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AUG-06 istqb paper

  1. 1. • ATM Operations made like a)Enter valid pin number b.) the ATM accepted the pin c.) User askd to enter the pin. d) the ATM dispatches the amount: The above interaction between the user and system comes under? a) State transition diagram b) decision table c) BVA d) ECP 2. 4 equivalences classes are given for integer value 0<x<100 100<=x<=200 200<x<500 x>=500 Which of the following options represent correct set of data for valid equivalence class partitions? Select one: a. 50, 100, 200, 1000 b. 0, 1, 99, 100, 200, 201, 499, 500 c. 50, 100, 250, 1000 d. 0, 50, 100, 150, 200, 350, 500 3. Which of the following is a valid collection of equivalence classes for the following problem," An integer numeric field shall contain values from 1 to 80 both values inclusive" Select one: a. Less than 1, 1 to 79, more than 80 b. Less than 0, 1 to 80, more than 80 c. Less than 1, 1 to 79,80 and more than 80 d. Less than 1, 1 to 80, more than 80 4. While reporting a defect, which of the following indicates the level of impact on the system assigned to the defect? Select one: a. Urgency b. Severity c. Priority d. Difficulty 5.Which one of the following is a Product risk a) Poor software Quality b) 3rd party Supplier issues c) organizational issues d) one of the employer was resigned. 6.What is component Testing? a) White box testing b) test level c) black box d) Functional. • If (Condition 1) do statement 1 Else
  2. 2. do Statement 2 End if IF (condition 2) do Statement 3 End IF 7.How many test cases are needed to achieve 100% Statement coverage (Both the conditions are independent) a) 3 Test cases b) 2 Test cases • 4 Test cases • None 8.How many possible ways can be there for 2input fields with numbers 1,2,3,4. a) 4 b) 8 c) 16 d) 10 9.The techniques which comes under black box testing a) BVA, EVP, State transition b) BVA, Statement coverage c) EVP,BVA, Conditions coverage d) Static analysis tools 10.Give the valid inputs for a given Name field. The Field should have inputs of Mr. , Mrs. , Ms: Which comes under valid ECP? a) Any one of the above mentioned ,No input, any other input b) Any one, Mr. MRS. Ms, c) Mr. Miss. Mrs., No input, any other input d) no input, other than Mr. Mrs. Ms • Pesticide paradox: Definition • Which of the outcomes leads to failure a) Insufficient programming b) mistakes done by developers leads to failure c) mistake/ Error found in S/W while testing leads to defect and hence leads to failure. d) Error in software some times leads to failure. • From the following defect reporting: “When ever I open an application the systems crashes” What is the most priority items missing while defect reporting. a) user Name, Company ID b) Severity , Priority c) Version, Tested on. d) Expected result, impact on the user. • What Use case testing finds: a) performance. b) structural behavior c) Regression d) Functional. • Difference between Severity & Priority
  3. 3. a) Severity Impact on the system & Priority Impact on business point. b) Developers do priority & Severity is done by testers. c) Priority is same as severity but different names d) None. • User Acceptance testing and System integration Testing a) User acceptance compliance with requirements, Testing of interaction of different systems. • What is meant by System Integration Testing? a) Interaction between the systems connected in a network. • Why is called testing as a destructive activity • Which of the documents should testing require? a) Liabilities, contract agreement, not the company standards b) Should see all the documents mentioned above c) should only see the company standards not the user liabilities and contract agreement d) None. • Formal Review is led by a) Led by moderator d) author c) Manager d) Interviewer • Characteristics of Inspection 1) Led by moderator 2) Uses check list 3) Applicable when there are no documents 4) Formal review Process a) 1,2,3 b) 1,2,4 c) 2,4 d) 3,4 • What does configuration management tool does a) Interfaces between the test management tools and requirement tools • Static Analysis tools cant do a) Memory leaks b) Divide by 0 c) Undefined values while executing the code d) none • Static analysis tool Related a) Coding standards b) Comparing the actual & Expected results in offline • Which of the following statement is true? a) For Good testing we have to choose V-model b) Life cycle Model c) Iterative Incremental model d) Water fall model should be used for every Project. • Probe Effect? • Use Case testing Deals with? a) Non-functional attributes like Performance. b) Functional and non-functional
  4. 4. c) Functional but not Non-functional d) None • Impact Analysis: Manager decided to do testing only to the module that code has changed a) Do regression in order to find no other errors has been introduced with the changes in the code. • Confirmation & regression Testing a) Only in System Level b) Both System & Acceptance c) At every level d) Only at system & acceptance. • If the HTML web page is given for the test: Which of the following is the major priority initially? a) To test the URL and check for Gui b) To test the functionality c) To check the non-functional and functional attributes d) Field level check.