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Internal Presentation for UX Department at Razorfish, NY. 5/16/13

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  • Indigenous Tweets founded by Kevin Patrick Scannell, Professor,Department of Mathematics and Computer Science,Saint Louis University. Follows people tweeting in endangered languages, sometimes as few as oneExplained neither Google nor Facebook allowing new languages, translations of their platforms to be added. He’s leading crowd-sourced, unofficial translations of these endangered languages, which can be implemented via Greasemonkey scripts. Similarly, Kara Andrade works to develop localized content management systems, which allow Guatemalans to create and disseminate content in their own language. 
  • New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan and Eric Price, an MIT grad student hosted a discussion on "Version-Controlling the News."
  • The Wall Street Journal’s Kevin Helliker, James Grimaldi 
  • Not like this
  • Building New Experiences with Google Glass– Timothy Jordan, Sr Developer Advocate, Google
  • Timothy Jordan's presentation, Building New Experiences with Google Glass
  • One presentation spent half an hour talking through the design phases (Discovery, Definition, Design, Development)
  • Scent of Information, Information Clustering, Home Page Is Not Important, Removing Paths Not Taken, Progressive Display, Tyranny of Consistency, Know Your Audience
  • SXSW Redux

    1. 1. SXSW Redux@stribs
    2. 2. First, someSX Strategery
    3. 3. Success at SXSW meant …• Navigating overwhelmingchoice• Relying on rigorous research• Aiming for early arrivals• Absconding from sessionswhich weren’t as advertised• Remembering that famousdoes not equal fascinating
    4. 4. Some favorite sessions
    5. 5. Indigenous Tweets
    6. 6. Content Versioning & Transparency
    7. 7. Mining Data for Stories
    8. 8. Designing for Google Glass
    9. 9. CardsBundlesTimeline
    10. 10. CharacteristicsTimeline Cards:Each item is a "timeline card" – photo, text, rich HTML, etcThey can be bundled with paginationOr multiple cards bundled together with one bundle IDCard Options:System options: Reply, Read Aloud, ShareCustom options: LoveShare Entities:Added to share menu for anything created on GlassSubscriptions:Get notified by JSON pings if a user hits card option or shares
    11. 11. Guidelines1. Design for GlassYou wouldnt want to read full article on Glass2. Dont Get in the WayDont use modal dialogues, decay gracefully3. Keep It TimelyKeep data fresh data, yesBut also stay linear - avoid complex hierarchies4. Avoid the UnexpectedBe transparent - Dont send unexpectedmessaging, which users didn’t sign up for
    12. 12. Responsive Design
    13. 13. My Presentation
    14. 14. Everything IsImportantNOT
    15. 15. Also …Stephen WolframNick CaveThe OatmealGrumpy CatElon MuskAl GoreBBQ, Brisket & Beerand much, much more
    16. 16. Thanks