The Scarlet Letter Final Project
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The Scarlet Letter Final Project






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    The Scarlet Letter Final Project The Scarlet Letter Final Project Presentation Transcript

    • This isJeopardy!
    • Character & Morals & PsychologicalSymbolism Setting Puritan Ideals Ideas 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500
    • Make YourFinal Jeopardy Wagers The Category is…Hawthorne’s Use of Romanticism
    • As noticed by Pearl, this aspect of nature does strange things when it is around Hester. Fifteen Seconds(sunlight)? WhatTime Is on the Clock is light Up!
    • Symbolism: 100 Time is Up!In the eyes of the town, the A is a symbol of this What is adultery?
    • Symbolism: 200Time is Up! The forest is a symbol of this What evil?
    • Symbolism: 300Time is Up!This place represents heavenly judgment What is the scaffold?
    • Symbolism: 400Time is Up! Pearls name represents thisWhat the sand in Hester’s soul turned beautiful?
    • Symbolism: 500Time is Up!The actions of Hester & Dimmesdale at the end of the novel represent this What is repentance?
    • Characters & Setting: 100Time is Up!This character suffers for unrelenting inner torment Who is Dimmesdale?
    • Characters & Setting: 200Time is Up!This setting represents the unknown as well as an evil pact What is the forest?
    • Characters & Setting: 300Time is Up!This character is the essence of freedom Who is Pearl?
    • Characters & Setting: 400Time is Up!This character’s life is corrupted beyond return Who is Chillingworth?
    • Characters & Setting: 500Time is Up!This setting is the scene of greatest shame, as well as that of greatest repentance What is the scaffolding?
    • Morals & Puritan Ideals: 100Time is Up!The breaking of this law is why Hester is shunned. What is adultery?
    • Morals & Puritan Ideals: 200Time is Up! This is what corruptedChillingworth. What is revenge?
    • Morals & Puritan Ideals: 300Time is Up!Dimmesdale was worried about this when he would not tell about his relationship with Hester. What is his reputation/job?
    • Morals & Puritan Ideals: 400Time is Up! This type of law Shunned Hester. What is natural law?
    • Morals & Puritan Ideals: 500Time is Up!This moral caused Dimmesdale to be depressed when he would not tell anyone about his relationship with Hester. What is guilt?
    • Psychological Ideas: 100Time is Up! Describe Hesters connection to the scarlet letter and why she refuses to stop wearing it.Hester chooses to continue to wear the letter because she isdetermined to transform its meaning through her actions and her own self-perception. Society tries to reclaim the letter’s symbolism by deciding that the “A” stands for “Able,” but Hester resists this interpretation. The letter symbolizes herown past deed and her own past decisions, and she is the one who will determine the meaning of those events.
    • Psychological Ideas: 200 Time is Up!Describe the difference between the puritan use of symbols and Hawthornes use of symbol.Hawthornes symbols tend to be romantically oriented focusing on individual events that change the change the characters, as opposed to the puritans. For them the symbols always further personal beliefs and the religion
    • Psychological Ideas: 300 Time is Up! Why is Chillingworths revenge against Dimmesdale so drawn out?Chillingworth wants to inflict as much physical and mental and anguish to Dimmesdale as possible for turning Hester into the victim she is today.
    • Psychological Ideas: 400Time is Up!Why does the townspeoples interpretation of the letter change, and what is the new one?It changes to reflect how has Hester has changed her actions from adulterous to charitable. The interpretation is from Adulterer to Able
    • Psychological Ideas: 500Time is Up!In a way, Pearl is a part of Hester that has been takenaway from her. Describe two of Hester’s old personality features that were shown through Pearl.Pearl represents innocence, freedom, and radicalism. Hester used to be innocent before she had Pearl, Hester used to becare-free before she had Pearl, and Hester used to be a radical risk-taker before she had Pearl.