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Presentation provided to a community group in 2012.

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  • Library TrekMeandering along the book trail of lifelong learning hand in hand with the libraryThank you offering this opportunity for Glenelg Libraries to present to your group.Today I would like to talk to you about: how we might delve deeper into the book how to set up your own Personal Learning Networkfind out about some tools that will help usfind a way towards an enjoyable lifelong learning experience with the Library.
  • Recognisance Who listens to the radio?Who likes to listen to audio-books?Who has internet access at home? Is it good?Who is a library member?Who has an iPhone? iPod? Android device? Kindle? An eReader? Who thinks I am talking a foreign language?Who has a hobby they love?Who writes a blog?
  • Delving into the bookA successful book for me is one that I read with interest, learn new concepts, then go on to investigate more on the central themes of the book. So I search online for the author to see if they have a website. I read their biographical details either on their website or on Wikipedia. I look at the other books they have written. I read on the see if they have a blog or if they are on twitter. I follow the links provided on their website for further investigation.For example: The Buddha, Geoff and Me by Edward Canfor-Dumas prompted me to locate this website and his bio and other links. The book had made me curious about the chant mentioned but not described. I found the notes about the chant nam-myoho-renge-kyo, and then wondered what it sounded like. So I searched online for the audio of the chant and found this one on Youtube and this one by Tina Turner.So then to the further reading: Edward Canfor-Dumas is the ghost writer for The Buddha in Daily Life by Richard Causton. I could not find a copy of this book available through public libraries so I bought a copy online. Returning to the important but under-valued library catalogue I did a cross-referenced search by subject entries from the original book The Buddha, Geoff and Me. This led me to Everyday Zen by Charlotte Joko Beck that I am reading now. Her discussion of zazen has intrigued me and provided me with new avenues for investigation.
  • Another way to delve deeper into the books we love is to search for other formats such as:MoviesTalking booksMusic soundtracksSequelsSpin-offsBlogs
  • BackpackSome useful tools to have in your backpack are:ipodinternet accessitunespodcasts ebooksEreaders library catalogue Library AnywhereA word about Kindles. They are a closed proprietary device for use with Amazon only. At this point in time Libraries cannot buy into this arrangement.
  • iTunes websiteIf you have an iPod or similar you will need to visit this website now and then.
  • iTunes on your pcIf you have an Apple product such as an iPod, iPad or iPhone you will need to download iTunes onto your own pc at home.This is the operating system that helps you organise your media for your device.
  • Listen to PodcastsWith your personal device you can now download podcasts from around the world.My favouriteie Margaret Throsby’s Midday Interview on ABC Classic FM.But I listen to a range of podcasts.
  • Watch PodcastsYou can watch podcasts too (vodcasts). I love TED talks. You can watch these online or download to your iPod.First Tuesday Book Club from ABC TV is available online to watch later or to download
  • Trail mixThere is some great stuff onlineSocial media websites:FacebookTwitterPinterestWordpressFlickrLibraryThingGoogleYoutube
  • Glenelg Libraries is on Facebook. You can “like” our page."Facebook is where you hang out with the people you went to high school with; while Twitter is where you hang out with the people you wish you went to high school with".
  • Follow @GlenelgLib on TwitterYou can also download apps of these media sites to your iPod or iPhone or android device.
  • Pinterest is the fastest growing social media website since Facebook. It is basically an online pinboard that enables you to create your own boards, see what interests others, and follow boards you like. It is great for inspiration.But be warned you can lose whole weeks of your life on this website.
  • LibraryThing is a great social media website that focuses on books and reading. You can make your own bookshelf, write reviews and see what others are reading and reviewing.Glenelg Libraries uses LibraryThing tags in our catalogue records so explore these.We also subscribe to the Library Anywhere app that allows you to access our catalogue from anywhere with internet access via your personal device.
  • Goodreads operates like LibraryThing in many ways, so choose which one you prefer.
  • Base campLibrary branch,website and catalogueWe offer a great number of resources here so please take the time to explore our website. The Information databases on offer are free for library members. The Library catalogue can be accessed here and this allows you to search, browse, renew, reserve, etc.As library members you can suggest things for us to order. Usually if it is current we will buy it. Otherwise we can get a copy through Libraries Australia.
  • Tricks of the trailThere are several new collections offered by Glenelg Libraries that go beyond the book and some of these are:Bolinda Digital audio ebooksEBL ebook libraryLibrary Press DisplayEBSCO host ANZ Reference Centre
  • Bolinda audio eBooksBorrow and download to your pc, extract files from zipped folder, then transfer to your device. Note audio files are large and do take time to download.Note that we are not replacing audiobooks on CD but adding another format for you to choose from.
  • EBL eBook LibraryGlenelg Libraries offers a small range of ebooks that can be “borrowed” and downloaded onto a pc or device.We will add to this collection gradually.
  • AncestryAncestry is a fantastic resource for family history research.Ancestry is available online but requires payment. Library members get this access for free via the Library Information Databases webpage.
  • Library Press DisplayThis is a great database that we offer online. It has the latest copy of newspapers from around the world.It is a great resource if you want to learn a new language or just read the latest news from around the world.
  • EBSCO’s ANZ Reference CentreYou can find the latest full text articles from publications such as: Aboriginal Art of Australia; ABC Rural News; PC Magazine; Popular Science; The Weekly Times; Habitat Australia; Harpers’ Bazaar; Health Facts; Backpacker; Beer & Brewer; Belle; Earth Garden; Ecos; The Economist; Education; and many many more. For information that is creditable it is invaluable for research tasks.
  • SignpostsOne of the very best ways to start and to build a base for creating your own Personal Learning Network is using Google Reader.If you have a Gmail account then you will already have a Google Reader account.
  • Google ReaderGoogle Reader is where you subscribe to blogs that you like to read. It works like email and new items are automatically sent to your reader.This tool is the best way to operate your own personal learning network.Google also offers a search option where you can search for and find blogs by topic. So if you are interested in gardening and want to read and subscribe to gardening blogs then this is a great place to begin.
  • Chocolate & ZucchiniIf you discover a blog you love to read, subscribe to it in your Google Reader, read more about the person who writes the blog, and follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter. And even chat with them directly via any of these means.There are many books that began as blogs:Chocolate & zucchiniPetite AnglaiseJulie and Juliaetc
  • I blog therefore I amCreating and writing your own blog is a great way to explore your creative writing passion. In my opinion a blog needs to have some kind of focus. It is great for chronicling a project such as building a house or travelling of having a photography project.The ideas are endless.
  • WordpressYou might like to make your own blog to write about your own special projects or thoughts. Wordpress is a fantastic tool for that and a great place to start exploring. It is easy to operate and free!
  • Out of rangeUnplugged version – of course you can follow this same trail without the devices. And Library staff are there to help.Read a bookUse the catalogue to search for other titles by same author.Other titles in same subject field.Use the Librarything tags in the record on the screen
  • SorcerThis is an extension of our Library Catalogue that operates a little like a social media site.You can use Sorcer to see recommendations and to write reviews – log in with Library IDThen explore what other library materials there are on your topic – audio-books; movies; magazines.
  • Recounting Be a library memberUse the library catalogue creativelyJoin Google Reader and start subscribingGet an iPod (or android device)Listen to audio-books and podcastsAsk Library Staff if you get stuckEnjoy the journey
  • Thank you for your attentionAre there any questions?
  • Library trek

    1. 1. Meandering along the book trail of lifelong learning hand in hand with the library
    2. 2. Recognisance
    3. 3. Delving into the book
    4. 4.
    5. 5. Backpack
    6. 6. iTunes website
    7. 7. iTunes on your pc
    8. 8. Listen to Podcasts
    9. 9. Watch Vodcasts
    10. 10. Trail mix
    11. 11. Glenelg Libraries is on Facebook
    12. 12. Follow @GlenelgLib on Twitter
    13. 13. Base camp
    14. 14. Tricks of the trail
    15. 15. Bolinda audio eBooks
    16. 16. EBL eBook Library
    17. 17. Ancestry
    18. 18. Library Press Display
    19. 19. EBSCO’s ANZ Reference Centre
    20. 20. Signposts
    21. 21. Google Reader Subscribe to blogs (RSS)
    22. 22. @clotildenet
    23. 23. Out of range
    24. 24. Recounting Be a library member Use the library catalogue creatively Join Google Reader and start subscribing Get an iPod (or android device) Listen to audio-books and podcasts Ask Library Staff if you get stuck Enjoy the journey
    25. 25. Thank you – any questions?