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  1. 1. My freshman year plans at U.C San Diego Miriam Bravo 203 March 23,2012
  2. 2. Why I chose U.C San Diego•Reason #1: I would prefer a medium sizedschool in an urban place.•Reason #2: I believe that U.C San Diego isright for me because it has the major i wouldlike to have, and also because the school is theright size and it has the perfect setting.•Reason #3: I decide to choose this universitybecause I would like my major to be inpediatrician.
  3. 3. Basic Facts about U.C San Diego••San Diego, California•7 hours 16 minutes•Was Founded in the 1960s•23,663 undergraduates(Fall 2010)•navy blue and gold•King Triton•Public
  4. 4. Additional Basic Facts About U.C San DiegoUC San Diego women soccer •Youre considered a freshman applicant if you are applying for UC admission and are still in high school, or you have graduated from high school and have not enrolled in a regular session at a college or university •cost of tuition $13,202UC San Diego softball •cost of room&board $9,364 •clubs/organizations: pre- professional,cultural,social,political,spiritual,he alth professions •women and men soccer, women and men basketball,baseball,swimming and diving. •1% American Indian/Alaskan Native, 50% Asian/Pacific Islander, 1% Black/Non- Hispanic, 11% Hispanic, 28% White/Non Hispanic, 2% Non-Resident Alien, 9%
  5. 5. My freshman year academic plans for U.C Sand Diego•My major will be pediatrician •Good places to study in•Some examples of classes are:in the major of pediatrician • Geisel Libraryare: • Biomedical library • Biology • Biomedical facility • Chemistry • Higher level math •A club/activity that I can join to meet other pediatrician majors is:The Residency Program
  6. 6. My freshman year extra-curricular plans for U.C San Diego •I plan on joining the soccer team, and or the softball team •Some clubs that interest me include: • sports clubs • Anthropology club •An interesting place nearby U.C San Diego that I would like to visit is the San Diego Padres Stadium
  7. 7. Credits•,_San_Diego••• D=29908• D=29935•