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3 Our Strength

  1. 1. FABRIC Strength: KNITS 100% cotton mercerized & Organic cotton knit jersey, interlocks and other variations like Rib, Pointel Rib, Pointel Jersey, Glitter Yarn, Waffle, Mini Waffle, Plated Jersey, Single Jersey with Burn out, S/Z Yarns. Fleece & Terry Fleece with washed effects, Polar Fleece, CVC Fleece, Velour, Stripe Velour, Drop Needle in Velour & Terry, Wadding & Quilt. We also do drop needle, derby, flat back, verigated, ottaman, pointel ribs. Single Jersey, Rib, French Terry, Pique, and various other styles with all yarn counts. All yarn counts with 20 den, 30 den, 40 den, 70 den spandex. Tencel, Modal yarns with soft feel and finish. Cotton/ lycra blends, Polyester /viscose / lycra blends All blends of viscose & Bamboo. We can also have a mix of Lurex and spandex. Fabric with Synthetic Fibers Nylon Tactel with Spandex, Poly Slinky, Nylon Slinky, Various Mesh Fabric, etc. Rayon (Modal), Rayon/Cotton Rayon/Poly (52/48, 65/35) Structures like honeycomb, popcorn and all types of self textured and jacquard design are possible. Imported Ring Spun yarn of various yarn counts. Importing specialty fabrics from overseas Sweater Knits: 1.5 gg to 12 gg pullovers, Linear to fancy yarn, Simple pullover to Complicated cardigan WOVENS Auto Loom, Power Loom, Cotton Poplins, Canvas, Rayon creep, Printed with or without stretch (LYCRA), Voile, Denims, mulls and other cotton / polyester /viscose fabrics with soft hand feel and finishes. 100% Cotton – Yarn dyed fabric in PLAIN WEAVE, DRILL, OXFORD, JACQ DOBBY, PLAIN DOBBY, SEER SUCKER, HIGH TWIST CRINKLED with LUREX. 100% Cotton – 40s POPLIN in different constructions, 20s & 30s sheeting, 60s Cambric & 80s Voile in – DYED & PRINTED. 100% cotton – Drill cloth, oxford, duck, and canvas, and corduroy, velvet cloth in different counts & constructions in Dyed & Printed. YARN COUNTS USED to produce the above FABRICS – 2/40s, 2/60s, 2/80s, 2/100s, 7s, 10s, 12s, 14s, 16s, 20s, 30s, 40s, 60s, 80s, 100s & 120s. 100% Polyester – Satin, Georgette, Chiffon, velvet in dyed & printed in different weights. Poly/Cotton – yarn dyed checks & stripes, dyed & printed in any constructions. Poly/viscose – yarn dyed checks & stripes, dyed & printed in any constructions. 100% Rayon – plain & drill weave – dyed & printed. We also produce Lycra mixed fabrics in 100% cotton only. DYEING & WASHING:
  2. 2. We produce garments for Men’s wears, Women’s wears, Kids wears, under wears, Sports wears and Home textile products. which are made of Piece dyeing, Yarn dyeing, Mercerization, garment with stain repellent or water absorbency, Anti pilling finish, Piece dyed & garment washing, Garment dyeing – Pigment & Reactive, Crush wash, Acid wash, Silicone wash, Enzyme wash, Bio-Enzyme Wash, Anti- Microbial finishing, Mud wash, Stone wash, Ball wash, Bleach out and all new techniques in washing. PRINTING & Embroidery: We are working with all types of print like Plastic, Non PVC, Water Based Process Print, Pigment, Wet & Dry discharge, Reactive print, Glitter, foil, Multi colour foil, Photo Print, Metallic, Rubber, Batik print, Flock print, Crackle Flock print, Burnout print, Emboss print, All over reactive, Silicone print, sugar print, Glitter Print, Foam Print , High density, motif, puff, gel, transfer etc., also all types of embroidery like chenille, pile-cut, appliqué with taffeta, gabardine, felt, self fabric, etc.,