ––––– t_nnis sin]_ 2 O‖]lo]k.A. were playing B. have been playingC. had been playing D. are playing E. none189. They ––––– tennis three times this week.A. have played B. played C. playD. have been playing E. none190. I ––––– for two hours.A. waited B. have waited C. have waitingD. am waiting E. none191. Sally ––––– here for six months.A. has been worked B. has been workingC. had worked D. had been working E. none192. The weather ––––– nice yesterday.A. will be B. has C. is D. was E. none193. They ––––– ten minutes ago.A. was arriving B. arrived C. had arrivedD. arrive E. none194. I ––––– a lot of sweets, when I was a child.A. ate B. eat C. have eaten D. had eaten E. none195. Tom ––––– bis k_y. H_ ][n‖t a_t into tb_home.A. lost B. has lost C. had lost D. A+B E. none196. It ––––– this week.A. w[sn‖t r[inina B. b[^n‖t r[in_^ C. b[sn‖t r[in_^D. b[sn‖t _ r[inina E. non_197. We ––––– for an hour.A. has waited B. was waiting C. are waitingD. have been waiting E. none198. It ––––– rain last week.A. ^i^n‖t B. ^o_sn‖t C. w[sn‖t D. isn‖t E. non_199. I ––––– a lot of work yesterday.A. do B. did C. had done D. have done E. none200. We ––––– golf when we were on holding lastsummer.A. ^i^n‖t pl[y B. ^on‖t pl[y C. b[v_n‖t pl[y_^D. b[^n‖t pl[y_^ E. non_Answer Keys:1. c 2. a 3. c 4. c 5. b 6. d 7. c 8. d 9. b 10. c 11. c 12. b 13. d 14. d 15. b 16. c 17. c 18. c 19. d 20. a21. c 22. b 23. a 24. d 25. c 26. a 27. b 28. d 29. b 30. c 31. a 32. a 33. c 34. d 35. d 36. a 37. a 38. c39. b 40. a 41. A 42. a 43. b 44. b 45. b 46. a 47. c 48. a 49. e 50. d 51. a 52. c 53. d 54. a 55. e 56. e57. b 58. a 59. e 60. c 61. d 62. c 63. e 64. d 65. c 66. d 67. d 68. b 69. b 70. a 71. c 72. b 73. a 74. b75. a 76. a 77. c 78. d 79. c 80. B 81. c 82. b 83. a 84. c 85. c 86. a 87. c 88. b 89. c 90. c 91. c 92.b93.a 94.d 95.c 96.d 97.c 98.b 99.d 100.d 101.d 102.b 103.c 104.a 105.c 106.b 107.b 108.c 109.c110.c 111.d 112.d 113.a 114.d 115.d 116.d 117.a 118.b 119.a 120.a 121.a 122.b 123.a 124.b 125.a126. d 127. b 128. a 129. c 130. d 131. b 132. e 133. a 134. c 135. a 136. b 137. d 138. b 139. e 140.b 141. d 142. a 143. b 144. b 145. a 146. b 147. d 148. a 149. B 150. b 151. b 152. a 153. a 154. b155. c 156. a 157. b 158. a 159. d 160. a 161. a 162. d 163. a 164. c 165. A 166. b 167. d 168. a 169.d 170. d 171. d 172. b 173. a 174. c 175. a 176. a 177. d 178. a 179. b 180. a 181. b 182. b 183. a184. c 185. a 186. a 187. a 188. b 189. a 190. b 191. b 192. d 193. b 194. a 195. b 196. c 197. d 198.a 199. b 200. a 201.d 202.a
  • 58. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com1. Although Emily Dickinson is now a well-knownAmerican poet, only seven of her poems –––––while she was alive.A. publishing B. to publishC. have published D. were publishedE. to publish2. Before every presidential election in theUnitedStates, the statisticians try to guess theproportion of the population that ––––– for eachcandidate.A. are voted B. votingC. to be voted D. will voteE. to be vote3. Narcissus bulbs ––––– at least three inchesapartand covered with about four inches of welldrained soil.A. should be planted B. to plantC. must planting D. should plantE. should be plant4. In many areas the slope and topography of theland ––––– excess rainfall to run off into anatural outlet.A. neither permit B. without permittingC. nor permitting D. do not permitE. without permit5. Microscopes make small things appear largerthan –––––.A. really are B. are reallyC. are they really D. they really areE. are really they6. A logarithm is ––––– in algebra as an exponent.A. known what B. known what it isC. what is known D. what it is knownE. what known7. Volcanoes are divided into three main groups,based on their shape and the type of materialthey –––––.A. are made B. made ofC. are made of D. make forE. make of8. The growth of psychobiology owes ––––– tomajor conceptual advances in the way peoplethink about the brain.A. much B. as much asC. much which D. there is so muchE. much as9. Now considered an art form, quilt makingoriginated as a means of fashioning bed coversfrom bits of fabric that otherwise –––--.A. not use B. were no useC. had no use D. it was not usedE. no were use10. He entered a university –––––A. when he had sixteen yearsB. when sixteen years were his ageC. at the age of sixteenD. at age sixteen years oldE. when sixteen years he had11. That magnificent ––––– temple wasconstructedby the Chinese.A. eight-centuries-old B. eight-]_ntury‖s-oldC. old-eight-centuries D. eight-century-oldE. old -centuries-eight
  • 59. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com12. The people at the party were worried aboutJanet because no one was aware ––––– she hadgone.A. where that B. of whereC. of the place where D. the placeE. of the place which13. Sin]_ b_ ]b[na_^ pro`_ssions, Fr_^‖s y_[rlyincome has –––––.A. nearly tripledB. got almost three times biggerC. almost grown by three timesD. just about gone up three timesE. by three times almost grown14. It is very difficult to stop the cultivation ofmarijuana because –––––.A. it grows very carelesslyB. o` it‖s arowtb witbout [tt_ntionC. it grows well with little careD. it ^o_sn‖t ][r_ mu]b to arowE. it grow well with little care15. Mr. Roberts is a noted chemist –––––.A. as well as an effective teacherB. and too a very efficient teacherC. but he teaches very good in additionD. however he teaches very good alsoE. however he teache very good also16. Manufacturers often sacrifice quality –––––.A. for a larger profit marginB. in place of to earn more moneyC. to gain more quantities of moneyD. and instead earn a bigger amount of profitE. for margin17. The manager was angry because somebody ––.A. had allowed the photographers to enter thebuildingB. had let the photographers to enter into thebuildingC. permitting the photographers enter thebuildingD. the photographers let into the building withoutthe proper documentations E. None18. The professor said that –––––.A. the students can turn over their reports on theMondayB. the reports on Monday could be received fromthe students by himC. the students could hand in their reports onMondayD. the students will on Monday the reports turninE. None of the above19. Choose the correct sentenceA. He was among the few who want to work ontheproject.B. He was among the few who wants to work ontheproject.C. He is among the few who wants to work ontheproject.D. He is among the few who want to work on theprojectE. None of the above20. Choose the correct sentenceA. She closes the door and hurries away to class.B. She closes the door and hurry away to class.C. She closed the door and hurries away to class.D. She closed the door and hurry away to class.E. None of the above21. Choose the correct sentenceA. We receive several applications and with themhad been copies of transcriptsB. We receives several applications and with them
  • 60. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comare copies of transcripts.C. We received several applications and withthemare copies of transcripts.D. We received several applications and withthemwere copies of transcripts.E. None of the above22. Choose the correct sentenceA. He found only part of the information that heneeds.B. He found only part of the information that heneeds.C. He finds only part of the information that heneeded.D. He found only part of the information that hehadneededE. None of the above23. Choose the correct sentenceA. A man usually opens the door when heaccompanied a woman.B. A man usually opened the door when heaccompanies a woman.C. A man usually opened the door when he willaccompany a woman.D. A man usually open the door when heaccompanies a woman.E. None of the above24. Choose the correct sentenceA. I thought that he comes today.B. I thought that he is coming today.C. I thought that he was coming today.D. I thought that he has come today.E. None of the above25. He reported that he –––– a blood test todiagnoseA. finds B. found C. has foundD. find E. to find26. Choose the correct sentenceA. When she told that everything is ready, wewentinto the room.B. When she told that everything is ready, wewillgo into the room.C. When she told that everything was ready, wegointo the room.D. When she told that every thing was ready, wewent into the room.E. None of the above27. They asked him if he ––––– us.A. will help B. helps C. is helpingD. would help E. helping28. Professor told that there ––––– 10,000 speciesofferns.A. is B. are C. were D. has E. being29. I will call you when ––––– from my homeA. I will return B. I return C. I returnsD. I returned E. I returning30. Maria plans to work when ––––– her M.B.AA. she gets B. she get C. She gotD. she will get E. she to get31. He will buy a computer when –––––A. she will get paid B. he get paidC. he gets paid D. he got paidE. he get paid32. We can ––––– tolerate living with Tony.A. no long B. not longer C. no longerD. not long E. longer33. Brad ––––– works hereA. none longer B. not longer C. no long
  • 61. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comD. no longer E. longer no34. I plan to move ––––– another apartmentA. as soon as I will find B. as soon I will findC. [s soon [s I `in^ D. [s soon [s I‖m `in^inaE. as soon as I shall find35. Taxi fare from the airport may run –––––.A. as soon as twenty dollarsB. as high as twenty dollarsC. as high to twenty dollarsD. as high twenty dollarsE. as high two dollars36. She will call you back –––––.A. as soon as she will finishB. as high as she finishesC. as soon she finishesD. as soon as she finishes E. to find it37. The cost of one day in an average hospitalcanrun –––––.A. as soon as 2000 Tk. B. as high to 2000 Tk.C. as high 2000 Tk. D. as high as 2000 Tk.E. as high as Tk 200038. Your application will be considered –––––yourfile is completeA. as soon B. soon asC. as high D. as soon asE. as soon as he39. We can leave ––––– Donna is ready.A. ever B. ever when C. wheneverD. when E. who40. I can meet with you ––––– you have the time.A. ever B. whenever C. wheneversD. whenever any E. over41. His mother made him ––––– medicine.A. to take B. take C. takingD. taken E. take to42. I made the machine –––––.English – Lec – 08 . 17A. to work B. work C. workingD. worked E. work it43. She made the boy ––––– a nap.A. take B. to take C. takingD. taken E. took44. Pro` Roa_rs ^i^n‖t m[k_ bim ––––– the essayindue course of time.A. type B. to type C. typingD. to typing E. typed45. Are you going to make your daughter –––––parttime in the store this summer.A. to work B. work C. workingD. to working E. work to46. I ][n‖t s__m to m[k_ tbis ^isb w[s b_r –––––A. running B. to run C. ranD. run E. ranning47. Too much water makes plants ––––– brown onthe edge of their leaves.A. turning B. turn C. to turnD. to turning E. A+C48. We will have to get someone ––––– the phoneright way.A. fixing B. fix C. to be fixedD. to fix E. to the fixed49. Nor[ aot b_r motb_r‖s w_^^ina ^r_ss ––––– sothat it perfectly.A. altered B. alter C. to alterD. altering E. after50. Choose the correct sentence:A. L_t‖s a_t R[lpb to ao witb us.B. L_t‖s a_t R[lpb ao witb us.C. L_t‖s a_t our ][r `ix_^ `irst.D. A + C E. None of the above
  • 62. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com51. I want to get the house ––––– before winter.A. paint B. to paint C. paintedD. painting E. as painted52. L_t‖s get some of our money ––––– for dollars.A. exchanged B. exchange C. to exchangeD. exchanging E. A+B53. Choose the correct sentence:A. Tom had a tooth filling.B. Tom had a tooth filled.C. Tom had a tooth fill.D. Tom had a tooth to be filled.E. None of the above54. Choose the correct sentence:A. They had their lawyer change their wills.B. They had their lawyer changed their wills.C. They had their lawyer to changed their wills.D. They had their lawyer to change their wills.E. None of the above55. Have you had your temperature ––––– yet?A. taking B. to take C. takeD. taken E. token56. My English teacher had us ––––– oral test.A. to give B. give C. givingD. given E. gibed57. I like the way you had the beautician –––––withyour hairA. do B. to do C. doneD. doing E. did58. When I was learning to drive, My dad let me–– his car.A. use B. using C. to useD. used E. use to59. Would you let us ––––– your notes?A. borrow B. to borrow C. borrowedD. borrowing E. to borrowing60. Professor Baker let me ––––– a paper insteadoftaking in course exam.A. to write B. writing C. writeD. wrote E. written61. Mehedi is so good hearted that he lets people––––– advantage of him.A. took B. take C. to takeD. taking E. take it62. Her husband always helps her ––––– thelaundry.A. doing B. done C. doD. to doing E. did63. This book should help you ––––– the lecture.A. to understand B. understandC. understanding D. A + BE. None of the above64. Father-in-law helped me ––––– this job.A. to get B. getting C. gotD. to getting E. to gat65. Bob said that he would help us ––––– theplace.A. find B. to find C. findingD. found E. fond66. Don‖t you b_lp _[]b otb_r ––––– for tests?A. they study B. study C. to studyD. B + C E. None of the above67. Choose the correct sentence:A. My wedding ring is making of red and whitegold.B. My wedding ring made of red and white gold.C. My wedding ring to make of red and whitegold.D. My wedding ring is made of red and whitegold.E. All of the above
  • 63. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com68. Nipa ––––– as Nips to his friends.A. known B. knowing C. is knownD. know E. knew69. If your sister –––––. she would come.A. invited B. inviting C. invitesD. were invited E. invite70. Choose the correct sentence:English – Lec – 08 . 18A. Luna born in lowa.B. Luna was born in lowa.C. Luna was been born in lowa.D. Luna was to born in lowa.E. None of the above71. Choose the correct sentence:A. This car was inspected for customs.B. This car was inspected by customs.C. This car was inspected customs.D. This car inspected by customs.E. None of the above72. The decisions on cases like this are –––––Ujjal.A. making by B. make by C. made byD. made to E. A+C73. Choose the correct sentence:A. Most of we are sponsored from our parents.B. Most of us are sponsored from our parents.C. Most of us sponsored from our parents.D. Most of us are sponsored by our parents.E. All of the above74. The results of the exam ––––– tomorrow.A. are be announced B. are to be announcedC. are announced D. to announcedE. None of the above75. The finalists ––––– at the next meeting.A. are to named B. are namedC. to named D. are to be namedE. is name76. We ––––– if there was a problem.A. were to be notified B. were notifyC. to be notified D. are to be notifiedE. be notified77. Choose the correct sentence:A. The game is to reschedule.B. The game is to be rescheduled.C. The game is to rescheduled.D. The game to be rescheduled.E. None of the above78. Choose the correct sentence:A. This paragraph needs revising.B. This paragraph needs to revise.C. This paragraph needs to be revised.D. A + C E. None79. The house needs –––––, but we plan to waituntilnext summer to do it.A. to painting B. to be painted C. to paintD. painted E. painting80. The rug needs ––––– before we move in.A. cleaned B. cleaningC. to be cleaned D. B +CE. None of the above81. The hem of this dress needs ––––– before Iwearit again.A. mending B. to mend C. mendD. be mended E. to mending82. Choose the correct sentence:A. His car needs to fix.B. His car needs to be fixed.C. His car needs fixing.D. B + C E. None of the above83. It is thought that our ancestor ––––– this city.A. building B. built C. to buildD. to building E. building
  • 64. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com84. Choose the correct sentence:A. It is believed that a horseshoe bringing good luck.B. It is believing that a horseshoe bringing good luck.C. It is believed that a horseshoe brings good luck.D. It is believed that a horseshoe to bring good luck.E. None of the above85. It is said that a buried treasure –––––.A. near hereB. was hidden near hereC. hidden near hearD. to hide near hereE. hidden to86. ––––– she is leaving at the end of the year.A. that tit is B. that knowingC. that is known D. It is generally known thatE. That is87. It is believed that all mammals ––––– dreams.A. experience B. to experienceC. experiencing D. to be experienceE. experienced88. We ––––– in Cox‖s [z[r `or `iv_ y_[rs.A. live B. lived C. have livedD. have live E. have to89. Sukhi ––––– us a lot of help since we arrived.A. given B. has given C. gaveD. to give E. gaved90. We ––––– friends since we were five.A. have been B. have C. beenD. having E. to have91. Have you ––––– your mother a letter?A. wrote B. to write C. writeD. written E. Writting92. Father ––––– this medication since 1985.A. takes B. to take C. tookD. has taken E. take to93. Choose the correct sentence:A. The party has planned for two weeks.B. The party has been planned for two weeks.C. The party planned for two weeks.D. The party has been planning for two weeks.E. None of the abovesh – Lec – 08 . 1994. Your typewriter –––––, and you can pick it upnow.A. been fixed B. has fixedC. to fix D. has been fixedE. fixed95. Choose the correct sentence:A. We been taught to cook.B. We been taught how to cook.C. We have been taught to cook.D. We have been taught how to cook.E. None of the above96. The class ––––– changed to room 10.A. been B. has been C. hasD. having E. have97. Choose the correct sentence:A. We had hoped that he staying longer.B. We had hoped that he would stay longer.C. We had hoped him staying longer.D. We had been hoped him staying longer.E. None of the above98. His father had hoped that he ––––– intobusinesswith him.A. go B. goes C. would goD. gone E. going99. I had hoped ––––– to the panty.A. she comingB. that she would comeC. she would comeD. she comes E. came100. They had hoped that ––––– about it.A. not find outB. she not find out
  • 65. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. her not find outD. she would not find outE. None of the above101. The party is a surprise, but all of her friends–––.A. are coming B. coming C. comeD. came E. to come102. I ][n‖t w[lk witb you riabt now _][us_ ^oorbell–––––.A. rings B. ringing C. is ringingD. to ring E. to ringing103. Choose the correct sentence:A. We have gone there beforeB. We gone there before C. We going there beforeD. We are go there before E. None of the above104. The sun ––––– when we left this morning.A. shining B. shines C. had shinedD. was shining E. to shines105. Choose the correct sentence:A. The plants are watered.B. The plants have been watered.C. The plants should be watered.D. A + B + C E. None of above106. The phone ––––– automatically.A. to be answered B. is answeredC. answering D. answeres E. to answer107. The books ––––– today.A. should return B. should returned C. returnD. should be returned E. to return108. The plane ––––– by had weather.A. was delayed B. has delayed C. had delayedD. delayed E. to delayed109. Choose the correct sentence:A. My paper has not typed.B. My paper has not been typed.C. They have informed already.D. B + D E. None of the above110. Choose the correct sentence:A. One of the trees are dead.B. One of the trees is dead.C. One of the art is in the museum.D. Some of the art is in the museum.E. None of the above111. ––– to eat vegetable is to add fiber to yourdiet.A. One of the best reasonsB. One of the best reasonC. Some of the best reasonsD. Some of the best reasonE. None of the above112. ––––– major fields of study that Lubna isconsidering is nursing.A. one of B. some of C. one of theD. some of the E. to someAnswer Keys:1. d 2. d 3. a 4. d 5. d 6. b 7. c 8. a 9. c 10. c 11. d 12. b 13. a 14. a 15. a 16. a 17. a 18. c 19. d 20. a 21. d22. d 23. d 24. c 25. b 26. d 27. d 28. c 29. b 30. a 31. c 32. c 33. d 34. c 35. b 36. d 37. d 38. d 39. c 40. b41. b 42. b 43. a 44. a 45. b 46. d 47. b 48. b 49. a 50. d 51. c 52. a 53. b 54. a 55. d 56. b 57. a 58. a 59. a60. c 61. b 62. c 63. d 64. a 65. d 66. d 67. d 68. c 69. d 70. b 71. b 72. c 73. d 74. b 75. d 76. a 77. b 78. d79. b 80. d 81. a 82. d 83. b 84. c 85. b 86. d 87. a 88. c 89. b 90. a 91. d 92. d 93. b 94. d 95. b 96. b 97.b 98. c 99.b 100. d 101. a 102. c 103. a 104. d 105. d 106. d 107. d 108. a 109. d 110. b 111. a 112. c113. b 114. a 115. b
  • 66. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com1. Complete the sentence.A new house is ––– expensive than an older one.A. much B. the more C. mostD. much more E. more much.2. Choose the correct option.A. His drawings are as perfect as his instructor.B. The Sundarbans is one of the thickest forestsinthe world.C. Today it is more chilly than yesterday.D. I am wiser than him.E. All of the above.3. Complete the sentence.Although the drought was not –––– severe ––––the previous one, its effect was more damaging.A. as, as B. much, than C. more, thanD. mast, as E. so, as.4. Choose the correct option.A. Her taste is different than mine.B. Manam is more clever as you.C. Hasib plays the guitar as better as AyubBachchu.D. The empire state building is much more tallerthan the statue of liberty.E. None of the above.5. Choose the correct option.A. The higher we flew, the worst Alicia felt.B. The cinema hall is farther away of the fourbuildingsC. Ratna is the more polite of the two girls.D. She takes her responsibility more seriouslythananyone else I know.E. Both C+D.6. Complete the sentence.The colder the weather gets –––– I feel.A. more sick B. sicker C. the sickerD. the more sicker E. none7. Complete the sentence.This shirt costs –––– the other one.A. two times as B. thrice more asC. twice as much than D. half asE. None of the above.8. Choose the correct option.A. I have much more books than her.B. February has less fewer days than the March.C. The salary of Manna is higher than Dildar.D. Classes in the university are more difficultthanthose in the college. E. None of the above.9. Choose the incorrect option.A. This painting is least impressive from the onein the other gallery.B. Our hotel suite is farther from the elevatorthanyours is.C. Tuesday was the cloudiest day of the week.D. Rock is more famous than any other wrestler.E. None of the above.10. Complete the sentence.California is farther –––– New York ––––Pennsylvania.A. than, from B. from, than C. than, as
  • 67. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comD. as, than E. from, as.11. Complete the sentence.I‖v_ n_v_r __n insi^_ tb_ bous_‖s –––– room.A. most inner B. much inner C. more innerD. innermost E. innerrest.12. Choose the correct sentence.A. Monisha is clearly superior than the othercandidates.B. This was the more unique achievement.C. The fable was more round of allD. The most outer wall of the house was affected.E. None of the above.13. Choose the correct sentence.A. Your dress is different from hers.B. The traffic jam was much more unbearablethanyesterday.C. The weather of Bangladesh is finer than that ofCanadaD. The University of Dhaka is older than J.U, bymore than 50 yearsE. A+C+D.14. Choose the correct Option.A. N[t[li_ [n^ V[l_ri_ ^o_sn‖t liv_ [t tb[t [^^r_ss.B. Neither of them had anything further to say.C. There were less people in the auditorium.D. You completed the run off exceptional well.E. B+C+D.15. This train is ––––A. slower B. slow C. slowestD. much slower E. none of the above.16. Choose the correct spelling.A. Quarrantine B. pennicillin C. predecessorD. negligeble E. All of the above.17. Choose the incorrect spelling.A. Miscellaneous B. Maintenence C. ObeisanceD. Pessimism E. All of the above.18. Choose the correct spelling.A. Therapeutic B. Therapetic C. TherapauticD. Pronounciation E. None19. Choose the pair of words that best completesthe analogy - OUTSIDE: INSIDEA. Door: Open B. Steam: EvaporateC. Cloud: Rain D. Brim: CenterE. Heat: Temperature.20. Choose the pair of words that best completesthe analogy - ATLAS: MAPSA. Star: Planets B. Car: WheelsC. Album: Photographs D. Circus: AcrobatsE. Doctor: Patient.21. Tb_ ]orr_]t synonym o` ―Din‖ is -A. Clamor B. Disaster C. PersuasiveD. Taunt E. Placid.22. Tb_ ]orr_]t synonym o` ―Molli`y‖ is -English – Lec – 09. 14A. Temper B. Chaos C. DerideD. Assuage E. Condense.23. The correct synonym o` ―Culp[l_‖ is -A. Credulous B. Censurable C. OminousD. Talkative E. Ameliorate.24. Tb_ ]orr_]t synonym o` ―H[]kn_y_^‖ is -A. Overjoyed B. Unconcealed C. MalevolentD. Agile E. Commonplace.25. Complete the sentence:A student may study diligently, but withoutadequate rest –––– cannot expect to do well.A. one B. you C. he D. they E. that.26. ––––, I would have helped him.A. Had I gone there B. If I had gone thereC. If I could go there D. Did I go thereE. A + B.27. আমরাই এ কাজরি করররি। -Translate itA. It is we who have done the work.B. It is we who had been doing the work.
  • 68. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. It is we who have been doing the work.D. It is we that have done this work.E. It is we that who have done this work.28. Which is the correct sentence?A. He struck me on the head.B. He struck me on head.C. He struck me to the head.D. He struck me of the headE. He strike me on the head.29. Which is correct?A. I‖ll t[k_ otb sbirts. B. I‖ll t[k_ [ll two sbirts.C. I‖ll t[k_ [ll tb_ two shirts.D. I‖ll t[k_ [ll o` tb_ two sbirts E. A + C.30. Sears Roebuck and company –––– the leaderinretailing.A. were B. was C. hasD. is to E. None of the above.31. Choose the correct spelling -A. Sacrilegious B. Secrilaigious C. SacrelagiousD. Seacrelegious E. Sacrealegious.32. Which one is correct?I –––– home yesterday.A. I have come home yesterday.B. I am coming home yesterday.C. I came home yesterday.D. I come home yesterday. E. None33. Choose the correct option.The Principal desired the notice ––––.A. to hung B. to be hang C. to be hungD. to be hanging E. None of the above.34. Which one is correct?It is many years since I –––– to Dhaka.A. had come B. coming C. comesD. came E. A+B35. Which one is correct?A. The accused was released on bell.B. The accused was released on bale.C. The accused was released on bail.D. The accused was released on bile.E. none of the above.36. I saw him ––––.A. gone B. going C. goesD. went E. A+C.37. I –––– him recently.A. saw B. has seen C. seeD. have seen E. none of the above.38. He –––– home just now.A.had returned B. has returned C. returnedD. returns E. A+B39. They –––– the work by Monday next.A. finish B. will finishC. will have finished D. have finishedE. A+C.40. Ershad said that he –––– home the next day.A. had gone B. would go C. can goD. has gone E. none of the above.41. I had my rice ––––A. to be cooking B. cookedC. in cooking condition D. cookingE. None of the above.42. The color of his eyes –––– blue.A. are B. were C. isD. have being E. in.43. He –––– out just now.A. went B. goes C. goneD. has gone E. None of the above.44. Complete the sentence.Every boy and girl –––– to be educated.A. wants B. want C. wantingD. wanna E. none.45. Choose the correct option.A. Each of the buildings were situated on thebank
  • 69. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comof the river.B. Neither he nor his sons has done this.C. Nicky as well as his friends intends to visitMauritius.D. The quality of the mangoes were not good.E. A+B+D46. Choose the incorrect option.A. The local council is in charge of repairingroads.B. The possibility of bankruptcy is distinct if sales^on‖t improv_.C. To refuse invitations are not always easy.D. The man who helped the physicallyhandicapped children has come.E. All of the above.47. Fill in the gap.English – Lec – 09. 15Our discussion group –––– meeting this week.A. are B. is C. have D. would be E. none.48. Choose the correct option.A. Thirty minutes is long enough to finish theexam.B. None of the boys is responsible for thissituation.C. We had heard the tales before, and most wasuntrue.D. He found that nobody were at home.E. Both A+B.Identify the grammatically incorrect word in thefollowing sentence. (49 - 51)49. Carbon-di-oxide together with other CFC gasesare causing many problems in ourenvironment.A. together with B. are causing C. manyD. in our environment E. no error.50. Some of the people were standing in thestreet,watched the parade, while others were talkingto each other.A. of the B. standing C. watchedD. were E. no error.51. After the accident took place, neither thepassengers nor the policeman were able tocatch the bus driver.A. After B. took C. neitherD. were E. to catch.52. Choose the correct word to complete thesentence.The concept of industrial democracy in all thestates –––– extremely important.A. become B. becomes C. becomingD. have E. None of the above.53. Finish the sentence.Few among them –––– willing to wait.A. are B. is C. can D. ought to E. none.54. Complete the sentence.The number of people applying –––– increasedthis year.A. has B. have C. would D. is E. none.55. Choose the incorrect option.A. More people are buying home computers nowa days.B. was People a successful magazine?C. Three fifths of the candidates have failed.D. More than one book was expensive.E. None of the above.56. Fill in the gap.Ferdous got the problem ––––.A. to solve B. solve C. solvedD. to be solved E. None.57. There –––– two types of calculus, differentialand integral.A. is B. are C. have D. should E. None.
  • 70. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com58. With the exception of Karim and I, everyoneinthe office finished the credit report before thefinal date.A. Karim, and I, everyone in the office finished.B. Karim and me, everyone, in the office finished.C. Karim and me, everyone in the office hadfinished.D. Karim and I everyone in the office hadfinished.E. Karim and me, everyone in the office finishes.59. Choose the correct spelling.A. Sychophant B. Missile C. NightingleD. Vacuam E. None of the above.60. Choose the correct spelling.A. Superstitious B. Referance C. SeparetationD. Stationacry E. All of the above.61. Choose the correct spelling.A. Counseller B. Abbreviate C. KerosineD. Embarass E. Both a+d.62. Choose the incorrect spelling.A. Succulent B. Sapphire C. ShepherdD. Recommendetion E. All of63. Choose the incorrect spelling.A. Possession B. Phenomenon C. MillionnaireD. Restaurant E. None of the above.64. Choose the correct option.A. Slow and steady win the race.B. He and I am a singer.C. Every man and woman are to be educated.D. A+B E. None of the above.65. Complete the sentence.Neither her sons nor her daughter –––– piano.A. play B. plays C. are playingD. had played E. None of the above.66. Choose the correct sentence.A. Each of the papers were scattered on the floor.B. I have many a books of this kind.C. Billu as well as his friends deserves the prize.D. A+B E. All of the above.67. Choose the correct option.A. Hasib together with Rohan is going to themosque.B. The board are going to arrange a meetingtomorrow.C. The study of languages is very interesting.D. A+C E. None of the above.68. Complete the sentence.I could give you –––– for not going.A. hundreds reasons B. a hundred reasonC. a hundred reasons D. hundreds reasonsE. None of the above.69. Choose the correct option.A. To save money now seem impossible.B. Reading French is easier than speaking it.C. The team try hard, but it lacks class.D. A+C E. All of the above.70. Choose the incorrect option.A. The pride of lions were taking rest under thetree.B. Fifteen minutes is not a very long time.C. None of them have replied yet.D. A+C E. None of the above.71. Complete the sentence.A number of items –––– been deleted.A. has B. have C. wasD. were E. None of the above.72. Choose the correct option.A. Everything was destroyed.B. The few houses we have seen is in terriblecondition.C. All of the mourners was dressed in black.English – Lec – 09. 16D. A+B E. All of the above.
  • 71. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com73. Choose the incorrect option.A. ―Gulliv_r‖s Tr[v_ls‖ is [n int_r_stina ook.B. Here are the others.C. It is two miles to the beach.D. None of the above. E. all of the above.74. Finish the sentence.Fifteen hundred dollars a year –––– the percapita income in the united states in 1950.A. was B. were C. hasD. had E. A+B.75. Choose the correct option.A. His earnings has increased rapidly.B. Three fourths of the invited guests werepresentthere.C. More than one dish were found to beexpensive.D. A+C E. None of the above76. In a chess game the player with the whitepiecesalways –––– first.A. will be move B. move C. movesD. is to move E. None of the above.77. George got Hannan –––– the problem.A. solved B. to solve C. solveD. solving E. None of the above.78. Everything under construction duringbargaining sessions –––– not publicized.A. was B. were C. had beenD. could E. None of the above.79. Choose the correct spelling.A. Renaissance B. Reneissance C. RenaissenceD. Suvenir E. None of the above.80. Choose the correct spelling.A. sumptous B. Referance C. PecuniaryD. A+B E. All of the above.81. Several in this car –––– able to drive.A. is B. are C. canD. know E. None of the above.82. Never in his life –––– have a single day ofdoubtabout his purpose.A. did Thomas Edison B. do Thomas EdisonC. was Thomas Edison D. does Thomas EdisonE. None of the above.83. Those who have experienced its power ––––light of the sighting of a tornado.A. never makes B. never makingC. never would make D. never makeE. None of the above.84. Drawing from –––– and unpublished work, theNo[m Cbomsky R_[^_r‖s S_ri_s b[s __nenormously successful.A. their published B. his publishedC. published D. it publishedE. None of the above.85. Stephen Hawking, along with his universityprofessor, who –––– not teaching at the time,published his first version of chaos theory earlyin his career.A. was B. were C. didD. would E. None of the above.86. Everything that lives –––– some source ofenergy.A. need B. needs C. will be needsD. needing E. None of the above.87. The factors in vocal control beyond consciouscontrol –––– the act of respiration.A. includes B. including C. includeD. was included E. None of the above.88. Atlanta, Georgia is a city where –––– recently.A. there a lot of media attentionB. there a lot of media attention hasC. there has been a lot of media attention
  • 72. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comD. there a lot of media attention has beenE. None of the above.89. Although –––– more than 40 presidents in theUnited States over the last 200 years,Americans can seldom remember more than 15at any given time.A. there have been B. there has beenC. has been D. have beenE. None of the above.90. –––– scandal that in spite of the clearevidence,tb_ ^_stru]tion o` tb_ worl^‖s r[in `or_stscontinues.A. They are B. There are C. It isD. There is E. None of the above.91. It is natural that baby eagles –––– to theirmother.A. while still in the nest do submitsB. while still in the nest are submittedC. while still in the nest submitD. while still in the nest submitsE. None of the above.92. No Supreme Court decision ––––, who meet inprivate, have conferred on the case in question.A. are ever given until the justicesB. are ever give until the justicesC. is ever given until the justicesD. ever gives until the justicesE. None of the above.93. Public discussion of our international anddomestic problems –––– by congressmen whoare actually interested only in re-election.A. is being over politicizedB. are being over politicizedC. to be over politicizedD. overly politicizesEnglish – Lec – 09. 17E. None of the above.94. Noun o` tb_ wor^ ―[pprov_‖ is -A. approving B. approvedC. approveness D. approval E. None.95. Few among them –––– willing to wait.A. are B. is C. canD. ought to E. None of the above.96. Which one is correct?A. The president along with the ministers werepresent.B. The president along with the ministers waspresent.C. The president along with the ministers hasbeenpresent.D. Both B+C E. None of the above.97. The wages of sin –––– inevitable.A. are B. is C. are to beD. None of the above E. All.98. There –––– photographs and graphs in thisbook that meet the needs of instructions inintroductory courses.A. is many B. are many C. manyD. many more E. None of the above.Choose the correct option: (99 101)99. A. One of my friend has come latelyB. One of my friends have come latelyC. One of my friends has come lately.D. One of my friends came lately.E. None.100. A. Jane with her friends have done the job.B. Jane with her friends has done the jobC. Jane with her friend have done the job.D. Jane with her friends are present at the park.E. None.101. A. Either she or her sisters is responsible.B. Neither she nor her sisters is responsible
  • 73. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. Either she nor her sisters are responsible.D. Neither she nor her sisters are responsible.E. None.102. His knowledge of languages –– him in hiswork.A. aid B. aids C. aidingD. added E. aiden103. The facilities at the new research libraryincluding an excellent microfilm file ––––.A. is a among the best in the countryB. is among the best in the countryC. are among the best in the countryD. are a among the best in the countryE. are being among the best in the country104. Choose the correct sentence:A. All trade between the two countries wassuspendedB. All trade between the two countries weresuspended.C. All trades between the two countries wassuspendedD. All trades between the two countries beingsuspendedE. All trades between the two countries besuspended105. The production of different kinds of artificialmaterials –––– essential to the conservation ofour natural resources.A. is B. are C. were D. be E. being106. Since the shipment of supplies for ourexperiments –––– delayed, we will have toschedule our work.A. were B. are C. haveD. have been E. was107. The gust of honor, along with his wife andhersons, –––– seated at the first table.A. was B. were C. areD. have E. have been108. The ambassador, with his family and staff ––––you to a reception.A. invite B. invites C. invitingD. have invited E. are invited109. Mary, accompanied by her brother on thepiano–––– very well received at the talent show.A. were B. are C. haveD. was E. have been110. Senator David, with his assistant and hispresssecretary –––– scheduled to arrive in NY today.A. are B. were C. have beenD. have E. is111. Sakira, accompanied by Elton John ––––appearing in the concert.A. are B. is C. have D. has E. were112. There –––– ten people in line.A. is B. are C. hasD. was E. had113. There –––– very little rain in this summer.A. has been B. have been C. wereD. are E. has114. Here –––– their houseA. are B. were C. hasD. is E. has115. There –––– several objections to the newpolicy.A. is B. was C. hasD. has been E. have been116. I think that there –––– a problemA. was B. were C. has D. had E. are117. Everyone who –– in architecture ––––History.
  • 74. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comA. major, study B. majors, study C. major studiesD. majors, studies E. majors, studying.118. Choose the correct sentence.A. Either of these buses go past the University.B. Either of these bus go past the University.C. Either of these bus goes past the University.D. Either of these bus going past the University.English – Lec – 09. 18E. Either of these buses goes past the University.119. Anyone who –––– to participate in the state–––– a ticket at a store.A. Wishes, purchases B. wish, purchasesC. wishes, purchases D. wish, purchaseE. wishes purchasing.120. Neither Canada nor Mexico –––– that citizensof the United States –––– passports.A. require, has B. require, have C. requires, hasD. requires having E. requires, have121. The first two problems –––– very difficult,butthe rest of the problems –––– easy.A. are, are B. are, is C. is, areD. is, is E. was, were122. Choose the correct sentence:A. Twenty dollars is the priceB. Twenty dollar is the priceC. Twenty dollar are the priceD. Twenty dollars are the priceE. Twenty dollars were the price123. –– in my class, mostly international ––, arerich.A. The people, students B. the people, studentC. people, students D. people, studentE. the peoples, students124. ––––, will be given during the last week ofA. The final exam, an easy testsB. The final exams, an easy testC. The final exam, some easy testsD. The final exam, a easy testE. The final exam, an easy test125. Choose the correct sentence:A. Many people is coming to the graduationB. Much people is coming to the graduationC. Much people are coming to the graduationD. Many people are coming to the graduationE. Many peoples are coming to the graduation126. An audience usually –––– applaud in achurch.A. do not B. does not C. have notD. are not E. were not127. The staff –––– meeting in the conferenceroomA. is B. are C. were D. have E. had128. –––– migrate long distances is welldocumented.A. That it is birds B. That birdsC. Birds that D. It is that birds E. None129. A. That we need to move is sureB. It is that we need to move is sure.C. Is likely that the library is closedD. That the library is closed is likely E. A + D130. –––– absurd.A. That is not fair seemsB. That it is not fair seemsC. That it is not fair seemD. That is not fair seem E. None131. –––– almost curtain.A. She will win that B. She will win isC. That she will win D. That she will win isE. A + D132. Not until the end of the nineteenth century,–––– become a scientific discipline.
  • 75. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comA. plant breeding had B. did plant breedingC. plant breeding have D. have plant breeding133. –––– some countries that have two seasonsofthe year instead of four seasons.A. Are B. Any C. There areD. There is E. None134. The ways of traveling –––– dramatically sincethe late nineteenth century.A. will have changed B. has changedC. have changed D. will changeE. None135. Native American people arrived on the NorthAmerican continent –––– Europeans.A. since B. for C. beforeD. ahead . E. None136. –––– common nuclear reaction, cold fusiondoesnot require a high temperature.A. Alike B. It is unlikely C. It is not likeD. Unlike E. None137. Lasers –––– steel by focusing an intensebeamon the metal.A. cutting B. cut C. to cutD. of cutting E. None138. Successful salespeople –––– and understandtheneeds of the market.A. products are thoroughly knownB. know their products thoroughlyC. thoroughly know their products areD. their products are thoroughly know139. How many of us –––– over complicatedchangesin the law!A. not frustratedB. not become frustratedC. have not become frustratedD. is not frustratedE. None140. Paper ––– from cellulose fibers.A. is produced B. producing C. producedD. which is produced E. None141. There are ––– art galleries in the city ofCarmel.A. a great deal B. many C. muchD. lots E. None142. The Caspian Sea, a salt lake, is –– any otherlake in the world.A. largest B. the largestC. larger than D. the larger thanE. None143. Ballet dancers, ––– actors, must spend manyhours a day practicing before a performance.A. like B. the likeC. the same D. same as E. None144. High levels of hazardous waste ––– in soilnormany nuclear defense facilities.A. have been measured B. has been measuredC. is measuring D. are measuringE. None145. Bigamy is a situation in which a man –– twowomen at the same timeA. marries to B. is marry toC. married D. is married to E. None146. –– the rainfall was adequate this year, theapricot trees still did not produce a high yield.A. Since B. HoweverC. Although D. Due to E. None147. Ludwig van Beethoven is considered one ofthe
  • 76. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comgreatest composers –––.A. who ever lived B. he livedC. when living D. while he livedE. None148. The white House is where the presidentlives,and the Capital Building is where–––A. laws madeB. the laws are makingC. the laws are madeD. are making the lawsE. None149. ––– in an electric typewriter is the ability tocorrect spelling errors.A. There are many new featuresB. New featuresC. The new featuresD. One of the new featuresE. None150. ––– covered by the sea, which occupies 71percent of the earth.A. A huge unknown world isB. An huge unknown worldC. How huge the unknown worldD. So huge is the unknown worldE. None of the above.151. Tears –––– anger and tension naturally.A. are relieved B. relieving C. relieveD. what they relieve E. None152. After World War I, automobiles, buses, andtrucks became the most common ––––.A. of transportation B. transport formC. forms of transportationD. transportation of form E. None153. It‖s not _[sy `or [ ][us[l os_rv_r todistinguish–––– genuine paintings and copies.A. between B. therefore C. forD. to E. None154. The sound of the dryer –– my concentration.A. bother B. bothering C. bothersD. has bothering E. been bothering155. The prettiest girl in our class –– long brownhair & brown eyes.A. having B. has C. haveD. to has E. to have156. In my opinion, it– too soon to make adecision.A. is B. are C. has D. have E. having157. Do you know whether the movie that–– atsevenis good?A. start B. starting C. to startD. starts E. None158. The book that I lent you –– a goodbibliography.A. is B. has C. havingD. to have E. have159. Choose the correct sentence:A. Most states have a sales tax.B. Most of the states have a sales tax.C. Almost all states have a sales tax.D. Almost all of the states have a sales tax.E. All of the above160. ––– fuel that is used today is a Chemicalform ofsolar energy.A. Most of B. The most C. MostD. Almost the E. None161. It is time that –– Americans watch TV. everynight.A. almost all of the B. the most C. most ofD. almost E. almost the162. ––– information about pronunciation.
  • 77. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comA. most the dictionaries haveB. Most dictionary hasC. most of the dictionaries haveD. almost dictionaries have E. None163. All ––– of the world carry on breedingexperiments to increase yield or to improvedisease resistance.A. countries that grow wheatB. growth of wheat countriesC. wheat-producing countriesD. countries where wheat is grown164. Some people find it surprising ––– his careerasan actor in California.A. when Ronald Reagan beganB. Ronald Reagan beganC. that Ronald Reagan beganD. to know Ronald Reagan165. Bees have compound eyes ––– almost 6000tinylenses.A. made of B. made inC. made on D. made upE. NoneAnswer Keys:1. d 2. b 3. e 4. e 5. e 6. c 7. e 8. d 9. a 10. b 11. d 12. e 13. e 14. b 15. b 16. c 17. b 18. a 19. d20. c 21. a 22. d 23. b 24. e 25. c 26. e 27. a 28. a 29. a 30. b 31. a 32. c 33. c 34. d 35. c36. b 37. d 38. b 39. c 40. b 41. b 42. c 43. d 44. a 45. c 46. c 47. b 48. e 49. b 50. c 51. b 52. b53. a 54. a 55. e 56. c 57. b 58. c 59. b 60. a 61. b 62. d 63. c 64. e 65. b 66. c 67. d 68. c 69. b 70. a 71.b 72. a 73. d 74. a 75. b 76. c 77. b 78. a 79. a 80. c 81. b 82. a 83. d 84. b 85. a 86. b 87. c 88. b 89. a
  • 78. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com1. Choose the correct sentence.A. He is the one of the artists whodeservesrecognition.B. He is one of the artists who deserverecognition.C. He is one of the artist who deservesrecognition.D. He is the one of the artists whodeserverecognition.E. both A+B.2. Find out the correct spelling.A. Bureaucracy B. BrucracyC. Bureacracy D. BureucracyE. Burocracy3. She seemed to be –––– than she had beenbefore.A. much careful B. more carefully.C. much more carefully.D. much more careful.E. both A+D.4. Here –––– I who –––– responsible for thismisdeed.A. am, is B. is, is C. is, amD. should , is E. am, am.5. Rarely –––– more than 50 miles from the coast.A. redwood trees growB. redwood trees do growC. grow redwood treesD. do redwood trees growE. both B+C.6. Choose the correct sentence.A. Your computer is up-to-dater than mine.B. Your computer is more up-to-date than I.C. Your computer is more up-to-date than mine.D. Your computer is the most up-to-date of thistwo.E. Both b+C.7. He got used to –––– books.A. read B. readingC. be read D. have read. E. must read8. He got the work ––––.A. doing B. do C. to doD. done. E. has done9. Choose the correct sentence.A. You can hardly never seen a man like him, canyou?B. You ][n b[r^ly s__ [ m[n lik_ b_, ][n‖t you?C. You can hardly see a man like him, do you?D. You can hardly see a man like him, can you?E. You can hardly ever saw a man like he, canyou?10. Find out the correct spelling.A. Moanuvre B. ManuvreC. Mannouevre D. ManoeuversE. None11. Here –––– I, –––– ?A. is, isn‖t I B. [m, [r_n‖t b_r_C. is, isn‖t b_r_ D. [m, [r_n‖t b_r_E. [r_, [r_n‖t b_r_.12. The chairman and headmaster of this school –.A. has just arrived B. have just arrivedC. is arrived D. are arrived E. are arriving.13. Choose the correct sentence ––––.
  • 79. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comA. I or they am rich B. I or they are richC. I or they is rich D. He or they is rich.E. both B+D.14. Choose the correct sentence.A. Did all the senators who you wanted tointerviewmeet with you?B. Did all the senators whom you wanted tointerview meet with you?C. Did all the senators who you wanted tointerviewmet you?D. both B+C E. none15. –––– he gets, –––– he wants.A. The more, the most B. The more, the moreC. The most, the most D. The most, the morE.E. both B+C.16. Find out the correct spelling.A. Taciturnity B. TaciturenityC. Tacturnity D. Takturnity E. none.17. You will get pneumonia, if you –––– yourclothes.A. will not change B. would not changeC. do not change D. did not change.E. both A+B.18. Choose the correct sentence.A. He as well as they was supposed to do hisduty.B. He as well as they was supposed to do theirduty.C. He as well as they were supposed to do theirduty.D. He as well as they be supposed to do his duty.E. He as well as they should do their duty.19. Cboos_ tb_ synonym o` ―Penalty‖ ––––A. Punishment B. CompensationC. Pardon D. Reward E. Help20. In 1867, Hiram R. Revels –––– the first Blacktobe elected to the U.S. Senate.A. becoming B. becameC. to have became D. has becameE. both B+C.21. She sang instead of ––––A. play B. playedC. have playing D. playingE. have played22. Choose the correct sentence.A. Perhaps they were meeting right now.B. Perhaps they are meeting right now.C. Perhaps they meet right now.D. Perhaps they have been meeting right now.E. Both B+D23. I wish, you –––– rich.A. had B. had beenC. were D. both B+CE. None24. Find out the correct spelling.A. Acknowledgment B. AcknowledgementC. Aknowledment D. AcknowlegementE. None25. Choose the correct sentence.A. If he will fail to do this, I will punish him.B. If he will fail to do this, I would punish him.C. If he would fail to do this, I will punish him.D. If he fails to do this, I will punish him.E. Both A+D26. If you had done this work, you –––– punished.A. would be B. would haveC. should have D. would have been.E. both A+B.27. Cboos_ tb_ synonym o` ―Loyal‖ ––––.A. Detached B. DisinclinedC. Devoted D. Untrammeled
  • 80. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comE. Disinterested28. Choose the correct sentence.A. Our agency has begun distributingadvertisements 12 years ago.B. Our agency began distributing advertisements12years ago.C. Our agency had begun distributingadvertisements 12 years ago.English – Lec – 11 . 13D. Our agency was beginning distributingadvertisements 12 years ago.E. none29. If you –––– there, you –––– me.A. will go, will find B. go, would findC. go, will find D. will go, findE. both B+C.30. Cboos_ tb_ synonym o` ―Latent‖ ––––.A. Conspicious B. ConcealedC. Evident D. VisibleE. Auspicious31. Choose the correct sentence.A. We have sent all our customers the new pricelist lastmonth.B. We had sent all our customers the new pricelist lastmonth.C. We sent all our customers the new price listlastmonth.D. We have already sent all our customers thenewprice list last month.E. Both C+D32. He seems as though he –––– a lover boy.A. was B. wereC. have been D. would beE. should be33. Cboos_ tb_ synonym o` ―Malice‖ ––––.A. Animosity B. AffectionC. Kindness D. Love E. Bravery34. Choose the correct sentence.A. By the time we will arrive we will sell most ofthe special items.B. By the time we will arrive we will have soldmost of the special items.C. By the time we arrive we will sell most of thespecial items.D. By the time we arrive we will have sold mostofthe special items.E. none35. He talked as if he –––– a lawyer.A. were B. was C. had beenD. would have been. E. A+C36. Choose the correct one:A. It is the best of the pairB. It is better of the pairC. It is the best one of the pairD. It is the better of the pair.E. both B+C.37. Cboos_ tb_ synonym o` ―T_^ious‖ ––––.A. Amusing B. Dull C. ExcitingD. Quick. E. Loveable38. I was pleased –––– his behavior.A. with B. by C. atD. for E. in39. Choose the correct sentenceA. He works as if he was a host in himself.B. He worked as if he was a host in himselfC. He works as if he were a host in himselfD. He works as if he would be a host in himselfE. He worked as if he would a host in himself
  • 81. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com40. The river has –––– the banks.A. overflown B. overflowed C. overflowingD. been overflowed E. both a+B.41. Find out the correct spelling.A. Curiculam B. Curriculam C. CurriculumD. Curiculum E. None42. Choose the correct sentence.A. Neither she nor I has been with the company ayear.B. Neither she nor I have been with the companya year.C. Neither she nor I was with the company ayear.D. Neither she nor I are with the company a year.E. Both B+D43. They had the car ––––.A. to be washed B. washed C. washingD. to be washing. E. has washed44. Shahed saw everything in the room ––––.A. at a glance B. at a stretchC. as the crow flies D. at all risks.E. both A+B.45. Choose the correct sentence.A. I was speaking when we were disconnected.B. I had spoken when we were disconnected.C. I spoke when we were disconnected.D. I was speaking when we had disconnected.E. none46. Cboos_ tb_ synonym o` ―Sacred‖ -A. Evil B. Secular C. ProfaneD. Divine E. Polluted.47. –––– about four years for a new aircraftmodelto move from the preliminary design stage to thefull production stage.A. It takes B. Taking C. That takesD. To take E. both B+C.48. Choose the correct sentence.A. When I will know the experiment is finished, Iwill dismiss the class.B. When I know the experiment is finished, I willdismiss the class.C. When I will have known the experiment isfinished, I will dismiss the class.D. When I will know the experiment is finished, Idismiss the class.E. Both A+C49. Everybody should know how to –––– himselftochanging circumstances.A. adapt B. adopt C. adeptD. adopted E. be adept50. Thousands of –––– of jute are exported fromBangladesh.A. bail B. bell C. baleD. belle. E. both A+C.51. Choose the correct sentence.A. She has living in Australia for a year.B. She has been living in Australia for a year.C. She has lived in Australia for a year.D. She was living in Australia for a year.E. She has been lived in Australia for a year.52. He punished the boy –––– he found wasmakinga noise.A. whom B. who C. by whomD. whomever E. to whom.53. Cboos_ tb_ synonym o` ―Gigantic‖ ––––.A. Little B. Minute C. SmallEnglish – Lec – 11 . 14D. Large E. both A+C.54. He seems – than his father.A. much lawful B. more lawfullyC. much more lawfully D. much more lawful.
  • 82. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comE. both B+C.55. Find out the correct spelling.A. Homogenous B. HomogeniousC. Homogeneous D. HomogeinousE. None56. The higher one rises in the atmosphere, ––––thetemperature generally becomes.A. colder than B. the colder C. the colder asD. is colder E. the coldest.57. Choose the correct sentence.A. Rumana was talking to someone when I sawher.B. Rumana talked to someone when I saw her.C. Rumana had talked to someone when I sawher.D. Rumana was talking to someone when I hadseen her.E. none58. The real culprits made a –––– of this dull boy.A. dark horse B. scape goatC. black sheep D. short cutE. both A+B.59. He together with his friends –––– this.A. have done B. had better doneC. has done D. are used to doingE. are doing60. Choose the correct sentence.A. A shipping order from each of these firmsprovehis reliability.B. A shipping order from each of these firmsproveshis reliability.C. The shipping orders from each of these firmsprove his reliability.D. The shipping order from each of these firmsprove his reliability.E. Both b+c61. The Colorado beetle is a beautiful insect, ––––itcauses a great deal of damage to food crops.A. but B. what C. or D. that E. so that62. George would certainly have attended theproceedings -A. If he didnt get a flat fireB. If the flat fire hadnt happenedC. had he not had a flat fireD. had the fire not flattened itselfE. both b+C63. Choose the correct sentence.A. Kopernicus discovered that the earth movesroun^ tb_ sun, isn‖t it?B. Kopernicus discovered that the earth movedroun^ tb_ sun, ^i^n‖t b_?C. Kopernicus discovered that the earth movesroun^ tb_ sun, ^i^n‖t b_?D. Kopernicus discovered that the earth movesroun^ tb_ sun, ^o_sn‖t it?E. Both c+d64. Find out the correct spelling.A. Honourary B. Honorary C. HonararyD. Honurary E. Honorury65. Choose the correct one:A. I prefer starve to begB. I prefer starving than beggingC. I prefer starve than begD. I prefer starving to beggingE. both B+D.66. Choose the correct sentence.A. It is we who has introduced this product inthis country.B. It are we who has introduced this product inthis country.
  • 83. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. It is we who have introduced this product inthis country.D. It are we who have introduced this product inthis country.E. It are us who has introduced this product inthis country.67. Change the sentences from active to passiveI have written in time.A. It has been written in time by me.B. I have been written in time. C. In time I havebeen written.D. None of above. E. both B+C.68. Find out the correct spelling.A. Exaggerate B. ExeggareteC. Exaggerete D. Exagarete E. None69. Change the sentences from active to passiveI am going to school.A. I am being gone to schoolB. It is being gone to school by me.C. school is being gone to by me.D. None of the above.E. cannot be changed into passive70. Change the sentences from active to passiveWho will carry the pot for picnic?A. The pot for picnic will be carried by whom?B. By whom will carried the pot for picnic?C. By whom will be carried the pot for picnic?D. The picnic will be carried by whom?E. By whom will the pot be carried for picnic?71. He cared –––– nothing.A. for B. aboutC. with D. in E. at72. Choose the correct sentence.A. If I was she, I would request your advice.B. If I were she, I would request your advice.C. If I were she, I would have requested youradvice.D. If I was she, I would have requested youradvice.E. None73. Death is preferable –––– disgrace.A. than B. to C. forD. from E. both A+B.74. Silk worm feeds –––– mulberry trees.A. with B. on C. uponD. at. E. for75. Choose the correct sentence.A. He is one of the teachers who have achievedboth fame and money within very short time.B. He is the one of the teachers who has achievedboth fame and money within very short time.C. He is one of the teachers who has achievedbothfame and money within very short time.D. He is the one of the teachers who haveachievedboth fame and money within very short time.E. Both A+B76. Guard –––– all errors.A. upon B. under C. againstD. with E. for77. Choose the correct sentence.A. I will complete the book by the time theyarrive.B. I will have completed the book by the timethey arrive.C. I have completed the book by the time theyarrive.D. I would complete the book by the time theyarrive.E. Both B+D78. He was excused –––– a crime he did notcommit.A. with B. at C. to
  • 84. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comD. of E. for79. Find out the correct spelling.A. cantankerows B. kantankerousEnglish – Lec – 11 . 15C. kantunkerows D. cantankerousE. both B+C.80. Choose the correct sentenceA. Who do you think would be a good candidate?B. Whom do you think would be a goodcandidate?C. Whom you think would be a good candidate?D. both A+B E. None81. Find out the correct spelling.A. plateau B. plateaux C. plataeusD. palateu E. None82. Find out which one is misspelt.A. vermillion B. reminiscenceC. plebiscite D. all of the above.E. both A+C.83. Affix this stamp –––– the letter.A. with B. from C. upon D. to E. at84. Choose the correct sentence.A. This inquiry is only one of many that requirespecial attention.B. This inquiry is the only one of many thatrequires special attention.C. This inquiry is only one of many that requiresspecial attention.D. This inquiry is the only one of many thatrequirespecial attention.E. Both A+B85. He left the house –––– bag and baggage.A. with B. in C. withinD. no preposition. E. without86. When drawing your conclusions –––– isessential.A. narcissism B. elaborationC. specificity D. redundancy E. altruism87. Choose the correct sentence.A. If that item was in stock, we will ship it to youimmediately.B. If that item were in stock, we would haveshipped it to you immediately.C. If that item were in stock, we will ship it toyouimmediately.D. If that item was in stock, we would ship it toyouimmediately.E. If that item were in stock, we would ship it toyou immediately.88. You should –––– this paragraph in order tomake youressay more ––––.A. delete, concise B. enlarge, SuperfluousC. rewrite, succinct D. revise, abstruseE. None89. Make it active.You had been called by me before he came -A. I had called you before he coming.B. I was called you before he came.C. I called you before he came.D. I had called you before he came E. A+D.90. Choose the correct sentence.A. He wish that he were a child again.B. He wishes that he were a child again.C. He wish that he was a child again.D. He wishes that he would be a child again.E. He wishes that he was a child again.91. Which one is correct?A. deliverence B. labirynthC. predecessor D. both a+c E. None92. He was convicted –––– theft.
  • 85. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comA. on B. in C. for D. of E. about93. Choose the correct sentence.A. He and not I always have to go there.B. He and not I always has to go there.C. He and not I have always to go there.D. He and not I have to go there always.E. He and not I has to go there always94. Find out the correct spelling.A. Questionnaire B. SuperintandentC. Perenial D. Recurrence E. both A+D95. ―–––– tbis w__k?‖ ―No‖ sb_‖s on boli^[y.‖A. Is Susan working B. Does Susan workC. Does work Susan D. A+B E. None96. I ^on‖t un^_rst[n^ tbis s_nt_n]_. Wb[t ––––?A. does mean this word B. does this word meanC.means this word D. A+B E. None97. John –––– tennis once or twice a week.A. is playing usually B. is usually playingC. usually plays D. plays usually E. None98. How –––– now? Better than before?A. you are feeling B. do you feelC. are you feeling D. A+B E. None99. It was a boring weekend. –––– anything.A. I ^i^n‖t B. I ^on‖t ^oC. I ^i^n‖t ^o D. B+C E. Non_100. Tom –––– his hand when he was cooking thedinner.A. burnt B. was burningC. has burnt D. A+B E. None101. I woul^n‖t sl__p i` I –––– to bed.A. go B. went C. had goneD. would go E. none102. If were you, I –––– tb[t ]o[t. It‖s mu]b tooexpensive.A. won‖t uy B. ^on‖t uyC. [m not aoina to uy D. woul^n‖t uyE. none103. I decided to stay at home last night. I wouldhavegone out if I –––– so tired.A. w[sn‖t B. w_r_n‖tC. woul^n‖t b[v_ __n D. b[^n‖t __n E. non_104. I wish I –––– a car. It would make life somucheasier.A. have B. had C. would haveD. A+B E. none105. –––– tomorrow, so we can go outsomewhere.A. I‖m not workina B. I ^on‖t workC. I woul^n‖t work D. A+B E. Non_106. That bag looks heavy. –––– you with it.A. I‖m b_lpina B. I b_lp C. I‖ll b_lpD. A+B E. None107. I think the weather –––– be nice later.A. will B. shall C. is going toD. both A+C E. None108. ―Ann is in bospit[l.‖ ―Y_s, I know. –––– hertomorrow.‖A. I visit B. I‖m aoina C. I woul^ visitD. B+C E. None109. W_‖r_ l[t_. Tb_ `ilm –––– by the time we getto the cinema.A. will already start B. will be already startedC. will already have startedD. A+B E. None110. Don‖t worry –––– late tonight.A. if I am B. when I amC. wb_n I‖ll _ D. i` I‖ll _ E. Non_111. We –––– by a loud noise during the night.A. woke up B. are woken upC. were woken up D. were waking upE. none
  • 86. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com112. Tb_r_‖s som_o^y w[lkina _bin^ us. I tbink––––.A. we are following B. we are being followedEnglish – Lec – 11 . 16C. we are followed D. we are being followingE. None113. ―Wb_r_ –––– ? ―In Lon^on‖A. were you born B. are you bornC. have you been born D. did you born E. None114. Where ––––? Which hairdresser did you goto?A. did you cut your hair B. have you cut yourhairC. did you have cut your hairD. did you have your hair cutE. None115. I ^on‖t lik_ stori_s ––– have unhappyendings.A. that B. they C. whichD. who E. both A+C116. I ^i^n‖t _li_v_ tb_m [t `irst ut in `[cteverything –––– was true.A. they said B. that they sayC. what they said D. it was said E. None117. Wb[t‖s tb_ n[m_ o` tb_ m[n ––––?A. you borrowed his car B. which car youborrowedC. whose car you borrowedD. his car you borrowed E. None118. Colin told me about his new job, –– verymuch.A. tb[t b_‖s _njoyina B. wbi]b b_‖s _njoyinaC. b_‖s _njoyina D. b_‖s _njoyina itE. None119. Sb_il[ ]oul^n‖t ]om_ to tb_ p[rty, –––– was apity.A. that B. it C. whatD. which E. None120. Some of the people –––– to tb_ p[rty ][n‖tcome.A. inviting B. invited C. who invitedD. they were invited E. None121. If the primary candidates –––– more on theissues, the results of the election would havebeenquite different.A. have focused B. had focusedC. focused D. were focused E. None122. Unless a public official –––– with theregulations,he can be removed from office at any time.A. will comply B. had compliedC. complies D. complied E. none123. Lately, several linguists have come to theconclusion that if we –––– to model cognitiveprocesses for language in a manner differentfrom other mental functions, we would not havean adequate theory of language.A. are B. had been C. will beD. were E. none124. Several businesses would stand to lose agreat deal ofmoney if open trade agreements –––– followed.A. have not been B. had not beingC. are not being D. were not being E. None125. Many writers –––– it very difficult toproduce a]ob_r_nt _ss[y i` tb_y b[v_n‖t pr_p[r_^ [detailed outline fist.A. finding B. had found C. findD. found E. none126. Which one of the following options iscorrect?
  • 87. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comA. I` w_ ^i^n‖t b[v_ to pr_p[r_ tb_ monoar[pb,we couldgo out tonight.B. I` w_ ^i^n‖t b[v_ to pr_p[r_ tb_ monoar[pb,wecould have gone out tonight.C. I` w_ ^i^n‖t b[v_ to prepare the monographwecould went out tonight. D. Both A+B.127. The correct passive form of the sentence―Tb_delegates had received the information beforetb_ r_]_ss‖ is -A. The information had being received by thedelegatesbefore the recess.B. The information had been being received bythedelegates before the recess.C. The information had been received by thedelegatesbefore the recess. D. None of the above.128. Choose the correct indirect form of thespeech.Tb_ m[n s[i^ to m_ ―You w_r_ [ m_re boy whenI s[w you l[st‖ ––––A. The man said to me that I was a mere boywhen hesaw me last.B. The man said to me that I had been a mereboywhen he had seen me last.C. The man said to me that I was a mere boywhen he hadbeen seen me last. D. Both B+C. E. None129. Identify the correct sentence.A. Had we known that you were there, we wouldsentyou an e-mailB. Had we known that you were there, we wouldhavesent you an e-mail.C. Had we known that you were there, we wouldbeensent you an e-mail.D. None of the above. E. All.130. Tb_ []tiv_ o` ―Consi^_r[l_ ^[m[a_ b[s __n][us_^ y tb_ `ir_‖ is ––––.A. The fire caused considerable damageB. the fire is causing considerable damageC. The fire has caused considerable damageD. None of the above E. All131. Finish the sentence.If I had a map –––– it to you.A. I would have lent B. Would lendC. Could lent D. None of the aboveE. All.132. Pick the option that is free from grammaticalerror.A. Tb_r_‖s [ n_w Cbin_s_ r_st[ur[nt, in town,isn‖t it?B. Tb_r_‖s [ n_w Cbin_s_ r_st[ur[nt in town, isit?C. Tb_r_‖s [ n_w Cbin_s_ r_st[ur[nt in town, isthere?D. Tb_r_‖s [ n_w Cbin_s_ r_st[ur[nt in town, isn‖tthere?E. None133. Find out the most appropriate option.A. S[n^r[ ^i^n‖t ]om_ to ]l[ss y_st_r^[y, Sheshould havehad an accident
  • 88. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comB. S[n^r[ ^i^n‖t ]om_ to ]l[ss y_st_r^[y, sb_ m[yhavehad an accident.C. S[n^r[ ^i^n‖t ]om_ to ]l[ss y_st_r^[y, Sb_must havehad an accident.English – Lec – 11 . 17D. None of the above E. All.134. If I were you, I –––– their offerA. would accept B. acceptC. should accept D. acceptedE. would have accepted.135. The committee has met and ––––.A. they have reached a decisionB. it has formulated themselves some opinionsC. its decision was reached atD. it has reached a decision136. Jobn‖s s]or_ on tb_ t_st is tb_ biab_st in tb_class; ––––.A. he should study last nightB. he should have studied last nightC. he must have studied last nightD. he must had to study last night137. Henry will not be able to attend the meetingtonight because ––––.A. he must to teach a classB. he will be teaching a classC. of he will teach a classD. he will have teaching a class138. ––––, he would have come to class.A. If Mike is able to finish his homeworkB. Would Mike be able to finish his homeworkC. If Mike could finish his homeworkD. If Mike had been able to finish his homework139. Here –––– notebook and report that Ipromisedyou last week.A. is the B. are the C. was the D. has been a140. Neither Jane nor her brothers –––– a consent`orm `or tomorrow‖s `i_l^ trip.A. need B. needsC. is needing D. has need141. The skiers would rather –––– through themountains than go by bus.A. to travel on train B. traveled by trainC. travel by trainD. traveling by the train142. ––––, he would have been able to pass theexam.A. If he studied moreB. If he were studying to a greater degreeC. Studying more D. Had he studied more143. –––, he would have signed his name in thecorner.A. If he painted that pictureB. If he paints that pictureC. If he had painted that pictureD. If he would have painted that picture144. Ben would have studied medicine if he ––––to amedical school.A. could be able to enter B. had been admittedC. was admitted D. were admitted145. Choose the correct sentence.A. If water freezes, it becomes a solid.B. If water freezes, it will become a solid.C. If water freezes, it would become a solid.D. If water freezes, it has become a solid.E. A + B146. If orange blossoms are exposed to very coldtemperature, they ––––.A. wither and died B. withered and diedC. wither and die D. will withered and diedE. would wither and die
  • 89. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com147. If children are healthy, they –––– to walk atabout eighteen months old.A. will learn B. would learnC. learnt D. would have learntE. None148. If light strikes a rough surface, it ––––.A. diffused B. diffusesC. would diffuse D. would have diffusedE. B + C149. If water is heated to 212 degrees F, ––– assteam.A. it will boil and escapeB. it is boiling and escapingC. it boil and escapeD. it would boil and escapeE. it boiled and escaped150. Choose the correct sentence.A. If we find her address, we would write her.B. If we find her address, we will write her.C. If we find her address, we will be writing her.D. If we found her address, we will write her.E. If we found her address, we write her.151. If you put too much water in rice when youcookit, –––– sticky.A. it would get B. it will have gotC. it gets D. it will getE. none152. I will stop on my way to home if they –––– agood sale.A. have B. hadC. having D. have hadE. will have153. If we finish our work a little early today, we––––the lecture at the art museum.A. will attend B. would attendC. attend D. would have attendE. a + c154. Choose the correct sentence.A. She will lose weight if she ate fewer sweets.B. She would lose weight if she ate fewer sweets.C. She would have lose weight if she ate fewersweets.D. She would lose weight if she eat fewer sweets.E. She will lose weight if she will eat fewersweets.155. If you went to bed earlier, you –––– sosleepy inthe morning.A. will not be B. will not be beingC. will not have been D. would not beE. would not have been156. I` Jim‖s `[mily –––– Karen, they –––– her.A. meet, would like B. met, would likeC. met, will like D. met, would have likedE. met, liked157. If drivers obeyed the speed limit, feweraccidents –––.A. occur B. will occurC. would have occurred D. occurringE. would occur158. Choose the correct sentence.A. If we had found her address, we would havewritten her.B. If we had found her address, we could havewritten her.C. If we had found her address, we might havewritten her.D. A + B + CE. None159. If I had more time, I –––– my paper again.A. would have checked B. would checkC. will have checked D. checked
  • 90. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comE. C + D160. I` tb_ n_iabors b[^n‖t quitt_^ ^own, I ––––tocall the police.A. have had B. would have hadC. would had had D. will have hadE. had161. If her mother –––– her, Anne would havestayedlonger.A. let B. have letC. had let D. will letE. would let162. We could have met her at the bus station, ifwe –––– that she had planned to arrange.English – Lec – 11 . 18A. had known B. knownC. knew D. have knownE. had been knowing163. If the party –––– on Friday, we could go.A. were B. wasC. is D. are E. been164. This apartment would be perfect if it –––– alittlelarger.A. were B. wasC. is D. areE. being165. Choose the correct sentence.A. If my daughter is here, I would be very happy.B. If my daughter is here, I would very happy.C. If my daughter are here, I would be veryhappy.D. If my daughter are here, I would very happy.E. If my daughter were here, I would be veryhappy.166. If the meat –––– a little more done, thiswould bean excellent meal.A. are B. were C. was D. had E. none167. If Nipa were really my friend, she –– meonce in a while.A. called B. would callC. calls D. will call E. calling168. Usually boys cannot become Boy scouts ––––thefifth grade.A. unless complete B. unless completedC. unless they complete D. unless they completedE. a + c169. Dina never calls her father unless he –––money.A. needs B. need C. neededD. has needed E. none170. Choose the correct sentence.A. They are going to get a divorce unless shestopstaking drugs.B. They are going to get a divorce unless shestopped taking drugs.C. They are gone to get a divorce unless shestopped taking drugs.D. They are gone to get a divorce unless shestopstaking drugs.E. all of the above171. Choose the correct sentence.A. I ][n‖t ao I ^on‖t a_t my work `inisb_^.B. I ][n‖t ao Unl_ss I a_t my work `inisb_^.C. I ][n‖t ao Unl_ss I aot my work `inisb_^.D. I ][n‖t ao Unl_ss I aot my work `inisb.E. A + C172. You would not get well –––– your medicine.
  • 91. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comA. unless take B. unless you tookC. unless you take D. you take E. if you take173. In a single day––– are as many as thousandsofpeople involved in business deals in one area.A. yet B. they C. ever D. there174. ––– the Pulitzer Prize in 1924.A. Edna Ferber wonB. When Edna Ferber wonC. Witb E^n[ F_r_r‖s winninaD. E^n[ F_r_r‖s winnina175. The teacher made Juan –––– the room.A. to leave B. leave C. leavingD. to be left E. to leaving176. Toshiko had her car ––––– by a mechanic.A. to repair B. repair C. repairingD. repaired E. to repairing177. Ellen got Marvin –––– her paper.A. typing B. to type C. to typingD. type E. to be typed178. I made Jane –––– her friend on thetelephone.A. to call B. calling C. callD. to be called E. called179. We got our house –––– last weekA. painted B. to paint C. paintD. painting E. be painted180. Dr. Byre is having the students –––– acomposition.A. writing B. write C. writtenD. to write E. to be written181. The policemen made the suspect –– on theground.A. to lie B. lying C. lieD. lied E. to be lying182. Mark got his transcripts –––– to theuniversity.A. sent B. send C. to sendD. be sent E. sending183. Maria is getting her hair –––– tomorrow.A. cut B. cutting C. to cutD. to be cut E. be cut184. The teacher let all ––––– the classroom.A. left B. leave C. to leaveD. leaving E. to be left185. There were not –––– to have the meeting.A. enoughly people B. people enoughC. enough people D. too peopleE. too much people186. –––– and John gave the money to the boy.A. Her B. Hers C. HerselfD. She E. None187. Mr. Jones cut –––– while shaving.A. himself B. hisself C. himD. he E. his188. Allen has learned ––– to study in Francenext year.A. enough French B. French enoughC. too enough French D. enoughly FrenchE. French enoughly189. Do you have –––– to take now?A. enough time B. enoughly time C. time enoughD. time enoughly E. too time190. Her call to California lasted ten minutes. Shemade a ––––– California.A. ten minute call B. ten minutes callC. ten minutes calls D. ten minute callsE. call for ten minute191. Mary and ––––– would rather go to themovies.A. me B. myself C. myD. I E. meself192. We teach languages. We are –––– teachers.A. languages B. language C. a language
  • 92. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comD. a languages E. None193. I was used to –––– at noon when I startedschool.A. eating B. eaten C. be eaten D. eat E. be eating194. If I had a bicycle, –––– it every day.A. I will ride B. I would be riddenC. I would ride D. I would have riddenE. I would have ride195. George –––– on a trip to Chicago if he hadhad time.A. would have gone B. would goC. will go D. would goneE. will have gone196. M[r]_l[ ^i^n‖t ]om_ to ]l[ss y_st_r^[y. Sb_ ––––an accident.A. would have gone B. should have goneC. must have gone D. must go E. would go197. The sun is shining ––––.A. brightness B. brightly C. brightfullyD. bright E. brightful198. The girls speak –––– French.A. fluentness B. fluent C. fluentlyD. fluentful E. fluentfully199. The boys speak Spanish ––––.A. fluentness B. fluentC. fluently D. fluentful E. fluentfully200. He used to –––– ^inn_r [t `iv_ o‖]lo]k.A. eating B. eaten C. eatD. be eaten E. be eating201. The food in the restaurant always tastes ––––.A. well B. better C. bestD. good E. None202. The campers remained ––– despite thethunder storm.A. calmly B. calmfully C. calmfulEnglish – Lec – 11 . 19D. calm E. calmness203. Sharon was supposed to be here at nineO‖]lo]k.She –––– about our meeting.A. must have forgetting B. must have forgottenC. must forget D. must be forgottenE. should have forgotten204. Thomas received a warning for speeding. He–– so fast.A. must have driven B. should driveC. should have driven D. must driveE. must be driven205. Your cold sounds ––––.A. terrible B. terribly C. terriblenessD. terriblefully E. None206. Paco was working –––– on the project.A. diligently B. diligent C. diligenceD. diligentful E. diligentfully207. Of the four dresses, I like the red one ––––.A. best B. the best C. betterD. the better E. good208. No animal is so big –––– King Kong.A. as B. like C. soD. like as E. as like209. Alv[ro ][n‖t a_t us_^ to ––––.A. studying B. study C. to be studiedD. studied E. be studying210. Phil is the –––– person we know.A. happy B. happier C. happiestD. the happiest E. the happier211. The pianist plays very ––––.A. well B. better C. goodD. best E. the best212. The twins have less money at the end of themonth –––– they have at the beginning.A. from B. than C. as
  • 93. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comD. like E. than from213. Her sports car is different –––– N[n]y‖s.A. from B. than C. asD. like E. than from214. We would rather –––– home tonight.A. stay B. staying C. to stayD. to be stayed E. to be staying215. You should type –– that you will not makean error.A. enough slowly B. enough slowC. slowly enough D. slow enoughE. enough slowness216. We have to help Janet –––– her key.A. find B. finding C. foundD. to be finding E. to be found217. Gene got his book ––––– by a subsidypublisher.A. publishing B. published C. publishD. to publish E. to be published218. It was difficult to deliver the letter –––– thesender had written the wrong address on theenvelope.A. because B. because of C. in spite ofD. despite E. due to219. The chickens have died –––– the intenseheat.A. because B. because of C. in spite ofD. despite E. due toAnswer Keys:1. e 2. a 3. d 4. e 5. d 6. c 7. b 8. d 9. d 10. d 11. b 12. a 13. b 14. a 15. b 16. a 17. c 18. a19. a 20. b 21. d 22. b 23. d 24. b 25. d 26. d 27. c 28. b 29. c 30. b 31. c 32. b 33. a 34. d 35. e36. d 37. b 38. c 39. c 40. b 41. c 42. b 43. b 44. a 45. a 46. d 47. a 48. b 49. a 50. c 51. b 52. b 53. d 54. d 55. c56. b 57. a 58. b 59. c 60. c 61. a 62. b 63. c 64. b 65. d 66. c 67. a 68. a 69. e 70. e 71. a 72. b 73. b 74. b 75. e76. c 77. b 78. d 79. d 80. a 81. a 82. e 83. a 84. e 85. d 86. c 87. e 88. a 89. d 90. b 91. c 92. d 93. b 94. e 95.a 96. b 97. c 98. c 99.c 100.b 101.b 102.d 103.d 104.b 105.a 106.c 107.d 108.b 109.c 110.a 111.c 112.b 113.a114.d 115.e 116.a 117.c 118.b 119.d 120.b 121.b 122.c 123.b 124.d 125.c 126.a 127. c 128.b 129.b 130.c 131.b132.d 133.c 134.a 135. d 136. c 137. b 138. d 139. a 140. a 141. c 142. d 143. c 144. b 145. e 146. c 147. a 148. b149. A 150. b 151. d 152. a 153. a 154. b 155. d 156. b 157. e 158. d 159. b 160. b 161. c 162. a 163. a 164. a 165.e 166. B 167. b 168. c 169. a 170. a 171. b 172. b 173. d 174. a 175. b 176. d 177. b 178. c 179. a 180. b 181. c182. a 183. A 184. b 185. c 186. d 187. a 188. a 189. a 190. a 191. d 192. b 193. a 194. c 195. a 196. c 197. b 198.b 199. c 200. C 201. d 202. d 203. b 204. a 205. a 206. a 207. b 208. a 209. a 210. c 211. a 212. b 213. a 214. a215. c 216. a 217. B 218. a 219. b 220. b 221
  • 94. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com1. Choose the correct option.A. The houses are so very different in shape andcolor that they appear novel and fantastic.B. Give me your so watch that I can see how itlooks.C. I could not do it in time because of my illness.D. He was truthful as he was rewarded.E. None of the above.2. Choose the correct option.A. We were sleeping while the thief broke intoour house.B. I met an old man walking to the mosque.C. Walking I met an old man to the mosque.D. The teacher noticed that the boy changed hisbehavior.E. None of the above.3. Choose the correct option.A. Both walking and running is good for health.B. Both walking and running are good for health.C. Both walking and running have for health.D. Both walking and running had good for health.E. Both A+C.4. The policemen are different, and ––––.A. the cabs are so B. so the cabs areC. too are the cabs D. so are the cabsE. None of the above.5. - the sun in the west, I started the car.A. Having noticing B. NoticedC. Had noticed D. NoticingE. Noticing that.6. I have some duties -A. performing B. to performC. preformed D. to performingE. None of the above.7. Choose the correct option.A. Everybody says that it is one of the greatpictureof the world.B. Every body say that it is one of the greatestpicture of the world.C. Every body say that it is one of the greaterpictures of the world.D. Every body say that it is one of the greatpicturesof the world.E. None of the above.8. He was –––– to agree to the proposal.A. foolishly B. foolish C. foolishnessD. folly E. None of the above.9. Unemployment is the burning question ––– theday.A. to B. at C. byD. for E. of.10. He spent a –––– sum of money for theeducationof his daughter.A. considerate B. consideringC. considerable D. considerablyE. None of the above.11. Choose the incorrect opti.on.A. He gradually came round.B. Rabindranath was greater than any poet.C. He and I are brothers.D. You should not lose heart. E. Both B+C.12. Choose the correct sentence.A. We have and still helping him.B. He knows to type.
  • 95. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. He knows to typing.D. The boy attends his duties regularly.E. None of the above.13. Find out the correct spelling.A. Permanence B. PermananceC. Observence D. ObservinceE. Both A+C.14. He is prone –––– idleness.A. at B. of C. toD. with E. None of the above.15. He is forgetful –––– his duties.A. to B. at C. inD. of E. None of the above.16. The teacher decided –––– the paper.A. to accepting B. acceptingC. to accept D. to have acceptedE. None of the above.17. Richard is expecting –––– to go to classtomorrow.A. us B. our C. weD. ours E. None of the above.18. Choose the correct option.A. George rarely never forgets to do hishomework.B. George never rarely forgets to do hishomework.C. Rarely forgets George to do his homework.D. Rarely is George forgets to do his homework.E. None of the above.19. J[son‖s `[tb_r ouabt bim –––– bicycle that hehad wanted for his birthday.A. a B. the C. anD. no article E. None of the above.20. Neither Bill nor Mary –––– going to the playtonight.A. are B. is C. have beenD. shall E. None of the above.21. I go to school with –––– everyday.A. he B. his C. himD. she E. None of the above.22. It‖s too bot [n^ my b[ir n__^s –––– .A. to cut B. to cuttingC. cutting D. to be cutE. Both C+D.23. Tb_ synonym o` ―Cir]umsp_]t‖ is ––––.A. Scrupulous B. Malicious C. BigotedD. Assiduous E. None of the above.24. Tb_ synonym o` ―R_trosp_]t‖ is ––––.A. Abridge B. CircumscribeC. Trustworthy D. CurtailE. None of the above.25. Of the four dresses, I like the red one ––––.A. better B. best C. goodD. more better E. None of the above.26. Choose the correct option.A. The dispute between the faculty and theadministration was not resolved until they gotbetterworking conditions.B. Until they got better working conditions, thedispute between the faculty and theadministrationwas not resolved.C. The dispute between the faculty and theadministration was not resolved until they hadgotbetter working conditionsD. Both A+B E. None of the above.27. The –––– went to sleep during the ––––A. boring students, bored lecture.B. bored students, boring lecture.C. boredom students, boring lecture.D. bored students, boredom lecture.E. None of the above.
  • 96. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com28. The –– Monalisa, is on display in the Louvrein Paris.English – Lec – 12 .A. smiled of B. smile C. smilingD. smilingly E. None of the above.29. Choose the correct sentence.A. We hope that he would be able to attend.B. We hoped that he will be able to attend.C. We will hope that he would be able to attend.D. We hoped that he would be able to attend.E. Both B+D.30. She made a –––– call to California.A. ten-minutes B. ten-minuteC. ten-minut_‖s D. Botb B+C31. Choose the correct sentence.A. The plans that offer the most benefits will beaccepted.B. The plans that offers the most benefits will beaccepted.C. The plan that offers the most benefits will beaccepted.D. The plan that offer the most benefits will beaccepted. E. Both A+C32. The examiner made us –––– our identificationinorder to be admitted to the test center.A. showing B. showed C. showD. to show E. shown33. What is the meaning of the word Numbness?A. Emotionless B. Nobody C. NamelessD. Without number. E. Numberless34. Choose the correct sentence.A. She or Lance has already called Dr. PeterWilson.B. She or Lance have already called Dr. PeterWilson.C. She or Lance has called already Dr. PeterWilson.D. She or Lance already have called Dr. PeterWilson.E. Already she or Lance has called Dr. PeterWilson.35. Translate it –AvnZ ˆmwKwU †Mvu †MvuKi‡Q -A. Tb_ injur_^ sol^i_r is m[kina ―ao ao‖ nois_.B. Tb_ woun^_^ sol^i_r is m[kina ―ao ao‖ soun^.C. The wounded soldier is groaning.D. The injured soldier is howling.E. None of the above.36. Which is the correct spelling?A. Rhythmic B. Rhythemic C. RsythmicD. Rithmic E. None37. Choose the correct sentence.A. If you or someone you know needs help, callourtoll-free number.B. If you or someone you know need help, callourtoll- free number.C. If you or someone you know will need help,callour toll-free number.D. both A+C E. noneMark the appropriate use of gerund (38 - 43)38. A. He came for seeing me. B. He came for seeme.C. He came for to see me. D. None of above.E. Both A+B39. A. Have you finished writeB. Have you finished your writing.C. Have you finished for writingD. None of above. E. Both B+C40. A. He prevented me to go.
  • 97. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comB. He prevented me to going.C. He prevented me from going.D. None of above. E. Both A+B41. A. I could not help to do it.B. I could not help for doing itC. I could not help to doing itD. None of above E. Both A+C42. A. He succeded in wining the prize.B. He succeded to win the prize.C. He succeded for wining the prize.D. None of above E. Both A+B43. A. He persisted to go B. He persisted for goingC. He persisted in going. D. None of aboveE. Both A+C44. –––– on barren slopes can help preventerosion.A. Planting trees B. For trees to be plantedC. In order to plant trees D. Trees are plantedE. None of the above.45. Find out the correct spelling.A. Personel B. PersonnelC. Personale D. ParsonnelE. None46. Choose the correct sentence.A. To whom was the letter addressed?B. To who was the letter addressed?C. To whom the letter was addressed?D. To who was the letter addressed?E. Both A+B47. Translate it: I hope you are hale and hearty.A. Avkv Kwi Zzwg kvixwiK I gvbwmK Kzm‡jAv‡Qv|B. Avkv Kwi Zzwg me©vš• Ki‡Y I gvbwmK fvjAv‡Qv|C. Avkv Kwi Zzwg me©w`‡K I gvbwmK fvj Av‡Qv|D. Dc‡ii †KvbwUB bqD. None of the abovE.E. Both a+c50. –––– imaginative stories about the origin ofthegame of chess.A. Many of the B. ManyC. There are many D. Of the manyE. Much51. Find out the correct spelling.A. Miscellaneous B. MiscelaneousC. Miscellanious D. MiscellanousE. None52. Choose the correct sentence.A. I had been mailing the letter before I receivedyour telephone.B. I mailed the letter before I received yourtelephone.C. I have mailed the letter before I received yourtelephone.D. I had mailed the letter before I received yourtelephone.E. I have been mailing the letter before I receivedyour telephone.53. Zzwg wK nvZ †`wL‡Z Rv‡bv ? Translate it.A. Do you see hand? B. Do you see hand?C. Do you know how to read hand?D. Do you calculate?E. None of the above.54. Choose the correct sentence.A. I know a person who I think can do the Job.B. I know a person whom I think can do the Job.C. I know a person whom can do the Job.D. I know a person who can do the Job.E. Both A+D55. Find out the correct spelling.A. Handkerchief B. HandkarchiefC. Hankerchief D. Hankarchief
  • 98. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comE. None56. Zvnv‡K Avwg wek¦¯• †jvK ewjqv Rvwb|Translate it.A. I know him as a believable person.B. He is a man who I know is trustworthy.C. Both a and b are correct.D. I know his trustworthy E. A+B57. Choose the correct sentence.A. By April our companies will merge withMicrosoft corporation.B. By April our companies will have merged withMicrosoft corporation.C. By April our companies will be merging withMicrosoft corporation.D. Both B+C E. None58. The condition of most slum-dwellers is somiserable that it cannot be described in words.A. ew¯•i †jvK‡`i A_©‰bwZK Ae¯‖v GZBLvivc †h, ZvnveY©bv Kiv hvq bv|B. ew¯•i †jvK‡`i A_©‰bwZK Ae¯‖v GZBLvivc †h, Zvnvfvlvq ejv gykwKj|C. ew¯•i †jvK‡`i A_©‰bwZK gvbwlK Ae¯‖vGZB Lvivc †h,Zvnv eY©bv Kiv hvq bv|59. Choose the correct sentence.A. I am looking forward to seeing youB. I am looking forward to see youC. I am looking forward for seeing youD. I am looking forward for my seeing youE. None of the above.60. Find out the correct spelling.A. Assignmant B. Assaignment C. AsgnmentD. Assignment E. Assinment61. Choose the correct sentence.A. I insist you do this. B. I insist you doingthis.C. I insist on your doing this.D. I insist to you to do this. E. None62. One of the oldest large suspension bridgesstill –––– today is the George Washington Bridge betweenNew York City and Fort Lee, New Jersey.A. use B. is usedC. the use of D. in use E. usage63. Which one is correct?A. It is us who can help him.B. It is us who could had help him.C. It is we who can help him.D. It is we who were helped him.E. None of the above.
  • 99. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com64. What is the meaning of the wordConversation?A. Discussion B. ExplanationC. Talking D. Speaking of two personsE. Conservative65. A good student must know ––––.A. to study hard B. to be a good studentC. how to study effectivelyD. the way of efficiency in study. E. None66. Find out the correct spelling.A. Committee B. Commity C. ComitteeD. Committe E. None of the above.67. Choose the correct sentence.A. Was it Sumona who you were expecting?B. Was it Sumona whom you were expecting?C. Was it Sumona who were you expecting?D. Was it Sumona whom were you expecting?E. Both b+d68. He is fond of riding. It is -A. Participle B. InfinitiveC. Gerund D. Verb E. None69. John has not been able to recall where ––––.A. does she live B. she livesC. did she live D. lived the girl. E. None70. Choose the correct sentence.A. Some of our customers pay cash for allpurchases.B. Some of our customers pays cash for allpurchases.C. Some of our customer pay cash for allpurchases.D. Some of our customers has to pay cash for allpurchases. E. Both A+C71. This is charming scenery. It is -A. Infinitive B. GerundC. Participle D. Verb E. None72. Choose the correct sentence.A. If the roof leaks, we should repair itimmediately.B. If the roof leak, we should repair themimmediately.C. If the roof leaks, we should repair themimmediately.D. If the roof will leak, we should repair itimmediately.E. If the roof will leak, we should repair themimmediately.73. A rolling stone gathers no moss. It is -A. Participle B. InfinitiveC. Gerund D. Verb E. None74. Choose the correct sentence.A. Every boy and girl who toured the plant weregiven a souvenir.B. Every boy and girl who toured the plant wasgiven a souvenir.C. Every boy and every girl who toured the plantwas given a souvenir.D. Every boy and every girl who toured the plantwere given a souvenir.E. Both B+C75. Walking is a good exercise. It is -A. Infinitive B. Participle C. Verb
  • 100. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comD. Gerund E. None76. A serious study of Physics is impossible ––––some knowledge of Mathematics.A. not with B. no C. not havingD. without. E. but77. Which one is correct?A. Wbo‖s p_n is tbis? B. Wbom p_n is tbis?C. Whose pen is this? D. Who pen is this?E. None of the abovE.78. Translate it – mvcUv †dvum †dvum Ki‡Q -A. The snake is making growling sound.B. The snake is making hissing sound.C. The snake is making trumpeting.D. The serpent is about to strike.E. None79. He is engaged in writing [ l_tt_r. It‖s [ -A. Infinitive B. Gerund C. VerbD. Participle E. None80. –––– such as banking and travel, in whichcomputers are not a convenience but a necessity.A. Where some industries B. In some industriesC. Some industriesD. There are some industriesE. None81. What is the meaning of the wordAcquaintance?A. Importance B. Serial number C. KnownD. Expression. E. None82. Which one is correct?A. He abstains to smokeB. He abstains from smokingC. He abstains in smokingD. He abstains with smoking. E. Both A+B83. Complete the sentence.They implored her ––––A. staying B. to stayC. to staying D. stay E. None.84. She saw a –––– move .A. frighten B. frightened C. frightD. frighteningly E. None.85. Choose the incorrect option.A. Had rested, the men continued their journey.B. Flies carry germs of disease, settle on theexposed food and contaminate it.C. He found the book interested.D. Both A+C E. All of the above.86. Identify the grammatically incorrect part inthe followingsentence.The audience became restless and noisy beforethe singer appeared on the stage.A. became B. restless C. beforeD. appeared E. no error.87. To the [rtist‖s dismay, the picture was hungupsidedown, to his embarrassment, no one noticed theerror.A. [rtist‖s B. w[s buna C. ^ownD. embarrassment E. no error.88. Were it not for the quick thinking of thepilot, theplane would have crashed; killing manypassengers.A. were it not B. quick thinkingC. would have D. many passengersE. no error.89. Zvi AvR iscyi hvIqvi K_v| Translate it.A. He will go to Rangpur today.B. He has to go to Rangpur today.C. He is to go to Rangpur today.D. He should go to Rangpur today.E. None of the above.90. Complete the sentence.English – Lec – 12 .
  • 101. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comThe –––– snuggled close to the fireplace.A. purred kitten B. purring of kittenC. purring kitten D. purred of kittenE. None of the above91. Choose the correct option.A. Trina finally confessed to have stolen themoney.B. Trina finally confessed to having stolen themoney.C. Trina finally confessed to have being stolen themoney.D. Trina finally confessed to having been stealingthe money. E. B + D92. Choose the correct sentence.A. He is always ready to help his friends.B. He is always ready to helping his friends.C. He is always ready to helped his friends.D. Both A+BE. He is always ready to helps his friend.93. Choose the similar pair SIGNATURE :ILLUSTRATIONA. byline : column B. alias : chargeC. credit : purchase D. note : scaleE. reference : recommendation100. Choose the synonym of Heavenly ––––A. Diabolical B. Divine C. WickedD. Profane E. None.101 H_llo, Jim. I ^i^n‖t _xp_]t to s__ you to^[y.Sonia said you –––– ill.A. are B. were C. wasD. should be E. None102. Ann –––– and left.A. said goodbye to me B. said me goodbyeC. told me good by D. a+b E. None103. In 1892, Dr. James Naismith invented thegameof basketball –––– college students with exerciseduring the winter months.A. provide B. for providingC. to have provided D. to provideE. None104. –––– steel, iron must be alloyed with a smallamount of carbon.A. Forming B. To form C. It formsD. To be formed E. None105. During polio epidemics, quarantines andtravelrestrictions were often imposed because peoplewere terrified of –––– the disease.A. to contract B. contractingC. contracted D. having contractE. None106. ––––, many long distance swimmers coattheirbodies with an insulating layer of grease.A. Against hypothermiaB. To guard against hypothermiaC. Guard against hypothermiaD. Guarding hypothermia against. E. None107. During a fire, –––– may help prevent injurydueto smoke inhalation.A. to keep low to the groundB. keeping low to the groundC. low to the ground keepingD. keeping low to the ground, that E. None108. Having been served lunch, ––––.A. the problem was discussed the problemB. the committee members discussed the problemC. it was discussed by the committee membersthe problem
  • 102. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comD. a discussion of the problem was made by themembers of the committeeEnglish – Lec – 12 .109. Captain Henry, –––– crept slowly through theunder-brush.A. being remote from the enemyB. attempting to not encounter the enemy,C. trying to avoid the enemyD. not involving himself in the enemy110. ––––, he began to make friends more easily.A. Having entered school in the new city, it wasfound thatB. After entering the new schoolC. When he had been entering the new schoolD. Upon entering into the new school111. While attempting to reach his home beforethestorm, ––––.A. the bicycle of John broke downB. it b[pp_n_^ tb[t Jobn‖s ik_ roke downC. the storm caught JohnD. John had an accident on his bicycle E. C + D112. –––– that new information to anyone elsebut thesergeant.A. They asked him not to giveB. Tb_y [sk_^ bim to ^on‖t aiv_C. They asked him no giveD. They asked him to no giveE. They asked his to no give113. Choose the correct sentenceA. After graduating from DU, his PhD degree wasreceived from London.B. After graduating from DU, He was received hisPhD degree from London.C. After graduating from DU, he received his Ph.Ddegree from London.D. After Graduating from DU, his PH. D degreereceived from London by himE. After graduating from, his received his PhDdegree from London.114. Choose the correct sentenceA. Returning to her room, several books weremissing.B. Returning to her room, several books missed.C. Returning to her room, she were missing severalbooks.D. Returning to her room, she missed several books.E. Returning to her room, she were missed severalbook.115. Choose the correct sentenceA. Having been delayed by heavy traffic, it wasimpossible for her to arrive on time.B. Having been delayed by heavy traffic, it wasimpossible for her arriving on time.C. Having been delayed by heavy traffic, she wasarrived late.D. Having been delayed by heavy traffic, shearrived late. E. None116. Choose the correct sentenceA. Accustomed to getting up early, the newschedule was enjoyable.B. Accustomed to getting up early, she enjoyed thenew schedule.C. Accustomed to getting up early, the newschedule is enjoying.D. Accustomed to getting up early, she was enjoyedby the new scheduleE. Accustomed to getting up early, the newschedule enjoyed her.117. Choose the correct sentenceA. After finishing his speech, he invited theaudience to ask questions.B. After finishing his speech, the audience wasinvited to ask questions.
  • 103. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. After finishing his speech, he was invited toaskquestions.D. After finishing his speech, the audience invitedhim to ask questions.E. After finishing his speech, he was being invitedby the audience to ask questions.118. Choose the correct sentenceA. Prot_]t yours_l` `rom tb_ sun‖s r[ys, usina [sunscreen.B. To prot_]t yours_l` `rom tb_ sun‖s usina [ sunscreen.C. Prot_]t yours_l` `rom tb_ sun‖s r[ys, us_ [ sunscreen.D. To prot_]t yours_l` `rom tb_ sun‖s r[ys, us_ [sunscreen.E. Prot_]tina yours_l` `rom tb_ sun‖s r[ys, usina [sun screen.119. Choose the correct sentenceA. Prepare for the TOEFL, studying hard everyday.B. Preparing for the TOEFL to study hard everyday.C. Preparing for the TOEFL, study hard every day.D. To prepare for the TOEFL, studying hard everyday.E. To prepare, for the TOEFL, study hardeveryday.120. Choose the correct sentenceA. In order to taking advantage of low rates, tobuytickets early.B. In order to take advantage of low rates, to buytickets early.C. In order to take advantage of low rates, buytickets early.English – Lec – 12 .D. In order to take advantage of low rates, buyingtickets early.E. In order to taking advantage of low rates, buytickets early.121. Choose the correct sentenceA. To taking action pictures, always use ahighspeedfilm.B. To take action pictures, always use a high-speedfilm.C. To take action pictures, always using ahighspeedfilm.D. Taking action pictures, always use a high-speedfilm.E. Take action pictures, always use a high-speedfilm.122. Choose the correct sentenceA. To send letters from Bangladesh overseas, useaGlobal Mail.B. The send letters from Bangladesh overseas, useaGlobal MailC. Sending letters from Bangladesh overseas, useaGlobal MailD. Sending letters from Bangladesh overseas, useaGlobal MailE. Send letters from Bangladesh overseas, use aGlobal Mail123. I would rather take classes –––– theafternoon.
  • 104. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comA. on B. inC. at D. to E. upon124. Rima has a part-time job –––– nightA. on B. inC. at D. for E. to125. The rainy season begins –––– July.A. on B. inC. at D. upon E. for126. The graduation is –––– May 20.A. on B. inC. at D. over E. for127. We came to the United States –––– 1997.A. on B. inC. at D. over E. to128. We had planned –––– day before yesterday.A. leaving B. to leaveC. leave D. left E. none129. Urbi wanted –––– with Mr. Arif.A. to speak B. speak C. speakingD. have to speak E. A + B130. I intend –––– you that we cannot approveyourapplication.A. inform B. informed C. the informD. information E. to inform131. Tb_y ^i^n‖t pl[n –––– a car.A. to buy B. bought C. buyD. to be bought E. buying132. The weather tends –––– in MayA. improving B. to improveC. improve D. improvedE. had improved133. He enjoys –––– by plane.A. to travel B. traveling C. travelD. traveled E. none134. She is considering not to ––––.A. go B. went C. goneD. going E. A + B135. Amzad completed –––– his thesis thissummer.A. writing B. write C. to writeD. wrote E. written136. I enjoyed –––– with your friend.A. talk B. talking C. to talkD. the talking E. talked137. I miss –––– the news when I am travelingA. watch B. to watch C. watchingD. the watching E. to watching138. She forgot about –––– her appointment.A. canceling B. cancel C. to cancelD. canceled E. None139. She is likely ––––.A. to know B. know C. knowingD. knew E. A + C140. W_ ][n‖t b_lp –––– why she left.A. to wonder B. wonder C. wonderingD. wondered E. to wondering141. I have been looking forward to –––– you.A. meet B. to meet C. meetingD. met E. meet with142. A. W_ woul^n‖t min^ to w[it.B. W_ woul^n‖t min^ w[itina.C. W_ woul^n‖t min^ w[it.D. W_ woul^n‖t min^ to w[itinaE. W_ woul^n‖t min^ w[it_^.143. A. Father insisted me on go to cinema.B. Father insisted me on to go to cinema.C. Father insisted me on to going cinema.D. Father insisted me on going to cinema.E. Father insisted me on to be gone to cinema.144. A. I know the answer.B. I know how to answer the question.C. I know how answer the question.D. I know to answer the question. E. A + B
  • 105. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com145. If she knew ––––, he would lend her his car.A. to drive B. how to driveEnglish – Lec – 12 .C. to drive how D. how driveE. drive how to146. Untill he came to United states to study, ––––.A. b_ ^i^n‖t know to ]ook.B. b_ ^o_sn‖t know to ]ook.C. b_ ^o_sn‖t know bow to ]ook.D. b_ ^i^n‖t know bow to ]ook.E. b_ ^i^n‖t know to ]ook bow.147. I ^on‖t know –––– use the card catalog in thelibrary.A. how to B. to C. theD. how E. none148. Do you know ––––?A. to type B. how to type C. typeD. how type E. all149. Sharmin always boils water twice –––– tea.A. to make B. make C. madeD. making E. for make150. A. David has studied hard to succeed.B. David has studied hard for succeed.C. David has studied hard to successful.D. David has studied hard for succeeded.E. None151. Don‖t mov_ your `__t wb_n you swina ––––golfwell.A. for play B. for played C. to playD. to playing E. play152. Papyrus was used –––– not only paper butalsosails, baskets & clothing.A. for to make B. make C. for makeD. to make E. making153. –––– provides people with personalsatisfactionas well as money.A. work B. to work C. workingD. to working E. B + C154. A. The sneeze spreads germsB. To sneeze spreads germsC. Sneezing spread germsD. To sneezing spread germsE. To sneezing spreads germs155. –––– considereds a serious crime.A. To shoplifting is B. Shoplift isC. Shoplifting are D. To shoplift isE. To shoplift are156. –––– in the afternoon is a custom in manycountries.A. The rest B. RestingC. To resting D. RestE. The resting157. Having managed the team for years, heunderstood the players.A. Having managed the team for years, heunderstood the playersB. After managing the team for years, the playerswere understood by himC. Having managed the team for years, the playerswere understood by himD. For years having managed the team, its playerswere understood by himE. Because he had managed the team for years, its playerswere understood by him.158. If he was to decide to go to college. I, foreone,would recommend that he plan to go to Yale.A. If he was to decide to go to college,B. If he were to decide to go to collegeC. Had he decided to go to college,D. In the event that he decides to go to college
  • 106. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comE. Supposing he was to decide to go to college159. Tb_ aro]_r b[^n‖t b[r^ly [ny o` tbos_ kin^ofcanned goods.A. b[^n‖t b[r^ly [ny o` tbos_ kin^B. b[^n‖t b[r^ly [ny o` tbos_ kin^sC. had hardly any of those kindD. had hardly any of those kindsE. had scarcely any of those kind160. Having stole the money, the police searchedthe thief.A. Having stole the money, the police searched the thief.B. Having stolen the money, the thief was searchedby the policeC. Having stolen the money, the police searched thethief.D. Having stole the money, the thief was searchedby the policeE. Being that he stole the money, the policesearched the thief161. Had I realized how close I was to failing. Iwouldnot have gone to the party.A. Had I realized how closeB. If I would have realizedC. Had I had realized how closeD. When I realized how closeE. If I realized how close162. Depending on skillful suggestion, argument isseldom used in advertising.English – Lec – 12 .A. Depending on skillful suggestion, argument isseldom used in advertisingB. Argument is seldom used by advertisers, whodepend instead on skillful suggestionC. Skillful suggestion is depended on byadvertisersinstead of argumentD. Suggestion, which is more skillful, is used inplace of argument by advertisersE. Instead of suggestion, depending on argumentisused by skillful advertisers.163. Using it wisely, leisure promotes health,efficiency, and happinessA. Using it wiselyB. If used wiselyC. Having used it wiselyD. Because it is used wiselyE. Because of usefulness164. If he were to win the medal, I for one wouldbedisturbed.A. If he were to win the medalB. If he was to win the medalC. If he wins the medalD. If he is the winner of the medalE. In the event that he wins the medal165. When one eats in this restaurant, you oftenfindthat the prices are high and that the food ispoorly prepared.A. When one eats in this restaurant, you oftenfindB. When you eat in this restaurant, one oftenfindsC. As you eat in this restaurant, you often findD. If you eat in this restaurant, you often findE. When one ate in this restaurant, he oftenfound166. Tb_ aov_rnm_nt‖s `[ilina to k__p it‖s pl_^a_swillearn the distrust of all the other nations in thealliance.A. aov_rnm_nt‖s `[ilina to k__p it‖s pl_^a_s
  • 107. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comB. aov_rnm_nt `[ilina to k__p it‖s pl_^a_sC. aov_rnm_nt‖s `[ilina to k__p its pl_^a_sD. government failing to keep its pledgesE. governments failing to keep their pledges167. Her brother along with her parents insistthatshe remain in school.A. insist B. insistsC. are insisting D. were insistingE. have insisted168. Crossing the street, a car almost struck us.A. Crossing the street, a car almost struck us.B. A car almost struck us, crossing the street.C. As we crossed the street, a car almost struck usD. A car, crossing the street, almost struck us.E. Having crossed the street, a car almost struck us.169. Completing the physical examination, thetonsilswere found to be diseased.A. Completing the physical examination, thetonsilswere found to be diseasedB. Having completed the physical examination,thetonsils were found to be diseasedC. When the physical examination was completed,the tonsils were found to be diseasedD. The physical examination completed, thetonsilswere found to be diseased.E. The physical examination found that thetonsilswere diseased.170. Having bowed our heads, the minister led usinprayerA. Having bowed our head, the minister ledB. After we bowed our heads, the minister ledC. After we bowed our head, the minister ledD. After we had bowed our heads, the minister ledE. Having bowed our heads, the minister leads171. More than any animal, the wolverineexemplifies theunri^l_ `_ro]ity o` ‗n[ture red in tooth and]l[w.‘A. More than any animalB. More than any other animalC. More than another animalD. Unlike any animalE. Compared to other animalsAnswer Keys:1. c 2. a 3. b 4. d 5. d 6. b 7. e 8. b 9. e 10. c 11. b 12. d 13. a 14. c 15. d 16. c 17. a 18. e 19. b 20. b 21. c 22. e 23. a 24. e25. b 26. e 27. b 28. c 29. d 30. b 31. e 32. c 33. a 34. a 35. c 36. a 37. a 38. a 39. b 40. c 41. d 42. a 43. c 44. a 45. b 46. a47. a 48. c 49. d 50. c 51. a 52. d 53. c 54. e 55. a 56. e 57. b 58. a 59. a 60. d 61. c 62. d 63. c 64. d 65. c 66. a 67. b 68. c69. b 70. a 71. c 72. a 73. a 74. e 75. d 76. d 77. c 78. b 79. b 80. d 81. c 82. b 83. a 84. e 85. a 86. a 87. e 88. a 89. c 90. c91. b 92. a 93. a 94. b 95. b 96. d 97. b 98. c 99. b 100. b 101.b 102. a 103. d 104. b 105. b 106. b 107. b 108. b 109. a 110.b 111. d 112. a 113. c 114. d 115.d 116. b 117.a 118.d 119.e 120.c 121.b 122.a 123.b 124.c 125.b 126.a 127. b 128.b129.a 130.e 131.a 132.b 133.b 134.a 135. a 136. b 137. c 138. a 139. a 140. c 141. c 142. b 143. d 144. e 145. b146. d 147. a 148. b 149. a 150. a 151. c 152. d 153. e 154. b 155. d 156. b 157. a 158.b 159.d 160. b 161.a 162.b163. b 164. a 165. d 166. c 167. b 168. c 169. e 170. d 171. b 172. d 173. d 174. b 175. C
  • 108. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com1. Do not jeer --- him.A. at B. on C. of D. in E. with2. The man has ---- away.A. flied B. flown C. fled D. flee E. flee3. The book is --- the corner of the table.A. at B. with C. in D. of E. on4. You – not to go there.A. must B. should C. ought D. mayE. A+D.5. You should come --- time to get your meal.A. on B. in C. at D. off E. of6. The river is near --- our village.A. at B. in C. to D. into E. with7. The bus driver turned right --- timebefore theaccident.A. in B. on C. at D. off E. about8. He came to our house --- foot.A. on B. by C. in D. at E. with.9. Birds can fly, and --- .A. so insects can B. insects can eitherC. so can insects D. also can insects E. bothA+D.10. He cannot swim, and --- .A. I cannot also B. also cannot IC. neither can I D. I cannot swim too.E. both A+D.11. Find out the correct sentence.A. If you become a doctor you will be happyB. If you will become a doctor, you will behappyC. If you become a doctor, you would be happywillD. None of above. E. Both A+C.12. He is good – mathematics.A. in B. at C. onD. with E. of13. He should have come at 9 p.m., but he wasnot --- time.A. on B. in C. atD. off. E. with
  • 109. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com14. My birthday is – July.A. in B. on C. atD. by E. with15. My birthday is – Monday.A. on B. in C. atD. by E. with16. You will come – the evening.A. at B. in C. onD. by E. about17. My `ri_n^ s[i^ to m_, ‗Wby [r_ you sittinaaloneb_r_‘?A. My friend said to me that why you weresitting alonehere.B. My friend told me if was sitting alone thereC. My friend told me whether I am sitting alonehere.D. None of above.E. Both B+C.18. I s[i^, ‗I wisb I woul^ orrow tb_ ook_[rli_r.!‘A. I told that I wished I would borrow the bookearlier.B. I told with loudly that I would borrow thebook earlier.C. I told with Joy that I wished I would borrowthe bookearlier.D. None of the above.E. Both A+B.19. Tb_ t_[]b_r s[i^, ‗B_ [tt_ntiv_ [n^ list_n tomyl_]tur_‘.A. The teacher advised to be attentive and listentohis lecture.B. The teacher told to become attentive and listentohis lecture.C. The teacher said to being attentive and listentohis lecture.D. None of the above.E. Both A+C.20. Choose the correct sentence.A. You become after five to you study if you willagood studentB. If you become attentive to your study, you willbea good studentC. You will be a good student if you becomeattentive to your study.D. None of the above. E. Both B+C.21. Tb_ synonym o` ―Cr_^il_‖ -A. believable B. moderate C. changeD. probable E. belief22. Tb_ synonym o` ―M[an[nimous‖A. climax B. light minded C. plainD. generous E. none.2324.25.
  • 110. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - Find out the correct spelling.A. Nourish B. Nurish C. NarishD. Norish E. All of the above30. Find out the correct spelling.A. Galant B. Gallent C. GalentD. Gallant E. None31. Tb_ synonym o` ―Cryptic‖ is -A. Meek B. SecretC. Decipher D. Crystal.E. overt32. Tb_ synonym o` ―mandatory‖ is -A. Obligatory B. SalutaryC. Rotary D. Wise. E. high.33. Translate it – K‡qK gvm †K‡U †Mj -A. A few months is going byB. A few months was going byC. A few months elapsedD. Few months is past.E. None34. Translate it wZj‡K Zvj Kiv -A. Pitch your aim highB. Great boast. small roastC. To carry Coal to New CastleD. To make a mountain of a mole hill.E. None35. Shaluk excels – dancing.English – Lec – 13 .A. in B. on C. offD. of E. None36. Ivory readily adapts itself – tb_ C[rv_r‖s [rt.A. in B. toC. on D. forE. with37. The teacher dealt – the subject.A. on B. in C. ofD. with E. at38. I called – him at his office.A. in B. at C. onD. under E. of39. Choose the correct spelling-A. abhorense B. abhorence C. abhorrenceD. abhorencum. E. None40. Choose the correct spelling-A. Agreggate B. Aggregate C. AgreegateD. Aggrirate E. None41. Choose the correct spelling-A. Idiosyncrasy B. Idiosyncracy C. IdiocyncracyD. Idiosyncracye E. None42. Choose the correct sentence.A. If you intermarry, you rejected from thecommunityB. If you inter marry you will be rejected fromthecommunityC. You intermarry if you will be rejected from thecommunityD. None of above. E. A+B.43. M[k_ it in^ir_]t. H_ s[i^ ‗I b[v_ ^on_ itto^[y‘.A. He said that I had done it today.B. He said I had done it to day.C. He said that he had done it that day.D. He said he had done it that day. E. None44. Sb[j[l S[i^ ‗H_r_ is my p_n‘. M[k_ it in^ir_]t.A. Shajal said that there was his pen.B. Shajal said that here was his pen.
  • 111. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. Shajal said that there is his pen.D. Shajal said that here is my pen. E. None45. Find out the correct spelling.A. Benificial B. Beneficial C. BenificalD. Benefecial E. None46. Tb_ t_[]b_r s[i^ ‗Tim_ is mon_y‘A. The teacher said time was money.B. The teacher said time is money.C. The teacher said that time is money.D. The teacher said that time was money.E. Both A + C.47. Choose the correct Option.A. They will leave at noon and you will too.B. They will leave at noon and too will you.C. They will leave at noon and too you will.D. They will leave at noon and you too will.E. None48. Choose the incorrect Option.A. Asif went to the mountains on his vacationandwe did too.B. Asif went to the mountains on his vacation andsowe did.C. Asif went to the mountains on his vacation andsodid we.D. None of the above E. A+B.49. Complete the sentence.W_ ^on‖t pl[n to [tt_n^ tb_ ]on]_rt, [n^ — .A. n_itb_r tb_y ^o B. _itb_r tb_y ^on‖tC. _itb_r ^on‖t tb_y D. non_ o` tb_ [ov_E. B+C.50. Choose the correct Option.A. I ^i^n‖t s__ Up[m[ tbis mornina [n^ M_b_^i_itb_r ^i^n‖t.B. I ^i^n‖t s__ Up[m[ tbis mornina [n^ n_itb_rMehedi did.C. I ^i^n‖t s__ Up[m[ tbis mornina [n^ n_itb_rdidMehedi.D. Both A+C E. None.51. Choose the correct Option.A. Mercury, the silver-coloured metal used inthermometers, is usually in a liquid form.B. Mercury, usually in a liquid form, the silvercoloured metal used in thermometers.C. Mercury, used in thermometers, is usually in aliquid form, the silver-coloured metal.D. none of the aboveE. B+C52. Fill in the blank with appropriate preposition.He has an abhorrence — war.A. for B. to C. ofD. in E. None53. I have no bias — her.A. with B. of C. toD. for E. at.54. She congratulated me — my good results.A. to B. on C. inD. for E. at.55. Choose the correct Option.A. Each of the women expressed their views.B. Who would you be if you could be someoneelse?C. Five dollars were all it cost.D. Both B+C E. None.56. Complete the sentence.Three fourths of the members — paid their dues.A. has B. have C. wouldD. none of the above E. A+B57. Choose the incorrect option.A. The reason of my silence is due to my illness.B. The reason of my silence is my illness.
  • 112. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. My silence is due to my illness.D. Both B+CE. None.English – Lec – 13 .58. H_ s[i^ to m_ ‗I w_nt bom_ in J[nu[ry‘.(Indirect)A. He said to me that he went home in January.B. He said to me that he had gone home inJanuary.C. He said to me that I had gone home inJanuary.D. He said to me that he himself went home inJanuary.E. None59. My `[tb_r s[i^ to m_ ‗W_ [r_ aoina tb_r_tomorrow.‘(Indirect)A. My father said to me that they were goingtheretomorrow.B. My father said to me that we are going therethefollowing day.C. My father said to me that we were going therethefollowing day.D. My father said to me that they were goingtherethe following day.E. None60. Tb_ p[ss_na_r s[i^ to tb_ port_r ‗wb_n willthetr[in [rriv_?‘ (In^ir_]t)A. The passenger asked the porter that whenwouldthe train arrive?B. The passenger asked the porter if he knew thatwhen would the train arrive?C. The passenger asked the porter when the trainwould arrive?D. The passenger asked the porter when the trainwould arrive.E. None61. Tb_ synonym o` ―Divula_‖ is —A. Protest B. MammothC. Irrelevant D. expressE. None62. Tb_ synonym o` ―D_pr_][t_‖ is —A. Retreat B. CondemnC. Eradicate D. witherE. None63. Tb_ Synonym o` ―Err[ti]‖ is —A. Hazardous B. Delicious C. CapriciousD. Temporary E. None64. Spelling error occurs in —A. Wierd B. ViciousC. Scissors D. None of the aboveE. Both b+C.65. Choose the incorrect spelling.A. Revel B. SuppossitionC. Picturesque D. Both A+BE. None66. Choose the correct spelling.A. Lietenant B. LieutenentC. Lieuteenant D. LieutenantE. None67. Complete the sentence.H_ ][n‖t swim, [n^ —A. so I ][n‖t swim B. I ][nnot swim tooC. neither can I D. neither I canE. I cannot too.68. Complete the sentence.If someone tried to take bribe, — the police.A. I would have told B. I would tell
  • 113. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. I would told D. I would be toldE. None69. Choose the correct option.A. If he left his bicycle outside, someone wouldsteal it.B. Unl_ss you ^o not st[rt [t on]_ you‖ll _ l[t_.C. You must go today whether are you ready ornot.D. If I had a car I could have gone there in timeE. A+B70. Choose the incorrect option.A. If we had found him earlier, we could havesavedhis life.B. If you had obeyed orders, this disaster wouldnothappen.C. The car broke down, but for that we wouldhavebeen in time.D. Both A+C E. None71. Complete the sentence.W_‖r_ aoina y us, i` w_ w_r_ aoina y o[t, —much happier.A. I had felt B. I would feelC. I would felt D. I had been feelE. None72. Fill in the blank with appropriate preposition.In the UK Children under 16 are exempt—prescription charges.A. of B. for C. uponD. from E. at73. The freelance design work provides a usefulsupplement — my ordinary income.A. in B. atC. to D. on E. for74. I prevailed — her to go home.A. in B. againstC. on D. to E. for75. I instilled a sense of responsibility — hismind.A. to B. intoC. on D. over E. for76. They were carrying the injured player off thefield(Passive)A. The injured player was being carried off thefield.B. The injured player was carried off the field.C. The injured player carried off the field bythem.D. None of the aboveEnglish – Lec – 13 .E. Both B+C77. The streets are swept every day (Active).A. Everyday sweeps the streets.B. Everyday swept the streets.C. Everyone swept the streets everyday.D. None of the above E. Both A+B78. People say that tortoises live longer thanelephants.(Passive)A. Tortoises are said to be lived longer thanelephants.B. Tortoises are said to live longer thanelephants.C. Tortoises are said to lived longer thanelephants.D. Tortoises live longer than elephants are said.E. B+C79. Almost all the countries of the world allowforeign students to study in their Universities.(Passive).
  • 114. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comA. Foreign students were allowed by almost allthecountries of the world to study in theirUniversities.B. To study in their Universities foreign studentswillbe allowed by almost all the countries of theworld.C. Foreign students are being allowed by almostallthe countries of the world to study in theiruniversities.D. Foreign students are allowed by almost all thecountries of the world to study in theirUniversitiesE. None80. Choose the correct sentence.A. Let Juliet and me go B. Let Juliet and I goC. Let Juliet and mine go D. Let Juliet and myselfgoE. None81. Choose the correct option.A. The company will compensate you the loss.B. The company will compensate you of the loss.C. The company will compensate you for the loss.D. The company will compensate you to the loss.E. None82. Choose the incorrect option.A. The smell of flowers pervaded through thehouse.B. The smell of flowers pervaded the house.C. He ascended the throne.D. All of the above. E. None83. Tb_ synonym o` ―Imp_]][l_‖ is -A. Colossal B. Immaculate C. SalubriousD. Prodigal E. None84. Tb_ synonym o` ―M_ti]ulous‖ is -A. Delicious B. Asinine C. CapriciousD. Fastidious E. None85. Which one of the following is not a synonymof―Pr_^il_]tion‖?A. Preference B. Inclination C. DispositionD. Both B+C E. None.86. Tb_ synonym o` ―Intri][t_‖ is -A. Tortuous B. Innate C. ImperceptibleD. All of the above E. None.87. Choose the correct spelling.A. Messanger B. Correspondance C. QueenineD. B+C E. Psychology88. Choose the incorrect spelling.A. Heinous B. Receipt C. NeglegenceD. deceive E. All of the above89. No spelling error occurs in -A. Contemptous B. Contemptuous C. ContemptusD. Imaginery E. A+B90. Complete the sentence.Abul would rather— the movie at a cinema hall —at home.A. watching, than B. watched, to C. watch, thanD. watch, to E. then, watch91. Complete the sentence.The man who sponsored the concerts —anonymous.A. remain B. remains C. remainingD. will remains E. None.92. His going home is uncertain. It is -A. Adjective phrase B. Adverbial phraseC. Noun phrase D. Conjunctional phraseE. None of the above93. There is none but wishes to be happy. It is -A. Noun clause B. Adjective clauseC. Adverbial clause D. None of the aboveE. A+B+C
  • 115. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com94. His silence proves that he is guilty. (make itsimple)A. His silence proves he is guilty.B. His silence proves that his guilt.C. His silence proves his guilty.D. His silence proves his guilt E. None95. Study hard or you will fail. (Make it complex)A. If you do not study hard, you will fail.B. Unless you do not study hard will fail.C. If you unless study hard you will fail.D. Both A+B E. A+B+C.96. Complete the sentence.Butler goes to that church, and — .A. Neville too goes B. Neville goes tooC. so Neville does D. so does NevilleE. so goes Neville.97. Choose the correct option.A. He is a confirmed bachelor, and so I am.B. He is a confirmed bachelor, and too I am.C. He is a confirmed bachelor, and I am so.D. He is a confirmed bachelor, and too am I.English – Lec – 13 .E. None of the above.98. Choose the incorrect option.A. Tb_y won‖t ao to tb_ r_st[ur[nt, [n^ n_itb_rwillmy friend.B. Tb_y won‖t ao to tb_ r_st[ur[nt, [n^ _itb_r my`ri_n^ won‖t.C. Tb_y won‖t ao to tb_ r_st[ur[nt, [n^ my `ri_n^won‖t _itb_r.D. Both B+C E. All of the above.99. Choose the correct option.A. Morse code, a system of telegraphic signalscomposed of dots and dashes, was invented bySamuel F.B. Morse.B. Morse code, was invented by Samuel F.B.Morse,a system of telegraphic signals composed of dotsand dashes.C. Morse code, a system of telegraphic signals wasinvented by Samuel F.B. Morse, composed of dotsand dashes.D. Morse code, invented by Samuel F.B. Morse, asystem of telegraphic signals composed of dotsanddashes. E. B+D.100. Identify the grammatically incorrect part inthefollowing sentence. Totem poles provide eloquentr_]or^s o` [ tri_‖s lin_[a_ [n^ bis bistory.A. Totem B. records C. lineageD. his E. no error.101. Although Emily Dickinson wrote some of themost haunting lines of American poetry, onlyseven of her poems were published during theirlife time.A. the B. poetry C. wereD. their E. no error.102. Dr. August Raspet was a researcher anddesignerof sailplanes and inventors of the flying bicycle.A. was B. inventors C. flyingbicycleD. of sailplanes E. no error.103. Tb_ synonym o` ―In]_ption‖ is —A. Elucidation B. Complication C. CommotionD. Outset E. A+C.104. Choose the correct sentence.A. I` b_ will runs, b_‖ll a_t tb_r_ in tim_.B. I` b_ runs, b_‖ll a_t tb_r_ in tim_.C. If he will run, he got there in time.D. If he will run, he will be got there in time
  • 116. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comE. Both A+B.105. Choose the incorrect option.A. I` I liv_^ n_[r my o``i]_, I‖^ _ in tim_ `orwork.B. I` I liv_^ n_[r my o``i]_, I‖^ b[v_ __n in tim_for work.C. If I dyed my hair green, everyone would laughat me.D. If you heat ice, it will turn to water.E. Both A+C.106. Complete the sentence.If we had found him earlier, we — his life.A. could save B. could have savedC. could be saving D. could savedE. could have been saving.107. She took me to task (Passive).A. I was taken task by herB. I was taken to be task by herC. I was taken to task by herD. I had taken to task by herE. I had been taken to task by her.108. He has been punished enough. (Active)A. God was punished him enough.B. God has punished enough him.C. God has enough punished him.D. God has punished him enough.E. God had punished him enough.109. She found it as last (Passive).A. At last was found by her.B. It has found by her at last.C. It was found by her at last.D. It was to be found by her at last.E. None of the above.110. I was satisfied with your work (Active)A. Your work satisfy meB. Your work had satisfied me.C. Your work satisfied with meD. Your work satisfied me.E. Your work satisfied I.111. Which book do you want? (Passive)A. Which book is wanted by you?B. Is which book wanted by you?C. Which is book wanted by you?D. Which book was wanted by you?E. Which do book is wanted by you?112. Choose the correct option.A. She can swim, can she?B. Sb_ ][n swim, ^o_sn‖t sb_?C. Sb_ ][n swim, ][n‖t sb_?D. Sb_ ][n‖t swim, ][n‖t sb_?E. None of the above.113. Choose the correct option.A. I Prefer to walk than to ride.B. I prefer walk than of ride.English – Lec – 13 .C. I prefer walking than of riding.D. I prefer to walk than ride.E. I prefer walking to riding.114. Tb_ synonym o` ―Aoriain[l‖ is -A. Amusing B. Primitive C. SlowD. Biased E. None of the above.115. Complete the sentence.Among them few — willing to help.A. was B. were C. haveD. had been E. None of the above.116. DETECTIVE : INFORMER ::A. spy : counterspy B. reporter : sourceC. author : editor D. architect :draftsmanE. sailor : mutineer.117. INDOLENT : WORK ::A. decisive : act B. gullible : cheatC. perceptive : observe D. theatrical : performE. taciturn : speak
  • 117. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com118. MYTH : LEGENDARY ::A. sermon : lengthy B. anecdote : wittyC. fable : didactic D. epic : comicE. allegory : obscure119. INFALLIBLE : ERROR ::A. irreversible : cureB. invulnerable : emotionC. impeccable : flawD. intolerable : defectE. immovable : choice.120. PURIST : CORRECTNESS::A. miser : generosity B. saint : elevationC. nomad : refuge D. judge : accuracyE. martinet : discipline121. Fill in the gap.Two-thirds of the road — repaired.A. have been B. areC. has been D. wereE. None of the above.122. Which one of the following sentence iscorrect?A. They will leave at noon, and I too will.B. They will leave at noon and I will too.C. They will leave at noon, and so will I.D. Both B+ CE. None.123. Finish the following sentence.Tb_ S]i_ntist isn‖t too b[ppy witb tb_ proj_]t,and ------A. his supervisors are neitherB. his supervisors either are not.C. neither are his supervisorsD. Both B +C E. None.124. Finish the following sentence.W_ ^on‖t plan to attend the concert, and -----.A. either they do B. either do they C. neithertheydo D. neither do they E. None of the above.125. Fill in the blank with appropriatepreposition.The new rule is advantageous --- us.A. for B. of C. toD. with. E. None of the above.126. Florida has not yet ratified the amendment,and ––––.A. s_v_r[l otb_r st[t_s b[sn‖t _itb_rB. neither has some of the others statesC. some other states also have not eitherD. neither have several other states127. California relies heavily on income from fruitcrops, and –––––.A. Florida alsoB. Florida tooC. Florida is as wellD. so does Florida128. Pioneer men and women endured terriblehardships, and –––.A. so do their childrenB. neither did the childrenC. also the childsD. so did their children129. It was not until she arrived in class –––realizedshe had forgotten her book.A. and she B. when sheC. she D. that she130. The doctor told his receptionist that hewouldreturn ––.A. as early as it would be possibleB. at the earliest that it could be possibleC. as soon as possibleD. at the nearest early possibility
  • 118. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comFor each of the following questions, identifythe meaning of the underlined part of thesentence131. Library cards will expire when they are notused.A. cost more moneyB. cease to be effectiveC. _ m[il_^ to tb_ bol^_r‖s [^^r_ssD. be continued automatically132. Because of a long drought, Midwesternfarmersare doubtful about the prospect of a good yield.A. sympathetic B. dubiousC. intrepid D. thrilled133. Professor Baker is a coworker of ProfessorAyers.A. an advocate B. a rivalC. a disciple D. a colleague134. The value of an old item increases with time.A. a facsimile B. an antiqueC. a bonus D. an original135. Frontier settlements had to depend on thecavalry.English – Lec – 13 .A. visit B. meetC. trust D. help136. In some states drivers are fined $ 100 forcarelessdriving.A. routine B. adeptC. reckless D. aggressive137. A series of columns supporting a large porchistypical of the architecture of pre-Civil Warmansions in the South.A. statues B. pillarsC. murals D. arches138. M[rk Antbony‖s eulogy of Caesar at hisfuneralis memorably recorded in a play by Shakespeare.A. prayer B. praiseC. biography D. denunciation139. The Congress respected Jefferson because,although he was stern, he was fair.A. emulated B. looked up toC. counted on D. obeyed140. Trees that block the view of oncoming trafficshould be cut down.A. alter B. obstructC. improve D. spoil141. People who live in the country enjoy a rusticlifestyle.A. slow B. simpleC. difficult D. happy142. Although buses are scheduled to depart at acertain hour, they are often late.A. listed B. obligatedC. requested D. loaded143. Because light travels faster than sound,lightningappears to go before thunder.A. prolong B. repelC. traverse D. precede144. The Constitution guarantees that privatehomeswill not be searched without a warrant.A. special guardB. written authorizationC. national emergencyD. small payment145. Vendors must have a license.A. everyone employed in food serviceB. everyone engaged in selling
  • 119. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. everyone who drives a careD. everyone who works in a hospital146. The copperhead, a snake that strikes withoutwarning, is considered much more dangerousthan the rattlesnake.A. exquisite B. treacherousC. sporadic D. aloof147. The audience applauded enthusiastically aftertheperformance at the Grand Old Opera.A. clapped B. chattedC. laughed D. contributed148. A legal combination of United StatesAirways,Inc., and the Intercontinental Airlines Companywas approved at a joint board of directorsmeeting.A. reconciliation B. mergerC. strike D. memorandum149. John Dewey loathed the idea that childrenshouldnot participate in activities as part of theireducational experience.A. monarchy B. trendC. treaty D. censure150. The rock music made popular by the Beatleshadbeen modified over the past two decades.A. improved B. changedC. discovered D. remembered151. Prior to his appointment as secretary ofstate,Henry Kissinger was a professor of governmentand international affairs at Harvard.A. After B. DuringC. Before D. Instead of152. Contractors hire surveyors to mark the limitsofthe property before they begin construction.A. basements B. expensesC. boundaries D. supplies153. When Pope John Paul visited Latin America,heoften signaled for the children to come to him.A. denied B. beckonedC. adored D. allowed154. Sometimes, while living in a foreign country,onecraves a special dish from home.A. desires B. preparesC. eats D. looks for155. Lin^_rab‖s `irst nonstop `liabt []ross tb_Atlantic Ocean was an act of great daring andcourage.A. a narrative B. an attemptC. a feat D. a conspiracy156. The system of Daylight Saving Time seemsverysilly until one understands why it is done.A. clever B. foolishC. unusual D. prudent157. The representatives of the company seemedverycallous concerning the conditions of the workers.English – Lec – 13 .A. liberal B. responsibleC. ignorant D. insensitive158. The ultimate cause of the Civil War was thebombardment of Fort Sumter.A. final B. trueC. only D. simple159. Phosphorus is used in paints for highwaysigns
  • 120. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comand markers because it is bright at night.A. luminous B. adequateC. harmless D. attractive160. The Supreme Court has a reputation forbeingjust.A. stubborn B. humorousC. impartial D. capricious161. Einst_in‖s tb_ory o` r_l[tivity s__m_^incredibleat the time that he first introduced it.A. unbelievable B. brilliantC. complicated D. famous162. Congress was hesitant to repeal theProhibitionAct.A. willing B. reluctantC. urged D. supposed163. The president is often awakened by a noisycrowdwhich assembles on the White House lawn toprotest his policies.A. jocular B. giganticC. clamorous D. capricious164. Since none of the polls had predicted thewinner,everyone was surprised by the results of theelection.A. astounded B. encouragedC. delighted D. perturbed165. The perpetual motion of the earth as it turnsonits axis creates the change of seasons.A. ancient B. leisurelyC. rhythmic D. constant166. The fort now known as Fort McHenry wasbuiltprior to the War of 1812 to guard Baltimoreharbor.A. mansion B. towerC. garrison D. museum167. Americans have been criticized for placingtoomuch emphasis on being on time.A. importance B. botherC. activity D. assistance168. It was necessary to divide the movie Rootsintofive parts in order to show it on televisionA. adapt B. segmentC. abridge D. transact169. In his biography, Thomas Hardy is describedas avery industrious writer.A. sensible B. diligentC. pessimistic D. successful170. When baseball players became impatientwiththeir contracts, they went on strike, causing mostof the 1981 season to be lost.A. alarmed B. exasperatedC. enthusiastic D. organized171. In the past, energy sources were thought tobeboundless.A. without limits B. naturalC. inexpensive D. solar172. It will be necessary for the doctor to widenthepupils of your eyes with some drops in order toexamine them.A. massage B. dilate C. treat D. soothe173. Cruel treatment of inmates instigated a riotin
  • 121. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comone of the Indiana prisons.A. Tolerant B. BrutalC. Reliable D. Dubious174. Unorganized guessing will probably not raiseatest score as significantly as choosing one letteras[ ‗au_ss [nsw_r‘ `or tb_ _ntir_ _x[min[tion.A. Cryptic B. EconomicalC. Haphazard D. Subsequent175. Owners should be sure that their insurancewillreplace all of their merchandise.A. Proprietors B. BenefactorsC. Tutors D. Debtors176. Astronomy provides the knowledge necessaryforcorrect timekeeping, navigation, surveying, andmapmaking.A. meticulous B. accurateC. incessant D. ancient177. In a search to further his knowledge of theunknown, man has explored the earth, the sea,and now, outer space.A. quest B. fantasyEnglish – Lec – 13 .C. colloquy D. documentary178. One must live in the United States five yearsinorder to apply for citizenship.A. reside in B. invadeC. accommodate to D. abandon179. Reagan seemed sure that he would win theelection.A. eager B. confidentC. hopeful D. resigned180. Neon is an element which does not combinereadily with any other element; because of thisproperty, it is called an inactive element.A. inert B. explicitC. adjacent D. obsolete181. Attending a church, temple, or mosque isoneway to make agreeable friends.A. enduring B. elderlyC. congenial D. numerous182. Unless the agreement contains a provisionfor aUnited Nations peace-keeping force to patrol theborders, the General Assembly is not likely toratify it.A. proposal B. concordC. document D. release183. The cost of living in the United States hasrisen ata rate of 6 percent per year during the lasttenyearperiod.A. tenth B. decadeC. century D. quarter184. Primary education in the U.S. is compulsory.A. free of charge B. excellentC. required D. easy185. In B_nj[min Fr[nklin‖s [lm[n[], b_ w[rnsagainst making hasty decisions.A. expensive B. firmC. unhealthy D. quick186. A good student is eager to learn and doesnotneed to be warned for being absent too much.A. admonished B. belittledC. punished D. spanked187. An appendectomy is a routine operation.A. cheap B. usual
  • 122. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. small D. quick188. The author of a book, a musical composition,oran artistic work may choose to honor someonebyputting his or her name in the front of it,therebygiving it.A. consecrating B. dedicatingC. devoting D. pledging189. Rain lessens in the fall throughout most oftheAppalachian Mountain region.A. pours B. abatesC. accumulates D. evaporates190. Several members of the royal family havebeenheld prisoner in the Tower of London.A. for protection B. captiveC. by request D. brieflyAnswer Keys:1. a 2. c 3. a 4. c 5. b 6. c 7. b 8. a 9. c 10. c 11. a 12. b 13. a 14. a 15. a 16. b 17. d 18. d19. a 20. e 21. a 22. d 23. d 24. d 25. c 26. b 27. c 28. c 29. a 30. d 31. b 32. a 33. c 34. d 35. a36. b 37. d 38. c 39. c 40. b 41. b 42. b 43. c 44. a 45. b 46. c 47. a 48. c 49. d 50. c 51. a 52. b53. d 54. b 55. b 56. b 57. d 58. b 59. c 60. d 61. d 62. c 63. c 64. a 65. d 66. d 67. c 68. b 69. a70. b 71. b 72. d 73. c 74. c 75. b 76. a 77. d 78. b 79. d 80. a 81. c 82. a 83. b 84. d 85. c 86. b87. e88. c 89. b 90. c 91. b 92. c 93. b 94. d 95. a 96. d 97. e 98. b 99. a 100. d 101. d 102. b 103. d104. b 105. b 106. b 107. c 108. d 109. c 110. d 111. a 112. c 113. e 114. b 115. b 116. b 117. e118. c 119. c 120. d 121. c 122. c 123. c 124. d 125. c 126. d 127. d 128. d 129. d 130. c 131. b 132. b133. d 134. b 135. d 136. c 137. b 138. b 139. d 140. b 141. b 142. a 143. d 144. b 145. b 146. b 147. a148. b 149. d 150. b 151. c 152. c 153. b 154. a 155. b 156. c 157. d 158. a 159. a 160. c 161. a 162. b163. c 164. a 165. d 166. c 167. a 168. b 169. b170. b 171. a 172. b 173. b 174. c 175. a 176. b 177. a178. a 179. b180. a 181. c 182. b 183. b 184. c 185. d 186. c 187. b188. b 189. b 190. b
  • 123. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comRegard with what are the correct meaningof thefollowing phrases (1-4).1. At length --A. at last B. in deep C. at firstD. In spite of E. at least2. Worthy of---A. kind of B. fit for C. unkindD. set out E. set for3. On the instant ---A. for this B. then and there C. ifD. now and then E. increase of.4. Leave off ---A. to stop B. at presentC. instead of D. incase ofE. give upChoose the appropriate preposition that areblanked asthe part of the following phrases (5-7)5. Choose the incorrect spelling.A. Regretable B. Parallel C. LoveableD. both a+c E. None of the above.6. Choose the correct spelling.A. Aggreggate B. AmatuerC. Efficient D. All of the aboveE. None of the above.7. But---your help we should not have finishedintime.A. for B. of C. withD. none of above E. inMark the correct spelling of the following words(8-11).8. A. regicide B. rigicide C. rigecideD. rigiside E. regicide.9. A. colateral B. collatiral C. collaterialD. colatteral E. none of the above.10. A. knickerbokers B. nickerbockersC. knickerbockers D. knnickerockersE. none of above11. A. nervous B. nerbous C. nevrousD. narvous E. nearvousDirection: Select the pair that is closely similarto andopposite in meaning (Similar.....Opposite) ofthecapitalized word (12-21).12. ASSISTA. aid ..... praise B. accuse ... scatterC. irritate ... help D. help ... supportE. support ... oppose.13. HATEA. pardon .... blame B. purify ... polluteC. flatter ... waste D. abhor .. loveE. despise .. scorn.14. LAZYA. indolent ... energetic B. timid ... pacificC. vigorous ... idle D. indolent ... lavishE. palatable .. potent.15. HUGEA. modest .... boastful B. large ... extraC. vast .... small D. brave ... cowardE. peak .... valley.16. HUMBLEA. modest .... boastful B. adamant ... flexibleC. reluctant ... eager D. loyal ... rebelE. neutral ... impartial.
  • 124. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com17. PURIFYA. convict ... murder B. fascinate ... exposeC. pollute ... clean D. refine ... polluteE. clean ... wash.18. SINCEREA. durable .... fragile B. candid ... openC. open ... hypocrite D. vile ... honestE. frank ... truthful.19. RENOVATEA. innovate ... abate B. renew ... damageC. renew ... cover D. conceal ... damageE. deny ... refuse.20. RISKA. constructive .. useless B. destructive...usefulC. joy .. danger D. jeopardy ... safetyE. stunt ... death.21. PLETHORAA. surplus ... shortage B. excess .. surplusC. scarcity .. paucity D. surplus ... excessE. crisis ... blessing.22. The conditions necessary – this project havenot been met.A. for the complete of B. of completion ofC. for the completion of D. of completeE. none.23. A promissory note–anything without the trustdeed.A. does mean B. is meanC. have not mean D. may not meanE. both B+C.24. - on the floor of the ocean is a big farmingindustry.A. Oysters raising B. Oysters are raisedC. The raising of Oysters D. The Oysters raisedE. C+D25. A barbershop – a red and white striped pole.A. what symbolizes B. is symbolized byC. is symbolized to D. was symbolizedE. All of the above.26. More ivory is obtained from elephants inAfrica – elephants in Asia.A. rater than B. more thanC. than from D. as well as E. C+D27. Find out the correct antonym of―UNKEMPT‖-A. tidy B. genuine C. applauseD. eropitious E. aggressive.28. Find out the correct antonym of―DISINTERESTED‖.A. docile B. arrogant C. credulousD. biased E. sanitary.29. Which one is not correct ?A. chancellor B. ambiguous C. allegationD. eficacious E. evanescent.30. Which one is not correct ?A. loquacious B. Litterateur C. InterruptionD. Afable E. Accumulation.31. TACITURN: LACONIC.A. verbose: pithy B. improvised: unrehearsedC. silence: golden D. witty: clumsyE. vacation: leisurely.32. Wb_r_ tb_ ―pr_`ix‖ is not prop_rly us_^?A. imfathomable B. immaterialC. immemorial D. impalpableE. impracticable.33. What is the synonym o` ‗DEJECTED‘?A. Depressed B. Despondent C. DispiritedD. both B+C E. A+B+C.34. Which is incorrect spelled?A. Archipelago B. ApproximationC. Familar D. ArroganceE. Gymnasium.35. Which is the correct spelling?A. anaesthesia B. Mediaeval
  • 125. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comC. Messenger D. InterruptionE. all of the above.36. Choose the correct sentence:A. L_t us ^o tbis toa_tb_r, sboul^n‖t w_?B. L_t us ^o tbis toa_tb_r, sb[n‖t w_?C. Let us do this together, shall we?D. L_t us ^o tbis toa_tb_r, ^on‖t w_?E. Let us do this together, do we?37. Choose the correct sentenceA. I will go when it will stop rain.B. I will go when it would stop rain.C. I will go when it stops rain.D. I will go when it stop rain.E. I will go when it stopped rain.38. While going to office, take your umbrella – itrains.A. in case B. as if C. if notD. perhaps E. or else.39. My broken leg is – me.A. hurting B. wounding C. faintingD. in pain E. aching.40. --- of the story the man and the woman weremarriedA. At last B. FinallyC. At the end D. At the lastE. In the end.41. The dog was – in front of the door.A. lain B. lying C. liedD. laid E. laying.42. A serious study of physics is impossible –someknowledge of mathematics.A. not with B. withoutC. in absence of D. lackingE. not having43. –– Bangladesh, the general movement of air isfrom South to North.A. For B. Regarding C. AcrossD. Over E. Everywhere.44. I – to hospital last Friday.A. would go B. must goC. have to go D. had to goE. have gone45. Not until the seventeenth century – tomeasurethe speed of light.A. did anyone even attemptB. did even attempt anyoneC. anyone did even attemptEnglish – Lec – 14 .D. none did attemptE. did none attempt even.46. I –– believe in Allah as –– my father becausewe are Muslim.A. am --- is B. as --- asC. do --- does D. does --- didE. in --- out.47. When he arrived I was about to -A. be leaving B. leave C. leftD. go E. be gone.48. Choose the correct sentence:A. H_ s[i^ tb[t it w[s [ mist[k_, w[sn‖t it?B. H_ s[i^ tb[t it w[s [ mist[k_, w[sn‖t he?C. H_ s[ys tb[t it w[s [ mist[k_, w[sn‖t it?D. H_ s[i^ tb[t it w[s [ mist[k_, ^i^n‖t it?E. H_ s[i^ tb[t it w[s [ mist[k_, ^i^n‖t b_?49. Choose the correct sentence.A. The person whom I believe we all love isstanding next to me.B. The person whomever I believe we all love isstanding next to me.C. The person who I believe we all love isstanding next to me.D. The person who I believe we all love are
  • 126. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comstanding next to me.E. The person whom we all love is standing nextto me.50. Choose the correct Sentence?A. I have not little money, do I?B. I have little money, dont I?C. I have little money, have I?D. I have little money, do I? E. both C+D.51. Choose the correct sentence.A. A shipping order from each of these firmsproves his reliability.B. A shipping order from each of these firmsprove his reliability.C. Shipping orders from each of this firm proveshis reliability.D. both A+C E. none52. She is the person for -- I am positive can betrusted.A. whom B. whoever C. whoD. whomever E. C+D53. Choose the correct sentence.A. I will stop doing this whenI will a_t or^_r `rom you, won‖t I?B. I will stop doing this whenI aot or^_r `rom you, ^i^n‖t I?C. I will stop doing this whenI a_t or^_r `rom you, won‖t I?D. both A+C E. none54. Tareq, together with some of his friends,--playing cricket.A. was B. were C. willD. have been E. had55. Choose the correct sentence.A. I ]oul^n‖t b[r^ly ^o tbis.B. I could never do this hardly.C. I could hardly do this.D. Hardly could I do this E. C + D56. Choose the correct sentence.A. The man who sponsored the concerts remainsanonymous.B. The man who sponsored the concerts remainanonymous.C. The man who has sponsored the concertsremained anonymous.D. The man who sponsor the concerts remainsanonymous. E. A+C57. Two-thirds of the road – repaired.A. have been B. are C. has beenD. were E. has58. Choose the correct sentence.A. I tbink tb[t I [m riabt, [r_n‖t I?B. I [m riabt, [r_n‖t I?C. I tbink tb[t I [m riabt, ^on‖t I?D. I [m riabt, ^on‖t I E. both B+C59. Choose the correct sentence.A. Matters like the organization of yourcommittee reveals the complexity of politics.B. Matters like the organization of yourcommittee reveal the complexity of politics.C. Matter like the organization of your committeereveal the complexity of politics.D. Matters as the organization of your committeereveal the complexity of politics.E. B+D60. Choose the correct Sentence.A. I have been lived here since seven years.B. I am living here for seven years.C. I have lived here since seven years.D. I have been living here for seven years.E. both B+D.61. Choose the correct sentence.A. I listened to the radio when the accidenthappened.B. I was listening to the radio when the accident
  • 127. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comhappened.C. I was listening to the radio when the accidentwas happening.D. I had listened to the radio when the accidenthappened.E. I was listening to the radio when the accidenthad happened.62. Choose the correct sentence.A. Production quotas in each department wasdetermined by a worker- management team.B. Production quotas in each department weredetermined by a worker- management team.C. Production quota in each departments weredetermined by a worker- management team.D. both B+C E. all of the above63. Choose the correct sentence.A. H_‖^ [lr_[^y ao tb_r_, b[^n‖t b_?B. H_‖s [lr_[^y aoina tb_r_, isn‖t b_?C. H_‖s [lr_[^y aon_ tb_r_, b[sn‖t it?D. H_‖s [lr_[^y aon_ tb_r_, b[sn‖t b_?E. H_‖^ [lr_[^y ao tb_r_, woul^n‖t b_?64. Choose the correct sentence.A. One of the most beautiful girl has comeB. One of the most beautiful girls have come.C. One of the more beautiful girl has come.D. One of the more beautiful girls have come.E. One of the most beautiful girls has come.65. Choose the correct sentenceA. I had always done it there days before lastMonday.English – Lec – 14 .B. I did it three days before last Monday.C. I have done it three days before last Monday.D. I had done it three days before last Monday.E. It has been done three days before lastMonday.66. –––– of a bird serve to lift it into the air andmove it forward.A. The wings B. A wingC. Wing D. Those wings.E. None of the above.67. Traditional ...... of consumer purchases areclothing, bicycles, television sets, and stereos.A. example B. examplesC. the example D. the examplesE. None of the above.68. According to United Nations estimates, atleasthalf .... on this planet cannot read or write.A. an adult B. adults C. the adultsD. the adult E. None of the above.69. Through .... , an individual commands thedisposition of his or her possessions.A. will B. the willsC. a will D. willingE. None of the above.70. ––– is an official language of commerce andgovernment in the Philippines.A. The English B. EnglishC. An English D. Of EnglishE. None of the above.In each sentence, identify the one underlinedword orphrase that would not be considered correct instandard written English.71.72..73.
  • 128. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com76. Fill in the gap:I am — r_aul[r sus]ri_r o` ‗Tb_ Az[^‘.A. a B. an C. theD. some one E. both C+D.77. Complete the sentence.I like to go to Opera —A. on the instant B. now and thenC. moot point D. A+BE. none of the above.78. ―T[k_ on_ to t[sk‖ m_[ns —A. Rebuke B. Imitate C. RescueD. Restrain E. None of the above.79. Choose the correct spelling.A. Hereditery B. CarriageC. Notoreity D. ProfittableE. None of the above.80. Choose the correct sentence.A. I tbink tb[t I [m riabt, [r_n‖t I?B. I [m riabt, [r_n‖t I?C. I tbink tb[t I [m riabt, ^on‖t I?D. I [m riabt ^on‖t I?E. both B+C.Find out correct synonym. (81-83)81. HAZARD.A. Impartial B. Static C. DangerD. Immobile E. Mess.82. PARSIMONIOUSA. Frugal B. Thrifty C. EconomicalD. Saving E. All of the above.83. ARTICULATEA. Obstinate B. Proasic C. EnunciateD. Particular E. Temper.84. Fin^ out tb_ ]orr_]t [ntonym o` ―AMASS‖ -A. Invent B. Sustain C. DispestD. Animate E. Tolerate.85. S_l_]t tb_ _st [ntonym o` ―PROXIMATE‖A. Complete B. Distant C. InsincereD. Inquisitive E. Proper.Find out the incorrect part.86. Neither of the two candidates whoAha d a pp liedBfor admission toC the industrial EngineeringDepartment wereDfor scholarships No errorE.87. Choose the correct spelling.A. Renaissance B. RecommendationC. Procession D. both A+BE. A+B+C88. Choose the correct spelling.A. Seismograph B. Millionaire C. RegistrationD. both B+C E. A+B+C.89. Complete the sentence.I have never seen such — long queue.A. a B. an C. theEnglish – Lec – 14 .D. no article E. None of the above.90. Complete the sentence.The date of the next meeting has been fixed on—23rd of July.A. no article B. theC. a D. an E. are.91. Choose the correct option.A. He joined church B. I struck him on headC. She died of the cancer D. I shall meet her onFridayE. None of the above.
  • 129. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com92. Choose the incorrect option.A. She speaks French fluently.B. Do you know where the Victoria lake is?C. We travelled by sea.D. All of the aboveE. None of the above.93. Finish the sentence.Tajul went to — hospital as patient.A. the B. a C. anD. no article E. are.94. Choose the correct usage of tag question:A. You b[v_n‖t r_[^ [ny o` bis ooks, b[v_n‖tyou?B. Have you got much time to finish the task,b[v_n‖t you?C. Few people can speak a foreign languageperfectly, can people?D. The m__tina is [t 9 O‖]lo]k isn‖t it?E. None of the above.95. Complete the sentence.L_t‖s b[v_ [ ^inn_r [t `iv_ st[r bot_l, —?A. can we? B. shall we?C. isn‖t it? D. woul^ w_?E. None of the above.96. Choose the incorrect usage of tag question.A. He looked at her with his eyes full of love,isn‖t it?B. You spend too much time watching TV, doyou?C. One of my friends are going to Australia, nextw__k, [r_n‖t tb_y?D. All of the above E. None of the above.97. It is many years since David — to NewZealand.A. had gone B. goes C. wentD. would go E. None of the above.98. You had better — the place at once.A. left B. to leave C. leaveD. leaving E. None of the above.99. I went to bed having — my meals.A. took B. take C. takenD. taking E. None of the above.100. Complete the sentence.People are travelling round the country — work.A. hard and fast B. in jeopardyC. out and out D. in pursuit ofE. None of the above.101. Call an ambulance. Theres been --------------.A. accident B. an accidentC. some accident D. little accidentE. None.102. Where are you going? I m going to buy ----.A. a bread B. some breadC. a loaf of bread D. much breadE. None.103. Sandra works at a big hospital. Shes ---------.A. nurse B. a nurse C. the nurseD. an nurse E. None.104. She works six days --------------- week.A. in B. for C. a D. the E. an.105. There are millions of stars in -------------.A. space B. a space C. the spaceD. more space E. None.106. Every day ------ begins at 9 and finishes at 3,A. school B. a schoolC. the school D. an school E. None.107. –––– a problem in most big cities.A. Crime is B. The crime isC. The Crimes are D. An crime E. None.108. When ––– invented?A. was telephone B. were telephonesC. was the telephone D. were the telephonesE. were and telephone.
  • 130. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com109. We visited –––.A. Canada and United StatesB. the Canada and the United StatesC. Canada and the United StatesD. the Canada and United states E. None.110. Julia is a student at ---------------.A. London University B. the London UniversityC. the University of LondonD. both A+C E. None.111. What time --------- on television?A. is the news B. are the newsC. is news D. at news E. None.112. It took us quite a long time to get here, Itwas –– journey.A. three hour B. a three- hours C. a three-hourD. threes hour E. None.113. Where is -------------------?A. the manager office B. the managers officeC. the office of the managerD. the office of the managers E. None.114. Choose the most apposite option regardingthe useof tag question.A. You and I talked with the professor yesterday,w[sn‖t w_?B. You and I talked with the professor yesterday,^i^n‖t tb_m?C. You and I talked with the professor yesterday,did we?D. You and I talked with the professor yesterday,^i^n‖t we?E. None of the above.115. Fill in the blank with appropriate article.Simon attended ------------ Dhaka University.A. the B. a C. anD. No article E. None.116. W_‖v_ s__n ―M[tir Moin[‖-------A. H[^ w_? B. ^i^n‖t w_?C. b[v_n‖t w_? D. Don‖t E. Non_117. Discover the most eligible word to fill in theblank. Sambora is expecting ––––– to go toclass tomorrow.A. we B. our C. I D. us E. None.118. Which one of the following sentence is notinfected with any kind of grammatical error?A. The next important question we have to decideis when do we have to submit the proposal.B. The next important question is we have todecide when do we have to submit the proposal.C. The next important question we have to decideis when we have to submit the proposal.D. Both A+B E. None.119. Complete the sentence.There were not ------------- to have the meeting.A. Enough people B. people enoughEnglish – Lec – 14 .C. people too enough. D. much peopleE. None.120. l_t‖s ao out `or [ w[lk, ?A. sb[n‖t w_ B. won‖t w_ C. shall weD. will we E. will you.121. It is a good idea, ?A. is it B. isn‖t it C. [r_n‖t itD. ^o_sn‖t it E. Non_ o` tb_ [ov_.122. None can do this, ?A. ][n‖t you B. ][n‖t tb_y C. ][n b_D. can they E. can you.123. Tb_ ^_t_]tiv_‖s resourcefulness helped himsolvethe mystery -A. Assistance B. Family C. SkillD. Money E. adept.124. That he should ask her to him was rather
  • 131. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.compresumptuous on his part.A. audacious B. stupid C. braveD. nice E. adjustable.125. Choose the correct option.A. Almost all of the states have a sales tax.B. Almost all states have a sales tax.C. Most of the states have a sales tax.D. Most states have a sales tax.E. All of them.126. Athletes learn to conceal theirdisappointmentwhen they lose.A. ignore B. accept C. regretD. disguise E. regard127. Many of the first histories of the New Worldwere written by monks and published by theCatholic ChurchA. put away B. approved ofC. brought out D. thrown outE. out through128. Milk is purified by heating it at 60 C. forthirtyminutesA. cleansed B. mixed C. storedD. packaged E. storing129. Flu shots are given every fall as a precautionagainst an epidemic the following winter.A. required treatment B. free serviceC. preventive measure D. new cureE. none of the above130. Unless the population growth stabilizes,environmentalists predict a worldwidestarvation by the year 2000 ADA. famine B. rebellion C. floodD. disease E. diarrhoea131. The yearly growth of the gross nationalproduct is often used as an indicator of an[tion‖s _]onomy.A. sluggish B. routine C. haphazardD. annual E. hazardous132. S[int Elmo‖s Fir_ is [ pb_nom_non tb[toccurswhen ships discharging harmless electricalcharges into the atmosphere appear to shine.A. fade B. glow C. shrinkD. vanish E. sink133. All drinks that include saccharin must bemarked with a warning label becausesaccharin may cause cancer.A. packages B. beveragesC. medications D. dessertsE. desert134. Magma is the primary source of all the_[rtb‖srocksA. cheapest B. nearest C. firstD. worst E. costly135. Microprocessors, unlike computers, areprogrammed to complete defined tasks.A. specific B. several C. arduousD. similar E. the same as136. The galaxy slowly circles around a sphericalcenter.A. expands B. acceleratesC. rotates D. vibrates137. The most admired annual golf event inAmerica is the Masters Tournament held inAugusta, Georgia.A. exhausting B. competitiveC. controversial D. prestigious138. The chickadee is noted for its tameness andquickness.A. audacity B. agilityC. geniality D. irritability
  • 132. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com139. The population of the United States isroughly240 millionA. unfortunately B. approximatelyC. ideally D. usually140. Carbohydrates are plentiful in nature wherethey serve as an immediate source of energy.A. abundant B. unstableC. obscure D. reliable141. Some sedimentary rocks are made entirely ofvery large coral beds.A. unusual B. massiveC. mature D. subterranean142. In the fetus, cartilage forms a temporaryskeletonthat will gradually be changed into bone.A. transformed B. hardenedC. straightened D. fused143. Canada and the United States arecooperatingto clean up the dirty lakes along their borders.A. contaminated B. mutualC. huge D. gorgeous144. A compound break is more serious than asimple one because there is more opportunityfor loss of blood and infection.A. bruise B. burnC. sprain D. fracture145. The street lights in most American citiesadjustautomatically at dusk.A. in the middle of the nightB. in the evening just before darkC. in the middle of the dayD. in the morning just before light146. Flatboats ferry cars on the Great Lakesbetween the United States and Canada.A. transport B. pursueC. inspect D. detain147. Proximity to the court house makes an officebuilding more valuable.A. Interest in B. Similarity toC. Nearness to D. Usefulness for148. A balanced diet should include fish and fowlaswell as red meat.A. fruit B. birdsC. vegetables D. cheese and milk149. Travel agents will confirm your reservationsfor you free.A. purchase B. verifyC. exchange D. obtainEnglish – Lec – 14 .150. Some stretches of Florida resemble WestAfrica.A. deal with B. allow immigration fromC. look like D. restrict trade with151. Some of the gangs that terrorize Chicago inthe1920s did not have the propriety to keep theiractivities off the streets.A. decency B. resourcesC. ability D. courage152. Variations in the color of sea water fromblueto green seem to be caused by high or lowconcentrations of salt.A. Changes B. MeasuresC. Descriptions D. Clarity153. A clever politician will take advantage ofevery speakingengagement to campaign for the next election.A. rash B. crude C. intrepid D. shrewd154. Home buyers are proceeding cautiously
  • 133. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.combecause of the high interest rates.A. hastily B. warilyC. occasionally D. deliberately155. By law, when one makes a large purchase,her musthave an adequate opportunity to change hismind.A. an ample B. an informalC. a belated D. a gracious156. Mail service will be suspended during thepostal workers strike.A. inspected B. uninterruptedC. delayed D. curtailed157. Valium is a strong drug that can cause adriverto sleep at the wheel.A. dream B. doze C. sneeze D. snore158. Sharks must swim all the time to avoidsinking.A. swiftly B. preciselyC. rarely D. constantly159. Some scientists have argued that the purposeof the human appendix may have been todigest uncooked meat and bark, functions thatare now no longer useful.A. simulated B. obsoleteC. perilous D. sluggish160. Neither the earthquake or the subsequentfire wasable to destroy the spirit of the city dwellers.A. or the subsequent fire wasB. nor the subsequent fire wereC. or the subsequent fire wereD. nor the subsequent fire wasE. or the fire that occurred subsequently were161. Except for you and I, everyone brought apresent to the party.A. Except for you and I, everyone broughtB. With exception of you and, I, everyone broughtC. Except for you and I, everyone had broughtD. Except for you and me, everyone broughtE. Except for you and me, everyone had brought162. Although he was the most friendly of allpresent and different from the others, heb[^n‖t b[r^ly [ny `ri_n^s _x]_pt m_.A. ^i``_r_nt `rom tb_ otb_rs, b_ b[^n‖t b[r^ly [nyfriends except meB. different than the others, he had hardly anyfriends except meC. different from the others, he had hardly anyfriends except meD. different from the others, he had hardly anyfriends except IE. different from the others, he hardly had anyfriends except I163. Whoever objects to me going to theconventionought to state his position promptly.A. Whoever objects to meB. Whomever objects to meC. Whomever objects to myD. Whoever objects to myE. Whoever has an objection to me164. She not only was competent but also friendlyinnature.A. She not only was competent but also friendlyB. Not only was she competent but friendly alsoC. She not only was competent but friendly alsoD. She was not only competent but also friendlyE. She was not only competent but friendly also165. The theme of this novel is how money^o_sn‖tmake you happy.
  • 134. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comA. Tb_ tb_m_ o` tbis nov_l is bow mon_y ^o_sn‖tmake you happyB. Tb_ tb_m_ o` tbis nov_l is tb[t mon_y ^o_sn‖tmake you happy.C. In tbis nov_l, tb[t mon_y ^o_sn‖t m[k_ youhappy.D. In tbis nov_l, tb[t mon_y ^o_sn‖t m[k_ youhappy is the theme.E. In this novel, you are not make happy bymoney is the themeAnswer Keys:1. a 2. b 3. b 4. a 5. a 6. c 7. a 8. a 9. e 10. c 11. a 12. e 13. d 14. a 15. c 16. a 17. d 18. c19. b 20. d 21. a 22. c 23. d 24. c 25. b 26. c 27. a 28. d 29. d 30. d 31. b 32. a 33. e 34. c 35. e 36.c 37. c 38. a 39. a 40. c 41. b 42. b 43. c 44. d 45. a 46. c 47. b 48. e 49. c 50. e 51. a 52. c 53. c 54. a55. e 56. a 57. c 58. e 59. b 60. d 61. b 62. b 63. d 64. e 65. d 66. a 67. b 68. c 69. b 70. b 71. c 72. b73. a 74. b 75. a 76. a 77. b 78. a 79. b 80. e 81. c 82. e 83. c 84. c 85. b 86. d 87. e 88. e 89. a 90. b 91.d 92. c 93. d 94. d 95. b 96. d 97. c 98. c 99. c 100. d 101. b 102.c 103.b 104. c 105. a 106. a 107. a108. c 109. c 110. d 111. a 112. c 113. b 114. d 115. d 116. c 117.d 118. c 119. a 120. c 121. b122. d 123. c 124. a 125. e 126.d 127.c 128.a 129.c 130.a 131.d 132.b 133.b 134.c 135.a 136.c 137.d138.b 139.b 140.a 141.b 142.a 143.a 144.d 145.b 146.a 147.c 148.b 149.b 150.c 151.b 152.a 153.d 154.b155.a 156.d 157.b 158.d 159.b 160.d 161.d 162.c 163.d 164.d 165.bইন্টাররনি হরে িংগ্রহীে
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