Top 25 location R&D Hardware


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Top 25 location R&D Hardware

  1. 1. Top 25 Location - R&DMay 2013This report is solely for the use of Talent Neuron clients and Talent Neuron Subscribers. No part of it may be circulated, quoted, orreproduced for distribution outside the client organization without prior written approval from Talent Neuron.
  2. 2. Talent Neuron Copyright and DisclaimerCopyrightThe material in this report is copyrighted. No part of this report prepared by Talent Neuron can be reproduced eitheron paper or electronic media without permission in writing from Talent Neuron. Request for permission to reproduceany part of the report may be sent to Customers are welcome to use an unlimited number ofcopies of the materials contained within this report. Furthermore, customers may copy any graphic herein for theirown internal purpose. Talent Neuron requests only that members retain the source name/logo mark on all pagesproduced. Please contact our Talent Neuron account manager at +1-408-716-8432 for any help we may provide.The report herein is the property of Talent Neuron (A Zinnov LLC Company). Beyond the membership, no copyrightedmaterials of Talent Neuron may be reproduced without prior approval.DisclaimerAll the information contained in this report is obtained through proprietary technology aggregation algorithms, humanexperts, network of domain experts, discussions with industry leaders, public and confidential information sourcesbelieved to be reliable. Talent Neuron makes no representations or warranties regarding the errors, omissions orcompleteness of any information contained herein and shall have no liability for the same. The report is provided solelyfor informational and marketing purposes and opinions must not be construed as advice, recommendations orendorsements. The reader of the report is advised to conduct an independent evaluation and form conclusions withrespect to the information provided.
  3. 3. 3Talent Neuron can help in selecting the right location by providing data, analytics and insights on Locations,Talent, Cost, Peer Group Footprint & TrendsLocation Analysis Understand the capability of each potentiallocation and make data driven decisions onsetup and expansionPeer and TalentInsightsUnderstand the capability of each potentiallocation and make data driven decisions onsetup and expansionEcosystem Analysis Understand the capability of each potentiallocation and make data driven decisions onsetup and expansionSource: Talent Neuron Website
  4. 4. CAPABILITIESTalent Neuron has assisted over 100 companies in their global location analysis and siteselection processEcosystem Insights Forecasts Industry/DomainWage InflationTrendsCompany TrackerMarket TrackerSkill Wizard Market InsightsTalent Neuron KEYFOCUS IS ON THETECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY.OVER 80% CLIENTS AREIN THE PRODUCTENGINEERING DOMAIN.ConsultingProprietaryData SourcesNetworkReportsWeb CrawlingExpertInsightsAnalyticsSurveys500+ GLOBALCITIES COVEREDSource: Talent Neuron6 DOMAINS35 FUNCTIONs150+ SKILL SETS
  5. 5. PROPOSED APPROACH – Data Gathering and Analysis through BIG DataTalent Neuron will use data driven Big data principles (for large data analysis) which will providecomprehensive insights and transparency on the trends, current realities and opportunities in any location100+ Job sites3,000+ CompanyCareer SitesUniversitiesSocial Media/Public ProfilesHadoopEngine(Big DataApproach)=Over 12,000Unique Dataelements foreach cityPatent DatabasesPublication/JournalDatabasesTechnologyContributor listsCommunity SitesConnectors (API / Screen Scraping)SkillAvailabilityLocationInsightsCompensationand CostTrendsPeerCompanyFootprintSource: Talent Neuron Website
  6. 6.  Top 25 locations are identified for R&D Hardware in Embedded Systems and Semiconductors on thefollowing parameters:- High Cost Location: If the total cost/FTE is more than USD$ 140,000 Medium Cost: If the total cost/FTE is more than USD$ 80,000 and less than USD$ 140,000 Low Cost: If the total cost/FTE is less than USD$ 80,000Source: Talent Neuron AnalysisR&D HardwareSummary
  7. 7. Americas – 28% EMEA – 40% APAC – 32%Dallas – USA Bristol – UK Bangalore – IndiaIrvine – USA Cambridge – UK Hyderabad – IndiaNew Jersey – USA Dresden - Germany Seoul – South KoreaSan Diego – USA Dublin – Ireland Shanghai – ChinaBay Area - USA Nice – France Beijing – ChinaRound Rock - USA Ramat Jan - Israel Clark – PhilippinesAustin - USA Tel Aviv – Israel Singapore – SingaporeHaifa - Israel Taipei - TaiwanSt. Petersburg - RussiaMoscow – RussiaR&D HardwareLow cost locations in APAC region are increasingly becoming attractive for R&D Hardware related activitiesSource: Talent Neuron Location and Talent Neuron Skill FrameworkTop 25 Locations for R&D Hardware
  8. 8. $180$160 $153 $148 $145 $142 $140 $140 $140$0$40$80$120$160$200Dallas Irvine Tel Aviv RoundClockNew Jersy San Diego Cambridge Haifa NiceInUSDThousandsHigh Cost Locations - Total Cost$134 $132 $132 $131 $130 $129 $125 $124$95 $88 $83$0$40$80$120$160Singapore Dublin Ramat Jan SanJose Bristol Austin Dresden Seoul Beijing St.Petersburg TaipeiInUSDThousandsMedium Cost Locations - Total Cost$78$70$47 $46 $40Shanghai Moscow Hyderabad Bangalore ClarkLow Cost Locations - Total CostR&D HardwareMany of the High cost locations are based in AmericasSource: Talent Neuron Skill Framework
  9. 9. 61512221161511 10 97 7 6 4 4 4 3 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 104080Installed Talent PoolInThousandsHigh Cost LocationLow Cost LocationMedium Cost LocationR&D HardwareOver 50% of the total Installed Talent is based out of Low Cost locationsSource: Talent Neuron Analysis
  10. 10. For Detailed information on Location, Talent, Cost, Risks, University Informationcontact info@talentneuron.comTalentNeuronGlobalLocationProfilesGlobalTalentInsightsGlobalCost &SalaryInsightsUniversityOutlookPeerCompaniesMonitorRole ViewJobEngineerTalent Neuron PlatformTalent Neuron Platform provides granular data for over 500+ cities in 83 countries. It tracks over 12,000 unique dataparameters for a city that spans across location attributes, talent pool size (Domain, Function andSkills), Universities, Salary and Cost etc.Source: Talent Neuron Website
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