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The Scarlet Letter


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di Tina Iacca - Istituto Orazio Flacco di Castellaneta

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The Scarlet Letter

  1. 1. This novel is a romantic workwritten in 1850The high point of his carrer and hismagnus opusIt Is set in a Puritan BostonThe main elements of the puritandoctrine are:• The strict conformity toreligious rules;
  2. 2. Born inSalem, Massachusetts, in 1804;Came from a Puritanfamily which hadplayed a prominentpart in New England’shistory;Had a calmchildhood, a littleisolated but far fromunhappy, especially
  3. 3. His stories are influenced byhis family;His works belong to darkromanticism;Many of his works are inspiredby Puritan New England;He uses depictions of thepast to express common themesof Sin, Guilt and retribution;
  4. 4. A
  5. 5.  She’s the protagonist of the novel; She’s the mother of Pearl She must wear the scarlet letter ‘A’ on herbody as a punishment for the adulterous affairwith Arthur Dimmesdale; She is married to Roger Chillingworth; She cannot understand how her punishmentscould be so harsh; The governor orders to take away his daughter butshe says that she had only followed his heart; She decides that her marriage was not to besanctified, in the first place, for her husband hasthe seething rage of the devil himself; She’s paired with Dimmesdale upon the scaffold.
  6. 6. Minister in Boston;He must suffer theignominy since no oneknows of hisculpability whenHester is publiclyshamed for theadultery;Hester’s husbandChillingworth seeks todestroy Dimmesdale;He admits to be
  7. 7. Is Hester’s husband;He arrives in Boston when Hester ispublicly shamed for the adultery;He vows revenge on Dimmesdale, becauseheknows that he has committed adulterywith hiswife;The revenge is frustrated at the end ofthe novel, when Dimmesdale reveals that
  8. 8. She is Hester’s daughterShe is the living version ofthe Scarlet Letter;She causes her mother andDimmesdale torment;She has the ability to statethe truth and, at the sametime, deny it when it isnecessary;She’s extremely beautiful butlacking
  9. 9. Sin: The story of Hester Prynne andDimmesdale recalls the story of Adamand Eve. In both cases, sin results inexpulsion and suffering.The Nature of Evil: The true Evilarises from the close relationshipbetween hate and love. Evil is found inthe revenge of Chillingworth or inDimmesdale when he doesn’tacknowledge publicly his daughter.
  10. 10. The author was masterful in theuse of symbolisme;The letter ‘A’ is his most potentsymbol;For one interpretive pole the ‘A’stands for adultery, and sin and thenovel is the story of individualpunishment and reconciliation;For another pole it stands for
  11. 11. The structure is tight, with all ofthe events interrelated andskilfully integrated into logicalsequence;The style is precise, formal anddescriptive;The author combining historicalcharacters with fictional
  12. 12. Manzoni writes about theplague-spreaders who weretried because peoplethought they broughtplague;Hawthorne tells aboutHester, who stood trial foradultery.In both novels readers canfind some considerationsabout Evil.For Manzoni Evil can be wonwith God’s help.