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Small World Initiative for Women’s Security and Children Orphaned (SWIWSCO) is a Tanzanian licensed National Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) . It is dedicated to improving the lives of Women, orphans, Street, Hard Circumstance and other vulnerable children, SWIWSCO is located in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Tanzania, at base of spectacular Mt. Kilimanjaro.

One half of Tanzania’s population is below the age of 18 and up to 60% of the children live in desperately poor conditions with little or no access to education, health care, food, shelter or legal rights. While many of the children are orphaned due to loss of both parents, a significant number are categorized as orphans due to the death or abandonment of one parent. The remaining parent or other caregiver, most often a woman, struggles to support the family on less than $1.00 a day.

This is the reality that SWIWSCO addresses through it's program for children and plans to support women on their journey to independence.

Please take a moment to review the remaining pages on our website. Thank you for your interest and support.

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  1. 1. SWIWSCO CHILDREN VILLAGE Registered Non-government Organization in Tanzania Reg-No: 07/NGO/1798-Tin No: 108-747-544 THANKS GIVING ANNUAL REPORT YEAR 2008/2009/2010. Our dear partners,I am taking this opportunity to thank you wholly for the achievement and success that (SWIWSCO) has achieved throughyour moral support of material, financial and technical of which we have realized some goals and aims to beundertaken in 2008/2009 and (SWIWSCO) now is four years old on 17th Nov-2010.. ACHIEVEMENT:(SWIWSCO) so far has witnessed a lot of achievement since it started on 2006 as described below.(SWIWSCO) Orphanage had started with 3 kids on 2006/2007 that used to live at Mr. Collins apartment the founder ofswiwsco project, on 2007/ 2008 the number of kids increased to 17 kids at residence and 2009/2010 the number hasincreased to 35 kids live at swiwsco residence and other 15 kids live with their relatives, parents and neighbors.All this has achieved after moving to the new and big resident which can accommodate 50 kids at once, swiwsco has abig open space for kids to play and having a fresh air, there is beautifully green garden which provide us with a lot offresh fruits as mangos, orange, lemon, sugarcane, papaya, banana, avocados and many more, also swiwsco has agarden space for different vegetables where kids can have a lot of different vegetables.The employee/staff of swiwsco has increased from 1 person to 4 person experience and professional for their job, thishas improved the quality service delivering to the children although we are luck of staff because most of them areworking 24 hrs.In 2008 swiwsco had some Volunteers from German but now swiwsco had been working with a lot of volunteers fromall over the world, formerly children used to eat unbalance diet but now children are having at least full balance dietand fruits, the new swiwsco residence has a big compound and good sanitation which minimizes the risk of gettingdiseases with qualified health personnel the minor medical service are provided by mission hospital and get paid forthe swiwsco service.The former house was small without a space for children to play and also was a shared compound with other families,currently the rented premises have 8 big rooms and the children are sleeping, playing and learning smoothly, we havebeds and mattresses clothes and books shelf in all rooms the kids are living comfortable although we are luck of chairsand tables at the living room but we believe that with god’s grace we will have them soon.Through the assistant of our dear partner’s swiwsco now at list all the basic needs pertaining learning thanks to alldonors and well wishes to all who made this changes, these fundamental achievement would not have been realized ifthere was no mutual love and understanding for these venerable children that the task of rescuing these boys and girlsfrom their dangerous environments’ lays on our hands, we call upon you to come together in full force to enable us toserve vulnerable boys and girls better.Special thanks for their support in year 2008/2009 and year 2009/2010 will go to the following donors.
  2. 2. . FOREIGN DONORS:A) CHILDREN GROWINH (CG) www.childrengrowing.org (GENERAL NEEDS)B) MRS: SUE GOLDING (MAMA SUE) USA (GENERAL NEEDS)C) MR: ANDREAS BOELTZ GERMAN (HERO MAN) (GENERAL NEEDS)D) MISS: SOPHIE DUNZ GERMAN (HOUSE HOLD AND RENT)E) MR&MRS: WILLEM ROELAND NETHALAND/UK (GENERAL NEEDS & FUNITURES)F) MRS: ERIKA BLOOM USA www.SerengetiPrideSafaris.com (GENERAL NEEDS)G) MISS CHELSEA PICKENS (EDUCATION)H) BETTERPLACE www.betterplace.org (advertizing)I) MAMA SUE’S FAMILY (EDUCATION)J) MISS EMILY SMITH (VOLUNTEER) FOODK) I-TO-I (VOLUNTEES)L) THE TUMAINI PROJECT www.thetumainiproject.org (BASIC NEEDS & EDUCATION). LOCAL DONORS:A) ART IN TANZANIA www.artintanzania.org (VOLUNTEERS ASISSTANT)B) MR: IMMANUEL, A MOUNTAIN GUIDE KILIMANJARO (MEDICAL)C) KESSY BROTHERS TOURS & SAFARIS www.kessybrotherstours.com MOSHI (EDUCATION). CHALLENGES:Providing food to the kids at swiwsco residential house is the most important aspects in human survival, the majorityof swiwsco children come from very poor families which failed to provide balanced diet and sometimes even a singlemeal a day, orphan and abandoned children, however this have expose them to street life or running away from theirfamilies without any care as its impact the children are highly affected by malnutrition, teeth, skins, malaria, typhoid,HIV and other sickness, well balance diet food is needed daily to improve their health and lives as others.Despite the significant development there still renting premises for accommodating children which is subjected to bepaid annually, until we reach to the level of owning our own premises, therefore payment is needed for entire year of2010/2011.The centre up to now has not been able to get donors, who could assist in paying permanent needs for swiwsco such aseducation, food and administration, Continuations from 2009/2010 achievement and the goals, organization hasdecided to focus on expand our service to the children by starting a door to door program and trying to establishedsome different income project to make swiwsco become self sufficient.Money for general needs especial food and rent has been critical to swiwsco because of being dependant for 100%from donors, which sometimes donor are not in good shape of donating because of economic, however we sometimesfeel so embarrassing on insist writing to the donors and say the same word money.We highly need your extra effort on assisting swiwsco to establish some different project which will real make swiwscobecame self sufficient organization in the nearly future.. SWIWSCO’S GOALS:
  3. 3. 1. Starting different project to become self sufficient as. a) Starting small industries scale projects 0 % successfully b) Printing and Sewing staffs 10 % successfully c) Garden project 90 % successfully d) Chicken project 80 % successfully e) Starting small business of food crops 0 % successfully 2. Farm land for building our premises and food crops. 3. Buying the Van for swiwsco children, this will help us with transportation and we will deliver our service smoothly and on time everywhere. 4. Continues with door to door program, this program will help swiwsco build the relationship between children and family or community, also this program will help swiwsco to increased and expand our service to the targeted group, also will help swiwsco to decreased the number of the children at the premises by connecting and rebuilding relationship to children and family and get support of their basic needs especial education and material from their home place, mostly of the children they have parents and relatives who at least they can provide children with accommodation and failed education and food, however swiwsco’s board has to decide who to take over and who to remain after convinced with the family situation. We have realized that if we still keep children at the residence we will never be able to serve more children who are in need of education without accommodation, food and education without accommodation or children who are luck of everything, this program will continue soon after stopping for a luck of financial and staff we have successfully reconnect 15 children with their relatives and now they live with their relative and swiwsco is providing their basic needs. 5. Employee 2 more staff with position of project co-coordinator and gardener to make our work working properly. 6. Seeking engagement with different partners, government, authority, friends and organization.Many thinks to all partners and donors who have been cooperate with swiwsco to make all happened, swiwscomanagement and staff for their time, hands work, financial and technical without forgotten the swiwsco kids who havebehave well and respective during all those 4 years.THANK YOU ALL.We therefore welcome again your support and cooperation as an individual, group or organization to shake us hand andsupport our goals success in year 2010/2011.Any donation can make changes and big impact to the children future because we believe that there is no number 10without one, the small you donate the bigger you change.Thanks in advance for your cooperationSWIWSCO MANAGEMENT. SWIWSCO NGO-P.O Box 6850 MOSHI-KILIMANJARO-TANZANIA Tel: +255 (0) 754-537-513/766-621-789-Email:-swiwsco@yahoo.com or info@swiwscoproject.org Web: www.swiwsco.org www.swiwscoproject.org CHILDREN FUTURE IT IS OUR CONCERN