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credentials presentation for Digital Dynamo

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Digital Dynamo Creds (2)

  1. 1. digital dynamo generating online conversions
  2. 2. In a nutshell… We help you to maximise returns from your website
  3. 3. How will you benefit? • Discover why people convert and why they don’t – Reasons to buy – Obstacles to conversion – Different audiences – Commercial realities • Identify potential changes to marketing, design, structure, wording and offer/pricing • Test the returns from new approaches
  4. 4. Some of the questions we answer for you How can I maximise ad revenues? How do I get more people to my website? Why don’t people buy on my site? How do I get people to spend more? Am I giving my visitors what they want? What are people on my site really thinking? Why do people leave without buying? Why have they come to my website?
  5. 5. How do we do it? • Understanding your business – Objectives, drivers, resources, constraints • Understanding your target audience – Surveys and focus groups – Web site analytics – Ethnographics and user experience tests – Benchmarking against best practice and the competition
  6. 6. Business centred websites Understanding the business Sales data Market data KPIs Brand book Skills and resources Understanding the marketplace Landscape analysis Benchmarking Market research Media research Customer data Surveys and focus groups Web analytics User interviews Understanding the customer Building an online business delivering maximum profits What will our customers respond to? How should we differentiate ourselves Where is the market going What can we deliver as a business
  7. 7. One simple principle Retail is detail …so show people why they want to buy and then make it simple to do so
  8. 8. And it really does work • Online insurance sales • Multiple projects over a year • Detailed work on the total user journey and the offer • Conversion tripled (2.4% to 7.6%) • Online dating • Single project • Focus on sign up - converting browsers into members • Conversion up 35%
  9. 9. Who are we? • Digital Dynamo – Started December 2008 – Offices in central London • Jeremy Swinfen Green MBA CMC – 15 years online marketing experience with agencies/media owners – Founder of i-Level’s Generator Consulting • Mike Colling – 25 years direct marketing expertise • A “virtual” network of digital marketing consultants – Search marketing, SEO and affiliates; data and email; creative and site development – Flexible approach and low overheads means keen pricing
  10. 10. Why use the digital dynamo? • Techniques that really work • Independent of creative and media • Practical advice and help with implementation • Focus on commercial realities not just on the user
  11. 11. Thank you Jeremy Swinfen Green 07855 341 589 020 7307 6100