Global data center locations – turkey has the highest data center market growth


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Talent Neuron Location Insight gives an overview of the global Data Center spread.

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Global data center locations – turkey has the highest data center market growth

  1. 1. Global Data Center Locations – Turkey Has The Highest Data Center Market Growth Contact Details Talent Neuron 3080 Olcott Street, Suite A125, Santa Clara, CA 95054 Phone: +408-716-8432 Email: Globally there are more than half a million Data Centers, which occupy about 290 million square feet of space. Global Data Center traffic is expected to triple from 2.6 zettabytes in 2012 to 7.7 zettabytes in 2017, at a CAGR of 25 percent. IBM, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Samsung and Amazon are key companies dominating the Data Center markets. About 45 percent of Data Centers in the world are located in US, followed by Western Europe (UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Italy and Poland) with 25 percent, and Canada at 3 percent. Latin America (Brazil, Argentina and Chile), India and Australia each have about 3 percent of this market. The graph below is an overview of the global Data Center spread. Similar Articles Executive Movement – Twitter Strengthens its Executive Team For more information, please contact m| m This message has been approved for distribution by Vamsee Tirukkala, Co-Founder and EVP – Talent Neuron. This email is sent by Zinnov LLC. If you wish to unsubscribe from this communication please email to m
  2. 2. Source: Talent Neuron Research and Analysis Emerging locations such as Turkey, Brazil and Argentina are witnessing rapid growth in Data Center facilities. Tax incentives as well as the availability of energy and real estate at subsidized rates are driving the growth of Data Center market. The market in Turkey is growing at a rate of 55 percent, followed by Brazil at 45 percent and Argentina at 40 percent. Russia and China indicate growth of 30 percent each. India and Germany are growing at a rate of 15 percent while US and Canada are at 10 percent. The graph below indicates the IT Infrastructure Talent across key global Data Center Locations
  3. 3. Source: Talent Neuron Research and Analysis APAC locations such as Hong Kong and Tokyo have a large IT Infrastructure talent pool which makes them favorable for data center operations. Hong Kong and Tokyo have an installed talent pool of 13,730 and 12,800 professionals respectively, with the ability to be employed in Data Centers. Emerging Data Center locations outside US: Few global cities outside US have managed to become data center hot spots for multiple IT companies due to reliable infrastructure, skilled workforce and business friendly regulations. Slough (UK): Due to its proximity to London, Slough is a key area for several businesses making it a strategic location for Data Center operations. The city is an ideal location for Data Centers with the advantages of dual power supply, comprehensive fibre network connectivity and high levels of security. As a result of these benefits, Samsung opened its Data Center in Slough in 2012. Luleå (Sweden): Luleå benefits from Sweden’s high redundant power grid that uses renewable hydropower and significantly developed infrastructure. Sweden has one of the lowest electricity prices in Europe with Luleå further having the lowest electricity prices in Sweden. The region has a large number of skilled talent in the Data Center space with expertise in areas such as distance-spanning technology, long-term digital preservation and lower energy consumption of web technologies. Facebook opened a 30,000 square meter Data Center in the city in 2013. Reykjavik (Iceland): Availability of low cost abundant renewable geothermal and hydroelectric energy makes the country suitable for Data Center operations. Energy costs in the country are one-third the energy
  4. 4. costs in London. Further, the pool of IT infrastructure talent has been steadily growing in the region and the removal of VAT (Value Added Tax) on IT infrastructure has made Iceland more attractive for Data Center operations. Data Centers in Iceland also benefit from fresh air cooling leading to cost savings. Singapore: Tax incentives by the local government have decreased the cost of setting up new Data Centers in Singapore. The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) offers incentives to companies covering between 30% and 50% of capital expenses for retrofitting their Data Centers with new, energy-efficient equipment. The city also has reliable power supply and skilled Data Center talent.