Cosmetic gynecology los angeles


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Cosmetic Gynocology Los Angeles , Labioplasty Vaginal Enhancment Surgery, Pelvic Reconstruction Surgery, Urinary Incontinence Surgery in Burbank, Pasadena & Glendale

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Cosmetic gynecology los angeles

  1. 1. ByDr.Dauphin-Baptiste
  2. 2. Vaginal Rejuvenation Los Angeles
  3. 3.  Women today have a lot to deal with from household chores to relationships and, their careers. It is a tough job to juggle the three on a daily basis. Many women in this day and age do this more regularly and have somehow become skilled in balancing it all. It is definitely a tough job but, in order to have balance in life it must be done. One very important thing in the relationship area is in the sexual side of things. In order to keep things smooth and balanced you must have a great sexual life with your spouse or partner. This can be sometimes not so easy after giving birth and the lining of your vagina is not like it use to be. Luckily we are in the year 2012 and there is plenty of technology and specialists that can help. In Los Angeles Cosmetic Gynecology, is progressively improving and growing.
  4. 4. More and more women now are open to Vaginal Rejuvenation.You will be happy to know there are many great doctors to choosefrom for Vagina Rejuvenation Los Angeles, has many to offer.There are many skilled and passionate doctors in Los AngelesCosmetic Gynecology that would love to make a difference.
  5. 5. As women age their bodies changeall over and that means so does thevaginal area. The vagina will alsolose its tone and strength alongwith skin in other areas. This is whyvaginal rejuvenation has becomevery popular. It’s become aspopular as getting breastaugmentation. The purpose ofvaginal rejuvenation is to tightenand tone the vagina. Getting thisprocedure done is not onlyimportant for your partner but, alsobecause the woman loses hersensation during intercourse.
  6. 6. It is key for both partners to have a great experience duringintercourse. There are different techniques for vaginalrejuvenation. First there is the Scalpel technique which is thesimplest form of the surgery. During the surgery the surgeoncuts away redundant tissue inside the vagina with the scalpel.Another technique is with the Laser and, this is the mostpopular technique. During this procedure the scalpel is notneeded to the fact that the laser is used to shrink and/orremove the vagina tissue. This procedure may cause lessbleeding which most patients would be happy with.
  7. 7. Radiofrequency is yet anothertechnique for vaginalrejuvenation. This is the newesttechnique out of all of them. TheRadiofrequency technique isclaimed to provide more preciseresults and to heal faster. Nomatter the technique you will behappy you took care of yourselfand will feel sexier.
  8. 8. 201 S. Buena Vista, Suite 300Burbank, California 91505818.843.6101 or 818.843.8616Our Website Address :