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  • 1. Stephanie Sumrall th6 Hour , December 17, 2012
  • 2. University of Colorado Boulder● This university is located at 2055 Regent Drive Boulder, CO 80302● You can contact them by calling (303)492-1411
  • 3. History of Colorado UniversityThe University of Colorado Boulder wasfirst established in 1877 by Professor O.J.Goldrick.The University of Colorado also hasanother campus, University of ColoradoDenver.
  • 4. Tuition & Fees For this college my tuition and fees will include:● Mandatory fee for the semester $682 (materials)● BASE courses with non residential fees: $12,068 per semester (courses)● Credit hours per semester $2,622 (for hours in a class)
  • 5. Degrees Offered● There are many degrees and educational programs offered at this college.● Here is a listing of some of the academic departments: Developmental biology, Chemistry& biochemistry, Physics, Psychology & neuroscience, and many more!
  • 6. My FutureI plan to study psychology. I wish to getmy PhD in Clinical Psychology. I will get amasters degree in Social Work, adoctorate in psychology, and a mastersdegree in psychiatry. Also to study inmental health. After I gradate, my goal isto open up my own practice as a therapist.
  • 7. The Plan! At this university I must take the classes listed below:● PSYC-1001 General Psychology● PSYC-2145 Introductory Cognitive Psychology● PSYC-2303 Psychology of Adjustment● PSYC-3102 Behavioral Genetics My hours of classes will amount up to over 180 credit hours.
  • 8. Did you know? Colorado is most known for their beautiful landscaping. Some of Colorados most famous sites include:● Boulder Mountain Parks, The Hill, and many ski resorts.
  • 9. Why do I want to attend this college?I would like to attend the University ofColorado Boulder because they offer avery good medical program. Also I believeI will benefit from Colorados education.The state of Colorado specializes in thisoccupation choice. Also If I wanted tobecome a resident there, I would be morelikely capable of getting a job.
  • 10. My Information I received most of my information from the University of Colorado Boulders website.● Www.colorado.edu/