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  • 1. 1. What is Inspection ? a. External Audit b. Informal Review 2. Which of the following does not comes under Test Implementation and Tool Support? Ans:- Data Generation 3. Some tools are geared more for developer use. For the 5 tools listed, which statement BEST details those for developers i) Performance testing tools. ii) Coverage measurement tools. iii) Test comparators. iv) Dynamic analysis tools. v) Incident management tools. A. i, iii. and iv. are more for developers. B. ii. and iv. are more for developers. C. ii, iii. and iv. are more for developers. D. ii. and iii. are more for developers. 4. Where do we perform Regression Testing? Ans:- At all test levels. 5. With which of the following categories is a test comparator tool USUALLY associated? A. Tool support for performance and monitoring. B. Tool support for static testing. C. Tool support for test execution and logging. D. Tool support for the management of testing and tests. Note:- Please go through the following tools – Test Comparators – Test Harness(Stub, Driver) – Managers Tool 6. A scenario is given saying that exit criteria needs 80% of statement coverage for a project, where as manager sets 80% of decision coverage as exit criteria. Will they achieve it? Ans:- Yes( 100% Decision Coverage = 100% Statement Coverage) 7. Question on probe effect (If Code changes) 8. In the given options you have to select which option will be given least importance in exit criteria? 9. Study product risk and project risk (You have to select which options will come under project and product risks) 10. Question related to proof of correctness? 11. What is test driven development ( Definition)? 12. Difference between Regression and Experience based testing? 13. Definitions of Test Condition – Test Cases and Test Procedure and their sequence(that we follow in testing) ? Which of the following defines the sequence in which tests should be executed?
  • 2. A. Test plan. B. Test procedure specification. C. Test case specification. D. Test design specification. 14. A question related to persons age falls between 30 -39, we have to identify the ecp and bva? Ans:- 25, 35, 40 15. x<100 -100<x<100 100<=x<1000 x>=1000 Ans:- -500, 0, 100, 1000 16. Program on shoe size is given, you have to identify the statement coverage. 17&18 questions are scenario based where a software performance is explained and the reason has to be identified and why the Software did not work accordingly and