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Interlocking Stone Pavers - Stone - Flagstone - Concrete - Construction - Stone Works Canada Free Estimate 905.486.9836 …

Interlocking Stone Pavers - Stone - Flagstone - Concrete - Construction - Stone Works Canada Free Estimate 905.486.9836

Installation of stone, brick, flagstone, concrete and interlocking pavers in Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga and Oakville from best interlock paving stone and retaining wall manufacturers like Unilock - Oaks - Allan Block- Brooklin

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  • 1. 2009 Product Catalog Helping bring the pieces together Pave edge, Paver Brights, ProBst tools, sandlock, adhesives, Pave chem
  • 2. catalog contents Page category Products 3 Joint sand staBilizer Sandlock (Premix & Additive) 4-5 edge restraints Pave Edge (Rigid, Flexible & Industrial) 6-7 hardscaPe lighting Paver Brights (Ambiance & Gems) 8-10 Basic tools Paver Cart, Paver Persuader, Pounder, Paver Extractor, Paver Paw, Paver Adjuster, Paver Adjuster Max, Base Rake, Band Cutter, Knee Seat, Student Manual 11 hammers Hammers, Mallets, Chisels, Mini Split 12-13 sand screeding Sand Pull, Sand Screed Pro, Sand Pull Pro, Sand Max I, Screed Board Pro, Screed Guidz 14 marking tools Paver Scribe, 6x9x45º Marker, 4x45º Marker, Quick Draw, Flex Marker, Wedgie Marker 15 layout tools Paver Square Pro, String Along, Stake Out, Dura Wheel, Grade Stakes, Laser Level 16 sPlitters Paver Splitter, Wall Splitter, Electric Hydraulic Splitter, Stone Splitter 17 JaWs diamond tools Jaws Saw Blades, Cups, Tuck Pointing, Core Bits 18-19 comPaction Paver Saver, Surface Saver, Paver Packer 50, Weber CR7, Weber Jumping Jack 20 sWeePing & cleaning Paver Broom, Paver Sweep, Paver Sweep Pro, Hydro Sander, Paver Washer 21 slaBs & Boulders Slab Extractor, Slab Grabber, Slab Handler, Boulder Grab, Two Man Boulder Grab 22 mechanical screeding Ultra Screed, Scatter Max, Sand Max II 23 mechanical installation Paver Max VM 203, Paver Max VM 204, Paver Max HVZ 24-25 material handling Band Clamp, Retaining Wall Clamp, Pallet Wagon, Quick Clamp, Rock Clamp, Field Clamp 26-27 vacuum equiPment Mammoth Mite 110, Mammoth Mite 12V, , Mammoth Mite VH, Stone Magnet SM, Mammoth Midi SM, Mammoth JM 28 hardWare Earwear, Deep Root, Hand Saver Gloves, Flash Guard, Flash Guard Primer 29 adhesives Masonry Adhesives, Shimz 30-31 Pave chem Paver Guard, Siloxa Guard, Paver Ecoguard, Paver Prep, Paver Destainer, Paver Detergent 2
  • 3. ® sandlock PREMIX & ADDITIVE • Organic and non-toxic • Odorless • Environmentally safe • Will not deteriorate • Works in all climates • Non-staining • Effective against ants • Activates with water • Self healing • Totally inert binding agent • Safe around plants, animals & people • Available as an Additive and Premix SandLOCK is a better environmental and more economical option than chemical joint stabilizers. It is an excellent choice for concrete, clay brick or natural stone pavements. SandLOCK will save time and money over chemical joint stabilizers because activation requires only one thorough saturation of the pavement with water. Numerous light mistings are not necessary. Joints are activated immediately, without fear of binder washout that may occur with polymeric sands. SandLOCK is an organic joint sand stabilizer for flexible and semi-rigid pavement systems using. When activated with water, SandLOCK forms a natural, rubberized ‘glue’, that binds the joint sand. SandLOCK remains flexible and will accommodate thermal movement. Its ‘self healing’ properties allow SandLOCK to rebind loosened material with any moisture. SandLOCK reduces sand loss due to wind, traffic, moisture or thermal movement. SandLOCK does not dilute like water based chemical sealers or break down from ultraviolet light. No harsh chemical cleaners are needed prior to application. SandLOCK additive specifications 2 lb tub (2 pack) case (12 – 2 lb tubs) master Pack 25 lb Pail 55 lb Bag Part Number: 002704 Part Number: 002712 (2 Cases of 12–2 lb Tubs) Part Number: 002707 Part Number: 002798 Weight: 5 lbs (2.3 kg) Weight: 29 lbs (13.2 kg) Part Number: 002748 Weight: 25 lbs (11.4 kg) Weight: 55 lbs (25 kg) Weight: 58 lbs (26.4 kg) SandLOCK PREMIX is available in 50 lb (23 kg) Bags SWEEP & COMPACT BLOW WATER Warning: Do not mix, stage, or come into contact with asphalt. SANDLOCK will dry out the oils in asphalt and will cause damage. Always use common sense. If using SANDLOCK for any other purpose, please call before use. MSDS and Architectural Specification Sheet available. 3
  • 4. PAVE EDGE MATERIAL & DESIGN ® PaVE EdgE Frost heave / sand retention lip Back • Utilizes downward pressure of the load and weight of pavers to tie the edging to the pavement Vertical • Guarantees edging will move with the pavement Wall system under normal conditions and also during frost Frost Heave/ heave cycles Sand Retention Lip Spike • Bedding sand will not migrate from under the edging Hole stacking Bar (Not available on PAVE EDGE PRO) • Makes PAVE EDGE easier to stack and store Structural Supports Stacking • Stackability allows for easier distribution Frictional Rib Bar • Patent Pending Polyvinyl chloride (Pvc) Pre-drilled spike holes • 100% premium grade PVC • Accommodates ” diameter steel landscape spikes • Superior strength • Spaced evenly every 12” on RIGID, if further strength • Has “memory”, as it moves under load it returns is needed, spikes can be driven anywhere through the to its original shape back support • FlEXIblE has one hole per back support to provide triangular, reinforced, hollow core design optimal support • Engineered to ensure vertical wall stays perpendicular to the pavement connector • Provides the best structural support • Connector tubes are inserted into the ends of PAVE • Ties into the pavement system 2.3“ EDGE for seamless connections • Allows for truly straight edges and smooth curves CONNECTOR • This type of connection provides unrivaled strength 1.1“ • Allows RIGID & FlEXIblE to be Frictional rib 4“ 4. • Provides lateral load resistance by ‘biting’ into the connected together at any point aggregate base (US Patent # 5,073,061) 0.1“ any length in 5“ 2.2“ 2.8“ 1.6“ .8“ 3.5“ 3.5“ 7.0“ rigid FleXiBle industrial • Straight one piece sections • Pre-assembled two piece flexible • Straight one piece sections • Designed for straight runs and sections • Developed to meet the demanding gradual curves • Utilizes the same engineered needs of commercial and industrial • Requires fewer spikes profile as rigid applications • No restrictions on spike placement; • Flexible enough to create a radius • Larger profile with thicker walls can be driven through the back at as small as 24” and an extended lip with additional any location frictional ribs 2.3“ • Can be made flexible by cutting • Most economical & best alternative v-shape notches in the back to concrete and granite curbing CO 1.1“ 4“ 4. 0.1“ 0.1“ 2.2“ 2.3“ 0.5“ 2.8“ 1.6“ 1.1“ 1.6“ .8“ 2.2“ 3.5“ .8“ 3.5“ 3“ 7.0“ 4
  • 5. PAVE EDGE FEATURES ® PaVE EdgE Features • Least amount of deformation after compaction • Only patented paver edge restraint system in the world designed by a contractor for contractors • Designed for pedestrian, vehicular and commercial applications • Environmentally safe; Non-reactive to all plantings and grass • Allows at least 2” of top soil or sod from PAVE EDGE to top of paver. Industry experts recommend a minimum 1”of top soil for healthy grass growth • Hollow core design does not act as a heat sink in summer and will not dry out the soil or plantings above • Engineered to withstand vehicular traffic • Engineering tests prove PAVE EDGE outperforms other leading edge restraints Original PaVE EdGE PRO also Available Just like our industry, which continues to evolve, PAVE EDGE now offers two versions of what has become the hardscape industries leading paver edge restraint. PAVE EDGE PRO, the original design made in the USA, contains more material by weight than other edge restraints. This classic design is the same great product that contractor professionals have been using for over 20 years. The newest version of PAVE EDGE offers features that are increasingly more important in today’s market. Taking the original patented design and modifying certain features allows for better pricing without compromising PAVE EDGE’s strength and integrity. Although the dimensional profile has been reduced slightly for cost effectiveness, a stacking bar was integrated into the new design for easier distribution. This is a huge benefit for contractors and dealers alike. With two versions of this great patented design, the choice is yours... sPecialized aPPlications Visit for complete installation instructions for all Specialized Applications Retaining Walls Geo-Grid Method Pavement Overlay Natural Stone Permeable 5
  • 6. PaVEr brights ® architectural hardscape lighting • Limited warranty (See for details) • LED‘s designed to last more than 100,000 hours • Two light styles available • Constant light stability • Low operating temperature at light source • No special tools required for installation • Maintenance free • Nearly indestructible • A great addition to concrete or clay paver projects • Suitable for commercial or residential applications • Use with a 12VDC Transformer • Patent Pending Enhance your designs by using Paver Brights as guiding lights for walkways, driveways, patios, stairs, entrances, parking spaces and borders along paved areas. Paver Brights add a unique touch to any hardscape project. They serve not only as a creative accent but also provide security. Paver Brights are available in varying architectural dimensions and colors making installation possibili- ties limitless. When installed these durable L.E.D. lights are able to withstand vehicle loads up to seven tons. L.E.D. technology allows Paver Brights to be a brighter light that provide consistent light output on even the longest runs. LIGhtShIMz ™ • 1cm thick, resin shims • 6 cm thick Paver Brights easily become 7 cm or 8 cm paver heights • Available in standard Paver Bright sizes • Use with both gems and ambiance lights • Available exclusively from PAVE TECH - Hardscape Outfitters specifications 4”x4” 4”x8” 5½”x 5½” 57/8”x 57/8” 6¼”x 6¼” (100x100mm) (100x200mm) (140x140mm) (150x150mm) (160x160mm) Part Number: 070100 Part Number: 070200 Part Number: 070140 Part Number: 070150 Part Number: 070160 Weight: .3 lbs (.1 kg) Weight: .6 lbs (.3 kg) Weight: .6 lbs (.3 kg) Weight: .8 lbs (.4 kg) Weight: .8 lbs (.4 kg) other accessories available 12 VDC Outdoor Transformer • Photo Cell • 10 & 12 Gauge Low Voltage Wire • Waterproof Silicon Filled Connectors 6
  • 7. TM PaVEr brights Features exclusive to Gems by Paver Brights Gems by Paver Brights offer lateral impact protection • Solid, two piece design made with a resin base created by the fusion of the solid resin base and & polycarbonate resin top fused together polycarbonate top, making Gems nearly indestructible. • Textured top surface These durable L.E.D. lights are hand cast and come in • Available in multiple sizes and colors varying sizes and multiple colors making installation • Non-slip material possibilities limitless. TM Features exclusive to Ambiance by Paver Brights Ambiance by Paver Brights provide distinctive • Stainless steel housing architectural quality for award winning hardscape • Tempered glass lens with light diffusion technology projects. The frosted tempered glass lens diffuses the • High quality architectural hardscape lighting L.E.D.’s to create a soft uniform glow. The lens is • Drop in place installation permanently sealed to its stainless steel housing with a • Available in multiple sizes lifetime water proof adhesive. The L.E.D.’s and circuit board are completely imbedded and sealed in epoxy to protect the lights from nature’s elements Include Ambiance in your design for an elegant finishing touch. Paver Brights Weight QTY Watts FROST SAPHIRE BRICK EMERALD RUBY SUNSHINE Paver Brights Weight QTY Watts FROST SAPHIRE BRICK EMERALD RUBY SUNSHINE SPECIFICATIONS (White) (Blue) (Red Clay) (Green) (Red) (Yellow) SPECIFICATIONS (White) (Blue) (Red Clay) (Green) (Red) (Yellow) 4” x 4” 4” x 4” _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ (100x100x60mm) 3.9 lbs 2 1W 50001 50002 50003 50004 50005 50006 (100x100x60mm) 3.3 lbs 2 3W 51001 4” x 8” 4” x 8” _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ (100x200x60mm) 3.9 lbs 1 2W 50101 50102 50103 50104 50105 50106 (100x200x60mm) 3.3 lbs 1 9W 51101 AMBIANCE GEMS 5½” x 5½” _______ 5½” x 5½” _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ (140x140x60mm) 4.6 lbs 1 4W 50201 50202 50204 50205 50206 (140x140x60mm) 3.5 lbs 1 10W 51201 5⅞“ x 5⅞” _______ 5⅞“ x 5⅞” _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ (150x150x60mm) 5.1 lbs 1 4W 50301 50302 50304 50305 50306 (150x150x60mm) 4.0 lbs 1 10W 51301 6¼” x 6¼” _______ 6¼” x 6¼” _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ (160x160x60mm) 5.5 lbs 1 4W 50401 50402 50404 50405 50406 (160x160x60mm) 5.1 lbs 1 12W 51401 7
  • 8. PaVERCaRt ™ • 12” (30.5 cm) diameter tires specifications basic tools • Adjustable clamping shoes fit most pavers Part Number: 011010 • High tensile steel with gold zinc plating Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg) • Reduced weight perforated steel backing plate Carrying Capacity: • Over center cam action operating handle 880 lbs (399 kg) • Roller on bottom enables rolling off pallets Adjustable Clamping Width: • Works with banded and unbanded pavers 23”-41¾” (58-106 cm) The PaVERCaRt takes a fraction of the time and energy it generally takes to move material on the job site. No more wasted time filling up your wheelbarrow, just to re-stack the pavers once you have reached the laying edge. With the ability to transport a full band (or unbanded) of pavers at once, you are optimizing your efficiency on the job site. Just imagine how much time and money you will save when you are able to eliminate the wheelbarrow method, and concentrate on what makes you money; laying pavers! SUPPORtWhEEL™ CaRttRaY ™ • Optional SUPPORtWHEEl allows operator • Optional CaRttRaY gives the to pull, rather than only push on rough PaVERCaRt more versatility terrain or going up steep grades • Use to transport equipment and • Eliminates balancing he cart by the operator t supplies around the job site specifications specifications Part Number: 011011 Part Number: 021011 Weight: 16 lbs (7.2 kg) Weight: 16 lbs (7.5 kg) Size: 41”x13” (104-33 cm) PaVERPERSUadER™ • Angled, replaceable rubber pads specifications • Designed specifically for tightening the paver laying edge Part Number: 012060 • Angled design helps apply force low on the paver to Weight: 6 lbs (2.7 kg) protect the integrity of the bedding sand Handle Length: 32” (81 cm) The PaVERPERSUadER is a rubber hammer designed specifically for tightening up the paver laying edge. The angled design helps apply force low on the paver. If force is applied high, the paver can twist, causing sand up into the joint. If this happens, the paver needs to be lifted out and re-set. POUndER™ • Twenty pound hammer rod is made of hardened steel • Smaller plate keeps the surface area small and compaction force high (up to 5,000 lbs of force) • Locking quick pin for easy connection • Handle can be disassembled quickly for maintenance Parts include: • Breaker Bit (for breaking small areas of asphalt or concrete) • Chisel Bit (for breaking concrete) • Tamper Bit (to compact base) • Pounder Shaft specifications Part Number: 029040 Tamper Bit: 6”x6” (15x15 cm) Plate Weight: 42 lbs (19 kg) Chisel Bit: 3” (7.6 cm) Handle Length: 39” (99 cm) Breaker Bit: Point 8
  • 9. PaVEREXtRaCtOR™ • Quick pins for fast adjustments specifications basic tools • Replaceable serrated spring steel teeth Part Number: 011100 • Rubber handles Weight: 9 lbs (4 kg) • Gold zinc plated finish Opening Range: 3½”-13” (8.9-33 cm) The PaVEREXtRaCtOR is the professional’s answer to paver removal. With serrated spring steel teeth, it is able to extract a large variety of pavers, including ones without spacer bars. Without a PaVEREXtRaCtOR, removing pavers takes too much time and it also has potential to damage the surrounding pavers. Start saving time and money with the right tool for the job. PaVER PaW ™ • Replaceable serrated spring steel teeth specifications • Rubber grip handle Part Number: 011202 • Operating range 6”-10” (15.2-25.4 cm) Weight: 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg) • One handed option for two handed pavers Operating Range: • Production effeciency on installations using 6”-10” (15.2-25.4 cm) 6”x9” (15.2-22.9 cm) pavers and larger Lifting Capacity: is greatly increased 22 lbs (10 kg) each PaVERadJUStER™ • Replaceable spring steel tooth specifications • Hand and foot rests to drive into joint Part Number: 012050 • Rubber grip handles Weight: 6 lbs (2.7 kg) • Gold zinc plated finish Handle Length: 36” (91.4 cm) • Easiest way to adjust bond lines The PaVERadJUStER is designed to be used standing up, using body weight to shift the pavers with the replaceable spring steel tooth. The PaVERadJUStER is driven down into the joint by applying pressure to the foot rest which is directly above the tooth. Stretch a stringline across a chosen bond line and shift the pavers until the line is straight. PaVERadJUStER MaX™ • Move up to five rows at the same time • Suitable for alignment work on mainly square and rectangular pavers • Four adjustable, sharp edged hardened spring steel blades • Two grips and one hammering surface to drive it into the paver joints • Durable, galvanized surfaces specifications Part Number: 012053 Weight: 10 lbs (4.5 kg) Handle Length: 36” (91.4 cm) 9
  • 10. BaSERaKE ™ • Made from magnesium for strength and light weight basic tools • Dual edge head • Long handle allows better view of low spots • Serrated edge creates ridges allowing sand to dry faster • Best tool for spreading loose base material & joint sand specifications Part Number: 246000 Weight: 4 lbs (1.8 kg) Handle Length: 80” (203.2 cm) Head Width: 30” (76.2 cm) BandCUttER ™ • Steel strap cutters • Sheer cut blades provide clean, smooth, easy cuts • One-handed design for ease of use • Rust resistant black oxide finish The BandCUttER is an essential tool in your tool box for cutting strapping on paver bands. The BandCUttER has a short 8” handle designed for one handed cutting. It will cut strapping up to 1¼” wide. specifications Part Number: 012111 Weight: 2 lbs (.9kg) KnEESEatS ™ • Ergonomic knee protection & ankle support • Convenient seating • Back relief while kneeling or sitting • Comes in sets of two, wear one or both KnEESEatS position the hip and ankle at an ideal angle that provides support and comfort to the back, shoulders and neck. specifications Part Number: 400001 Weight: 8 lbs (3.6 kg) VOCatIOnaL ManUaL • Vocational Skills Training for Segmental Paver Installation - Author, Stephen Jones • Provides in depth step by step instructions of paver installation • Addresses specialized installation techniques • Excellent reference tool for seasoned contractors • Available in English and Spanish chapters include: Segmental Paving Overview, Concrete Pavers Defined, Clay Pavers Defined, Paver Shapes & Patterns, Using the Right Tools, Utility Locating, Layout, Elevation & Drainage, Excavation & Materials Calculation, Material Logistics, Soil Types & Subgrade Compaction, Geotextile Fabric & Root Barriers, Base Construction & Compaction, Grading, Edge Restraints, Alternate Methods of Installing Edge Restraints, Sand Properties, specifications Sand Screeding, Laying Pavers, Paving in Difficult Areas, english spanish Cutting, and Compacting & Setting Pavers. Part Number: 472488800 Part Number: 472488800 Weight: 2 lbs (.9 kg) Weight: 2 lbs (.9 kg) 10
  • 11. haMMERS hammErs & chisEls simplex mallets Features deadblow Features • 3 styles • Cast steel head housing • Cast iron head housing • White very hard nylon heads • Wood handles • Wood handles • Two striking surfaces • Interchangeable heads Eh 3366 60 Eh 3026 Eh 3366 70 Visit Eh 3028 for details and specifications Fist dEadblow rePlacement heads Eh 3027 very hard - nylon hard - Plastic medium hard - rubber soft - tPe very soft - tPe tumBler hammer stone hammer round hammer sPike hammer Gives the tumbled look For use on granite and Perfect for stone masons Head with a recessed end and creates a “split face” other hard stone for use with chisels for pounding steel spikes REBIT CHISELS™ specifications D A A - Pitching Chisel 1.5” carbide tip Pn: 40004 B - Angle Pitching Chisel 1.5” carbide tip Pn: 40005 E B C - Point Chisel 0.5” carbide tip Pn: 40007 F D - Tracing Chisel 1.5” carbide tip Pn: 40006 C E - Detail Chisel 1.00” carbide tip Pn: 40009 F - Detail Chisel 0.75” carbide tip Pn: 40008 MInISPLIt ™ • For clay face brick only • Hand treated carbon steel blade • One step calibrations for ½ and ¼ bricks and blocks • Multiple angle adjustments • Light weight and accurate specifications Part Number: 037040 Weight: 3 lbs (1.4 kg) Cutting Length: 4” (10.2 mm) 11
  • 12. SandPULL™ sand scrEEding • Two-sided head, 30” (76 cm) wide specifications • More efficient then a shovel Part Number: 022202 • Makes screeding much easier on the screed operator Weight: 4 lbs (1.8 kg) • Perfect width & weight to float on top of screeded sand Head Width: 30” (76 cm) • Greatly reduces the amount of time spent on your Handle Length: knees with a trowel 72” (183 cm) The SandPULL helps make the sand screeding process faster and easier. One side is used to pull back excess sand to where it will be needed next during the screeding process. The other rounded side is used for filling in screed pipe marks and for touch-up after the dog or the home owner walks across your project. After removing your screed pipes, add some sand to the void and pull the SandPULL across the top. It will ride on the screeded sand and screed off your filled void. SandSCREEd PRO ™ • Sickle shape so blade cuts into the bedding material, without creating an upward movement • Telescopes from 38”-63” (96.5-160 cm) • Adjustable height 0–5” (0-12.7 cm) on both sides • Level indicator incorporated into the profile • Screed guides on both sides • Optional set of two pulling handles for relaxed and ergonomically correct body position Rectangular shaped boards used to screed bedding material tend to lift upward. To counter the lifting, pressing down and pulling forward at the same time was the only remedy. This caused the specifications specifications user to use ergonomically incorrect posture. The SandSCREEd 3.25’-5.4’ (99-165 cm) 4.9’-8.5’ (149-259 cm) PRO allows the weight of the sand within the arc to push the blade Part Number: 022313 Part Number: 022313 down allowing the operator to only pull the blade. Side to side Weight: 20 lbs (9.1 kg) Weight: 20 lbs (9.1 kg) sawing is no longer necessary. SandPULL PRO™ • Screed standing, not on your knees • Made of lightweight hollow core extruded aluminum • Will not lift off the screed rails when material is building up in front and will not sag or bend under load • One person can screed between 3’-7.5’ (91-229 cm) or 7.5’-10’ (229-305 cm) • Allows the operator to use the weight of their body to exert force in every position by just using leg muscles SandPULL PRO 7.5/10 SandPULL PRO 3/7.5 Adjustable Screed System Adjustable Screed System Part Number: 022305 Part Number: 022303 Weight: 35 lbs (15.9 kg) Weight: 33 lbs (15 kg) EXtEnSIOnKIt ™ CURBKIt ™ Adds up to 2.5’ screed width Set of two (left & right), to the SandPULL PRO 3’, 5’ use with any of the or 7.5’. SandPULL PRO’s for screeding off curbs. specifications (included with SandPULL specifications PRO 3/7.5 & 7.5/10) Part Number: 022301 Part Number: 41000164 Weight: 11 lbs (5 kg) Weight: 8 lbs (3.6 kg) 12
  • 13. SandMaX ™ I sand scrEEding • Designed to maintain downward force and resist riding up off the side rails • Wear resistant, high tensile aluminum alloy construction • Height adjustable rollers on each side • Adjustable design allows quick change and infinite width settings from 3’-14’ (91-427 cm) • Profile designed to be fully telescopic & achieves a precise level with no deflection • Operated with almost any motorized construction equipment or manually • Equipped with shovel slots for manual operation and pull chains for mechanical operation • Comfortable and productive upright working position Designed for precise and flexible screeding of the laying course on large and small sites. Working widths from 3’-14’ (91-427 cm) make the SandMaX I an essential tool specifications for any professional installer. A 19’ (579 cm) screed width Part Number: 018100 can be achieved by purchasing an additional 6.5’ (198 cm) Weight: 172 lbs (78 kg) straight section. An optional crown attachment is available Working Width: 3’-14’ (91-427 cm) to create a crown or swale of +/- 2º. Transportation Length: 6.5’ (198 cm) SCREEdBOaRd PRO ™ • Heavy-duty alloy sand screed board • Made from 6500 psi high tensile strength aluminum • Walls are 0.125” (3.2 mm) thick (twice the thickness of the competition) • Available in three lengths: 4’, 6’ & 8’ (122, 183 & 244 cm) • Rugged 1”x4” (2.5-10 cm) • Heaviest in the industry Replace your warped wood screed boards with a true straight edge, the SCREEdBOaRd PRO. specifications SCREEdBOaRd PRO 4’ SCREEdBOaRd PRO 6’ SCREEdBOaRd PRO 8’ SCREEdBOaRd PRO 3 Pk Part Number: 022307 Part Number: 022308 Part Number: 022309 Part Number: 022310 Weight: 6 lbs (2.7 kg) Weight: 8 lbs (3.6 kg) Weight: 10 lbs (4.5 kg) Weight: 27 lbs (12.3 kg) SCREEdGUIdz ™ • No modification to the wood or metal screed board specifications • Mounting and unmounting only take seconds Part Number: 022311 • No tools are required Weight: 6 lbs (2.7 kg) • Speeds up screeding Quantity: 1 • Universal screed board guides • Screed off curbs, slabs or PAVE EDGE • Works great with SCREEdBOaRd PRO SCREEdGUIdz are adjustable screed board guides which fit any commercial board or 2x4 lumber. They are designed for screeding bedding sand along an existing slab, pool coping, step, wall caps or PAVE EDGE. Quick and easy adjustment of the height guide allows for a smooth transition from one paver thickness to another. This tool not only eliminates the timely task of setting the outer set of pipes along a retaining wall, but provides a more precise screeding of sand to the height of the caps or concrete, compensating for slight height variations in these surfaces. 13
  • 14. PaVERSCRIBE ™ marking tools • Made completely of metal • Professional grade • Can be used to measure all available types of pavers and slabs • Pivoting angle finder to establish angle • Locking lever to hold paver length measurement • Measure & mark lengths and angles for pavers without a soldier course • Uniform spacing for a more professional appearance specifications Part Number: 029031 Weight: 1.1 lbs (.5 kg) 6X9X45º MaRKER ™ 4X45º MaRKER ™ • Cut 6”x9” into 6”x3” and 6”x6” • Marks 4 perfect 45° pieces & 2 halves • Miter cut 45° on 6”x9” for corners • Eliminates the need for a tape measure • Miter cut 45° on a 6”x6” • Complete your cuts faster • Patented Design • Reduce waste • Patented design specifications Part Number: 3000012 specifications Weight: 1.2 lbs (.5 kg) Part Number: 3000001 Weight: .3 lbs (.13 kg) QUICKdRaW ™ • Solid, aluminum & stainless steel construction • Increase marking speed easily by 400-600% • Assures marking accuracy and consistency • Unit glides easily along edge restraints • Guide wheel rolls along curbs, walls and more specifications Part Number: 029030 Weight: 4 lbs (1.8 kg) FLEXMaRKER ™ • Complete system for layout and marking of radii • Flexible poles for curved edges • Locking Velcro holds poles onto cleats, inserted between pavers, at each end • New quick anchors are also included for faster and easier layout • Can connect multiple poles together for unlimited lengths specifications Part Number: 3000000 Weight: 5 lbs (2.3 kg) Length: 10 lineal feet per pole WEdGIEMaRKER ™ • Works well for most retaining wall caps • Reduces the amount of cutting compared to marking every paver • More aesthetically pleasing than marking one side of every paver • Designed to mark for cutting the soldier course on both inside and outside curves • Patented design specifications Part Number: 4000010 Weight: 1.5 lbs (.68 kg) 14
  • 15. PaVERSQUaRE PRO ™ • Lightweight stainless steel specifications layout tools • Folds to a compact 3”x 68” (7.6-173 cm) Part Number: 400014 • Unfolds into 48”x68” (122x173 cm) layout square Weight: 6 lbs (2.7 kg) • Provides 45° and 90° angles A quick and easy way to establish 90º angles when starting to lay pavers. Use in any application where accurate 45º and 90º angles need to be established or maintained. Slide to open and layout square is ready to use. StRInGaLOnG ™ • Fits any ³/8”-1” (9.5-25mm) diameter round stake • Thumb screws set the height • Gripping teeth hold string securely • String can be removed and put back up without remeasuring • No more string line knots, or marks on the stake specifications 1 case (24 bags, 288 collars) 1 Bag (12 collars) Part Number: 4000001 Part Number: 4000000 Weight: 38 lbs (17 kg) Weight: 2 (.9 kg) lbs StaKEOUt ™ • Simplest way to extract grade stakes with out bending them • Extracts round and square grade stakes from ³/8”-1³/16” in diameter • Uses leverage and body weight to pull the stakes out by hand • Minimal base disruption specifications Part Number: 51800037 Weight: 3 lbs (1.4 kg) Stake Diameter: ³/8”-1³/16” (9.5-30.2mm) GRadEStaKES ™ • Tough, high quality grade stakes specifications • ¾” diameter (1.9 cm) 10 Stakes per box • 36” long (91.4 cm) Part Number: 4000006 • 16d nail holes Weight: 50 lbs (22.7 kg) • Use for establishing grade heights • Use with StRInGaLOnG collars dURaWhEEL MaX ™ • Balanced, inline design measures to 9,999’ (3 k) specifications • Sturdy round tube, folding handle with hefty pistol grip Part Number: 036004 • Belt driven counter for long life and smooth operation Weight: 5 lbs (2.3 kg) • Sealed roller bearings Wheel Diameter: 12.5” (31.8 cm) • Folds in half to 19” (48.3 cm) for compact storage Tread Width: 7/8” (2.2 cm) • Kick stand for easy use, reduces bending Extended Length: 37” (94 cm) LaSERLEVEL™ • Includes case, laser, tripod, receiver, specifications clamp, inches grade rod (10ths rod Part Number 100100 available by special order) & batteries Weight: 22 lbs (10 kg) • Laser has automatic electronic self-leveling 2 “D” batteries required for Laser and a 1,000’ diameter operating range 2 “AA” battery required for Receiver • Receiver has LCD displays on front & back, strong waterproof housing and a loud 100dB speaker 15
  • 16. PaVERSPLIttER ™ • Fixed, angled table enables operators to make double cuts & undercuts • Perfect for tumbled pavers sPlittErs • Ensure tight abutting of split pavers specifications Part Number: 037000 Weight: 91 lbs (41.4 kg) Cutting Length: 13” (330 mm) Cutting Height: ³/8”-4¾” (1-12 cm) WaLLSPLIttER ™ • Provides same look and texture as split faced block when making corner units • Large two sided loading table • One side solid mounted for perfect 90º splits • Tiltable to enable undercuts or double angle cuts • Can be used for pavers • Perfect alternative to saw cutting • Floating upper blades ensure uniform contact for clean, crisp splits specifications Part Number: 037002 Weight: 126 lbs (57.3 kg) Cutting Length: 17” (43 cm) Cutting Height: ³/8”-12” (1-30 cm) ELECtRIChYdRaULIC SPLIttER ™ • Five hydraulic cylinders • Stone will not be cut until the pressure of flexible cutting blades on block are equal • Without adjusting the height, you can cut blocks differing up to 1” (2.5 cm) specifications Part Number: 037008 Weight: 249 lbs (113.2 kg) (with battery) Cutting Length: 17“ (44 cm) Cutting Height: ¹/³”-8” (1-20 cm) Hydraulic Pressure: 46,300 lbs (21,000 kg) StOnESPLIttER ™ • Specially designed for natural stone, granite, etc. also works great on concrete & clay pavers • Spring loaded cutting table allows for undercut or double angle cuts • Easy and quick height adjustment • Extension handles and concentric cam gives awesome cutting power and leverage • Upper and lower cutting edges are segmented and set in rubber to enable full surface contact allowing even pressure on uneven surfaces of natural stone specifications Part Number: 037006 Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg) Cutting Length: 12¾“ (32 cm) Cutting Height: ³/8”-5¼” (1-13.5 cm) MEGaSPLIttER ™ • Heavy-duty electric hydraulic splitters available in 20 ton & 40 ton versions • Designed for splitting limestone and other hard natural stone • Single crank for quick & easy height adjustment • Heavy-duty table rollers to move material and push-button operation • Lifting ring and fork pockets to move the splitters • 220 Volt, 3-phase • Suitable for production use Visit for details and specifications 16
  • 17. Jaws diamond tools Diamond Tools JaWS dIaMOnd BLadES ™ • Premium diamond blade • Slanted gullet to help remove slurry • Extra cooling holes allow the blade to perform dry or wet • Featuring combination of segmented and turbo segments for a perfect combo of speed and life JaWs Diamond Blades can cut soft abrasive concrete pavers, very hard fired clay pavers and natural stone. 12” specifications 14” specifications Blade Size: 12” x .125” x 1” Blade Size: 14” x .125” x 1” 20mm arbor 20mm arbor Part Number: 020112 Part Number: 020111 Weight: 3.7 lbs (1.7 kg) Weight: 4.2 lbs (1.9 kg) JaWS DIAMOnD CuPS, TuCk POInTInG & CORE bITS ™ double row cups 4” diameter cup specifications • High quality double row concrete Part Number: 020121 grinding cups Weight: .85 lbs ( kg) • Longer life than single row cups 7” diameter cup specifications • 5/8”-11 threaded hub Part Number: 020122 Weight: 2.7 lbs ( kg) turbomaX cup 4.5” diameter cup specifications • Very aggressive grinding cup Part Number: 020119 • For removing large amounts of concrete Weight: .7 lbs ( kg) • Large openings allow for excellent 7” diameter cup specifications dust collection Part Number: 020120 • 7/8” non-threaded hub (with 5/8” adaptor) Weight: 2.2 lbs ( kg) turbo segment cups 4.5” diameter cup specifications • 18 & 24 angled segments Part Number: 020115 • Produce a smoother finish Weight: .9 lbs ( kg) (less swirl marks) 7” diameter cup specifications • 5/8”-11 threaded hub Part Number: 020116 Weight: 2 lbs ( kg) “t” segment cups 4” diameter cup specifications • Combines the fast grinding of a Part Number: 020117 Single Row cup and the smoother Weight: .75 lbs ( kg) finish of a Turbo Segment cup 7” diameter cup specifications • Softer diamonds, increase grinding speed Part Number: 020118 • 5/8”-11 threaded hub Weight: 1.95 lbs ( kg) core Bits: core Bit specifications • Great cutting speed for asphalt, concrete, Dry Core Bit (2”-4” diameter barrels available) block, brick and clay & concrete pavers Wet Core Bit (1”-9” diameter barrels available) • 10” barrel (dry), 14” barrel (wet) Visit for • Use on an angle grinder or core rig full product range and specifications • Thick cylinder walls with threaded hubs tuck Pointing Wheels 4½” diameter Wheel specifications • High quality tuck pointing wheels Part Number: 020113 • Removes old, hard mortar in a short time Weight: .65 lbs ( kg) • 12 mm segments 5” diameter Wheel specifications • 0.250” thick, 7/8” non-threaded hub Part Number: 020114 (with 5/8” adaptor) Weight: .8 lbs ( kg) 17
  • 18. PaVERSaVER UnI Mat ™ • Specially formulated urethane rubber mat 22”x30” (56-72 cm) comPaction • Universal design for use on most compactors • Reduces damage to textured surface pavers, clay brick, natural stone & paving slabs The PaVERSaVER UnI is a specially formulated urethane rubber, universal mat (22”x30”) that can be trimmed to the size of almost any compactor plate. It is de- signed to help reduce damage to textured surface pavers, clay brick, natural stone and paving slabs. Since it absorbs some of the compactors energy, it will slightly re- duce the forward speed. However, this spe- cial urethane mat minimizes the slow down normally caused by other protective mats. Protective mats may also require more passes during the compaction process to achieve complete paver lock-up. specifications Part Number: 005005 Weight: 15 lbs (6.8 kg) SURFaCESaVER 90 ™ • Roller diameter: 4” (10 cm) • Will work with: 15”-28” (38-71 cm) plate widths • Adjustable width clamps bite down on top of plate to keep the compactor securely mounted • Two carbide tipped bolts on each clamp for added grip • Simple to attaching and detaching from the compactor The SURFaCESaVER 90 is the best alternative to a rubber mat for forward plate tampers. Designed for use on clay pavers, textured surface pavers and slabs to minimize chipping, scuffing, white capping and cracking. It allows the compaction force to be transmitted through the frame to compact the pavers and fill joint sand. It will work with a variety of plate sizes. specifications Part Number 7572521002 Weight: 88 lbs (40 kg) PaVERPaCKER 50 ™ • 5,000 lbs centrifugal force • 90 + ft/min travel speed on top of pavers • 16” Long x 24” Wide Plate • Honda 6X-160, 4.8 HP engine with external oil bath air filter • Mounted wheel kit • Short, wide plate with faster travel speed provides maximum efficiency Most forward plate compactors are designed to run in trenches, so the plates are long and narrow. With the PaVERPaCKER 50, the combination of a short, wide plate with the faster travel speed provides much greater efficiency. Mounted wheel kit allows ease of transport around the job site. When not in use, the wheels fold-up and lock into place. specifications Part Number: 005001 Weight: 275 lbs (125 kg) 18
  • 19. WEBER CR7 • Reversible plate rammer comPaction • 13,500 lb (60 kN) centrifugal force • Equipped with electric and pull start • Lombardini 15 LD 440 11.0 HP (8.1 kW) diesel engine • Equipped with Compatrol® - Compaction Control System • 24” standard plate width, optional 34” plate extensions • Low vibration guide bar considerably reduces hand/arm vibrations specifications Part Number: 000116607 Weight: 930 lbs (422 kg) The heavy-duty WEbER CR7 is a powerful compactor with forward and reverse travel. It is designed for compaction of base material and for setting 10 cm pavers. The 13,500 lb centrifugal force allows for effective compaction of 6” of loose base material (with proper moisture content). It is a must for any contractor installing base for a driveway or other vehicular application. The WEbER CR7 is equipped with Compatrol. This compaction control system, signals when opti- mum compaction has been acquired. WEBER JUMPInG JaCK SRV620 • High amplitude & small plate compact deeper into soils • Allows for compaction in small, tight areas • Ideal for compaction along foundations, curbs & utility trenches • 2,920 lbs centrifugal force • Four-stoke Honda engine - No more mixing gas & oil • Highly efficient air filtration system with cyclone pre-cleaner, protects the engine from dirt penetration • Low engine oil warning light • Carrying handles & roller for easy transport specifications Part Number: 170122 Weight: 145 lbs (66 kg) Shoe Width: 11” (28 cm) Engine: 3.4HP Honda GX 100 Engine Type: 4-stroke gasoline Contractors looking to purchase a premium quality tamper need to look no further than the powerful machines being offered through PAVE TECH. Excellent compaction results, exemplary operating comfort and rugged design are the essential requirements vibra- tory tampers must meet. Due to the significantly increased stroke For contractor grade hand tamping options, and impact power, the Weber SRV 620 compacts faster than ever see the POunDER on page 8 before, making it truly the Jumping Jack of all trades. 19
  • 20. LEGEndaRY PaVERBROOM ™ swEEPing & clEaning “World’s Best Paver Broom designed specifically for the Paver industry” • 24” (61 cm) wide head specifications • Ends of broom head are rounded to reduce splitting Part Number: 060021 • Handle attachment to the head has reinforcement Weight: 5 lbs (2.3 kg) brackets to help hold up to job site wear and abuse Handle Length: 5’ (152 cm) • Bristles are the perfect stiffness and size to minimize Head Width: 24” (61 cm) sand retention in the broom LEGENDARy PaVERbROOM from PAVE TECH, read the whole story at PaVERSWEEP ™ • Orbital broom for fast job site clean up • Ideal for cleaning sand off pavement after compacting and filling the joints • Effective for sweeping chip into permeable paver voids • 4.5 HP Honda engine • Adjustable push handle height • 36” (91 cm) diameter poly bristle brush (optional poly/metal brush available) • Left & right brush rotation with quick adjustment of brush pressure without tools specifications Part Number: 012300 Weight: 134 (61 kg) PaVERSWEEP PRO ™ • Powerful 8.5 HP Kohler OHV engine specifications • Ground drive differential unlock for easy maneuverability Part Number: 012303 • Five forward & two reverse speeds Weight: • Direct center drive for broom. No belts or chains 530 lbs (240 cm) • Productive, 25” (63.5 cm) diameter brush speed up to 200 rpm • Available in 3’ (91 cm) and 4’ (122 cm) broom widths • Standard 5” (12.7 cm) casters • Handlebar mounted swing lock release • Broom head angle adjustment: 20° left and 20° right • Move gravel and dirt, backfill, clean pavements, move snow, thatch lawns, fluff artificial turf and clean up leaves hYdROSandER ™ • Works up to three times faster than hand sweeping • 5.5 HP Honda GXV160 Gas Engine • Water metering valve allows operator to adjust water flow at machine • Two rotating brushes can completely fill 500 sq/ft in 15 minutes • Heavy-duty, low maintenance construction • Designed to work with wet sand • Overlapping brushes create a forward drive making it easier to push • Provides consistent joints and cuts labor by over 50% specifications Part Number: 51700003 Weight: 196 lbs (89 kg) Width: 46” (117 cm) PaVERWaShER ™ • 5.5 HP Honda – Pressure washer with rotating wands for cleaning pavers • Two fast rotating special spray nozzles cleans up to five times faster • Handle with integrated water shut off valve for water supply cut off • Compact transport size • Removable high pressure hose and spray wand for cleaning tight areas specifications Part Number: 51700004 Weight: 120 (54.5 kg) 20
  • 21. SLaBEXtRaCtOR ™ slabs & bouldErs • Allows easy removal of slabs by two people specifications • Quick pins for fast adjustment Part Number: 011199 • Equipped with four extractor teeth Weight: 14 lbs (6.4 kg) Opening Range: 5”-24” (13-61 cm) Carrying Capacity: 150 lbs (68 kg) SLaBGRaBBER ™ • Works equally well on retaining wall blocks and slabs • Three different sizes to accommodate a large range of products • Pivoting heads provide excellent contact on the split face side • Allows tight placement at the laying edge without fear of pinched fingers • Gripper length: 4” (10 cm) specifications small SLaBGRaBBER medium SLaBGRaBBER large SLaBGRaBBER Part Number: 017024 Part Number: 017025 Part Number: 017026 Weight: 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg) Weight: 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg) Weight: 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg) Opening: 4¼”-15¼” Opening: 10”-20” Opening: 14¼”-24” Carrying Capacity: 130 lbs Carrying Capacity: 130 lbs Carrying Capacity: 130 lbs SLaBhandLER ™ SLaBHAnDlER VZ I Part Number: 014000 • Available in three sizes Weight: 27 lbs (12.3 kg) • Excellent for large slabs, precast Opening Range: 20”-39” and granite curbing Height: 1½” • Great for job site precast placement Gripper Length: 4” Carrying Capacity: 220 lbs SLaBHAnDlER vz ii SLaBHAnDlER vz iii Part Number: 014010 Part Number: 014011 Weight: 55 lbs (25 kg) Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg) Opening Range: 28”-40” Opening Range: 37”-67” Height: 1¾” Height: 2¹/³” Gripper Length: 8” Gripper Length: 17” Carrying Capacity: 660 lbs Carrying Capacity: 2,200 lbs BOULdERGRaB ™ • Welded construction of light weight, high tensile steel • No manual opening width adjustment required • Mechanical Operation. Minimal maintenance requirements, simple & reliable operation • Lifting chains with crane loop for attachment to any lifting equipment specifications Part Number: 013010 Weight: 190 lbs (85 kg) Opening Range: 0”-37.5” + (0-950 mm) Carrying/Lifting Capacity: 3300 lbs (1,497 kg) tWO Man BOULdERGRaB ™ • Equipped with a simple and fast opening range adjustment • Transports and lays boulders with a two man operation • Equipped with a ring eyelet for hooking on any lifting device specifications Part Number: 013011 Weight: 40 lbs (18 kg) Opening Range: 0”-24” + (0-609 mm) Carrying Capacity: 440 lb (199 kg) 21
  • 22. mEchanical scrEEding ULtRaSCREEd ™ • Production rates as high as 9,000 sq/ft per hour • Working width of just under 10’ (3 m) • Dual controls on left & right side • Two independent hydrostatic drives • Rubber tracks • Moba ultra sonic sensors and laser scanner with holder (laser receivers not included) Designed to spread and screed sand, chip, rock, etc. up to 1¼” diameter. The material is loaded into the ULtRaSCREEd while in motion and metered out constantly through a chute at the bottom of the hopper. The material is screeded to the proper height by the finishing structure at the rear of the machine. Angle & height of the finishing structure is automatically adjusted by hydraulic cylinders controlled by either ultra sonic sensors or by laser. Visit for details and specifications SCattERMaX ™ • Loader attachment • Long wearing replaceable brushes • Adjustable width 47” (119.4 cm) or 94” (238.8 cm) • Increase productivity by at least 300% • Mechanical sand broom attaches to any machine • Effective tool to spread joint sand onto pavers This mechanical sand broom is a simple but extremely effective tool to spread joint sand into pavers. specifications Part Number: 012400 Weight: 231 lbs (105 kg) SandMaX ™ II PRO • Unique design of the profile combined with a height of 12” (30 cm) allows for distribution of large quantities of material • Heavy-duty, high tensile extruded aluminum alloy construction • Special profile designed to be fully telescopic in order to achieve precise level with no deflection at full working width and when fully loaded • Adjustable design allows for quick change of width settings from approximately 10’-28’ (3-8.5 m) • Height adjustable rollers on each side • Can be operated with almost any motorized construction equipment • Various models available and custom lengths are available on request Bedding Sand Specifically designed for mechanical installations for precise preparation of the laying course. Working widths up to 28’ (8.5 m) and a 12” (30 cm) high screed profile to hold large amounts of material make the SandMaX II an excellent choice for large commercial sites. Visit for details and specifications Also available, SandMax I find it on page 13 Permeable Chip 22
  • 23. mEchanical installation PaVERMaX ™ VM 203 • Complete with Auto Push Off Device (ADV) • Excellent visibility of the laying edge, allowing for fast and precise placement of pavers • 3 cylinder Kubota Model D1105 high performance diesel engine • 25 HP engine easily reaching speeds of 12.5 mph (20 km/h) • Hydrostatic front wheel drive • Double articulated steering for optimal maneuverability • Extra wide tires and different track widths of front & rear axle ensure low stress on the uncompacted pavers; as well as providing smooth operation • Lifting height capacity allows handling of double stacked cubes up to 63” (1,600 mm) high • Extremely stable even at max speed & minimum turning radius • Unlimited, 360° visibility The PaVERMaX VM 203 comes equiped with a state of the art hydraulic installation clamp, HVZ-uni. The ADV provides tighter joints with less adjusting and no off-set pavers. Skilled operators do not require an extra laborer to help guide the pavers into place. PaVERMaX chassis and body are designed with no parts extending beyond the steering radius and a low center of gravity. This design provides optimal performance on all machine laid pavers and is especially designed for use with permeable pavers. PaVERMaX chassis delivers rapid maneuverability and absolute stability. The overall design delivers the most reliable machine available. Visit for details and specifications PaVERMaX ™ VM 204 • Large, comfortable, fully enclosed driver’s cabin • Movement of the installation clamp controlled by joystick and foot pedals • Fully integrated computer control system for automatic, semi-automatic and manual operation • Semi-Automatic operation: All movement of the push-off device ADV are controlled automatically • Fully automatic operation: All movements of the clamp are controlled in their correct sequence by the electronic control system • Running bond operation: A special program sequence for automatically setting the layer in a running bond pattern • Lifting capacity: 660 lbs (300 kg ) Visit for details and specifications PaVERMaX ™ hVz GEnIUS CLaMP • Only paver clamp specifically designed for use as an excavator attachment • On board computer (sequential controller) allows easy operation of the clamp from just one control lever • All functions of the clamp (other than rotation) are performed automatically • Swing dampening system • Hydraulic rotator included (requires a 2nd hydraulic function) Visit for details and specifications 23
  • 24. BandCLaMP ™ matErial handling • Tubular construction of light weight, high tensile steel • Rugged construction ensuring long service life • Mechanical operation, simple & reliable with low maintenance requirements • Includes fork sleeves • Fully automatic clamp & release mechanism • Long wearing replaceable rubber grippers • Bands are lifted safely and easily without pallets • Suitable for use with loaders, forklifts, cranes, etc • Perfect for job sites and distribution yards • Ideal for handling one or two bands of at a time specifications Part Number: 012100 Weight: 250 lbs (110 kg) Opening range: 29.5”-43.25” (75-110 cm) Inside Height: 13” (33 cm) Gripper length: 15.5” (40 cm) Carrying capacity: 1,760 lbs (800 kg) REtaInInGWaLL CLaMP ™ • Lifting eye for attaching chain or cable • Handles to guide clamp • Automatic release mechanism • Height and width adjustments for proper gripper placement • Rubber gripper on one side for back of blocks, fluid filled gripper on the other side to accommodate split-face and reduce drop outs • Lifts one to five full size (or smaller) retaining wall units at a time • Saves time by speeding up wall installation by 30%-40% • Reduces back strain specifications Part Number: 53100274 Weight: 460 lbs (209 kg) Opening Range: 6”-25” (15-63.5 cm) Gripper Length: 85” (220 cm) Carrying Capacity: 660 lbs (300 kg) Photo Courtesy of BC Pavers PaLLEtWaGOn ™ • Large rubber wheels for easy movement • Adjustable width forks • Hydraulic cylinder lifts and lowers the forks specifications Part number: 011513 Weight: 403 lbs (195 kg) Carrying Capacity: 4,400 lbs (1,500 kg) Max pallet length: 48” (121.9 cm) Max width between adjustable forks: 20” (50.8 cm) Width to outside of tires: 64” (162.6 cm) Overall Height: 45” (114.3 cm) Overall Length: 56” (142.2 cm) 24
  • 25. QUICKCLaMP Ftz ™ matErial handling • Specifically designed for heavy-duty work in the concrete construction industry • Light weight, high tensile steel construction • High strength to weight ratio • An innovative mechanical switch that automatically grips and releases products • Long wearing replaceable rubber grippers (non-marking grippers available) • Easily adjustable opening width • Lifting eye for attachment by crane hook • Higher capacity models also available: 5,500 lbs (2,500 kg) and 8,800 lbs (4,000 kg) specifications QUICKClAMP FTZ-uni 15 QUICKClAMP FTZ-MAXI 15 Part Number: 53100256 Part Number: 53100300 Weight: 188 lbs (85 kg) Weight: 250 lbs (113 kg) Opening range: 0”-30.5” (0-77.5 cm) Opening Range: 8”-48” (20-125 cm) Inside Height: 10” (22.5 cm) Inside Height: 10” (25.4 cm) max Gripper length: 16.5” (42 cm) Gripper Length: 16.5” (41.9 cm) (non-marking grippers) Carrying capacity: 3,300 lbs (1,500 kg) Carrying Capacity: 3,300 lbs (1,500 kg) ROCKCLaMP ™ • Securely grips a variety of natural stone and precast concrete products • Recommended for safely lifting natural stone that has irregular shaped sides • Optional rubber grippers make it versatile to also handle straight wall products specifications Part Number: 013012 Weight: 220 lbs (100 kg) Opening Range: 8”-32½” (20-88 cm) Inside Height: 11.8” (30 cm) Carrying capacity: 2,200 lbs (1,000 kg) FIELdCLaMP SG ™ • Specifically designed for heavy-duty work in the concrete construction industry • Light weight, high tensile tubular steel, high strength to weight ratio • Fully automatic clamp for maximum yard efficiency • Auto clamp & release switch is the most reliable in the industry • Height adjustment allows versatility to handle many different products • Mechanical operation is simple and reliable with low maintenance requirements • Optional fork sleeves with loop for attachment by crane hook featuring manual rotation with stops at 90° • Specially designed rubber grippers feature two rows of high density, high friction rubber with a metal back plate specifications FIELdClAMP SG with Fork Pocket (standard) Part Number: 018003 Weight: 536 lbs (243 kg) Opening Range: 15”-43.25” (38-110 cm) Inside Height: 23.5” (59.7 cm) Gripper Length: 47.25” (120 cm) Carrying Capacity: 3,950 lbs (1,792 kg) FIELdClAMP SG without Fork Pocket Part Number: 018006 Weight: 454 lbs (206 kg) 25
  • 26. MaMMOthMItE ™ 110V Vacuum EquiPmEnt • Excellent performance on porous materials & rough surface materials such as exposed aggregate and flagstone • 110v vacuum turbine drive • Individually adjustable handles fold for easy storage • Adjustable handles for individual preference The MaMMOthMITE 110v is the ideal tool for handling all types of slabs safely, efficiently and ergonomically. The standard model is equipped with a 165 pound (75 kg) capacity suction plate. Other size & capacity suction plates are available up to a maximum of 265 lbs (120kg). specifications Part Number: 010024 Weight: 45 lbs (20 kg) Carrying capacity: 165 lbs (75 kg) Suction Plate Size: 16”x12” (40.6x30.4 cm) MaMMOthMItE ™ 12V • Light weight, ergonomic design reduces worker fatigue and injury • Crane loop for easy attachment to various construction equipment • Handles for manual lifting are adjustable and removable • Faster installation times and reduced worker fatigue and injury • Rechargeable 12v battery means no power cords or electrical source The MaMMOthMItE 12v is an alternative to the popular MaMMOthMItE 110v electric vacuum model. The rechargeable 12 volt battery means no power cords or electrical source to deal with. The standard model is equipped with a 330 pound (150 kg) capacity suction plate. specifications Part Number: 52710001 Weight: 35 lbs (16 kg) Carrying capacity: 330 lbs (150 kg) Suction Plate Size: 17.5”x10” (44.5x25.4 cm) MaMMOthMItE ™ Vh • Designed to speed installation of wet cast concrete or natural stone slabs • Light weight, ergonomic design reduces worker fatigue and injury • Includes two handle sets: One for manual lifting by a single worker and one for manual lifting by two workers • Handles are removable for easy transportation and storage The MaMMOthMItE Vh is a low cost alternative to the popular MaMMOth- MITE 110v electric powered and MaMMOthMItE 12v battery powered vacuum models. With the MaMMOthMItE Vh, vacuum suction is created manually by either one or two workers physically pressing down on the unit forcing air out of a rubber tube. The vacuum is sealed by a special gasket that contacts the slab. A manual vacuum release flap on the handle allows the worker to easily release the pressure. specifications Part Number 52600010S (Set) Weight: 35 lbs (16 kg) Carrying Capacity: 1 Person 55 lbs (25 kg) 2 Person 110 lbs (50 kg) Suction Plate Size: 11” (28 cm) 26
  • 27. StOnEMaGnEt SM ™ Vacuum EquiPmEnt • Automatic control system starts vacuum pump in case of pressure loss • Flashing light warns of low pressure • High volume vacuum storage tank • Pressure gauge and pressure relief valve • Equipped with a two stage vacuum pump • Powered by a 12V rechargeable battery A powerful battery operated vacuum device for handling large natural stone or precast concrete products. Designed to work equally well on job sites or in plant. Can be suspended from any carrier using hooks, chains, slings, cables, etc. Proven safe and reliable, the StOnEMAGnET SM is compact, light weight and fully galvanized. specifications Part Number: 5272001 Weight: 121 lbs (55 kg) Lifting Capacity: 880 lbs (400 kg) MaMMOthMIdI Sh ™ • Various models available - Capacities up to 26,000 lbs (12,000 kg) • Compact models handle products from 200-5,500 lbs (91-2,500 kg) • Quick release feature allows different type and size suction plates to be exchanged without tools • Power options include: Gas, Hydraulic & Electric • Operating handle to help guide device & product into position • Wheel set for easy transportation around the job site A complete, ready to use unit for vacuum generation capable of lifting up to 26,000 lbs (12,000 kg). Lifting capacity depends on the suction plates ordered. The MaMMOthMIdI Sh is designed to work equally well on a job site or in a plant. It can be suspended from any carrier using hooks, chains, slings, cables, etc. Proven safe and reliable, the MaMMOthMIdI Sh can move products in a fraction of the time compared to conventional handling methods. Visit for details and specifications MaMMOth JM ™ • Easy, precise & economical laying of slabs weighing up to 440 lbs (220 kg) • Highly effective for many different products and large jobs • Extremely quick and easy installation • Exact positioning of slabs by smooth running swing crane • Telescopic mast with boom extendable to 13’ (4 m) • Heavy-duty pneumatic wheels • Four folding support legs (outriggers) for safety, stability & leveling • Honda model GXV270 gasoline engine and electric models available • Slabs already in place can be easily lifted without damage Designed specifically to increase efficiency of laying paving slabs. The MaMMOth JM’S advanced vacuum technology grips slabs securely; even porous, textured and exposed aggregate slabs are handled with ease. The dual purpose vacuum also lifts and lowers the slabs, allowing a single operator to safely and effortlessly lift and set large, heavy slabs all day without fatigue or injury. Visit for details and specifications 27
  • 28. EaRWEaR ™ hardwarE Products • High noise reduction across all frequencies with no distortion of sound • Blocks harmful noise but allows speech and other useful sounds to be heard • Lightweight • Comfortable, adjustable head band • Folds for easy storage in pocket • Wear around neck when not in use specifications Part Number: 036998 Weight: 2.4 oz (68 g) DEEPROOT ® ROOT bARRIER • Sizing adjustable in 2’ modules • Channelled panel-to-panel connection • ½” raised 90º molded root deflecting ribs • Ground lock tabs to prevent lifting by tree • Double top edge for strength, safety, and root overgrowth protection • Ultraviolet inhibitors • Available in 12” (30 cm) & 18” (46 cm) depths Visit for details and specifications handSaVER ™ GLOVES • Breathable, stretchable cloth provides tighter fit for better dexterity • 75% cotton & 25% polyester with a thick durable coating of slip resistant latex rubber • Coating provides a better grip and protects hands from scraping and the drying effects of concrete and clay • Allows hands to breathe Visit for details and specifications FLaShGUaRd ™ PRIMER • Water-based one coat application • Coverage approximately 200 sq/ft per gallon • For porous application such as masonry and concrete specifications 1 gallon Part Number: 063300 Weight: 10 lbs (4.5 kg) FLaShGUaRd ™ • Superior heat, tear & impact resistance • Bonds to a wide range of substrates providing an instant seal • Easily applied by hand pressure • No special equipment required for cutting, forming or repairing • Long lasting, four layers of protection that can be overlapped specifications 12”x3’ (1 Roll per Case) 6”x33’ (2 Rolls per Case) Part Number: 123301 Part Number: 063302 Weight: 10 lbs (4.5 kg) Weight: 10 lbs (4.5 kg) 28
  • 29. MASONRY ADHESIVES adhEsiVEs tYPE 1 - FLEXIBLE ™ • Premium grade adhesive • Excellent for bonding projects with freeze-thaw areas subject to stress or heavy loads • Application range: 40ºF to 120ºF • Cleanup with toluene or xylene • 30 lineal feet of bead per tube • Clear appearance specifications Part Number: 003020 Weight: 9 lbs (4.1 kg) case / 10.3 oz tube tYPE 2 - BaSIC ™ • Standard grade adhesive • Perfect for non-critical areas like retaining wall caps or ornamental veneering • Application range: 30ºF to 110ºF • Cleanup with toluene or xylene tYPE 3 - SUPERWEt ™ • 30 lineal feet of bead per small tube • Premium adhesive • 90 lineal feet of bead per large tube • Bonds even in wet conditions specifications • This is a great adhesive for step veneering small tube and freeze-thaw areas Part Number: 003120 • Application range: 35ºF to 110ºF Weight: 9 lbs (4.1 kg) case / 10.3 oz tube • Cleanup with mineral spirits before dry • 60 lineal feet of bead per tube large tube Part Number: 003125 specifications Weight: 29 lbs (13.2 kg) case / 29 oz tube Part Number: 083320 Weight: 16 lbs (7.3 kg) case / 18 oz tube tYPE 4 - ULtRaWEt ™ • Ultrawet adhesive • Application range: 10ºF to 120ºF • Pre-modified, non-foaming polyurethane that will bond pavers and wall caps in cold, damp conditions • Will not foam after application • 30 lineal feet of bead per tube specifications Part Number: 083331 Weight: 16 lbs (7.3 kg) case / 10.3 oz tube ShIMz ™ • Load bearing shim four times stronger than wood specifications • Superior alignment and support Case (36 sheets of 10) • Snaps clean at the pre-scored lines Part Number: 110360 • Weatherproof polymer Weight: 21 lbs (9.5 kg) • Never becomes brittle and resists UV damage • Will not shrink, warp, rot or split Recommended for use with pavers, retaining walls, caps, doors, windows, cabinets, masonry, plumbing fixtures, outdoor architecture, pressure treated lumber, and concrete 29
  • 30. Pave chem sealers sEalErs PaVERGUaRd ™ • High gloss acrylic sealer for concrete pavers • Combination of the finest virgin acrylics and solvents • Provides long lasting protection while enhancing the color • Non-yellowing • Longest lasting sealer available • Coating sealers provide excellent joint sand stabilization • For exterior use only • VOC Compliant PaVERGUaRd is for concrete pavers to create a durable high gloss finish. unsealed sealed specifications Pail (5 gallons) case (2 – 1 gallon cans) Part Number: 002010 Part Number: 002020 Weight: 50 lbs (23 kg) Weight: 20 lbs (9 kg) SILOXaGUaRd ™ • Sealer for clay and concrete • Siloxane is a penetrating, breathable sealer • Allows moisture to escape • Protects yet maintains a natural look • Can be used on vertical as well as horizontal surfaces • For indoor and outdoor use unsealed sealed Clay surfaces need to breathe. Standard sealers cannot meet this requirement but SILOXaGUaRd does. SILOXaGUaRd does not alter the appearance of the surface. specifications Pail (5 gallons) case (4 -1 gallon Bottles) Part Number: 002920 Part Number: 002910 Weight: 50 lbs (23 kg) Weight: 40 lbs (18 kg) PaVERECOGUaRd ™ • Water based sealer for concrete • Lower VOC than solvent sealers • For indoor and outdoor use PaVERECOGUaRd is a water-based sealer designed for applications where PaVERGUaRd is not available or is inappropriate. It provides long lasting protection for concrete surfaces. PaVERECOGUaRd can be used for indoor sealing with out worry of harmful fumes. It is not recommended for unsealed sealed use on clay pavers. specifications Pail (5 gallons) case (4 – 1 gallon Bottles) Part Number: 002305 Part Number: 002304 Weight: 50 lbs (23 kg) Weight: 40 lbs (18 kg) 30
  • 31. Pave chem cleaners clEanErs PaVERPREP ™ Not Cleaned & Cleaned Sealed • Highly effective efflorescence cleaner • Special blend of acids and detergent • Enhances the original color • Color uniformity • Allows maximum sealer adherence and durability • Most surfaces are easily cleaned without scrubbing PaVERPREP is a concentrated cleaner that was developed specifically for concrete pavers, clay pavers and retaining wall surfaces. Efflorescence is the chalky white look that develops on many pavers from naturally occurring salts in the raw materials pavers are made from. Before sealing or to refresh the original color, a simple cleaning with PaVERPREP will remove a finite layer off the surface and after a thorough rinse, you will see a uniformity of color that surpasses the surface’s appearance even when it was new. PaVERPREP has proven to be effective, economic and easy to use. specifications 5 gallon Pail case (4 – 1 gallon bottles) Part Number: 002110 Part Number: 002120 Weight: 50 lbs (23 kg) Weight: 40 lbs (18 kg) PaVERdE-StaInER ™ • Removes non-petroleum stains such as rust, fertilizer and others • Very strong acid cleaner • Developed as a preparatory step to the overall cleaning with PaVERPREP specifications case (4 – 1 gallon bottles) Part Number: 002220 Weight: 40 lbs (18 kg) Before After PaVERdEtERGEnt ™ • Degreaser, Stain and Spot Remover • Combination of detergents and mild acid • Clean spills before they become stains • Works effectively on stains PaVERdEtERGEnt is formulated to attack the hard to remove stains caused by oil, grease, vegetation and soil. Everyone who takes pride in their pavers should have a bottle on hand to clean spills before they become stains; this offers peace of mind knowing there is a product that works effectively when stains occur. specifications case (4 – 1 gallon Bottles) Part Number: 002420 Weight: 40 lbs (18 kg) Before After 31
  • 32. hands-on training For PaVEr ProFEssionals The School for Advanced Segmental Paving (SASP) is the first and only hands-on training and education facility for Paver Professionals. The School offers courses in paver construction for Sales People, Contractors, Foreman and others in the segmental paving industry. Each course includes classroom and arena hands-on training. “ The best practices taught at SASP will make your company money.” “ now i can take my business to the next level.” “ This training was the best i have been to.” “ The facility was fantastic.” “ I was impressed from start to finish.” -student comments For calendar & course details visit: hardscaPE contractor Forum The Online hardscape Experts OnLinE TEChniCAL ChAT fOR iSSuES REgARding hARdSCAPE COnSTRuCTiOn PAVE TECH - Hardscape Outfitters Po box 576, Prior lake, mn 55372 usa Phone: 952-226-6400 Fax: 952-226-6406 800-728-3832 PAVE TECH, INC. © 2008 catalog1208