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The Hero's journey by Joseph Campbell talks about the journey of the protagonist and the personal reflective processes. While at CURRENT, you will experience the same churning. There is a call for adventure in each one of us, there is some resistance and then you put your trust in someone who helps you cross the threshold. Once you have taken the leap of faith, you are put through tests and ordeals which make you question yourself at every step. The victory is yours as you are rewarded with the sense of accomplishment. This sense of achievement is what, YOU, bring back home, DIFFERENT, from when you came in. The internal environment changes. It will never be the same.

When the external environment is as marvelous as the internal one, nothing but magic happens! And so do breakthroughs!

SyngrityPure and Aquaterra Adventures understood the relevance of acknowledging the Hero within us. This symbiosis of SyngrityPure's skill as experiential educators and Aquaterra Adventures' s skill of adventure tourism created CURRENT. The HERO within us has grown.

Come and be a part of what we see as a journey of reintroductions.

Please call us at the numbers listed below in case you need to clarify anything about CURRENT.


Vipin Nair: +91- 9899 826 554

Aquaterra Adventures:

Fay Rikh - +91-9899 828 819

We limit the group size being sensitive to leaving the least amount of carbon footprint. Call us.

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CURRENT - Journey of Reintroductions

  1. 1. CURRENT SYNGRITYPURE AQUATERRA Journey Of Reintroductions
  2. 2. CURRENT SYNGRITYPURE AQUATERRA JOURNEY OF REINTRODUCTIONS Welcome to the Hero’s Journey where the best of adventure and experiential sciences are brought together as a transformational process! The Hero’s journey is depicted in CURRENT as a culmination of various interventions that you would be taken through along with the breath taking environment and its inner reflective processes. You start your journey and return, only different!
  3. 3. THE SPACE Only Indian Co. Selected by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY as the "Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth." Conde Nast 2013 HotList of 50 Best New Hotels In The World Traveller's Choice 2013 Award Ranked No. 2 on Hill Station Hotels in India CAMP SILVER SANDS
  5. 5. CONFRONTING FEAR Underneath anger lies fear and fear is an emotion worth listening to! Confronting Fear addresses fear through a very real danger – fire-walking & white water rafting – as mediums to address the flight versus fight versus freeze syndrome that kicks in when faced with a fearful situation. Fire and water, two of the core elements of nature, work as very strong transfor- mational mediums. Members of our team have rafted many rivers and done numerous fire-walks for over a decade, and will lead you through these life changing experiences.
  6. 6. THE HERO FACES MIND STRETCH- ING CHALLENGES Rafting and white water rafting are recreational outdoor activities, which use an inflatable raft to navigate a river. This is often done on whitewater or different degrees of rough water (Grades 1 to 5), and will definitely represent a new and challenging environment for you. THE HERO IN MAKING. Dealing with risk and the need for teamwork will be a part of this experi- ence. Whilst, our raft guides will help maneaurve Grade 3-4 rapids, they will also push you to take decisions on the water as a team. Rafting involves a fair degree of strength and endurance and the 100 kms that you will be paddling will definitely push you to come out of your habitual patterns. THE HERO’S JOURNEY TOUGHENS. On the Ganga WHITE WATER RAFTING CONFRONT FEAR CONFRONT CONFLICT BUILD TRUST IN SELF AND OTHERS
  7. 7. by the Ganga CONFRONTING FEAR CONFRONT FEAR CONFRONT CONFLICT BUILD TRUST IN SELF AND OTHERS THE HERO’S CHALLENGES CONTINUE Fire walking is an age old custom used in many cultures around the world as a symbolic representation of life, its tribu- lations, fear and the Hero’s ability to confront it. Whilst a bed of burning coal at approximately 1200 degrees Celcius is lit, you will, to the sound of HU – from the pit of the stomach, walk barefeet on the pit of buring coals. The Hero in you will go through many smaller journeys before you walk the pit and once you do, things are never the same – internally!
  8. 8. ACRO YOGA CONFRONT FEAR CONFRONT CONFLICT BUILD TRUST IN SELF AND OTHERS THE HERO’S JOURNEY INCLUDES BUILDING TRUST & HARMONY AcroYoga aids your journey as a starter. Getting you ready for challenges that lay ahead! AcroYoga integrates acro- batics, yoga, and Thai massage tech- niques, all in one flowing sequence. The focus on partnership and trust supersedes that of many other styles of yoga. The known benefits of Acroyoga include - Improved Concentration - Relationship with self at the core level - Builds stronger relationship with your partners & colleagues - Learn to confront conflict head on - Trains you to make quick decisions - Helps you confront fear - Builds trust
  9. 9. BODY RHYTHMS UNLEASH YOUR SENSES UNCLUTTER YOUR MIND UNLEARN TO LEARN UNDERSTAND by the Ganga THE HERO GOES WITHIN Body Rhythms are premised on the mind-body-heart connect and under- standing that the body influences the mind and the heart and vice-versa. “The physical and emotive states are interconnected; we can change the emotive state to a more centred space by moving the body”. These exercises break the mind-body dichotomy, pushing participants to realise the myriad ways in which the body can be used to influence the mind. The exercises, Morning Chi exer- cises and Walk of Life can be thought of as cleansing or re-centring exer- cises. These are based on highly scien- tific body emotive sciences such as the Alexander Technique & Martial Sciences etc.
  10. 10. PERCUSSION WORKOUT UNITY . LISTENING TOGETHERNESS UNDERTANDING PROCESS AND TEAM SPIRIT by the Ganga THE HERO CELEBRATES WITH EVERYONE Music and rhythm has the energy to bring together masses. Rhythms create a sense of bonding, camaraderie, unity and collaborative success. Percussion workout enables the Heroes to connect using rhythm and music as the catalyst. EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING TO THE CORE!
  11. 11. GETTING THE HERO READY TO GO BACK TO THE WORLD GVM or Guided Visualization & Music is a stress awareness intervention in sound, visualization and space.GVM uses brain entrainment methodologies such as binaural beats & soundscapes metered in specific frequencies and tonalities coupled with emotive visual- ization to stimulate different states of emotional and mental awareness. We will create a space for the partici- pants to consciously and sub consciously work at the various physi- cal and emotional stresses stored in their cellular and muscular memories. The Hero can take back learning’s from GVM and use them actively to confront the overwhelming pressures of the real world. GUIDED VISUALIZATION & MUSIC THROUGH SOUND STRESS AWARENESS DESIGN by the Ganga
  12. 12. THE HERO’S TOOLS Oneness is about finding the connect- ing thread, that which brings all the Hero’s together to a common platform - of being one with each other. We understood a simple formula The Hero in you will crack this formula open and experience the sheer joy of bringing people to a deep awareness of their magnificence. It is not about learning anything new. Oneness is about reconnecting with your own deeper self; celebrating together. Through very simple and pragmatic interpretations of holistic and esoteric texts available to all of us, you, The Hero, will go through certain experi- ences, which address the above- mentioned formula. CELEBRATION = GRATITUDE + FORGIVENESS = FREEDOM GRATITUDE FORGIVENESS APPRECIATION FREEDOM ONENESS
  13. 13. The act of confronting your deepest phobias and fears enables the Hero to progress toward a stress-free existence and it is our attempt to enable this evolution. Via these observatory and reflective interventions, we intend to bring about a deeper understanding of the human body, its stress patterns and sensory awareness. CURRENT SYNGRITYPURE AQUATERRA JOURNEY OF REINTRODUCTIONS
  14. 14. the itinerary days - delhi to delhi4 day 1 5:30 am (Mussourie Express) Arrival at Haridwar (Optional - Air Travel Arrival at Transfer to Atali Ganga / Camp Silver Sands Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun) 7:00 - 8:00 am Breakfast served 8:00 - 8:30 am Get into rafting gear & get ready Rapids Crossed Three Blind Mice, Crossfire, Bodysurfing, Return to Sender Roller Coaster, Golf Course and lots more. Trip Ends At Laxman Jhula. Lunch at Camp Body Rhythms Introduction To Qi Gong & Acro Yoga Dinner at Camp Todays session will include Live music. the itinerary can change, without prior notice, due to unforeseeable circumstances.
  15. 15. the itinerarydays - delhi to delhi4 day 2 8:30 am Reach Devprayag & Continue to Baghwan (90 mins drive) Hit the road after breakfast Reach The Raft Comprehensive Safety Briefing 12:00 noon Get onto the river, Raft Down lower Ganga Camp at Beas Ghat Confronting Fear: Fire Walk The participants would reach one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches on the Ganges. As the sun sets, we take the participants on a transformational experience accompanied by live percussion. They will walk over a burning pit of fire by the Ganges. Water and Fire, coupled by the collective vibrations of all the participants makes this experience and its reflective processes worth cherishing. Dinner at Camp Night at the camp Silent Hour. Reflection Time the itinerary can change, without prior notice, due to unforeseeable circumstances.
  16. 16. the itinerary days - delhi to delhi4 day 3 8:30 am Raft from Beas Ghat to Kaudiyala Hit the river after breakfast Rapid’s Crossed Daniel’s Dip & The Wall Reach Atali or Silver Sands for lunch Confronting Fear: The WALL The most challenging and negotiable rapids on the Ganges. The firewalk, on the previous night, becomes their point of reference. This is where you will see the participants come together as a team and as people rather than resources. The participants will experience and would have reflected upon working as a ONE SINGLE UNIT. This is also where the basic tenet of experiential education comes in: Listening to your self. Dinner at Camp Back to Atali or Camp Silver Sands 6:30 am Acro Yoga Percussion Workout Percussion Workout will include understanding the impor- tance of each other in building collective rhythms. Besides being an over whelming experience creating music by the bank of the Ganges, it brings the team together in more ways than one. Will be followed by a silent hour. the itinerary can change, without prior notice, due to unforeseeable circumstances.
  17. 17. the itinerarydays - delhi to delhi4 day 4 6:30 am Acro Yoga 8:30 am Altitude - High Ropes Challenge Hit the high ropes after breakfast at Atali Ganga. Lunch at Atali or Silver Sands Depart from Haridwar on the evening Shatabdi 22:40 Reach Delhi We will make you listen to various researched frequencies, tonalities and live sounds. We will create a space for the participants to consciously and sub consciously work at the various physical and emotional stresses stored in their cellular and muscular memories. the itinerary can change, without prior notice, due to unforeseeable circumstances.
  18. 18. days - delhi to delhi4 Costs STAY AT SILVER SANDS Rs. 35,999.00 / per person Cost includes Accomodation on twin sharing basis. Train Travel (AC 2 Tier) to and from Old Delhi Railway Station. Air travel optional & extra. (all inclusive) Accomodation available at ATALI GANGA at an extra cost.
  19. 19. VIKRAM BADHWAR Vikram Badhwar is an experiential educator and communications and lead- ership skills facilitator of International repute. His methodologies revolve around experiential sciences such as music and emotive visualizations, body emotive sciences, food and art related initiatives and holistic studies. A multi- faceted individual, Vikram has been studying martial arts for 18 years and does theater, voice overs and plays music. His passion is travelling, far and beyond! VAIBHAV KALA Guiding since the beginning of orga- nized and serious adventure travel in the country, he has been at the forefront of conceiving, planning and executing trips that were considered too auda- cious to run. He is responsible for open- ing up remote Himalayan valleys to adventure tourism, and has helped open up Indian river running like none before. Vaibhav has recently finished setting up new activotel resort Atali, Ganga the team
  20. 20. . LIONEL DENTAN Lionel has been playing acoustic music since an early age. He took formal lessons in guitar playing at the Lausanne Classical Conservatory, Switzerland and the Turkish saz (baglama) from Mousto Mustafa. He has since then been in India where he has been learning sitar for the last 15 years. He also plays jazz guitar and composes music on modular synthesiser. An established electronic music composer, he now runs his own studio, Da-Saz, in New Delhi. VIPIN NAIR A visual artist and a brand conversation- alist, Vipin has been communicating with various organizations both in the visual and alternative learning space for the past 12 years. A lover of music & form, Vipin also has a deep seated interest in Indian history and anthropology. An instinctive story teller, Vipin can entertain you with hours of stories from Indian history with his take on them. NAMRATA PAMNANI Namrata Pamnani is trained in Dhrupad by Gundechabandhu. She has been groomed under the traditional guru shishyaparampara where the concept of holistic education made her a master artist of Kathak and yog. She is India’s first certified Acro Yoga facilitator . As an established performing artist she has performed extensively in prestigious festivals in India as well as abroad. Her work is a true symbiosis of her expertise in voice and movements skills.
  21. 21. SYNGRITY PURE AQUATERRA intra leadership development program D-257, First Floor, Defence Colony, New Delhi 110024. INDIA Write to us or call us to book CURRENT program for your team. Our Contact Numbers Vikram Badhwar +91 9971 933 700 Vipin Nair +91 9899 826 554 Cheques payable to SYNGRITYPURE mailed to our Delhi address or transferred to our YES BANK, MALCHA MARKET, CHANAKYA PURE branch, A/c No. 000383800002084. RTGS/NEFT IFSC Code : YESB0000003