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Study case for the IT consulting industry in Romania for a business planning program across all leadership levels - population of 60 people, including recurring annual planning conferences facilitated by our senior consultant

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#business planning, #OGSM, #planning conference, #team performance, #talent development, #across leadership levels, #training, #coaching, #business focused, #results driven, #company mission vision values, #competency model

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RINF IT_study case

  1. 1. R I N F Industry: IT Consulting Outsourcing Solutions Industry: IT Consulting Timeline: 2012-2014 Number of participants: 60 Summary: Design & implementation of a recurring Annual Planning Conference starting with the board level and cascading to the worker population levels. The program’s aim is to facilitate the strategic planning process - short and mid-term - for the board members (oct-nov FY) and cascade it to operational planning for each business unit (jan-mar next FY) Annual Planning Conference
  2. 2. Approach Aura Serea | HR Perspectives used the 10 years of knowledge and experience in management and facilita- tion to design and create the content of the program and of each conference. We delivered the conferences during a 2-3 months time span, including mixed popula- tion (departments and seniority) to enhance know- how transfer and encourage professional development opportunities. Aura Serea | HR Perspectives insured a tight organiza- tion of administration, logistics and communication process to allow: • High quality of service to all participants • High speed of live feedback delivery • A 20h/ day presence at client’s disposal during the conferences • A highly individualized approach but still allowing timely delivery for the entire program • Communication during the entire program was han- dled from a change management perspective • Our senior consultants guaranteed a high level of service in terms of delivery and feedback process 5 Mission • To design and facilitate a 5 days planning conference for the board members of the company using the OGSM strategic planning model • To design a cascading program of facilitated confer- ences for each department’s working level population (ranging from 8 to 30 people per conference) with adapted tools for each department (finance and op- erations, marketing, BPO, sourcing, sales and account management) • To facilitate the entire program of conferences and coach particular groups on the planning model, the implementation and the desired outcomes • To design administrative, logistics and communication process handled by Aura Serea | HR Perspectives’s team • To design and implement follow-up activities from coaching to tailored leadership programs • To coach the board members on the expected out- comes correlated with the current reality of the mar- ket, industry and company • To train the management population on how to han- dle operation wise the planning process back to their teams and cascade the set business objectives Target group • board members (8-10 people) • working level population (52 people)
  3. 3. Result • Roll-out of the entire program starting with a pre-meeting preparation kit which involved business analysis from all the participants at the conference and finishing with a 2 weeks follow-up program of coaching sessions with the board members and their teams (end FY 2012, 2013) • 5 days Planning Conferences for the Board level (end FY 2012, 2013) and 3 days Planning Conferences for each department of the company with the working level population (beginning FY 2014) • Included Mission,Vision,Values session to refresh the company’s identity within the board team • Designed a tailored competency model based on the new company’s values for 3 seniority levels: board, manage- ment and staff that became the backbone for every people management system in the company: recruiting, pro- motion, development, evaluation and rewards. • Additional consultancy services at the level of coaching, training of HR, coaching of managers in use of people management tools and business planning 6 Popular tags in the program #business planning, #OGSM, #planning conference, #team performance, #talent development, #across leadership levels, #training, #coaching, #business focused, #results driven, #company mission vision values, #competency model
  4. 4. C O N TA C T Aura SEREA managing partner 004 0740 01 75 15 hrconsultant@auraserea.ro http://auraserea.com